Volume 3, Chapter 11


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That day, the Jiol Forest Kingdom was enveloped in astonishment.

「Hey, oi. This official notice……」

「The entering of a treaty of friendship with the Zadark Kingdom……It says that they’re Mazoku!?」

On bulletin boards installed in various places within the country, mainly official notices from the country were put up.

What was posted just recently went something like the following.


『At this time, in the names of the Jiol Forest Kingdom King Sarigan and the Zadark Kingdom King Vermudol, it is announced here that both countries have entered a treaty of friendship.

In regards to building friendly relations, they will proactively coordinate in both culture and military.

This guarantees that all of the Sylphid, Beastmen and other races living within the Jiol Forest Kingdom and that the Mazoku and other races that live within the Zadark Kingdom will be in a relationship of equality, and is something for the sake of exploring for a favorable relationship from here on out.

Also, all races will be equal, with any discrimination based on race being intolerable, and both countries have agreed to endeavour to eradicate such discrimination.』


「……Is this, really a treaty with the Mazoku……?」

「I dunno……Is this Vermudol guy the Demon King?」

The reactions of those that saw the bulletin boards varied, but they generally first reacted to the word 「Mazoku」.

And then, next was that they were bewildered on how the notice put emphasis on 「equality」.

There were many that opposed or suffered from the Demi-Human argument that the St. Altlis Kingdom asserted.

At such an occasion, this was the content of this announcement.

Those that thought that the Mazoku were taking advantage of it, and those that suspected that it was a trap, there were naturally people like that.

However, at the same time, there were also those that thought 「maybe」.

Maybe, a treaty of friendship was truly formed. If that were the case, wouldn’t this situation be a change for the better?

Those that thought that way started to hold faint expectations of the king called Vermudol whom they had not even seen.

──And then, in the royal capital, there was an even greater uproar.

As for why, it was because the implementation of a parade for the said of demonstrating the friendship between the Jiol Forest Kingdom and the Zadark Kingdom was suddenly decided.

Just when they had thought that soldiers had suddenly started doing traffic control, the announcement of the treaty of friendship as well as the implementation of the parade was posted.

While looking at the royal capital that was astir from a window of the castle, Vermudol made a small smile.

There originally weren’t any plans of a parade for the sake of making an appeal of the friendship, and it was something that was proposed on the spot.

However, he also thought that it was an effective measure.

For the citizens of the Shutaia Continent, when Mazoku were spoken of, fiendish Goblins, Beastia, Ogres and Amoeba with low intelligence would come to mind.

For the people that held that sort of image of them, even if they were suddenly told to get along with Mazoku, it was impossible.

However, what would happen if they were to see the Majin whose appearances don’t have that much of a difference from theirs, or the Mazoku who may be heteromorphic but were clearly different from the ones that were on this continent?

For the inhabitants of the Shutaia Continent, the Majin would probably be relatively easy to accept, and if they could instill the image that it was possible to coexist with the heteromorphic races as well, then this parade would be a huge success.

Of course, there was also the danger that the citizens would attack trying to eliminate the Mazoku……but even if they had to brave that risk, the opening merit to it was huge.

「……O king, it is time.」

「Yeah, I understand.」

Vermudol answered like that to Sancreed who had come calling for him.

When he turned around, he met eyes with Sancreed.

「Nn? Is there something that you want to say?」

He asked that to Sancreed who was being the same as usual……with the usual being him making a cool-looking face.

Sancreed stood next to Vermudol and looked at the castle town.

「For the sake of this parade, Fainell and I……Two of the Four Cardinal Knights, as well Ichika and Nino were brought along. As a diplomatic unit, isn’t it a bit too excessive?」

「That isn’t true at all. As a matter of fact, I would have liked to bring along all of the Four Cardinal Knights.」

When he said that, Vermudol expressed a smile to Sancreed.

「Just try and think about it. This place isn’t the Dark Continent but mankind’s territory. The effect that the treaty of friendship will give to the national mood is unknown……That is why there is a need to display it.」

「Display what?」

In response to Sancreed’s words, Vermudol answered him without a care.

「The possibility that we can understand each other. And then, also, well……reality.」


「Yeah. No matter how they feel, we have already entered the treaty of friendship. This country already has no other path other than to walk together with us. It would demonstrate it in an easy to understand way.」

As he said that, Vermudol turned around.

The figures of Ichika and Nino were there before anyone noticed.

「……Let us go forth, Demon King-sama.」

「Nino is here to pick you up.」

「Yeah, let’s go.」


And then, the parade started.

The royal castle gates were opened, and soldiers meant for guidance came out.

The ones that went at the front were soldiers that wore gorgeous ceremonial equipment.

Hoisting the Jiol Forest Kingdom flag, their gallant figures were displayed.

And then, the ones next to them were knights that wore jet black full body armor.

Everyone of the Jiol Forest Kingdom shouldn’t know about them, but they were the Magic Operated Armors that were affiliated with the Zadark’s Central Army.

