Volume 3, Chapter 16

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The royal capital of the Jiol Forest Kingdom, Roumrelus, was located at the center of the Great Jiol Forest, and Sylphid and Beastmen made up a majority of its population.

Among them, a small number of Humans and Metalio were also included, and they continued a fairly good coexistive relationship.

However, the Sylphid who lived far longer lives didn’t maintain deep cultural exchanges with other races, and had a tendency to build communities with fellow Sylphid.

Although Duke and Luuty who were members of the Hero Ryuuya’s party lived in the same country, it was said that they weren’t all that acquainted until they became companions……but this was also related to the Sylphid’s circumstances.

For the same reason, Roumrelus ended up being naturally divided into the zones 「the Sylphid zone」 and 「the others zone」, but since the area around the royal castle was the commercial district, the shops of various races were lined up.

Although trade with the St. Altlis Kingdom had become smaller ever since the Demi-Human rejection had intensified, the effect that had on the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s industry was small.

Originally, the Jiol Forest Kingdom was a country that lived together with the Great Jiol Forest, and there are many countries that desired the crops raised in that fertile land. Especially the Cylas Empire which they actively had business with even now.

They also did favorable business with other countries, and on the surface, there weren’t any problems in the people’s lives.

Without any changes from before, people where walking about, happily shopping even in the commercial district around the royal castle.……And among them, there was the figure of one young lady.

She couldn’t really be called small, but it was hard to say that it was an average height.

She had a physique where one could agree if she were called a thinnish young boy.

She had light green, very short hair, and green eyes.

Wearing cloth clothes that could be found anywhere, she displayed a displeased-looking expression.

That was the Maid Knight who was a subordinate under the Demon King Vermudol’s direct control, Nino.

Not wearing her usual maid outfit and armor, the current Nino would be seen as merely a town girl to those that didn’t know her.

Nino’s duty this time was information gathering.

Via the parade and dinner party from the other day, Vermudol’s face became well-known in the Jiol Forest Kingdom.

Unable to leave the Zadark Kingdom open for too long, Vermudol and Ichika, as well as Sancreed had already returned to their country.

Fainell stayed behind in order to deal with some remaining business, and Nino was left behind as information gathering personnel.

There were two types of information to gather.

One was about the Gods.

Information in regards to the God of Water Aklia and the God of Wind Wyrm who were worshipped in this country, and information regarding the method to meet the Gods.

The other one was about the town’s reaction.

The Intelligence Group was also moving about, but limited to this time, he sought information from a different angle.

In other words, the point of view of an ordinary person.

In order to grasp the reaction of the populace, there was a need to gather rumors in the town that was related to the Zadark Kingdom and the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s friendship.

Originally, this was a job that would take time to carry out, but Nino was selected since she could immediately lower her opponent’s guard.

Even now, Nino was walking around the castle town without being suspected by anyone.

……Then again, since that in itself said that she didn’t stand out, Nino felt dissatisfied about that though.

To begin with, the fact that she was doing this kind of mission alone was something that Nino couldn’t agree with.

After all, the fact that Nino was in the Jiol Forest Kingdom like this meant that right now at this time, Ichika was the only one at Vermudol’s side.

Having no one but that straight-laced, cold blooded, expressionless Maid Knight around, there was no mistake that Vermudol wouldn’t be able to relax either.

Perhaps he would be unable to stand the fact that the soothing Nino wasn’t around, and might create a new substitute Maid Knight.

That would be no good. That absolutely couldn’t be allowed.


Would he really be healed with something like that?

Noticing that it was a temporary healing, he might re-evaluate Nino’s value.

「……In that case, there would be no need to be impatient in accomplishing the mission. Nino’s value should break through the limit with some superior information.」

As Nino continued to walk down the road, her eyes suddenly stopped and were drawn to a street stall.

A syrupy something was emitting a sweet smell and was cooking on an iron plate.

Nino stared hard at that thing that cooked making a *jyuwa* sound and asked about it.

「……What is that?」

「Ou, you mean this? It’s called a fried cake. It seems that the Hero Ryuuya had developed it in this country.」


As she said that and looked at the black cat Beastman shopkeeper’s hands, the shopkeeper flipped the fried cake over with skilled hands.

「Could it be that you haven’t eaten one before?」


「Achaー……That’s no good, Ojou-chan.」

When Nino answered like that, the shopkeeper made a grave-looking expression with exaggerated gestures.

When the shopkeeper handed a fried cake to the child that was excitedly waiting next to Nino, the shopkeeper started mixing that syrupy something in order to fry the next cake.

「Not having eaten this is the same as not being in the Jiol Forest Kingdom. After all, look, it’s that kind of thing. To begin with, this fried cake that the Hero Ryuuya developed was something meant to surprise Wyrm-sama who was starved for stimulus.」

「Wyrm……The God, of Wind.」

「Ou, that’s right! Eating this, Wyrm-sama was surprised and even demanded seconds.」

Hearing about the God of Wind Wyrm, Nino held out one silver coin.

「Then, give me one.」

「Aiyo, I’ll give you a fresh one, so wait a bit!」

After handing over Nino’s change from a hanging basket, the shopkeeper started frying a fried cake with a good mood.

While looking at their hands, Nino asked a question to the shopkeeper.

「The God of Wind. Can they be met even now?」

「Heh? With Wyrm-sama? Nnー……」

Hearing Nino’s question, the shopkeeper groaned sounding troubled.

