Volume 3, Chapter 13


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With the parade finished, a buffet style dinner party was held in the Jiol Forest Kingdom royal castle.

The participants were nobles, royalty, military personnel……and even among those groups, they were people that were especially hand-picked.

There was extravagant cuisine, and pleasant music performed by an orchestra.

The venue that was decorated with resplendent ornaments was undoubtedly the finest location in the Jiol Forest Kingdom.

Normally, the dinner party would become a place of fun social activity, but having accepted guests that were Mazoku, it was enveloped with a feeling of tension.

「……We are being watched.」

「It can’t be helped. It’s because in a certain way, we are today’s leading actors.」

To the displeased looking Nino, Vermudol shrugged his shoulders.

Vermudol had also felt the gazes that were fixed upon them, but since they were not mixed with hostility, he determined that ignoring them would be the best thing to do.

If he had to say, they were gazes mixed with fear……or maybe interest and expectation.

And even for that, it was most likely an expectation that they would play a restraining role against the St. Altlis Kingdom on the point of military cooperation.

In fact, as long as the Magic Operated Armor of the Central Army were stationed at the national borders, in the event that the St. Altlis Kingdom came attacking, the first ones to battle would be the Zadark Kingdom Army……that is how it turned out to be.

However, Vermudol found the captain of the Protection Chivalric Order Zekwell’s quick-wittedness to turn the Zadark Kingdom into a shield with the unprecedented measure of entrusting the national borders to another country to be likable.

From the start, it was the Zadark Kingdom’s side that proposed military cooperation, and it was only natural to make effective use of that.


「Oya, why if it isn’t Sarigan-dono. Thank you for preparing a place like this ahead of time for us.」

Seeing King Sarigan come along, Vermudol returned his greeting.

When Sarigan nodded to that, he sent a gaze that said “do not approach……” to the people in the surroundings.

「Are you enjoying yourself?」

「Yes, thanks to you.」

Exchanging such formal words, Sarigan made a serious expression.

「……So, it’s finally started.」


「Our treaty of friendship will most likely have a grand effect on the world…… There is the part where we cannot predict just what kind of reaction the St. Altlis Kingdom will make, but the reactions that the other countries will make are unknown as well. Will it bring about chaos, or will a new flow be born……Either way, the world will surely be shaken in a large way.」

 The Jiol Forest Kingdom and the Zadark Kingdom’s friendship in other words meant the friendship between mankind and the Mazoku.

 That would become throwing even more live coals into the fire of the Shutaia Continent which was currently shaken up by the Demi-Human argument.

 In this treaty of friendship, the word 「equality」 was insisted to the point of being excessive, and was the exact opposite for the Demi-Human argument that advocated Human Supremacy within mankind.

 If thought about ethically, justice would surely be on the Jiol Forest Kingdom ・ Zadark Kingdom side.

 However, the point that the Zadark Kingdom was a country of Mazoku was an obstacle.

 Was it truly alright to place trust in the Mazoku?

 That sort of view was only natural, and it would instead be unhealthy of them if they didn’t have that sort of view.

 As for how the various countries would react to the news they received from the Jiol Forest Kingdom, just as Sarigan said, it was unknown.

 However, Vermudol saw that they wouldn’t suddenly just go to war, and would first run about gathering information.

 To see whether it was the truth or not.

 To see what the Zadark Kingdom was, and to see who the new king of the Mazoku was.

 Among all kinds of other things, they would surely gather various pieces of information.

 And then, a target of that intelligence gathering should naturally befall upon the Zadark Kingdom’s diplomat.

 Vermudol then sent his gaze with a peek to his own subordinate that he had newly created for the sake of that.


 He created a Mazoku whose abilities were fragmented as a Majin, but possessed a talent that towered above the rest as a diplomat.

 It wasn’t like he didn’t have any worries about how things would actually turn out, but if it was him who was pleasantly chatting with the Sylphid, then he would surely answer Vermudol’s expectations.

「Yes……However, I am sure that they will also understand the true meaning of peace that is to come eventually.」

「……We can only pray that that is how it will turn out.」

 Pray. However, just what should he to.

 At the very least, the God that Vermudol should pray to did not exist in this world of Remfilia.

 Though, if that black little girl that had sent Vermudol to this world was an unknown God of Remfilia, then he might have to pray to her.



「Sarigan-dono, have you met with the Gods?」

「No, but if it’s Luuty, then I think she might have……」

「……Is that so.」

 After nodding, Vermudol started to think.