Seeing the flag that had a sword crossed with a staff drawn on a jet black background, the people understood that it belonged to the Zadark Kingdom that they were said to have formed a friendship with.

What appeared after them were Jiol Forest Kingdom soldiers that were composed of Beastmen Tribes.

And then, a commotion spread by the figures that continued on after them.

Similar to the knights from earlier, they were Beastia that wore jet black armor.

「Uwaahー……They’re totally looking at us, Aulokk.」

「Shh, shut up and walk. If you make any useless chatter, we’ll get scolded by Ichika-nee-san afterwards!」

The Beastia affiliated with the Central Army would normally be performing routine tasks in the Demon King Castle, but they also possessed equipment with the official style of the Central Army, and even performed military training. Lining up in ranks and walking wasn’t a problem for them.

The coordinated movements of those Beastia gave a shock to the citizens of the Jiol Forest Kingdom.

「Oi, those are Beastia, aren’t they……」

「Were they really capable of making such coordinated movements……?」

In the Shutaia Continent, just like the Goblins, Beastia were also known as Mazoku with low intelligence.

They also had communal lives, but their lifestyle level was low and they were incapable of battle that made use of their groups……that was the common knowledge about them in the Shutaia Continent.

However, the Beastia that were walking in front of them overturned that common knowledge.

「Hey, oi. I’ve totally been feeling the gazes of women for a while now. Couldn’t it be that they’ve fallen for me?」

「Oi oi, That’s obviously because they’ve fallen for my silky smooth white fur. A calico cat bastard like you should just butt out.」

「I told you to stop it! Just shut up and walk!」

Naturally, there was no one among the citizens that noticed that they were having such a conversation.

But unfortunately for them, Ichika was completely listening to them, and had decided that she would scold the ones that were chattering afterwards.

And then, the ones that were on board the carriage that was at the center of the parade were to two most important people.

The Jiol Forest Kingdom King, Sarigan.

The Zadark Kingdom King as well as the Demon King, Vermudol.

Seeing the two of them waving their hands with gentle smiles, the people could actually feel the 「friendship」.

For those that made going on adventures their livelihood, they might notice that Vermudol was the 「Adventurer Shion」 whose whereabouts had gone missing……but being overwhelmed by this situation that has never been seen before, there was no one here that would speak that out loud.


The ones walking at both sides of the carriage were a young lady whose basic theme was green, and a woman whose basic theme was black.

The two of them possessed completely different impressions, however, they matched only in the fact that they were Maid Knights.

Maid Knights acted as both a maid and a knight, and were existences said to be the finest attendants.

Since Maid Knights were seldomly seen in mankind’s territory, various gazes such as interest and adoration, and even fear were turned towards the two of them.

Feeling such rude gazes, Nino looked displeased in an obvious way, but Ichika was expressionless as usual.

And then, at the front and back of the carriage, there were four people who seemed like knights.

The two at the front were the captain of the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s First Protection Chivalric Order Zekwell and the Western General of the Zadark Kingdom’s Western Army Sancreed.

They’re types were different, but seeing these two uncommonly beautiful people, sighs leaked out the women that saw them.

Zekwell, who had protected the Jiol Forest Kingdom for a long time, was popular enough for portraits of him to be sold in the castle town……but it was clear that Sancreed who was next to him would be just as popular.

The ones that were rushing their pens in a hurry were probably portrait merchants.

And then, the two at the back of the carriage.

One of them was the captain of the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s Second Protection Chivalric Order, Alfresto.

He had a face that left the impression that he was young, silver hair, and blue eyes. Matching the evaluation of being “overall cute”, he was also a popular person.

Beside him was the Eastern General of the Zadark Kingdom’s Eastern Army, Fainell.

Fainell, who possessed both beauty and a dignified atmosphere, owned an androgynous charm that fascinated both men and women.

If one set aside the various disappointing parts inside of her, Fainell also had a high amount of charisma.

In fact, there were a lot of gazes that passed over Alfresto and concentrated onto Fainell.

「……It feels like I’m being watched.」

「You really are being watched, Fainell-dono.」

Alfresto made enough of a wry smile that couldn’t be noticed by the citizens.

「I see……I thought that more hostility would be turned towards us though.」

「……To be honest, I also find it a bit unexpected. I thought that we would have to be wary of a disturbance happening though.」

That’s right. Although there was surprise in the gazes that were turned towards them from the citizens……There were surprisingly few gazes that had hostility mixed in.

Could this be a type of peace senility that was brought about by a long period of peace?

However, above all, the fact that there were many people who were disgusted with conflict that had race as the reason was probably the greatest factor to it.

That was the reason for this goodwill……or even if it didn’t go that far, for these gazes with little hostility.

The influences of the Demi-Human argument uproar had reached even a place like this.

The showy parade had relieved some of the shadows that had fallen onto the hearts of the people.



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