Volume 3, Chapter 18


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 Fainell was in a room of the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s royal castle.

 She was facing a desk and gazing at a document with a terribly stern face, but reacting to the *bashin* sound of a door opening, she raised her head.

「……So you’ve come.」

 The one who was on the other side of the door that was thrown open was Nino.

 She was always making a displeased looking face, but maybe because she was called out by Fainell, she was looking a degree worse than usual today.

 Nino quietly opened her mouth.

「……What? Nino is busy.」

 Fainell made a wry smile in response to that manner of speech that skipped over the greetings.

 Maid Knights should have originally had the abilities and behavior of not only a knight but a maid as well.

 She might speak like this because Fainell wasn’t her master, but Nino’s curt attitude shouldn’t be shown to those that possess fantasies about Maid Knights……is what Fainell thought.

 In any case, there was a reason that she called over that Nino.



 After tapping the document at her hands with her finger, Fainell sent her gaze to Nino.

「It’s about this document.」

「Bye bye.」

 The moment she heard about the document, Nino closed the door with a slam.

 Fainell heard footsteps become distant at a great speed.

 Most likely, she probably wouldn’t catch up to her even if she started chasing her now.

「Fuu……Is that girl really a maid?」

 Isn’t she actually just a knight dressed as a maid, is what Fainell thought.

 When compared to Ichika, she hadn’t really seen her do any work.

「Well, I guess that wasn’t surprising.」

 Saying that, Fainell breathed a sigh.

 Thinking that it would most likely turn out like this, she had already sent a message to someone else.

 And it was right at that time that the presence of that person had appeared in the room.

 Falling a bit behind the appearance of his presence, a black clothed man that possessed ashen hair and eyes stood in front of Fainell and bowed.

「……Zwei, here before you.」

「Yeah, sorry for the trouble.」

「No, you had called for me after all.」

 Zwei was one of Rokuna’s subordinates, and a Mazoku belonging to the Intelligence Group.

 If one were to go by his position, he should have originally been going around gathering intelligence in the Cylas Empire, but right now, he was conducting a certain mission……or so it seems.

 In other words, he was excellent enough that he was able to lead a squad.

「Zwei. I have something to talk to you about.」

「It is unfortunate but.」

 Zwei sent his gaze to the document at Fainell’s hands……and before long, he shook his head.

「I have been commanded by Rokuna-sama to refuse anything in regards to that matter.」

「Wh, why! Even she should be able to understand!」

「I am terribly sorry. However, those are my orders.」

「Impossible. Are you saying that she takes priority over my request?」

 Hearing Fainell’s words, Zwei made a wry smile.

 The fact that she didn’t use the word 「command」 here is a reason why Fainell is liked by everyone in the Eastern Army.

 Other than times where it’s a critical moment, Fainell wouldn’t use the word 「command」.

 She intuitively understood the weight of the word 「command」.

「Yes. She said, an idiot should occasionally use their head.」

「Wha, what was that!?」

「If you have an objection, I can deliver her a verbal message.」

 After Fainell thought about it for a bit, she breathed a sigh.

「……No, it’s fine. It feels like she’d make an objection to my objection.」

「I believe that is quite sensible. Well then.」

 After Zwei answered like that and once again erased his figure, Fainell soon became unable to sense him.

 Although Fainell was surprised by that, she was impressed and thought “as expected of the Intelligence Group”.


 Leaning her body into the back of her chair, Fainell looked up at the ceiling.

 She played all of the hands that she could, and this was the result.

 At this rate, she would unable to accomplish the duty task she was entrusted with from Demon King Vermudol.

 Failure wouldn’t be allowed. However, at this rate──

「Kuh……Just what should I do……」

 A line of sweat was shed.

 A stalemate, a maze without an exit……various words flowed within her head.

 A means to solve this challenge, Fainell currently did not have one.

「Fu, fufu……This is pretty ironic isn’t it.」

 Fainell covered her face with one hand, and laughed while hanging her head.

 At the edge of despair, she couldn’t help but laugh.

「To think I would be driven to the wall in a place like this. This kind of sensation, just how long has it been……!」

 At that time, an orderly *kon kon* sound could be heard from the door.

 Getting surprised, Fainell raised her head.

「Fainell? Are you there?」

 That voice was a voice that Fainell knew well.

 Being a former hero, and Fainell’s friend──it was Luuty Ligas’s voice.

「……Luuty huh. Please come in.」

 After Fainell answered like that, Luuty opened the door……and made a puzzled face.

 And of course she would.

 The usually dignified Fainell was making a face like a knight who had resolved themselves for death.

 It was impossible to not find that strange.

「What’s wrong, Fainell.」

「Fu……I’m merely reflecting on my own powerlessness.」


 After replying with a look that said she didn’t really understand, Luuty looked at the top of Fainell’s desk.

 What was there was a mountain of piled up documents.

