Volume 4, Chapter 01


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 Mankind territory──St. Altlis Kingdom’s royal capital, Edius.

 The Tianot Company, whose storefront was on the main street, was famous for mainly dealing in revolutionary commodities.

 There were several companies within the country, but even among them, the Tianot Company had extended its influence in recent years, and many customers were visiting it even today.

 In the room of Sharon who was that company’s only daughter, the one in charge of protecting the Dark Continent’s Demon King Castle’s library, Rokuna, was there.

 Rokuna, who possessed the honor of being the adviser of the Zadark Kingdom which Demon King Vermudol ruled over, had come into contact with the Summon Magician, Sharon, in order to obtain a clue in summoning the 『Demon God』, and had now just finished her task.

 The Demon God was the being that created Demon King Vermudol, and Vermudol was thinking of keeping the Demon God Summon as a trump card in the fight against the Hero that was expected to come in the near future. However, since there was no one among the Mazoku that could use Summon Magic, Rokuna came as far as mankind’s territory in order to do research on Summon Magic.

 On the table adorned with lovely ornaments between the two women that were facing each other was black tea and sweet confections that seemed like they would go well together, but unfortunately, the topic being discussed there was something extremely serious.


 After having defeated a humanoid Element in the Aledona Forest, Rokuna’s group──Rokuna, Ein who was Rokuna’s subordinate and a Zadark Kingdom spy, and then Kain, Sharon, and Seira who were students of the Edius Adventurer School──had returned to town, and went to report the completion of their task at the Adventurer’s Guild.

 The appearance of a 「powerful, humanoid Element」, which would normally be unimaginable.

 That alarmed the Guild, and the party ended up receiving an investigation from the Guild leaders to hear what they had to say, but since everyone’s participation wasn’t required, they decided to leave that to Kain and Seira.

 It was there that Ein returned to her espionage activities, and Rokuna, as payment for having Sharon show her Summon Magic in the Aledona Forest, was giving Sharon a lecture on Elemental Magic in her room.

 The reason why she was teaching her in a lecture style was because the lecturer, Rokuna, found going outside to be a pain……not.

 It was said that Elemental Magic had 70% of it taught in classroom learning even in mankind’s territory.

 That was for the sake of cramming chants and magic formations into their heads, and even how Rokuna was currently giving a lecture to Sharon was in order to have her learn the knowledge.

「……For example, Light Magic does not necessarily mean that it is something that requires the power of the God of Light Raidolg. You understand this much, right?」

「Y, yes. Erーm, it is because one’s own magical power is converted into light……isn’t it.」

「That’s right. This is the main reason why imaginative power is made out to be everything in magic.」

 From what Rokuna saw in the Aledona Forest, the main cause as to why Sharon’s Elemental Magic was weak wasn’t because her imaginative power was low. The problem seemed to be the influence of the contract with the Sword Spirit and other spirits that she summoned, which made her available magical power low.

 To solve that, there was no other choice but to amplify the might of the magic at the time of the magic’s activation.

 But even with that, it will probably become might at a normal level……but, well, that was probably enough.

「Then, as for the story about why magic……especially the ones classified as large magic, are composed of chants that are associated with the God of that element……that is related to the story of why Magicians are able to use large magic which require large amounts of magical power. So, do you know why they can use it?」

「Y, yes. It is because in the case of using magic that surpasses their own personal amount of magical power, they gather external magical power and convert it……right?」

 Rokuna nodded looking satisfied at Sharon’s answer, which seemed to lack confidence.

「That’s right. In regards to the fact that magical power exists in nature, I think seeing the Element in the forest earlier was plenty enough for you to understand that though. The reason why large magic is called large magic is because it uses one’s personal magical as the starting point to convert the surrounding magical power.」

「U, um!」


 Seeing Sharon who had specially raised her hand to ask a question, Rokuna giggled while allowing the question.

「Then that means, if I were to make practical use of that……」

「Yes, that’s correct. You’re pretty excellent, aren’t you.」

 After Rokuna said that, *ton*, she tapped the desk with her finger.

