Volume 4, Chapter 11


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 In her second life, she was the daughter of a peddler.

 In the middle of a trip, they were betrayed by the vagrants they hired as guards, and her life came to an end.

 Having survived, her father the peddler, in order to make sure that victims like him wouldn’t appear again, created an organization to manage the vagrants altogether.

 This, was the start of the Adventurer’s Guild.


 In her third life, she was the daughter of a Magician.

 Seeking the answer to the mystery of why she possessed the memories of someone that wasn’t her, she also became a Magician.

 She frantically studied magic, and ended up having expectations of future prospects placed on her at a young age, but even so, the mystery of her memories was left unsolved.

 Piling up research, the young lady succeeded in creating the theories behind the 『Reveal Crystal』 at the age of 17.

 It was something revolutionary that could confirm a person’s Status through the use of an item.

 However, that night, she was killed by another Magician that was jealous of the young lady.

 Her research was stolen, and the Magician who created the 『Reveal Crystal』 obtained fame and fortune.


 In her fourth life, she lived as an Adventurer.

 She sought the strength to protect herself no matter what, and single-mindedly lived virtuously.

 Drawn to that young lady, she also gathered comrades that she could trust.

 The young lady’s party was said to be number one in the St. Altlis Kingdom, however……they were attacked by a monster in the middle of a wild animal subjugation mission that should have been easy, and were completely destroyed with only one person left alive. Among those that were killed in action, the young lady who was the leader was also included.

 Due to the young lady’s group having the first encounter with the enemy of mankind that would eventually be called Ogres, the menace of the Mazoku lead by the existence called Demon King Shuklous was first whispered among mankind.


 In her fifth life, the young lady gave up on living on her own strength.

 Seeking the protection of a strong force, she polished technical skills appropriate for being protected.

 And then, the young lady ended up being employed at an Earl’s residence as a maid.

 The residence’s security was solid, and even the Earl had the reputation of being an upright and clean handed person.

 The young lady properly performed her duties, and even became liked by the people of the residence.

 Things would be fine if it was this place.

 The expectations of the young lady who believed that were crushed by the Earl’s son who liked her too much.

 In a place where she was half forcibly brought to, the young lady learned of the thing known as the slave trade.

 There was a slave only there to have the Earl’s son’s perverted tastes pushed onto her.

 The young lady took that young Sylphid lady slave that lamented over her own fate out from that place of confinement.

 What she gained in her second life was the art of conversation.

 What she gained in her third life was magic.

 What she gained in her fourth life was the method of fighting.

 Using all of that, the young lady continued her escape to the Jiol Forest Kingdom together with the young Sylphid lady.

 On the way there, the young lady lost her life at the hand of an assassin that the Earl’s son had sent.

 However, the young Sylphid lady that obtained a strong will in her journey with the young lady made her escape to the Jiol Forest Kingdom.

 And then, this case became an international problem, and a thorough enforcement on the prohibition of slave trade as well as harsh punishments towards those that performed slave trades were carried out.


 The young lady repeatedly reincarnated.

 Every time, she would inherit memories and technical skills.

 The young lady desperately tried to escape from her fate of death.

 However, the young lady would always be dragged into the revolutionary point of the era……and die there.

 The young lady repeatedly had a lives that seemed like she was a sacrifice for those revolutions.

 The sixth time.

 The seventh time.

 The eighth time.

 Endlessly repeating that, before long, the young lady……gave up on everything.

 Already forgetting what number life she was living, the young lady left her house at the same time she became aware of the thing around her, and went on a journey.

 No matter what she did, she would eventually die. In that case, she thought that it would be the same no matter what she did.

 Going out into the wilderness, she walked while not holding on to anything.

 If I’m just going to die anyway, it’ll be the same no matter where or when it happens──thinking that, she continued to walk on.

 Eventually, becoming unable to take another step, the young lady collapsed in the wilderness.

 With this place being away from the main road, there should be no one to come across and save the young lady.

 Thinking “ahh, so this is where I die this time……”, the young lady looked up at the sky.

 In the night sky, there was a large moon.

 Seeing that, the young lady remembered her first life.

 At that time, the last thing that she looked up at was a large moon.

 It was happiness, the memory of that time.


 Why, did she end up dying?

 Why, did she possess those memories?

 Why, couldn’t she be happy?

 Why, couldn’t she just live?

 Why, did she end up getting reborn?

「I don’t, want to die……I don’t, want to live anymore……」

 The young lady simply shed tears.

 The young lady no longer knew what she should do.

「……Are you collapsed and dying in a place like this? As expected, finding someone this young collapsed and dying is a first even for me.」

 In the young woman’s view, a woman’s face suddenly appeared.

 After the fastidious-looking woman confirmed the fact that the young lady was surprised by her, she nodded with a “fumu”.

「She seems to be alive. It can’t be helped. I suppose I’ll pick her up.」


 Just like that, the young lady was held in the woman’s arms.

 She had fluffy and wavy blue hair, thin eyes that had the impression of being strict, and firm lips.

 Beautiful like a sculpture……the clothes of the woman who suited that expression was something that the young lady knew of very well……However, if it was someone of that occupation, it was also an appearance that they would never have.

 It was maid clothes that had blue as the basic tone, and armor that covered the chest area. A sword hung at her waist, and a shield was carried on her back.

 Looking like a maid, yet looking like a knight……She was a mysterious woman.

 While being held in that woman’s arms, the young lady lost consciousness.




 When she woke up, she was beside a warm fire.

 In front of the crackling fire, there was the figure of the woman sharpening what looked like a kitchen knife.

「Nn……So you have awoken.」

 While checking on the polish of a kitchen knife that gleamed from the light of the flames, the woman called out to the young lady.

