Volume 3, Chapter 30


Translator: Manga0205

「……You are?」

 So as to protect Seira who was beside him, Kain stepped forward.

 His wariness was laid bare, but that couldn’t be helped.

 A man who was blue from top to bottom had appeared all of a sudden.

 Swept back blue hair. Blue eyes that gave off a strict impression.

 And then, vaguely sinister blue armor.

 Powerful magical power could be felt from the longswords that hung from both sides of his waist.

 From an ordinary person’s point of view, he would be at the level of a 「suspicious fellow」, but even that alone was enough of a reason to be cautious of him.

 But……the method of vigilance that Kain’s group used wasn’t ordinary.

 Not just Kain, even Seira, and of course Ein had extended their hands to their own weapons.

 He should have naturally noticed their vigilance, but the man showed absolutely no signs of being perturbed and opened his mouth.

「I am Brutus. Just as I said before, there is something I would like your assistance with.」

「Something you want assistance with……you say?」

 In response to Sharon’s words, who was hiding in Ein’s shadow, the blue man who called himself Brutus nodded.

「An important person, might be somewhere in this forest. I want you all to help me search for them.」


 The one who reacted first to those words was Kain.

 In this forest where powerful Elements were lurking, someone might have lost their way.

 Thinking that that was very dangerous, he surely felt that they needed to save them.

 However, with the fact that the possibility of it being a trap having vanished from his mind, Kain was a hopelessly good-natured person.

「W, wait a minute, Kain. To begin with, we haven’t heard who that important person even is, nor why they are in a place like this……」

「Right, that’s a natural doubt.」

 Brutus responded to Seira’s words which were said while she pulled on Kain’s arm.

「However, I am sure they are within this vicinity. My companions are searching within the town……but this forest is too vast for me to search it alone.」

 Hearing about the search inside of the town, Rokuna opened her mouth.

「So hey. Could it be that the person you’re searching for is a purple, fluffy girl?」

「……Could it be, have you met her!?」

 Brutus raised a voice of surprise, and his eyes sparkled.

「We haven’t met with her. I heard about her from a red armored guy and a white armored guy.」

 Hearing those words, Brutus became visibly dejected.

 Looking at his appearance, it doesn’t seem to be an act……is what Rokuna determined.

 Of course, it only looked like that, and while that may be, she couldn’t definitely say that it wasn’t a trap.

「……The one I am looking for is certainly that person.」

「Let’s go search for her right away.」

 Kain said that and urged everyone on.

 Hearing that it was a girl, he probably increasingly thought that they needed to save her.

「That’s really helps. Well then, I’m counting on you.」

 Saying that, Brutus turned his back towards Kain and was about to head into the forest.

「Eh, wait!? Aren’t we going to search together? Besides, are the traits mentioned earlier the only traits your going to give?」

「It’s inefficient to move as a group. You’ll understand once you see her. Plus, time is limited. Well then, I’m relying on you.」

 Answering like that to Kain, Brutus vanished into the forest.

 Seira hit Kain’s shoulder as he was flabbergasted.

「Come on, Kain. Get a hold of yourself.」

「Eh? Ah, un……He was a kind of amazing person, wasn’t he.」

 Kain said that and breathed a light sigh.

 At any rate, now that they accepted, they had no choice but to search for that girl.

「Erm……Rokuna-san. This has turned out quite different from how you wanted things at first but.」

「I don’t particularly mind.」

「Eh, th, thank you very much.」

 Saying “you don’t need to thank me”, Rokuna waved her hand.

 It wasn’t like she was doing it out of good will.

 The red knight, Olred.

 The white knight, Shironos.

 The blue knight, Brutus.

 The existence that those three knights, who were most likely considerably strong people, attended to.

 She had grown an interest in who that person was and where they came from──that was simply all there was to it.

 Were they unknown war potential from somewhere among the four major nations of the Shutaia Continent, or were they war potential of some other small country?

 For the sake of the Zadark Kingdom from now on as well, if it was something that she could quickly grasp an understanding of, then she should do that.


「He did say that we’d understand once we saw her.」

 Seira nodded to Kain’s words.

「That’s true. In any case, we need to hurry and find her. Sharon, you think so……too?」

 When Seira turned around seeking agreement from Sharon, Sharon was still hiding behind Ein.

「What’re you doing?」

 While burying her face into Ein’s back, who was making a troubled-looking face, Sharon was trembling a bit.

 With Sharon like that, Ein called out to her with a look that said she had no choice.

「……Sharon. He’s gone already.」

「U, un……sorry, it’s just……that person’s eyes were scary.」

「His eyes?」

 Kain made a curious-looking face.

 Certainly, he had eyes with a strict impression, but he didn’t seem that scary to Kain.

 Seira seemed to also have the same impression, and exchanged glances with Kain.

 However, Ein had noticed.

 They were eyes just like the ones that could occasionally be seen in the Humans of the St. Altlis Kingdom.

 Eyes that were differentiating something.

 It seemed that Kain and Seira hadn’t noticed, but Sharon was probably sensitive to that sort of thing.

 She was frightened by that gaze that had probably never been turned towards her up until now.