 Even in Fainell’s hand, there was a document.

「I don’t really get it, but if you’re busy, then I can come back again later.」

 Fainell was about to see off Luuty who said that and was about to turn around……but after suddenly changing her expression, she jumped up and leapt over the desk.

 Seeing Fainell make a *dan* sound as she landed close to her, Luuty displayed a surprised expression.

「Wh, what’s wrong?」

「Luuty. I’ve realized it.」


 In response to Fainell who was tightly gripping Luuty’s hands with a serious face, Luuty expressed a question mark on her face.

 Fainell didn’t notice that, and just nodded as if she had comprehended something.

「That’s right. If I just think about it, it’s really simple. In other words, it was that sort of thing!」

「No, I don’t understand what’s going on. Could you properly explain it to me?」

「In other words, it means that you and I are friends.」

「That’s true.」

 As expected, she really didn’t understand what she meant.

 Luuty breathed a sigh, and slowly separated her tightly gripped hands.

「What kind of connection is there between your troubles and our friendship?」

「Umu, in other words. Well, I am here because I was commanded by Demon King-sama to deal with the remaining business of the treaty of friendship.」


 Fainell staying behind in the Jiol Forest Kingdom was something pleasant for Luuty since it increased the time they could talk with each other, and that was why she would come to visit Fainell to make use of that free time.

「And then, these are the documents of that remaining business.」

 Fainell hit the mountain of documents with a *bon*, and Luuty nodded.

 It was a considerable amount of documents, but it could be said that that was only natural.

 After all, something like a treaty of friendship between mankind and the Mazoku was a world-first.

 Basically, in addition to the treaty, various by-laws would have to be reviewed, or maybe even established for the foundation of it. Depending on the case, reviewed matters might also have to be supplemented from now on.

 It was a bit of a bother, it was something necessary for the sake of both countries future and long association from now on.

 In a relationship between fellow countries, it didn’t end with just a promise, there was a need to always negotiate and continue their interactions.

 That was the reason why there were diplomats, and even the diplomat dispatched from the Zadark Kingdom, Nanalus, was also busy making his rounds.

「……So, at what part does the story of our friendship connect to?」

「Nn, in other words, you had come just when I was troubled.」

「……You, could it be.」

 As Luuty moved her eyebrows with a twitch, Fainell expressed a smile.

「Help me out, Luuty.」

 She staggered.

 Luuty almost ended up collapsing from that all too great of a shock, but she somehow managed to hold her ground with fighting spirit.

「As……As if there is someone that would ask a person of another country to assist in their countries paperwork! Are you an idiot!」

「E, even you’re calling me an idiot!?」

「If you don’t like being called an idiot, then let’s go with dumbass! To begin with, although I do go in and out of the royal palace, I am not someone has something to do with politics you know!?」

 Hearing those words, Fainell’s expression instead became brighter.

「Then this is just perfect, isn’t it! Employing personnel that one is lacking on-site is something that happens often!」

「There are jobs where it’s alright to do that, and jobs where it isn’t alright to do that!」

「B, but! These are documents that also affect your country!」

「Hey, you shouldn’t be talking about the contents of documents like that so easily!」

 *Ban* Overawed by Luuty hitting the wall, Fainell drew back.

 It was there that Luuty shouted as if pressing her for answers.

「To begin with, what is with the top of that desk! Properly sort those documents into those that are processed and those that need to be processed! Take the excessive things off of the desk! Understand that whether or not paperwork gets done starts from organization of the desk!」

「Wha, what the heck! You’ve suddenly gotten really scary!」

「That・is・be・cause! You are just way too hopeless at this!」

 For Fainell, she had resisted obediently nodding to her, but there was a sound argument to what Luuty had said.

 And then, above all, Luuty was scary.

 Overwhelmed by Luuty, Fainell helplessly started organizing the top of the desk.

「Hey, move those hands faster! You’re technically a person of the military, aren’t you!」

「Don’t put technically to that! Aren’t you being a bit mean today!?」

「Move your hands instead of your mouth! Once your work environment becomes decent, the meanness will disappear!」

 While being told that by Luuty, Fainell properly sorted out the documents on top of the desk.

 Though, since there were too many things unprocessed after separating them, there wasn’t even a fragment of a sense of accomplishment.

「Un, that’s pretty much it.」

「……Wouldn’t it have been better to use the time on tidying up on doing the paperwork instead?」

 Being glared at by Luuty after leaking out her dissatisfaction, Fainell hurriedly averted her gaze.

「An orderly work environment makes efficient work possible.」

「Mu……That’s, well……」

 Luuty turned a gentle smile towards Fainell who had fallen silent.

「……I believe that there is a proper reason to why you were entrusted with this work. Wouldn’t it be nice to properly finish it up and report that?」

「Could you help me out with it?」


 Hearing Luuty’s reply, Fainell breathed a depressed sounding sigh.



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