Volume 4, Chapter 04


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「So, Rokuna. The fact that you’ve returned……does this mean you’ve figured something out?」

 This was the Lulugal Forest located in the eastern part of the Dark Continent.

 In this place that had become Rokuna’s test site for magic, Vermudol asked Rokuna that question.

 In order to grasp a clue for the Demon God Summoning, Rokuna went to mankind’s territory──to the St. Altlis Kingdom.

 And then, the fact that she returned meant that she had grasped some sort of lead.

 Rokuna answered to Vermudol’s question, which was filled with that sort of expectation, with a quiet tone.

「……There is no mistake that Summon Magic is something that summons some sort of god-like existence, or maybe their retainers, or a fragment of their power……in any case, it summons that sort of thing. The necessary condition, is most likely the God’s Divine Protection……The connection with the power that is the summoning target will become the key.」

 From the research done by taking mankind’s Summon Magician Sharon as the sample, that could be said to be the most appropriate conclusion.

 She hypothesized that the key to connect with the god-like existence was the God’s Divine Protection.

 As a matter of fact, this was something that was rumored among a part of the researchers of mankind.

 After all, just by having a Divine Protection, their aptitude with the element would rise by a remarkable difference. It would only be natural to think that it was proof that they were loved by a God.

 It was for this reason that those that possessed a Divine Protection would serve at temples, and would reach higher positions the stronger the Divine Protection they possessed.

 For example, in the St. Altlis Kingdom’s Grand Altlis Temple that held its faith in the God of Life Philia, those that possessed the God of Life’s Divine Protection would be employed as priests.

 This was the same even in the temples of other countries, and those that possessed the Divine Protection of a God such as the God of Wind or the God of Fire would be employed at the temple of the respective country that revere’s the God of their Divine Protection.

 To mankind, a Divine Protection was something that demonstrated their connection with a God.

 However, among the Mazoku, there had yet to be anyone that reached that hypothesis.

 The fact that there were no Mazoku that were subjected to being researchers was one cause of this, but before that, there was no one that possessed a Divine Protection among the Mazoku.

 Due to that, the concept of Divine Protections themselves did not exist.

「And then there’s me, huh.」

 Vermudol possessed something called the Demon God’s Divine Protection.

 If they were to follow the hypothesis, Vermudol had the key to connect with the Demon God, and consequently have the possibility of doing the Demon God Summon, that is how it should turn out.

 Rokuna thought that this hypothesis was correct.

 Since Vermudol had actually met with the Demon God when he was created, the Demon God definitely existed.

 With that being the case, it should be possible to make her a target for Summon Magic.

「That’s right. But, Ver-cchi, I can’t allow you to summon her just like that.」

 That’s right, this was were the problems regarding risk sprung forth.

 Just as how Sharon had summoned the Sword Spirit and the Bow Spirit with her magical power as compensation, the possibility that the Demon God Summon would require some sort of compensation was quite possible.

 In the event that it would greatly damage Vermudol’s abilities……She couldn’t possibly allow him to be the compensation to call out something that they have no idea what would be brought about.

 In the unlikely chance that it was something related to life, then it would be an even bigger problem.

 The potential that life would be the compensation to summon a God itself was quite possible. If they were to lose Vermudol due to that, then everything would come to nothing. It would be a situation close to despair for all of the Mazoku.

 In that case, what should be done?

 There was also the means of having the Western General Sancreed, the Mazoku Hero who similarly possessed the Demon God’s Divine Protection, summon her, but Vermudol probably wouldn’t permit having his subordinate be burdened with that sort of risk.

 Now then, if they were to ask if they were in a stalemate, then that was also wrong.

 The hint was within the chant for Sharon’s Summon Magic.


 I implore a sword.

 I implore an agent.

 Although my body is fragile, my heart is stern.

 My heart has become a sword, and desires a time to be wielded.

 Therefore, o agent, come forth.

 I implore that you be here to execute my will.

 Come forth, Sword Spirit.


 This chant looked like it was summoning one thing which was the Sword Spirit, but it was actually carrying out two summons.

 First was the Sword Spirit’s summon.

 By defining the Sword Spirit as the 「summoner’s agent」, it was summoned.

 Next, the Sword Spirit, as the summoner’s agent, would summon the sword from within the summoner.

 This was the Sword Spirit Summon Magic process.

 What was important here was the Sword Spirit’s position. The Sword Spirit was purely an agent for the summoner’s own power……but this was where the hint was.

