Volume 3, Chapter 32


Translator: Manga0205

 In the forest after the Earth Element had completely returned to being a lump of earth, only silence remained.

「……Good job.」

 After the young lady said that, she sheathed her sword into its scabbard.

 With the battle done and taking a rest, Seira’s group finally calmed down and looked at the young lady.

 Purple hair with light waves in it. Purple eyes that seemed like amethyst.

 Clothes that resembled a purple dress that didn’t have a single stain even after having been in the middle of battle.

 That figure of hers made her seem like she was the ojou-sama of a respectable family somewhere.

 The sword that hung on her waist was also beautiful, and from what they could tell from the earlier battle, she definitely had skill with it.

「Erm……you’re the person that the person called Brutus-san is looking for, right?」

 Kain asked that to the young lady while being mostly convinced that she was.

「Ara, you know of Brutus?」

「Ah, un. We met in the forest, you know?」

「I see. I supposed I’ve cause him to worry……I’ve done something bad.」

 After saying that with a face that didn’t seem like she was sorry about it at all, the young lady made a quick peek at Rokuna, then looked back at Kain.

「That, sword of yours……」


 What was at the end of the young lady’s gaze was the Hard Sword Tilnok.

 The young lady thoroughly observed every nook and cranny of Kain’s sword while being silent.

「Is there something wrong with Kain’s sword?」

 Without answering Seira, who leaned forward and tried to join the conversation, the young lady continued to observe Tilnok’s sword blade while it was in Kain’s hand.

「U, um……?」

 Becoming unable to endure the silence, Sharon called out to the young lady, but as expected, the young lady didn’t answer.

 After observing the sword for a while, she suddenly went *ha* and raised her head.

「You use quite the interesting sword, don’t you?」


「I felt like I had seen it somewhere before……but it looks like it was just my imagination. Thank you.」

 Kain was expressing a question mark, but the young lady forcibly put a stop to the subject.

 Hearing that it was an interesting sword, Rokuna also possessed an interest in Kain’s sword, but Rokuna didn’t know what was good or bad about swords.

 If it was just about the magical power that was kept within them, then the sword that the young lady possessed had a much higher amount though.

「I thank you all for assisting me as well. I need to do something to show my gratitude, don’t I?」

「No, it’s fine. It’s not like we came here for the sake of receiving something like that.」

 After Kain answered like that, the young lady made a face that looked like she found that to be unexpected.

「Ara, in that case, why did you assist me?」

「In order to save you.」

 Hearing Kain answer without hesitation, the young lady asked a question with an expression that looked like she was having fun.

「……Is that, because I am a woman?」

「It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman.」


 Seira cut in between Kain and the young lady, who was giggling, with a face that went *mu*.

「……If you plan on making fun of Kain, I won’t forgive you.」


「B, but Kain!」

 Since Kain pressed down on Seira’s shoulder and stopped her, Seira turned a gaze of protest to Kain.

 And when Kain shook his head despite that, Seira quietly left from being in between them.

「I am sorry, I had no intention of making a fool of you, you know?」

 Seeing that exchange of theirs, the young lady spoke out words of apology.

「Un, I know that.」

「Is that so. That makes me happy.」

 Seira, who looked vexed as she watched those two have that kind of conversation, found that Sharon was hiding behind Ein, and then quietly went beside her and clung onto Ein’s back.

「……Just what is wrong with you all……」

 Although she breathed a sigh, Ein remained just letting the two of them do as they liked.

 For Seira and Sharon, who were considerably obsessed with Kain, that young lady’s existence was surely bothering them……that is what she understood.

「Even though they just met, she’s being like that with Kain……」

「B, but. What if this actually isn’t the first time……?」

「What do you think? Ein.」

「……Don’t ask me.」

 Ein answered Seira and Sharon, who were whispering behind her, without turning around and with an exasperated voice.

 However, noticing that Rokuna was approaching her, she softened her scowling face.

「Is there anyone that knows that face?」

 Being asked that, Ein’s group once again looked at the young lady’s face.

「Uーn……I don’t, I suppose. I think there’d be rumors going around if a person like that was around.」

「Me too……I don’t know her.」

「Same here. I have not seen her before.」

 Seira and Sharon didn’t seem to have idea of who she was, and Ein answered like that to Rokuna as a report from her position as a spy.

「Fuun……? I wonder what her name is.」


 The young lady looked over their way and answered Rokuna who muttered that.


「I would be delighted if you called me Ys.」

「Asking us to call you that……」

「We are the thing called comrades in arms, aren’t we? So let’s get along without reserve.」

 Saying that, Ys went into a smile.

 For Rokuna, she had no intention of being a comrade in arms with her, but she made a vague nod.

「I know about this. When one gives their name, it’s etiquette to give your own name in return, right?」

 Ys expressed an impish smile, and urged their self-introductions.

「I am Kain.」

「……I’m Seira.」

「I, I am Sharon.」

 While the three of them were making their self-introductions, Rokuna started thinking.

 Somehow, things were feeling off.

 A Human with a position that didn’t come out to the public all that much……could that be it?

「It’s Ein.」


 Confirming that the self-introductions were done, Ys nodded looking satisfied.

「And so, Kain, what did your group come to this forest to do?」

「Erm……a request, I suppose. We are Adventurers after all.」

「Is that so? Shall I help you out?」

 Hearing Ys’s proposal, Kain shook her head sideways.

「We’re already done with it. It was after that when we were asked to search for you by Brutus-san.」

「I see. In that case, it was thanks to Brutus that I was able to meet with all of you.」

「Nn……That’s true, I suppose?」

 Hearing Kain’s words, Sharon and Seira tightly gripped Ein’s clothes.

