Volume 3, Chapter 14


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In the shadows of having entered the treaty of friendship, there were some that were overcome with sadness.

For example, the survivors of the Imperial Guard Chivalric Order.

For example, the friends and relatives of the generals that had died.

The incident was suppressed, and it pretty much wasn’t told to the public.

Therefore, there was no one that knew of the sadness of those that were left behind.

They, had a thought.

Why did the knights have to be killed?

To them, the 「justice for all of mankind」 that had taken root in mankind of the Shutaia Continent started to whisper.

It was because the other party were Mazoku.

They should get revenge on the betrayer that pardoned the Mazoku that killed their beloved ones.

That was an act that would be forgiven, and an act that would be praised.

If seen with the large visual point of all of mankind, that was justice.

That is why they gathered comrades, and formed a plan that aimed for the time when the dinner party was being held.

And then, right now, they were keeping low in the room that they had infiltrated through the guidance of those within the royal castle.

Their forms were as cooks, as waiters, and as security soldiers.

The plan after this was simple.

They would break into the venue, and kill as many people as possible. They would kill, and kill, and get dyed in blood.

If they were to do that, it would be impossible to suppress that news.

Everything will be exposed in broad daylight, and the savage deeds of the Mazoku would be known to all of the citizens.

And even if this event were to be suppressed again, the information about it should spread through the outside collaborators that knew of the implementation of this plan.

That’s right, this was a fight that they couldn’t lose.

They put strength into their hands that held their weapons.

「……Is everything ready?」

 A man with the appearance of a waiter asked that question.

 The man’s name, was Hendrick. He was the vice-captain of the Imperial Guard Chivalric Order, and a man how had the day off and wasn’t there at the day of the incident.

 The resentment for how the captain whom he respected more than anyone else was killed.

 The anger towards King Sarigan who suppressed that information.

 For him, Sarigan was already not a king that should be protected.

 He would kill Sarigan, and accept a new king.

 He believed that that was his duty that should be carried out for the citizens of the country.

「For the sake of all of mankind, we must become the cornerstone towards the future.」

 Hearing Hendrick’s words, other voices spoke in unison.

「……Let’s go.」

 When Hendrick said that and stood up, he noticed that there was a maid he didn’t recognize standing in front of the door.

 She had long black hair, and voluptuous bulges on her chest that advocated that she was a woman.

 What covered her lean body was a maid outfit with black as the basic tone.

 And then, she had breast armor and……a sword hanging on her waist. She also carried a gigantic shield.

 Just when he thought “she’s pretty heavily armed, isn’t she……”, he remembered.

「I saw her at the parade……」

 Someone’s voice was heard.

 That’s right, this woman was a Maid Knight under the Demon King’s direct control.

 The Maid Knight in front of them opened her mouth while staying expressionless.

「……You had said “let’s go”, but may I ask where it is that you are going?」

 Her cold eyes that seemed to be penetratingly cold ominously shone red.

 Someone went *hii* and raised their voice.

「If you desire a journey to death, then although it may be presumptuous of me, I shall assist you in doing so.」

 *Zokuri* A chill ran down Hendrick’s spine.

 It’s no good, this wasn’t a situation where excuses would pass.

 If they didn’t kill her, then they would be killed.

 Besides, their opponent was only one person.

 If any one of their comrades made it through here and reached the venue, then the plan would succeed.

「……Don’t hesitate! Our opponent is only a single person!」

 Hendrick encouraged himself, and shouted towards his comrades.

「For the sake of all of mankind, we must become the cornerstone towards the future!」

 Hearing that voice, other voices were raised one after another.

「For the sake of all of mankind, we must become the cornerstone towards the future!」

「For the sake of all of mankind, we must become the cornerstone towards the future!」

 Together with the voices, the sounds of swords being drawn resounded.

 The Maid Knight had yet to draw her sword, and her expression didn’t even break at all.


 A man with the appearance of a soldier readied his sword and started to run towards the Maid Knight.

 Leaving his defense to his armor, he made a thrust with his fastest speed and all of his strength.

 That was a Hard sword technique that would definitely throw their greatest attack into the opponent.

 The sword was swung down towards the Maid Knight, but before that blade could reach her, that man was bisected along with his sword.

 Looking closely, what was gripped in the Maid Knight’s hand was a beautiful longsword that didn’t have even a speck of cloudiness.

 No one knew just when it was that she drew it.

「……Did you hope for a one on one match? I believe that you all do not stand a chance in that though.」

 Seeing the exasperated Maid Knight, the others readied their weapons as if they were all snapped to it and rushed in.

 Swords, spears, axes, arrows, the Maid Knight looked upfront at the dangerous weapons that were coming to attack her.

 Even if she was a skilled Maid Knight, this was surely a number of attacks that couldn’t possibly be defended against.

 Thinking that, Hendrick was convinced of their victory.


「Beheading Three Hundred Sixty Five Consecutive Attack.」

 At the same time he heard those words, Hendrick saw it.

 It, was a manifestation of hell.

 The weapons and his comrades had been reduced into particles before they could reach the Maid Knight.

「M, monster……」

 Seeing the Maid Knight stand there without being stained with even a drop of blood despite standing withing a pool of blood, someone muttered that.

 Just who would be match for an opponent like this?

 When the Maid Knight looked at Hendrick’s group while still being expressionless, she muttered sounding bored.