「The one that will execute the summoning will be me, Ver-cchi. As your agent, I will summon the Demon God.」

 That’s right, this was Rokuna’s chosen method.

 She composed a chant where Vermudol was made to be the core of the summon, and Rokuna herself took the place of the agent.

 Originally, Rokuna should have taken and used the magical power required for the Demon God Summon from Vermudol, but she took his place for this part as well.

 What was pulled out from Vermudol was purely nothing but the power of the Demon God’s Divine Protection.

 By making Rokuna the performer of the Demon God Summon, the risks towards Vermudol would be kept down, and Rokuna would assume responsibility for them.

 Of course, if Rokuna were to honestly speak out those mechanisms, Vermudol surely wouldn’t approve this method.

 It was for this reason that Rokuna did not pull down her usual haughty attitude.

「You don’t mind who does the summoning, right? In that case, that means that you won’t mind me becoming the first Mazoku performer of Summon Magic.」

「Nn……Well, I guess.」

「Hoi, it’s decided! Well then, let’s compose the magic!」

 While turning her usual smile towards the wryly smiling Vermudol, Rokuna felt relieved that the mechanisms of the Demon God Summon weren’t noticed by Vermudol.

「Well then, Ver-cchi. Could you come in front of me?」


 Being face-to-face with Vermudol, Rokuna tightly gripped his hands.

 While feeling Vermudol’s faint unrest, Rokuna started concentrating.

 Her mental image was the circulation of magical power.

 From Rokuna to Vermudol, and from Vermudol to Rokuna. An image not like the one-sided relationship between Sharon and the Sword Spirit, but one where they could access each other.

 Following that image, when magical power was poured into Vermudol, magical power was then poured from Vermudol, who grasped that intention, into Rokuna.

「……As expected of you, Ver-cchi. And here I thought of explaining about the circulation that was going to happen from now on.」

「Not a problem, really.」

 Returning a smile to the nodding Vermudol, Rokuna connected the circulating and flowing magical power to the outside.

 A magic formation that had a complex schema was spread out with Vermudol and Rokuna at the center.

 It surpassed the typical size of a magic formation, and became even bigger……and it became even more complex.

「I implore yourself. I am the agent. Although my body is diminutive, my heart dreams of an unreachable place. Therefore, grant my prayer.」

 The magic formation suddenly emitted a strong brilliance.

 There was no mistaking it. They were connected to something.

 Something had acknowledged Rokuna as the agent.

 Most likely, it was the Demon God.

 But, it still wasn’t enough.

 From here on would be the main part.

「……One clad in black garments. One possessing red eyes. Mother as well as father of all Mazoku. One who watches over us in your black room. Namely, you are the God of the Mazoku.」

 Rokuna’s magical power was whittled down with terrifying force, and she was about to be drained of it.

 Rokuna’s magical power, which should have been especially large even among the Mazoku, was being drained.

 Since there isn’t even a sign of Vermudol’s magical power, which is being circulated, being reduced, it looks like substitution for magical power consumption was a success, is what Rokuna thought as she felt relieved.

 However, strength was rapidly leaving Rokuna’s body due to the huge amount of magical power consumed, she felt like she was going to lose consciousness.

 Not yet.

 Rokuna made her body that felt like it was going to collapse hold out.

 They had unmistakably been connected.

 There was no way she would let it be interrupted at this point.

 Within her consciousness that felt like it would vanish, Rokuna chanted the final words.

「……Come forth, Demon God!」

 At the same time as those words, everything changed.

 The wind that blew across the world forgot how it itself had flowed and stopped.

 The water that overflowed in the world doubted its own meaning of being and hardened.

 The fire that warmed the world burned up even its own existence and vanished.

 The earth that supported the world lost sight of its own reason of being and crumbled.

 The light that illuminated the world could not find the meaning of it shining and vanished.

 The darkness that enveloped the world chased after the light and extinguished.

 Everything, had seen a dream of destruction.


 After that one instant, everything changed once again.

 The wind that blew across the world continued to flow as usual.

 The water that overflowed in the world circulated as usual.

 The fire that warmed the world blazed as usual.

 The earth that supported the world was in the world’s foundation as usual.

 The light that illuminated the world gave daytime to the world as usual.

 The darkness that enveloped the world gave nighttime to the world as usual.


 Everything, was the same as usual.

 Having no possible chance of destruction, the world existed here without a single change as usual.

 Even the Lulugal Forest had its usual scenery.

 The deepest forest in the Dark Continent.

 A small wind blew, in this place that didn’t have a single person.



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