「All magic can be invoked with the same theory as large magic. With just that, the might of your magic will increase. Simple, right?」

 That’s right, it was a simple story.

 Large magic was magic that used magical power aside from one’s own as well to be invoked If normal magic were to incorporate that theory, naturally, even Sharon whose amount of available magical power would be able to increase the might of her magic.

 However, Rokuna had no intention of teaching her the specific method to do that.

 What she was teaching her this time was purely nothing but a hint. It was because there was an even simpler method other than that.

「But, well, in regards to that, I think it will be fine if you do research on that in the distant future. This time, let’s go with a much simpler method, okay?」

「Simpler, you say?」

「That’s right. You understand the theories behind chants and magic formations, right?」

「Y, yes. They are the fruits of magic technique that included the most necessary things in order for people with magical power to easily use magic……isn’t it.」

 A famous story is that “if they could correctly perform the chant, then even a cat could use magic”.

 Naturally, “if they have magical power……” is the prerequisite, but by developing chants and magic formations, the number of Magicians increased, and the magic that had once relied on personal ability and talent had transformed into a branch of learning that anyone could study.

 Even without the talent for imaginative power or the tuning of magical power, by incorporating all of the processes into the chant, it became possible to invoke magic.

「And, so…… Since reconstruction of chants is a pain, let’s go with the method of making use of magic formations.」

「Y, yes.」

 Rokuna pulled out a field guide on magic formations out from Sharon’s bookcase, and started to unseriously flip through the pages.

「Oh, here it is, here it is. Something like this would be good.」

 What Rokuna had opened up to was the page that had the 「Amplification」 magic formation written down.

 It was a magic formation that enhanced the effects of magic, which was said to have been developed by one of the heroes that once fought against the Demon King together with the Hero Ryuuya, the Sage Teria. Since the effect wasn’t that immense, there was currently almost no one that was using it.

 To begin with, since there was the general recognition that magic formations were things used for the sake of supporting large-scale magic, the use of magic formations themselves was normally very small.

「This is……Amplification?」

「That’s right. When using magic, you should simultaneously deploy this Amplification magic formation as well. It should be considerably different with just that.」

「Simultaneously deploy……」

 The reason why magic formations were only used in large scale techniques was because the deployment and maintenance of magic formations was difficult.

 Unlike chants, magic formations were things drawn with magical power. There was a need to accurately imagine the magic formation at the time of deployment, and it was one degree higher in difficulty than chants.

 For example, in the case of Transfer Magic, imagining while including the location information of the current location and the transfer location into the magic formation was necessary. For that reason, the magic formations that Transfer Magicians draw were different every time, and this was also the reason why there were very few Transfer Magicians even among the Mazoku……but setting that aside.

 Although it wasn’t at the level of Chantless or Chant Disposal, magic formations were things that required a high-degree of imaginative power.

「I wonder, if I can do it.」

「It won’t be a problem.」

 Rokuna readily answered Sharon’s doubt.

「It doesn’t seem like you have any sort of problem with the composition of magic after all. I think that you’re the type with talent for it, you know?」



 Sharon had been continually told that she didn’t have the talent for Elemental Magic.

 It was because she had a talent in Summon Magic that there was no one that made fun of her, but the fact that she was bad with Elemental Magic had continued to give Sharon an inferiority complex for a long time.

 Even the previous board chairman of the Edius Adventurer School, Luuty, and Kain, who was kind to anyone, had not told her something like 「you have talent」 in regards to Sharon’s Elemental Magic.

 Then again, they had comforted or encouraged Sharon with various methods.

 Even Sharon herself had accepted the fact that she had no talent for it, and ended up thinking that it couldn’t be helped.

「B, but. I, was told that I don’t have a talent for Elemental Magic……」

「At the very least, I don’t remember saying something like that though.」

 Hearing Rokuna’s words, Sharon became dazed.

 You have a talent for Elemental Magic──Hearing those words that she was never told, those words that she thought she wouldn’t be told from now on, Sharon’s thoughts came to a standstill.

 Seeing her like that, Rokuna could somehow guess Sharon’s emotions, but she decided to not mention it.