 The Jiol Forest Kingdom was a country that held faith in the God of Water Aklia and the God of Wind Wyrm.

 If the Hero Ryuuya had to visit here in order to complete the Holy Sword, then the possibility that the means to meet with a God remaining somewhere in this country was high.

 The God of Life was most likely an enemy, but that did not necessarily mean that the other Gods would be as well.

 There was a need to meet with the Gods as soon as possible.

 But, he had yet to obtain Luuty’s cooperation.

「Sarigan-dono. You would not mind if we walk about this country, would you?」

「Of course I wouldn’t mind. We are friendly relations, aren’t we?」

「……I thank you for your kindness.」

 Things would be simpler if they could borrow Luuty’s strength, but it couldn’t be helped right now.

 While thinking that, Vermudol looked at Luuty who was sitting two tables away from him.

「……He’s looking at me.」

「It can’t be helped. There are several things that would move forward if you just cooperated.」

 While bringing some salad to her mouth, Fainell replied to Luuty.

 What Fainell carried on her plate was a salad of foliage plants that were in season, and all of them were normal vegetables raised basking in the light of the sun and couldn’t be raised in the Dark Continent.

 They were high class ingredients that contained a faint amount of magical power, but when compared to the goods of the Dark Continent, their concentration of magical power was low.

 However, the part on how they didn’t run, shout, or fly like the vegetables of the Dark Continent made them easy to handle.

「……I didn’t say that I wouldn’t cooperate.」

「But you won’t do it now, right?」

「That was the promise after all.」

 After swallowing down her salad, Fainell nodded her head as if comprehending something.

「As usual, you’re such a bothersome fellow.」

「Botherso……!? I don’t want to be called that by someone as noncommittal as you!」

「I’m not noncommittal, I’m just magnanimous.」

「If you’re going to say that, then it should be slovenly!」

「Wh, what!?」

 Seeing those two quarrelling, the men that gathered the attention of the female camp of the venue──Zekwell and Sancreed came walking over.

「Luuty……Just what are you making a racket over?」

「You too, Fainell. Keep it in moderation.」

 They were admonished like that, but Luuty and Fainell didn’t listen to them, and glared at the two of them.

「Zek, there is something I want to ask you.」

「Sancreed, answer me honestly.」

 Seeing the two of them with glazed eyes, both Zekwell and Sancreed unconsciously took a step back.

 Luuty and Fainell filled the distance so that they wouldn’t escape, and asked them a question with clear voices.

「Am I……a bothersome woman?」

「Am I……a slovenly woman?」

 Zekwell subtly averted his eyes and answered.

「Th, that isn’t true at all. Luuty, you are simply a bit more meticulous than others.」

 On the other hand, Sancreed answered upfront.

「That’s great. If you’re self-aware of it, then you have to possibility to improve upon it.」

 Luuty looked triumphant, and Fainell looked vexed.

 Naturally, this wasn’t a scene where Luuty would act triumphant, but for Fainell, it brought an instant effect.

 Fainell grabbed Sancreed’s clothes, and started shaking him back and forth.

「Why・you・little! You should read the atmosphere a little and then answer!」

「It’s meaningless even if I were to lie in this place, right. In that case, detaching myself and taking part in your development is what a genuine friend would do.」

「As if I care, you idiot! Besides, you, I heard about it you know! It seems that you drew a colored version of me in the piece lottery, didn’t you! Someone like me……someone like me!」

 In actuality, the one who drew it was Luuty, but for Fainell who didn’t know about that went on the verge of tears and continued to shake Sancreed.

 Fainell had drawn quite a number of piece lotteries, but she had yet to possess a colored version of herself.

「Wa, wait, Fainell. Please calm down.」

「No, don’t stop me Luuty! You wouldn’t be able to understand my feelings!」

「Everyone is looking! So calm down!」

 Being told that, Fainell went “Ha” and looked around at the surroundings.

 The skit that had suddenly started had completely gathered all of the attention, and far away, the fact that Vermudol was making a tired looking face had entered her eyes.


 Fainell’s face was dyed red very fast, and she hung her head down covering her face with both hands.

「……What a blunder. Now my image that I built up in this country is……」

「I see.」

 Whether it be in the Dark Continent or here, your image won’t change.

 That is what Sancreed muttered in his heart, but he didn’t dare say it out loud.



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