「……Well, just as that guy called Brutus had said, time is limited. Let’s keep going.」

 While Rokuna said that, she thought about the man called Brutus.

 Including the two she met earlier……the men called Olred and Shironos, this was the third one.

 Since both the royal capital and this forest were considerably vast, it was hard to believe that she had met the three of them by coincidence.

 If it was just one or two……in other words, up until she met Shironos, that could have been the case, that is what she thought.

 However, the meeting with Brutus changed Rokuna’s thoughts.

 If the coincidences happened three times, then it was inevitable.

 The meetings with those three, there was something they had in common.

 As of right now, the one who met the three of them was Rokuna only.

 ……In other words, there should be something that Rokuna has.

「Rokuna-sama, watch out.」

 Ein changed Rokuna’s direction when she was about to bump into a tree.

 Submerged in her sea of thoughts, Rokuna didn’t notice that at all and continued thinking.

 To begin with, were those three looking for the 「purple young lady」 without any leads at all?

 If Rokuna were those three, what would be a lead?

 Her presence?

 No, putting aside the forest, there were too many people in the town, so that wouldn’t be a lead.

 How about relying only on her appearance?

 Certainly, they had mentioned the trait of a 「purple young lady」, but in that case, that wouldn’t be a reason to come into contact with Rokuna. Rokuna’s appearance was quite different from the description of 「purple young lady」.

「Rokuna-sama, excuse me.」

 Ein lifted Rokuna up.

 However, Rokuna still didn’t return from being submerged in her sea of thoughts.

 Then, what about magical power.

 If those three possessed the Magical Perception ability like Rokuna, and the 「purple young lady」 was a person that possessed a large amount of magical power, then it wouldn’t be strange for those three knights to chase after that and meet with Rokuna.

 However, even if that were the case, they still should have determined that she wasn’t the one the moment they saw her.

 As she thought, she didn’t know the reason why they came into contact with her.

「Hey, has Rokuna-san not noticed?」

「Most likely.」

 Ein answered Seira’s question while carrying Rokuna.

「……I’m a bit jealous.」

 With sharp ears, Seira and Sharon caught Kain’s small mutter, and glared at Kain.

 The location was changing……however, with the scenery of the forest not really changing for the better, Rokuna didn’t notice.

 The reason why they contacted her, they were probably hoping that Rokuna possessed some sort of information.

 That is what it seemed like after seeing that blue knight……Brutus’s reaction.

 In other words, there was the possibility that Rokuna had come into contact with the 「purple young lady」, that is what it meant.

「……I suppose, it really is the magical power.」

 Since those three knights shouldn’t know that Rokuna possessed Magical Power Perception, they probably didn’t think that Rokuna had contacted the 「purple young lady」.

 In that case, the 「purple young lady」 possessed Magical Power Perception, and there was a possibility that she had contacted Rokuna, that is what she thought.

 If the 「purple young lady」 was lost or something, and she was also searching for the three knights, Rokuna would be caught in the young lady’s Magical Power Perception, and the two of them would have met.

 If the three knights hypothesized that and contacted Rokuna, then things would be consistent.

 However, Magical Power Perception should be a rare technical skill to begin with.

 Most Mazoku had acquired the Presence Perception technical skill, but there weren’t that many that could do Magical Power Perception.

 If Magical Power Perception wasn’t a rare technical skill for mankind, then some reconsideration would need to be made in regards to mankind’s war potential……but there haven’t been anything like that in the reports up until now.


 Returning from her sea of thoughts, Rokuna finally noticed that she was looking up at the sky.

 She then confirmed that she was being carried, and that the person carrying her was Ein.

「……Erm, what is this?」

「It was because it seemed that your mind wasn’t here.」

「Ahー, really. Thank you.」

「No problem.」

 Saying that, Ein was about to gently put Rokuna down, but her arm was grabbed by Rokuna.

「Is something the matter?」

「Well, since this is super comfortable, can I just stay like this?」

「……If possible, it would really help if I could put you down though.」

 Going *tsk*, Rokuna clicked her tongue and got down.

 After looking around, it seemed that they came to a place considerably far away from the place they were at earlier.

「So, going by those looks, have you still not found her?」

「That’s right. We’re having a rough time.」

 Nodding to Seira’s answer, Rokuna tried focusing on Magical Power Perception.

 However, with Rokuna’s technical skill, she wouldn’t be able to sense her unless she was fairly close.

 It wasn’t something convenient enough to be able to automatically perceive things in the far distance.

 Seeing that it wasn’t any good like she thought, Rokuna breathed a sigh.

「Well then, this time, let’s go this way……」

 Right at the moment Kain said that and pointed in a different direction.

 Suddenly, Kain turned towards a direction different from where he was pointing to as if he were snapping to it, and fixated on it.

「Wh, what’s wrong?」

「I heard it……」

 Without answering Seira’s question, Kain muttered that.

 After Rokuna expressed a question mark and looked at Ein, Ein also silently shook her head sideways.

「……It’s over here!」

「Eh, wait!?」


 Seeming like Seira and Sharon’s restraining voices not entering his ears, Kain ran in a straight line into the forest.

「……We’re chasing after him!」

 With Rokuna’s words, all of them started to run chasing after Kain.



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