Volume 3, Chapter 21


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 Right around the time Nanalus had fallen into a delicate crisis, the figures of Demon King Vermudol and the master of the Grand Library Rokuna were inside of the Zadark Kingdom eastern part’s Lulugal Forest.

 Rokuna was standing at the center of a magic formation meant for the development of a large-scale magic, while Vermudol was watching over here at a place a bit away from it.

 The strong brilliance of the magic formation indicated that a considerable amount of magical power was being poured into it.


 To begin with, magic was a technique that used magical power to interfere with the world.

 This was something that everyone who aspired to be a Magician learned at the beginning, but image was everything in magic.

 Namely, it was about what they were trying to create.

 Accurately imaging that which could be said to be like architectural rendering was essential part in constructing magic.

 However, in reality, it wouldn’t go that easily.

 Putting aside cases where there wouldn’t be any nuisances whatsoever, there weren’t very many people that could create such an accurate image in the middle of battle.

 It was there that techniques such as chants and magic formations were invented.

 A chant was literally a technique where a spell is cast, but this was equivalent to being a so-called blueprint of magic.

 Through doing the chant, the user of the magic abridges the work of making an image, and makes it possible to use magic by only consuming magical power.

 Similarly, magic formations were also used at times of carrying out complex magic where a chant wouldn’t be able to cover it.

 However, in reality, there was hardly any magic that needed to make use of a magic formation.

 The cases were pretty much the complex technique styles like Transfer Magic and Transmission Magic, or super large-scale attack magic.

 In other words, what Rokuna was trying to currently use was that sort of magic.

 Specifically, it was Summon Magic.

 She was trying to reproduce the magic that Demon King Vermudol discovered in mankind’s territory.


 In regards to the things known about Summon Magic, there weren’t very many.

 First was the chant for Summon Magic that Vermudol had heard in mankind’s territory.

 If they followed the definition of the chant, then they should be able to do a summoning just by pouring magical power in and doing the chant.

 However, in reality, when Rokuna performed the chant, the Summon Magic wasn’t invoked.

 For that reason, they thought that to use Summon Magic, a special disposition might be necessary.

 But, Rokuna was doubtful in regards to this.

 For example, it is said that Transfer and Transmission Magic are currently only available to the Mazoku, but that was actually wrong.

 It was simply because an astonishingly large amount of magical power and the power to control that was required, and as long as those conditions were cleared, it would be available to people of mankind.

 That is the sort of thing magic is.

 For the Summon Magic, it isn’t about it being available only to a chosen few, it should simply be that there was a lack of research and that the conditions were unknown.

 Thinking that way, Rokuna continued her research on Summon Magic.

「……I implore a sword.」

 Using the magic formation that had an enormous amount of magical power poured into it as an aid, Rokuna started the chant.

 The technique style incorporated in the magic formation were based off of Transmission Magic.

 However, it wasn’t something meant to transmit something, but used in order to make the surrounding space unstable.

 Hypothesizing that Summon Magic was magic that summoned something from a different space, wouldn’t doing that be of some help……that is the thought behind why it was included.

「I implore an agent.」

 The magic formation flickered.

「Although my body is fragile, my heart is stern. My heart has become a sword, and desires a time to be wielded.」

 What she imagined, was a sword.

 A sword that could cut through everything.

「Therefore, o agent, come forth. I implore that you be here to execute my will.」

 Putting magical power into the chant, Rokuna casted the final invoking words.

「Come forth, Sword Spirit.」

 At the same time as those words, the figure of a swordsman appeared──is not what happened.

 This time as well, it ended with just being a waste of magical power.

「……This sure is strange.」

 Rokuna breathed a sigh, and looked up at the sky.

 The cloudy sky was the same as always, and seemed to represent the current state of Rokuna’s mind.

 If it were normal magic, then there was no way it wouldn’t have been invoked after coming this far.

 As she though, some kind of condition was lacking……Or maybe she made an error.

 However, she didn’t know what that was.

 Until she could reproduce the Summon Magic that mankind used, doing the Demon God Summoning that Vermudol desired was just a dream within a dream.

 Since she was able to develop several new magic spells over the course of verifying the Summon Magic, it wasn’t like there weren’t any good results, but it didn’t bring her any closer to her original goal.

 In other words……she was approaching the limits of her research.

 She knew the reason for that.

 The precedents of the use of Summon Magic, which were the research material that she used, were overwhelmingly lacking.

 The precedent of Summon Magic that Rokuna knew of was only the one instance that Vermudol saw.

 To continue on beyond the current stage, she had no choice but to try and actually see the Summon Magic with her own eyes.

 The young Summon Magician Human girl that Vermudol was said to have come into contact with.

 She had no choice but to try and see that young girl’s magic.

 Of course, there were risks.

 The current St. Altlis Kingdom was a dangerous place.

 There was no telling when the Hero would be summoned. Or maybe, the Intelligence Unit just didn’t notice it, and the Hero might already be summoned.


 Rokuna started thinking.

 There certainly were risks, but it wasn’t like she didn’t have expectations.

 A report that came from Ein who was infiltrating the St. Altlis Kingdom said that she had become acquainted with a young girl that seemed to be that Summon Magician.

 The contents of the report were something that gave her a headache from wondering what in the world Ein was doing, but right now, that was perfect.