「……Oi, my clothes will stretch.」


「That Kain, jeez……」

 Seeing that two of the showed signs of not listening to her at all, Ein breathed her nth sigh today.

 On the other hand, Rokuna was thoroughly observing Ys.

 The purple young lady Ys, no matter how she looked at her, was a normal young lady.

 The clothes that she wore seemed to be an order made dress for battle use, but it was an article where only some magical power could be felt.

 The sword that she possessed was probably a Signature rank just like what the three knights had.

 She could feel somewhat strong magical power from Ys herself……but it was within the bounds of common sense.

 Summing it up, she was a young lady stronger than the average person.

 Including the strength of her equipment, she was probably a bit stronger than Sharon and Seira here.

「By the way, your group has found me like this but. What shall we do after this?」

「What, you ask……We’ll go to where Brutus-san is……」

 As he started saying that, Kain realized.

 Even if they were to try and take her to where Brutus was, it wasn’t like their group had agreed on a place to meet up with him.

 Not having a method to contact him either……They had absolutely no way of joining up with Brutus.

「If we have Ein go like whoosh, wouldn’t she be able to find him right away?」

 Hearing Seira’s irresponsible words, Ein frowned and sought help from Rokuna.

 Rokuna reluctantly gave her a helping hand.

「Wouldn’t it be fine to just wait in town? That blue guy’s companions are searching within the town, aren’t they?」

 If they were to be at a store on the main street, then they would probably find them immediately.

 If a young lady with an appearance that stood out this much, they would be able to tell it was her right away, and even with those knights with such flashy appearances, it would be easy for them to find them.

「Un, that might be good.」

「Yup, yup! That’s amazing, Rokuna!」

 Kain and Seira approved of the idea, and even Sharon was looking at Rokuna with eyes that said she agreed.

 For Rokuna, she felt troubled over being praised for something of this level.

「Well then, come with us to……」

「No, I am sorry. I am thinking of remaining here.」

 Ys interrupted Kain’s words, and smiled.

 Not thinking that she would ever say something like that, Kain was surprised, and stared at Ys.

「I still have a couple of things I need to do. It looks like things are safe already, and Brutus will come looking for me. It isn’t a problem.」

「B, but……」


 Ys brought Kain’s face close.

 And then, bringing her own face close to his, she shut up Kain’s mouth with her own mouth.

「Ah, ahhー!」

 Seira shouted, while Sharon repeatedly gaped her mouth open and shut.

 With them pulling with all of their strength, the hem of Ein’s clothes was stretched, and turned into something pitiable.

「Wha, wha……?」

「I, hate unreasonable people, you know. So, listen to what I say, okay?」

 Taking her hand away from Kain, Ys said that with a smile, and then she turned Kain around and, *don*, pushed his back.

「Next time, I’ll go to the town. Let’s meet again, okay?」

 Kain stood stock still while his face was bright red, but he came back to his senses from being hit by Sharon and Seira.

「Kain, you idiot! Womanizer!」

「Oh Kain, you……!」

 While chuckling, Ys gazed at the scene of Sharon and Seira pulling Kain.

 And then, she turned her gaze to Ein and Rokuna who had stayed there.

「Is that alright? They’ve left, you know?」


 They were bothered about what kind of business this young lady who named herself as Ys could have in this forest.

 However, right now, Ys was refusing communication with her whole body.

 It would be simple to have Ein keep a lookout on this place……but for some reason, the image of that succeeding couldn’t come to her mind.

「You, just who are you really?」

「I’m Ys. That’s how I introduced myself, isn’t it? More importantly.」

 Ys said that, and put more strength into her smile.

「Same to you, who are you? This is my first time seeing a person that possess such strong magical power like yours, you know?」

「I’m Rokuna. That’s how I introduced myself, isn’t it?」

「Fufu, that’s right. And that’s why, it’s fine just like that, isn’t it. Everyone has a secret or two.」

 Rokuna clicked her tongue in her mind.

 This young lady called Ys, even if she hasn’t noticed as far as Rokuna being a Mazoku……she had seen through the fact that she was a somewhat unique person.

 Furthermore, she made a threat saying that it was needless for them to investigate each other.

「……Hey, isn’t that true?」

「……That’s right.」

 Right now, even that was fine.

 What Rokuna should prioritize right now is the research on Summon Magic.

 In regards to this young lady, she could do as many follow-up surveys as she liked later.

 Ein wasn’t the only member of the Intelligence Unit in the St. Altlis Kingdom after all.

「……Let’s get going too, Ein.」


 And then, Rokuna and Ein turned around.

 Seeing their backs head to the exit of the Aledona Forest, Ys waved her hand.

「Bye bye, be careful.」

 Until she could no longer see Rokuna and Ein’s backs, Ys continued to wave her hand.

 After confirming that both of their presences had vanished, *fu*, her smile instantly vanished.

「……Brutus, you’re there, right?」

「Yes, I am here.」

 Answering Ys’s call, the blue knight──Brutus stepped out from the shade of a tree.

 Without turning to him, Ys breathed a sigh.

「When I see a chance, I will contact that man called Kain once again.」

「……As you wish.」

 After Ys turned a hand towards the lump of earth at her feet and fired an Attack Dark, it swallowed up the lump of dirt along with the ground and annihilated it.

「Just you wait, Vermudol. The one to destroy you……will be me.」

 There was no one other than Brutus that heard that mutter.

 With there being no other living creature other than those two, Ys’s mutter was swallowed up……by this Aledona Forest.

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