「……What astounding weakness. I cannot even imagine just how I could possibly lose to you all.」


 Hendrick kept silent, but a man with the appearance of a cook shouted.

「Damn you, you damned Mazoku……Do you intend on disgracing a knight’s pride!」

「A knight’s pride, is it.」

 The Maid Knight breathed a sigh.

「And just where do you all have something like that?」

「It is with our unbendable justice!」

 Hearing that man’s voice, his other comrades also readied their weapons once again.

 However, the Maid Knight breathed out looking like she didn’t care for that answer at all.

「How stupid. Something like the pride of a knight that goes against the master that they should be serving, that’s worth even less than a rusted sword. That also goes for a sword that injures its master, and a shield that cannot protect its master. No matter what kind of justice is there……know that that is something that cannot be forgiven.」

「A mere mass murdering Mazoku speaking as if she knows……!」

「If you didn’t want to be killed, then you should have quit being a knight. Living for the sake of your master, and dying for the sake of your master, isn’t that what a knight’s job is? Be self-aware that you yourself a just a tool.」

 The man groaned, however, he clenched his sword while being filled with fighting spirit and murderous intent.

「……For the sake of all of mankind, we must become the cornerstone towards the future!」

 Saying that, the man who swung his sword at the Maid Knight……was cut down and tumbled onto the floor.

「Certainly, you will become a cornerstone towards the future. Through being disposed of as remains of the past.」

 When she said that, the Maid Knight turned her red eyes towards the remaining people.

 All that were left, were a mere five people.

 Although she was disappointed at how there was less of a resistance than she expected, the Maid Knight re-gripped her sword.

「Now then, what’s wrong. Aren’t you all also going to become cornerstones of the future or whatever?」

 Hearing those words, Hendrick resolved himself.

 Their wish to leave this room could no longer be met, and they would all surely die here.

 However, the fact that they had died here would be widely known through their outside collaborators.

 The fear of the Mazoku that would kill all who oppose should widely take root in the citizens of the Jiol Forest Kingdom.

 Once that were to happen, the people would notice without fail that they were being used by the Mazoku.

 Protests would be performed, and King Sarigan would become unable to ignore them.

 Depending on the situation, even other countries might intervene.

 If it was the Cylas Empire, they would surely lend their strength.

 That’s right──Their defeat here, would eventually be a victory.

 Right now, I should simply be elated with success.

 Hendrick thought that, and readied his sword with a calm heart.

「……Here I come, Mazoku.」

「I do not mind that but.」

 The Maid Knight said that and then snapped her fingers with a *pachin*.

「Zwei. You are there, right?」

「Yes. However, I will have to refuse coming down into the middle of a pool of blood.」

「I do not mind. So, how is the progress?」

 Seeing the Maid Knight converse with something that was in a place he couldn’t see, Hendrick expressed a question mark on his face.

 What, just what was going on?

 It couldn’t be that she was calling for reinforcements at this point in time.

「Yes. The insurrection members that exist within the royal capital have all been disposed of without a doubt. Not even a fragment of the roots have been left behind.」

「Is that so. And what of the possibility of derivatives from that?」

「That is not a problem. They have been completely disposed of.」

 Hendrick understood.

 That everything was crushed.

 The kindred souls of the people here……and the people that were here were all killed.

 In other words, their defeat here would only become a defeat.

 Leaving nothing behind, but death.

 That couldn’t be allowed.

 He needed to break through them here.

 No matter what he had to do……

 When Hendrick looked at his comrades, they also made expressions that said they were of the same will.

 Even if it was just one person, they would break through here.

 What they had to do, hadn’t changed.

 Hendrick calmed his heart, and focused.

 What he harbored in his heart, was the sword of justice.

 Bearing the regrets of their comrades, Hendrick and the others ran forward.

「……For the sake of all of mankind, we must become the cornerstone towards the future!」


 Before the number of corpses increased even more, the Maid Knight sheathed her sword into its scabbard.

「Justice for all of mankind, is it. That really is a nuisance.」

 After the Maid Knight breathed a small sigh, she gave instructions to Zwei.

「Deal with this place with the people whose hands are free. After that, send everyone to their respective post.」

「Understood, Ichika-sama.」

 The Maid Knight──Ichika went outside of the room, and closed the door.

 The dinner party was without a doubt being held right about now.

 She held anxiety in various meanings in entrusting the duty of being the Demon King’s bodyguard to Nino……but this was something that couldn’t be helped.

「……Fuu, how stupid.」

 Remembering the ones that she had just cut down not long ago, Ichika breathed out once again.

 Due to the 「justice of all of mankind」, Borkio’s group betrayed the Mazoku, and the ones that were in front of her had betrayed the king that they should have been serving.

 However, with today’s disposal, the possibility of people that were aroused by the 「justice of all of mankind」 in the Jiol Forest Kingdom from now on had surely become low.


「Now then, I suppose I should return to the venue as well.」

 Fixing her clothes that didn’t have the smell of blood at all, Ichika advanced down the corridor.



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        Humans or even Sylphids here are easily to follow their old faith which is against the Mazokus.
        What Vermudol did at that time was self-defense but this folks here just rushing in jumping to conclusion that he was the one that made the first move. More so that Sarigan did not yet converse to everyone that what happen back then.
        So the whole community here is their fault for just jumping to conclusion. While the latter in later times is when the god of life would make a drastic move to persuade humanity against Jiol Kingdom connection to the Mazokus from the Dark Continent.

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