 The young lady alternately gazed at that kitchen knife and the fire.

「U, um……」

「What is it.」

「A, are you going to cook and eat me?」

 Hearing those words, the woman muttered “fumu” and gazed at the young lady.

「You’re too thin so I don’t think there are really any parts to eat though. Rather, you should eat. Don’t think that you can stay unhealthy while in front of me.」

「Eh, b, but. I……」

「The soup will be done soon. Let’s start with something that is easy to digest.」


 Several days after meeting with the mysterious woman, the young lady completely regained her physical condition.

 The woman’s name was Reina.

 Through her, who seemed to have the legendary occupation called Maid Knight, the young lady was given the name of Ria.

 Ria made a wry smile at the fact that it was the same name that she had in her first life……And the fact that the current her had the same silver hair as that time was something that she first noticed when Reina showed it to her in a mirror.

 And then, through Reina’s cunning conversational technique, Ria started talking about why she was walking alone in the wilderness, and furthermore, the memories of the lives that she had gone through up until now, everything.

 After she had finished listening to everything, Reina said nothing and, *pon*, hit Ria’s head. Ria then instinctively clung onto Reina and started weeping her eyes out……That was the story of what happened last night.


 On a bed of an inn of a village that they stopped by at, Reina started talking while having Ria sit on her lap.

「I tried putting yesterday’s story together and thought about it……but most likely, Ria, there is either something special about your Life Seed……Or, you might possess some sort of technical skill.」

「Technical skill……But, even after confirming it with a 『Reveal Crystal』, there wasn’t any suspicious in my Status.」

「Let’s test it out.」

 When she said that, Reina pulled a single crystal ball out from her pocket.

 That really was a 『Reveal Crystal』.

 However, it seemed to have a higher efficiency than the 『Reveal Crystals』 that she had seen up until now……It emitted strong magical power.

「Now then, let’s test it out with this.」

 To possess something like this, just who was Reina?

 Although she harbored that sort of question, Ria turned her consciousness to the 『Reveal Crystal』.


Name: Ria

Race: Human

Rank: B

Occupation: None

Equipment: Clothes

Technical Skill: Memory Inheritance S

       Ability Inheritance F


       Chantless B

       Sword Technique S

       Hand-to-hand Technique E

       Assassination Technique F

       Bow Technique D

       Throwing Technique E

       Maid C

       Negotiation Technique E


 It didn’t end here. The technical skills still continued to be displayed from inside of the crystal.

 Reina looked over each and every one of the technical skills that continuously came out, and before long, she nodded.

 Among the technical skills that were displayed, the first three of them had caught Ria’s attention.

「Memory Inheritance……Ability Inheritance……and then……one other one……」

「Fumu. So Inheritance came up. This is also my first time seeing this kind of technical skill……But more importantly, that other skill that isn’t displayed is a problem. For it to not be displayed even with this 『Reveal Crystal』, fuーmu. It is quite a nuisance but……well, it doesn’t really matter.」


 Hearing Reina’s words, Ria expressed a question mark.

「The question, is how you want to live, Ria. Everything depends on this one point.」

 ”Everything else is nothing more than useless additions” is what Reina declared.

 However, Ria wasn’t that easily convinced.

 If she died, she might start her next life again.

 When she thought of that, something like “how do I want to live……” was something she thought of as nothing but something that was futile.

「……I don’t know.」

 That was why Ria answered like that.

 Reina stared at that Ria.

「In that case, why don’t you try living together with me?」

 Reina gave that sort of proposal.

「Ria, you have talent as a Maid Knight. That might be something that was handed over to you through the memories and technical skills you gained up until now……but that is also a talent. In that case, you might as well push on through to the end. And there might be something that you could see beyond that, you know?」


「That is right. Surprisingly, Ria, your repetition of lives up until now might have been in order for you to become a Maid Knight, you know?」

 Hearing those words, Ria reacted with a twitch.

 Thinking ”Reina can something like that because she doesn’t know anything about it”, anger welled up inside of Ria.

「Alright, that’s far enough.」

 However, the instant her rage was about to explode, Reina tightly hugged Ria from behind.

「Ria. I have no intention of denying your journey. I am sure that you have some sort of grand objective that you have to accomplish. But, as you are right now, you cannot see that objective. Am I wrong?」

 Ria didn’t confirm or deny Reina’s words.

 Reina, while still hugging Ria, gently continued speaking.

「Let’s search for it. I will also help out with that……Besides, I am sure that the strength as a Maid Knight will be useful to you.」


 Like this, the new Ria’s life started.

 The Maid Knight Reina, and the Maid Knight Apprentice Ria.

 Going around the world, the two of them deepened their bond……and then a few years later.

 Reina, who didn’t age at all, and Ria, a novice Maid Knight, returned to the capital city of the St. Altlis Kingdom, Edius, after a long time.

「Well then, why don’t we go and eat a meal, Ria.」

「……Reina, your food is much more delicious than a bar’s food.」

「I am happy that you say that, but even I want to take it easy every once in a while. Come on, come on, let’s go.」

 As the two of them said that as they walked, a soldier wearing armor ran in front of them.

「W, wait a moment! I assume from your appearance that you are the Maid Knight Reina-dono!」

「If this is about finding a new lord to serve in the royal palace, I believe that I should have refused quite some time ago.」

「N, no! This is a separate matter from that……It is urgent that I bring you to the Grand Altlis Temple!」

 Reina and Ria exchanged glances.

「The temple……? What business could they have with you, Reina?」

「Who knows. In the end, it probably won’t be any decent business.Let us hurry up and get this done with and then get something to eat.」



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