Volume 3, Chapter 08


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A possibility.

That’s right, from here on would be a story that is complete conjecture.

However, it needed to be spoken out.

It’s because if it wasn’t, then things wouldn’t start.

「The possibility that the Alva were something created by that person. I, am suspecting that.」


Luuty ruminated over Vermudol’s words, and thought about the meaning of them.

To create the Alva──to create Mazoku.

In other words, it meant to create life.

When thinking of the number of Alva, which were a new species of Mazoku, it wouldn’t be strange if someone were to have meddled with that flow of life.

When Luuty was about to open her mouth, Vermudol continued his words first.

「That isn’t all. I……am thinking that Shuklous was also prepared by that person.」


As she was about to say “now that is impossible”, Luuty sank into silence.

What if the mastermind’s objective, was to kill Gramfia.

However, having reached this far, she didn’t understand the meaning of killing Gramfia.

Gramfia was a powerful Demon King, but to bring about fear and chaos to mankind’s territory, he was unnecessary to Shuklous.

「However……manipulating a Demon King isn’t something that anyone can do, you know?」

「True. But, there is one person that can. Someone that can create both the Alva and Shuklous……see.」

Luuty didn’t answer to those words.

Certainly, there was one──Somemon that could create both the Alva and Shuklous.

The God of Life Philia.

If it was Philia, who managed the seeds of life and governs over life, that certainly is possible.

Having lent her power to the summoning of the former Hero Ryuuya, she was also the one that granted them the oracles in order to defeat the Demon King.

Luuty arrived at one possibility, then looked at Vermudol’s eyes and asked.

「……Could you tell me just who it is that you are guessing it to be?」

「That’s obvious.」

Vermudol gave an immediate reply.

「It’s the God of Life Philia. I do not know as far as to why she would do such a thing, but as a possibility, I believe it to be considerably high.」

「……So it’s not like, you’re convinced of it.」

「If I were convinced of it, I would be making preparations for war right now.」

As Vermudol said that and shrugged his shoulders, Rokuna silently peeked over at him.

His words right now weren’t a lie, but they were the truth either.

There was no proof of it──but, he was actually convinced about it.

That is why Vermudol was trying to gather hands that he could play to the point that could be said to be excessive.

However, it seemed that Vermudol intended on concealing that from Luuty.

While making a yawn, Rokuna dropped her gaze on to the book in her hand looking uninterested.

「Is that, so.」

While keeping her gaze fixed on Vermudol, Luuty continued onto her next question.

「Well then, let’s suppose that the God of Life is the mastermind behind everything. What do you intend to do?」

「That question is one that thought about asking you. What do you intend on doing? I, intend to fight.」


Going “I see”, Luuty started thinking.

There was no mistake that Vermudol was focused on fighting against the God.

With his remark just now, that face was something she could completely understand.

And then, Luuty’s answer was also something that was decided.

「……If, the God is the mastermind, I believe there is a need to inquire about her intent.」

For Luuty, the idea that the God of Life is the mastermind left behind some suspicions.

They were able to make hypotheses, but there wasn’t a single piece of evidence.

However……she also couldn’t just agree to it.

The 「truth」 that Vermudol thought of certainly is something that mankind wouldn’t even imagine.

However, as long as there was no evidence, she couldn’t believe in it immediately.

「If it’s about the God’s intent, then you will understand immediately.」

As if reading Luuty’s thoughts, Vermudol muttered.

「I have destroyed the scenario that God created. If she plans on being fixated on it, then she will surely be rushing to make corrections right away.」



Curving the corners of his mouth, Vermudol expressed a small smile.

「The scenario where the Hero defeats the Demon King and brings peace to the world.」

But, he had no intention of following that scenario.

Using his function as the Demon King to its maximum degree up until now, he greatly shook up mankind’s territory.

The St. Altlis Kingdom.

The Cylas Empire.

The Jiol Forest Kingdom.

The Canal Kingdom.

From these four major nations, the Jiol Forest Kingdom was detached.

This act had several meaning to it.

First, it was meant to be a symbol of friendship to the Mazoku in mankind’s territory.

Second, it was meant to be a base for action for the Mazoku in mankind’s territory.

Third, it was meant to destroy the troublesome thing known as the 「justice of all of mankind」.

For the sake of mankind and Mazoku from now on, the 「justice of all of mankind」 would be in the way.

In actuality, despite having been saved when they had drifted ashore onto the Dark Continent, Borkio betrayed Vermudol’s kindness for the sake of the 「justice of all of mankind」.

As long as the Mazoku were imprinted as the enemy to mankind, there was logically nothing that could be done about it……but for Vermudol, it was something extremely bothersome.

Therefore, by destroying the relationships of the four major nations, he put pressure on mankind’s state of mind, and made them carry suspicions towards the 「justice of all of mankind」.

The fourth and final meaning, was something that he could not tell Luuty at the present point.

It was, meant to prevent the completion of the Holy Sword.

The Holy Sword was said to be completed by going around every part of the world and controlling the power of the Gods.

Vermudol had not seen the real thing, but as long as it seemed to be a sword that kept enough power to defeat the Southern General Raktor, he couldn’t allow it to be completed.

For the sake of that, there was a need to first form a friendship with the Jiol Forest Kingdom.

