Volume 3, Chapter 15


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 The night that the dinner party ended and all of the invitees had left the castle.

 On the balcony of the royal villa that was assigned as Luuty’s place to stay, the figures of two women were there.

 They were Fainell and Luuty.

 The two, who were completely recognized as friends even by those around them, sat facing each other at the table.

 On the table, there were two wine glasses, and one bottle.

「……You know, Luuty. I had always imagined, about what kind of country, you guy’s country was like.」

 Turning here eyes to the outside scenery, Fainell muttered that.

 While gazing at the view of the moon and the stars which would never be seen in the Dark Continent, Fainell took a glass into her hand.

 What she remembered, was the figures of the Hero’s group that she had fought several times in the Dark Continent.

 The serious and often scolding, yet clumsy Human Great Sage, Teria.

 The free and uncontrolled, yet possessed a strong sense of duty in the strangest places tiger Beastman, Juno.

 The always annoying half-Metalio, half-Human, Duke.

 The prim faced and most rambunctious Sylphid, Luuty.

 And then, the one said to be summoned from another world, the Hero Ryuuya.

 He was unconventional, stupid, perverted, strangely stubborn, and limitlessly sweet to women.

 Furthermore, he hated twisted things. And he couldn’t ignore those that were suffering.

 And although the companions that surrounded Ryuuya would say this and that about him, they believed in Ryuuya from the bottom of their hearts.

 No, it looked like they even loved him.

 And it seemed like the Hero Ryuuya had tried to sincerely answer those feelings.

 Well……unexpectedly, he had proposed to Fainell on their first meeting though.

 Of course, it goes without saying that she answered him with an electric shock.

 At that time, she thought of him as merely an idiot with no faithfulness, but she came to realize later that he was an idiot that would pierce through hopelessness.

 In any case, the Hero Ryuuya’s party was a group of 「companions」 where various races gathered and laughed with him at the center.

「……That the place that you all lived in was a place where various races lived on good terms with each other. That is what I had thought.」

 Luuty didn’t answer her, and simply quietly turned her gaze to Fainell.

 Fainell also didn’t speak any more than that.

 Taking a sip of wine, she washed it down her throat, and gazed at the starry sky just like that.

「……You must have been disappointed.」

「Only if I were to speak honestly. For me, when mankind is spoken about, it’s about you guys.」

 Fainell shrugged her shoulders at Luuty who made a wry smile.

「However, there is something that I still don’t understand.」

「Something you don’t understand……you say?」

「It’s about Ryuuya. Did that guy, ever properly receive my Volsaber even once?」

 Volsaber was Fainell’s unique magic, and Fainell’s certain kill technique that clad her arms in blades of electricity.

 If one were to receive it directly, they would turn into ash without even leaving behind any bones.

 However, that wasn’t the case with Ryuuya.

 Although he would become tattered, he stood up from it.

 At that time, she thought that it was because of the Hero’s abilities.

「……He shouldn’t have been able to stand up. It isn’t something that can somehow dealt with using grit. At that time, that guy stood up with something other than idealism.」

 The Hero got up any number of times.

 That is how mankind narrated it.

 That was by no means a metaphor, because as long as his heart didn’t break, the Hero would crawl back up from the depths of death any number of times.

 Fainell had actually seen that.

「……I also, don’t understand it.」

 No matter what the setting was, Ryuuya would stand up, hold his ground, and support and guide the hearts of his companions which looked like they would break.

 Or maybe that might be an ability of the Hero, but they could no longer know now.

「……I see.」

 After Fainell said that, she concentrated on her glass.

 Luuty wouldn’t lie in a setting like this.

 They got along well enough for her to understand that much.

「……The Hero, huh.」

 Hearing Fainell’s words, Luuty also ruminated on those words.

 The Demon King Vermudol had gone out onto the center stage.

 Advocating friendship and forming a treaty with the Jiol Forest Kingdom, he created the image of being a Demon King that could be talked to, and made them have a premonition of a new age.

 If they could reconcile with the Mazoku, then half of the world’s problems would disappear.

 However, would there be people that believe in that……that was a different story.