「Alright, alright, I don’t really know about your circumstances. But in regards to your talent, I assure you that you have it. So hurry up and cram the magic formation into your head.」

 Hearing those words, the spaced-out Sharon rebooted, and, *gaba*, she stood up from her chair.


 Grabbing Rokuna’s hand, which was placed on top of the book, Sharon’s eyes sparkled.

 Seeing as how she was even trembling, she seemed to be excited.


「……Can I call you Sensei!?」

「Do what you want.」


「Yes, yes. That’s enough so get to learning the magic formation.」

 After Rokuna shook her hand free from her, Sharon started to eagerly stare at the book.

 Seeing her like that, Rokuna breathed a sigh.

 The reason why Ein had unconsciously gotten too deeply involved with this girl and her group who were members of mankind was probably because she had seen this sort of side to them.

 Rokuna wouldn’t say that that was a good thing, but she was able to understand Ein’s emotions.

 There was no way a creature that was completely evil could exist.

 However, even so, there were times where they would need to compete, that was all there was to it.

「Hey, Sharon.」


「What do you think about that thing called the Demi-Human argument?」

 The Demi-Human argument that was promoted in the St. Altlis Kingdom.

 It was something that advocated that the members of mankind other than Humans, in other words the Demi-Human races such as the Sylphid and Metalio, had separated from the original build of life just like the Mazoku, and were beings that went against the God of Life Philia’s will.

 Asking about that to the Human Sharon was merely out of Rokuna’s curiosity.

 It was nothing more than a useless addition in this place. Merely a question.

 In response to that, Sharon raised her head from the book and pondered.

「Nnー……Personally, I think that it’s wrong. But, I can’t really say that outside.」


「It’s because, I’m part of a company. I can’t really make statements that would be in conflict with the state of things.」

 Rokuna thought “I see”.

 The ideology of the customers that visit the company vary. As long as the company was her livelihood, she couldn’t bring up topics that would damage the customer’s’ mood.

「It looks like both Kain and Seira think the same thing though. But, recently, the Grand Temple has become strong……Wait, ah. I’m sorry, this kind of talk is……」

「I don’t really mind.」

 Rokuna said that and waved her hand.

 However, having gotten a bit interested, Rokuna suddenly spoke out.

「Then how about this. What do you think? About the story of the Jiol Forest Kingdom.」

 The story that the Jiol Forest Kingdom, which was known to have the Sylphid as a majority of its citizens, had entered a treaty of friendship with the Zadark Kingdom, which was a country of Mazoku, should naturally be known to Sharon as well.

「Nn……This is a secret, okay?」

「That’s fine?」

 Hearing Rokuna’s reply, Sharon, after restlessly taking a look around the area, gently whispered.

「……I’m just a bit, jealous of them. The Mazoku, I’ve heard that they’re amazing with magic. I was thinking “if only I could also have them teach me……”」

「I wonder if it would go that well.」

「Don’t you think it would?」

 After Rokuna lightly shrugged her shoulders, Sharon made a small laugh.

 She probably would think even in her wildest dreams that Rokuna, who was teaching her magic right now, was one of the authorities of those Mazoku.

「Well, let’s end the chatter with this. Get to learning that already.」

「……Rokuna-sensei, weren’t you the one that started this?」

 Rokuna replied to the exasperated Sharon by feigning ignorance.

「I have no memory of that.」


 Although she was puffing her cheeks, Sharon once again started immersing herself in the book.

 While sending a peeking glance at that, Rokuna breathed a small sigh.

 The St. Altlis Kingdom.

 In its present condition, it was the country with the highest possibility of having a war with the Mazoku happen.

 This was that sort of place.

 That is why she couldn’t leave her heart here.

「Then, tell me once you’ve memorized it.」

 Rokuna said that, and locked up her melancholic emotions deep within her heart.

 The radiance of the sun that could be seen from the window was simply dazzling.

 There was a cloudless sky that would probably make someone have a refreshing feeling if they were a Human that lived in this country, however, it was unable to clear up the cloudiness in Rokuna’s heart.

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