It was true that there was that kind of story with the fried cakes, but it wasn’t like the shopkeeper was the one to hand the fried cake over to the God of Wind.

Even if she were to ask if it were possible to meet with them or not, the shopkeeper had no way of answering.

「Let’s see……」

Flipping over the cake that was on the iron plate, the shopkeeper thought about it.

It would be easy to say “I don’t know”.

However, the young lady in front of him had hair and eyes that reminded him of the Great Jiol Forest.

Looking at this green beautiful young girl, it would be wrong to cut her down with an “I don’t know”……that is what he thought.

「I’ve heard that Wyrm-sama’s temple is somewhere within the Great Jiol Forest but……as for guys who have gone there, there’s pretty much only the Hero that’s done it……or so I’ve heard. Hoi, it’s finished!」

Wrapping up the fried up cake with a large leaf, the shopkeeper handed it over to Nino.

「Nn, thank you.」

「Ou, and if you meet with Wyrm-sama, give ‘em my regards!」

From behind Nino, who had started walking while eating the fried cake, the shopkeeper’s joking voice could be heard.

Nino suddenly looked back at the shopkeeper’s direction, and changed her vaguely displeased looking lips into the form of a impish smile.

「……Don’t wanna.」

Saying that, she left into the crowds of people.

The shopkeeper who saw that just kept a dazed expression, and gazed at the direction that Nino vanished into.

Not noticing how the shopkeeper had been unconsciously charmed, Nino recalled what she had just heard while munching on the fried cake.

It seemed that something called the God of Wind Wyrm’s temple was somewhere in the Great Jiol Forest.

And then, the Hero Ryuuya ensnared the God of Wind Wyrm with fried cakes.

While savoring the fluffy texture that had a faint sweetness, Nino started thinking.

Certainly, it was tasty.

When she was in mankind’s territory before, she had thought that she had eaten all of the tasty things, but to think that something like this was still left.

Thinking that she should have had Vermudol eat this while he was in this country, Nino lamented over her own mistake.

However, it was still at a level where she could recover.

If she were to make and hand over this fried cake together with the story about the God of Wind, Vermudol would surely be delighted.

Making the past Hero’s method of ensnaring the God of Wind her own, it was certain that he would be deeply moved by Nino’s competence.

Now that that was decided, she would need to return to that shop from earlier. She would obtain the recipe somehow.

Finishing up the remainder of the fried cake, Nino was about to turn around when her shoulder was patted with a *pon*.

A chill ran through her at that moment.

Nino turned around with her most displeased expression of the day.

What was there were Human men that were expressing vulgar smirks.

There was one man wearing strangely tailored clothes, and two men who seemed to be his underlings.

The one who placed their hand on Nino’s shoulder was one of the underlings.

「Yo, looks like yer have quite a lot of fun, ain’t cha.」

「Ya sightseein’? As a matter of fact, we were havin’ fun sightseein’ too. Wanna have fun together?」

She went “ahh, so that’s it”.

Nino noticed what was happening to her.

This was one of those “being hit on” things.

They were charmed by Nino’s beautiful young lady style that was on a sinful level.

When she thought that, she felt like she could even forgive the man that had touched her so familiarly.

「It’ll be fine. Even fer you, it’ll totally be more fun bein’ together with us than by yerself.」

「Right, right, and even that person over there is a super impressive guy. After all, he」



Since she had a second thought and couldn’t forgive him, Nino sunk her fist into the man’s body.

With that one attack, the underling man lost consciousness and went white-eyed.

And since she couldn’t forgive his shamelessness of fainting and nearly collapsing towards her, Nino went further and made a kick, blowing the man away.

「Sh, Shawn!? Oi, you, what’re you doin’!?」

「Punishment. So, who is the principal offender?」

「Haa!? What nonsense are ya spoutin’!」

Nino’s slap exploded on the other underling man that had snapped in anger.

The slap, which was too fast and made her hand look like it disappeared, had reaped the underling man’s consciousness, however, he was forcibly awakened by a follow-up slap.

「So, who is the principal offender? The most important looking guy that’s frozen up over there?」

「Don’t screw wi……!」

He got a second double slap.

「So, who is the principal offender? The important looking guy that’s trying to run away over there?」

「You, don’t cha know who that perso……」

He got a third double slap.

After throwing down the man who started crying and stepping on him, Nino stood in front of the most important looking man who had completely lost the timing to run away.

Nino looked up at the man who had a fair amount of height, and glared at him.

「You are the principal offender.」

「W, wait. Please wait! That’s it, tell me what you want! It can be anything.」

「I want your scream, I guess.」

*Goryun* Making an unpleasant sound, the tip of Nino’s shoe kicked the man’s crotch.

Looking at the man, who foamed at the mouth with an extremely ghastly face and collapsed, with a disgusted-looking face, Nino breathed a sigh.

「……It would seem that you didn’t need any assistance.」

When Nino turned her gaze to the direction that voice came from, a man with a shapely face was standing there.

The man with blond hair and blue eyes wore even better tailored clothes than the trash that had fainted at Nino’s feet just now, and carried a long sword.

Narrowing his long slit eyes, the man broadly grinned.

「……It has been a while, Nino.」

Nefas Albania. He was the eldest son of the St. Altlis Kingdom’s Albania Duke House.

Nefas brushed up his hair and──

「Nino won’t be accepting anything like being hit on. Bye bye.」

Seeing how Nino looked like she didn’t remember him at all, he panicked and started to chase after her.


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