 In actuality, when the treaty of friendship was proposed, there was a disturbance, and a lot of casualties such as the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s generals and Imperial Guard knights had come from it.

 This was something that she couldn’t say was something she felt at ease about at this point.

 The details were unknown, but there was a report that not too long ago, starting with the Imperial Guard Chivalric Order vice-captain Hendrick, the figures of those related to the generals and Imperial Guard knights killed by the Mazoku had been extinguished all at once.

 Documents that smelled of high treason were also discovered at their homes, and they seemed to be hiding themselves somewhere……that was the story but.

 It was said that King Sarigan, who received the report, discontinued the search.

 It seemed that the reason was that it wasn’t a problem, but it seems that King Sarigan didn’t talk about how it wasn’t a problem.

 Zekwell said “didn’t the king move his secret unit and dispose of them……”

 Certainly, if it was King Sarigan as he was now, he might do that much.

 However, Luuty had a thought.

 That “couldn’t this also be a case that the Mazoku got involved with……”

 Then again, since Fainell didn’t react no matter how many leading questions she asked her, it was another Mazoku……or maybe King Sarigan had truly commenced it himself.

 At any rate, as long as the Demon King has personally appeared in mankind’s territory, the movements of the Zadark Kingdom’s Mazoku couldn’t be ignored.

 In that case, it wouldn’t be strange for the St. Altlis Kingdom to conspire to summon a Hero.

 As Luuty was thinking about that, Fainell muttered something as if she had suddenly remembered it.

「I just remembered this from talking about the Hero but.」


 Luuty’s thoughts were interrupted.

「Could it be that you didn’t end up together with Ryuuya?」

 Hearing those words, Luuty’s movements came to a complete stop.

 She didn’t expect to be asked about this sort of thing.

「What do you mean……by together……」

「I mean, if you became a married couple or not. I’ve said this and that a couple of times, but I felt that you had the highest chance of doing that with him.」


 Certainly, she was aware that she was the one that had connected with Ryuuya the most.

 However, the result was that Luuty and Ryuuya didn’t end up in that sort of relationship.

 The reason for that wasn’t because Ryuuya was someone from another world.

「……It’s because Ryuuya and I, couldn’t live in the same time.」

 That’s right, that was also the reason why the Sylphid built communities with fellow people of the same race.

 Among mankind, there didn’t exist any races that were as long lived as the Sylphid.

 In cases where a child that was born with another race didn’t strongly inherit their trait of longevity, the child would end up leaving this world much earlier than the parent Sylphid. Most Sylphid were unable to endure this.

 Luuty also didn’t have the confidence that she could endure that.

「……Sorry. I was insensitive just now.」

「No, it’s fine. It’s because we who live long lives often forget about that.」

 Seeing Luuty make a laugh without energy, Fainell stood up, went around behind Luuty, and hugged her tight.

「……There’s no way it’s fine. I might not be all that smart, but I at least know that much.」


 Luuty looked up at Fainell who was hugging her, and smiled looking troubled.

 It was because the face of a sad-looking Fainell was there.

「……Why are you making that kind of face, jeez.」

「It’s because you looked sad.」

 Luuty remembered the time she reunited with Fainell.

 ”If it was now, they could be friends”, that is what Fainell said.

 And then, right now, Fainell was sharing Luuty’s sadness.

 It was because she understood her──because she ended up understanding her.

 Luuty thought “how troubling……”

 Luuty had not yet decided to take sides with Vermudol.

 Depending on the situation, she might end up having to fight against Fainell once again.

 And yet, Luuty ended up realizing something.

 That the existence of Fainell, who got sad for her sake and lived in the same time as her, had made her so happy.


「……What is it, Luuty.」

 That is why, Luuty had no choice but to acknowledge it.

 This friendship, and Luuty Ligas’s friend called Fainell.

「Thank you, very much.」

「Don’t mind it. It’s only natural.」

 While looking up at Fainell’s face, Luuty made a chuckle.

「It is……because we’re friends?」

「Yeah, that’s right.」

 Fainell also looked down at Luuty’s face and similarly laughed.

「Because……we’re friends.」

 Fainell and Luuty laughed sounding like they were truly having fun, and lively talked about silly things underneath the starry sky.



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