That’s right, all of this was an act to destroy the prepared scenario.

He wouldn’t let something like the Holy Sword be completed.

He had no intention of perishing to something like the Hero.

He wouldn’t become something like a sacrificed for the sake of mankind’s peace.

He absolutely wouldn’t allow something like imposing all evil onto the Mazoku.

And if that was something that God established, he would also knock down that God.

「……For the sake of the peace of the Mazoku, I will exhaust all of my strength. If the peace of the world is needed for that, I will make it happen. That is why, please lend me your strength, Luuty. Your blind acceptance towards God……cast it away.」

Luuty quietly replied to Vermudol’s invitation.

「Vermudol. If even you are a creature with life, then you should eventually return to the God of Life’s side. Do you not fear that?」

That’s right, this was the reason why mankind, and the Grand Altlis Temple, worships the God of Life.

The God of Life Philia who manages the flow of life looks at all of one’s deeds during their lifetime──that is the religious outlook that is instilled onto the people.

Easy to understand words such as “after death” and “the next life” easily tied people down.

Those that doubted the God of Life’s existence and the temple’s dogma, it could be said that it would be better if they were gone.

「Not really. More than that, I find being played around with by a God however she likes in my current life to be scarier. Are you different?」


Luuty was at a loss for words.

Keeping silent as if to ponder……before long, she opened her mouth.

「I cannot make an immediate reply.」


「I understand the truth you are speaking of. However, I don’t have a way to judge if that really is the truth.」


Luuty answering like that, in a certain way, was only natural.

There was a possibility that everything that Vermudol talked about was a magnificent lie.

Most of mankind would doubt the Mazoku more than God.

「……That is why. Until the time the God’s will that you spoke of is shown. At that time, I will give you my answer. Are you fine with that?」

「Yeah, it’s not a problem.」

After Luuty nodded, she stood up from her chair.

「……This was a meaningful time. Good night, Vermudol-dono.」

「Yeah. Good night, Luuty.」

*Katsun, katsu* While making the sound of shoes resound, Luuty left the Grand Library.

After seeing her off, Rokuna poked Vermudol’s shoulder.

「Is it alright? With just that. You had quite a few cards left hidden though.」

「It’s fine. If I were to show all of my hands at once, then she would instead be cautious.」

「Hーn……Well, for me, I think that it will be either tonight or tomorrow though.」

Vermudol went “Fumu” to Rokuna’s prediction and nodded.

「I see. The Alva will make a huge attack in the Jiol Forest Kingdom while they have the opportunity where the king isn’t there. It was the scheme of the Mazoku……I suppose that would be how it looks.. But, there haven’t been any reports from the intelligence team about it, right?」

「There haven’tー. There have only been regular reports stating that there aren’t any abnormalities in both the royal capital and the national borders.」

「Then, it won’t happen.」

When Vermudol said that, Rokuna made a dissatisfied looking face.

「That might be true butー. For now, I’ll have them stay vigilant.」

「Yeah, please.」

Vermudol thought that they most likely won’t play such a large-scale hand just yet.

However, something should definitely happen.

Something, for the sake of a happily ever after to God, to mankind.

「……But first comes tomorrow.」

Tomorrow, the treaty of friendship would officially come into effect, and the friendship between the two countries would be relayed far and wide through diplomats.

Everything would start from there.



As Vermudol was about to show a dark smile, a weight was suddenly placed on his shoulder.


Seeing that, Rokuna found that to be charming……or at least she found it to be charming on the surface, however, she made a face that said she found it amusing and couldn’t hold it in.

「……Nn, nnu. *Supii*.」

Fainell, whose thread of tension had been cut now that Luuty was gone, was asleep and leaning on Vermudol’s shoulder. Her figure looked truly happy.

「To think that this is Four Cardinal General Fainell who was the eastern champion……I’m sure that anyone other than the Mazoku of the east would find this hard to believe.」

「……The eastern Mazoku know about this?」

Going “of course they do”, Rokuna nodded.

In the Demon King’s eastern territory where it was relatively warm and easy to take care of, the figure of Fainell taking a nap looking really comfortable could be sighted quite often.

She was seen being like that as much as her figure zealously training was seen……but in the end, it seemed that her happy-looking sleeping face left more of an impression on the Mazoku.

「……Now I’m starting to get worried about the eastern area.」

「It’s fineー, I’m coordinating things in that regard after all.」

「Well, if you say so, then it must be true but……」

Feeling that his image of Fainell from when he had just met her was breaking, Vermudol breathed a sigh.

「She’s just the embodiment of the idea that peace is wonderful. It’s a good thingー」

「Is that……so?」

Although he felt a faint amount of discomfort, Vermudol changed his mind thinking that it might be something like that.

「……Unfair. Nino also wants to sleep with Demon King-sama.」

Vermudol was surprised by Nino who popped her face out from underneath the desk, but he immediately changed to a look of amazement.

Nino disregarded that sort of thing, and hugged Vermudol.

「……Since when were you there?」

「Nino is always within Demon King-sama’s heart, you know?」

「……I see. Then I guess it can’t be helped.」

「Yup. It’s because Nino is the unforgettable-type of beautiful young lady. It can’t be helped.」

Thinking “it looks like I won’t be able to sleep today”, Vermudol smiled looking troubled.



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