 Using Ein as an intermediary, she would be able to get in contact with the Summon Magician without any suspicion.


「Hey, Ver-cchi.」


 Rokuna asked a question to Vermudol who was silently gazing at the experiment scene from behind.

「About the Human called Kain, what do you think of him?」

「Kain……Ahh, him.」

 Kain Stagias was the male Human that Vermudol had come into contact with when he had infiltrated mankind’s territory.

 In Ein’s report, he was targeted by strange Alva, his physical abilities were high, and he was able to use attack magic chantlessly.

 And then, there was nothing but women around him.

 Hearing that report, it wasn’t unreasonable that Rokuna would also knit her brows.

 He was like the Hero Ryuuya that was left behind in the legends.

 However, Kain Stagias was unmistakably born and raised in the St. Altlis Kingdom, and he wasn’t a summoned Human like the Hero Ryuuya.

 Above all, since the Hero can use Status Confirmation Magic, if he was the Hero, then there was no way he wouldn’t have noticed Ein’s true identity.

 But, even so, Rokuna couldn’t get rid of her unease.

 And it seemed that Vermudol was of the same idea.

 When he had heard the report about Kain, Rokuna noticed that Vermudol made an expression that said he was worried about something.

 In actuality, Vermudol was worried about even now.

 The Hero.

 Summoned from another world.

 However, if he remembered correctly, in the tales of the world that the human that became the material for Vermudol’s construction, there should have been something else.

 A method to call out a Hero from his own world──something, that wasn’t a summoning.

 He couldn’t remember what that was.



 It wasn’t that he couldn’t remember.

 It wasn’t there to begin with.

 Vermudol didn’t know the name of the human that became the material for his own creation.

 Memories of the world that human was in didn’t remain.

 Until now, he hadn’t felt agony about that, but after all this time, he was now vexed.


 When he noticed that Rokuna peered at his face with a worried look, Vermudol suddenly became aware.

 Bringing his thoughts back, he would try thinking about the method other than summoning.

 That’s right, what if for example, it was the same method as himself.

 What if Kain was a Human made by the Goddess of Life with a similar method to how he himself was made?

 However, in that case, that wouldn’t explain how Kain’s birth was something that certainly happened.

 Kain was a Human of this world that was properly born from both of his parents, and was a different existence from Vermudol.

 But, he certainly was bothered by the report that was related to the Alva.

 They were movements as if they were trying to train Kain.

 Just what was the meaning of this?

「……I don’t know. But, I’m positive that he is someone that it would be best to be careful around.」

「Well, that’s true.」

 Due to there being rumors of Kain, who was the person requiring special attention, being a womanizer, the opinion that attaching Ein, who was a female Mazoku, to him as a monitor was a problem also came out.

 However, on the other hand, she was just right to enter his guard and investigate the situation……that kind of view was also there, and in the end, Ein’s monitoring continued.

「So, why did you ask about Kain?」

「Nn, I was thinking that maybeー I should go and meet that Summon Magician that is close to that guy called Kain.」

「……Are you serious?」

「A course I am. As expected, my research won’t advance without thatー.」

 Their time wasn’t limitless.

 Even if it was dangerous, they wouldn’t be able to obtain the desired result unless they plunged in.

 And if they couldn’t do that, there would be nothing to say of their aim of summoning the Demon God.

 And as a risk for the sake of calling out the mysterious and mighty existence that could create Vermudol who was the Demon King, this could instead be said to be on the lighter side.

「I will go too.」

「That is obviously no good. Are you a dumbass?」

「Calling me a dumbass, you……」

 After poking Vermudol’s forehead, Rokuna glared at him with reproachful eyes.

「Don’t you get it? Ver-cchi, you are currently famous as the Demon King, you know? What is going to happen if a guy like that were to march into the St. Altlis Kingdom. If done poorly, guys who are caught in the rumors about 『Adventurer Shion』 would start coming out about now, you know? Or what? Are you going to go to war with the St. Altlis Kingdom right now?」


 Being told that by Rokuna, Vermudol was unable to make a counterargument at all.

 Whether it’s as Adventurer Shion or as Demon King Vermudol, either way, he would stand out too much.

「Th, then, at least bring a guard.」

「And who are you going to have join me? I’ll say this now, but if any one of the remaining Four Cardinal Generals were to move right now, obstacles in the kingdom’s management will appear, you know?」

「Th, then, maybe Gordy or Ichika……No, how does Orel sound?」

「Right, and rejected. Ichika is already going at full operation, and I was going to have Gordy fill in the holes while I’m not around. And Orel is naturally rejected.」

 When Rokuna said that, she expressed a bold smile.

「And you understand, don’t you?」

 Holding Vermudol’s face in between both of her hands, Rokuna whispered to him.

「If it’s someone of Orel’s level……I’m the stronger one.」

 With no exaggeration at all, she announced only the simple truth.

 Hearing those words, Vermudol nodded while making a wry smile.

 Certainly, Vermudol had created Rokuna to be like that.

「I will join up with Ein in the next regularly scheduled contact. Well, I’ll immediately return once I’ve accomplished my objective. You can’t do anything interesting while I’m away, got it?」

「Yeah, I understand.」

 Seeing Rokuna impishly smile, Vermudol returned the smile.



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