Volume 4, Chapter 15


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「……From here on, Demon King-sama, it should be just as you know as well.」

「I see.」

 Vermudol remembered the day he met Ichika.

 At that time, they were in a terrible situation.

 The Demon King Castle was a tattered ruin, and the Demon King Army was in an annihilated state.

 Even the Mazoku were separated and antagonizing each other, and they did nothing but fight over who was the strongest.

「……It really was a terrible situation.」

「When I came, it was even worse, you know?」

 Hearing Ichika’s words, Vermudol imagined a situation even worse than that, and became dejected.

 Now that she mentioned it, the potato field in the Demon King Castle’s rear garden was something that Ichika prepared, and even the one that carved the furniture from stone was also Ichika.

「……For that much, I think it would be fine if the Demon God could add in a bit of free service though.」

「Technically, I had trained at that Person’s side for about 60 years as a service.」

「……That service, why didn’t she do that with me?」

「When I parted from that Person’s side, they said that they didn’t want to because I was annoying like a sister-in-law, so they didn’t want to live with another person again.」

 Vermudol swallowed the words “so it was Ichika’s fault” and didn’t let it out.

 It wouldn’t be of help even if he said it at this point.

 Besides, to think that Ichika was annoying, it was surely because the Demon God acted slovenly.

「……And so. Ichika, why did you keep silent about all of this up until now?」

「Until the condition was met……I was forbidden from speaking by that Person.」

 Forbidden from speaking……Ichika had said that lightly, but in actual fact, it was probably imposed as a contract or a constraint.

 Until that condition was satisfied, she shouldn’t have been able to talk about it at all.

「And what……was that condition.」

「It was for you, Demon King-sama, to meet face-to-face with that Person.」

「……I see.」

 I had advanced the Demon God Summon project as a trump card, but it looks like results came in an unexpected place……is what Vermudol thought.

 However, from hearing that story just now, he was also able to find things that he needed to confirm.

「In that case, Ichika. There are some things I want to ask.」


「Here is the first one. Ichika, why do you still have 『Sacrifice’s Rebirth』 on you? The Demon God should have been able to delete it.」

 Ichika answered with a quiet tone.

「……It is because it is removable if it is done by you, Demon King-sama.」

「I can do that?」

「Yes. Demon King-sama, you can touch the Life Seed. It makes use of that.」

 Certainly, Vermudol is able to touch the Life Seed.

 Using that power, Vermudol made a revision on the Life Seed of Sarigan who was the king of the Jiol Forest Kingdom.

 At that time, it was nothing more than a simple change……but even so, it consumed a considerable amount of power.

 When it came to the deletion of a technical skill, even Vermudol didn’t know if it was possible or not.

 If he were to fail, let alone Ichika’s technical skills being greatly damaged, there was the fear that Ichika herself would be broken.

 It was on a different level from Mazoku Creation where he borrowed help from the large magic formation in the Demon King Castle’s underground.

 Making a revision on something that was already made would be accompanied by a matching amount of danger.

「……Demon King-sama. That is what I desire. No matter what the result of it is, there is nothing for you to worry about.」

 ”Vermudol has no need to take responsibility, that is why it is fine”, that is what Ichika murmured.

 Vermudol grabbed Ichika’s shoulders, and stared into her eyes.

「If I were to make a mistake in that, what would happen to your wish. What will happen to your revenge.」

「It cannot be helped. At that time, it will mean that I could only make it that far.」

 With those words, Vermudol noticed.

 That this, was Ichika’s gamble.

 With herself as the practice board, she was trying to guide Vermudol to even greater heights.

 But, was that really something that Ichika had come up with?

「……Was this the Demon God’s suggestion?」

「No. This was my idea.」

「Why is there a need to go that far?」

「It is in order to demonstrate my loyalty.」

 The incentive of Ichika becoming a Majin was revenge against the God of Life.

 Now that she had confessed that, if in the event that Vermudol were to take an action that did not match with that objective, it couldn’t be helped if Ichika were to be thought to have the possibility of becoming estranged.

 Even if she were to insist her loyalty by mouth alone, she didn’t know whether or not she would be trusted by Vermudol.

 That is why there was a need for Ichika to risk herself and demonstrate her loyalty.

「If you succeed in this, Demon King-sama, you will surely be able to wield your own power better than ever before. Eventually, this will be a necessary process in defying the God of Life and……」

「Ichika. This is my second question.」

 Vermudol interrupted Ichika’s words.

「If I had not noticed the God of Life’s secret maneuvers. If I had not chosen to defy her even if I had noticed them……What would you have done?」

 Ichika answered with a thin smile to that question.

「Demon King-sama, that would also mean your death. Therefore, I would use any and all means to protect you, Demon King-sama, and oppose the enemy forces with all of my strength.」

「So you won’t say that you would betray me or abandon me.」

 Ichika returned a wry smile to Vermudol.

「How troubling. Do I really look like such a detestable woman?」

「Nn, no……」

「I swore that I would nestle close to your path. That is everything to it.」

 But, was it fine like that?

 Ichika’s feelings towards revenge, they shouldn’t be something that could be cut off so easily.

 Maybe because she was aware of Vermudol’s thoughts, Ichika continued her words.

「Of course, it is not like I would give up on my revenge. I would turn towards that moment, and continue sharpening my fangs.」

 More composed than anyone else, she was perfect.

 She was indifferent to the thing known as greed.

 She was a bit high strung and was also called a straight-laced maid. Vermudol’s first subordinate──The Majin Ichika.

 Vermudol saw the sharp blade that was deep within her heart.

 The blade of revenge, which was born from the accumulation of countless deaths and rebirths.

 Certainly, Ichika has the right to revenge, that is how Vermudol felt.

 If the time to face off against the God of Life were to come, Vermudol would surely need to bring Ichika along.

 That was the reward Vermudol would give in return for her loyalty.

「……Well then, Ichika. This is the third question.」

 However, things would be too sad with that.

 That is why Vermudol asked this.

「After you have achieved that revenge, how will you live your life?」


 It was there that Ichika, who was expressionless, made a blank face for the first time.

 However, it was something that she needed to think about.

 In Ichika’s life that would continue on even after having achieved her revenge, with what objective would she live for?

 If it was Ichika, he felt that she would have naturally thought about it, but even so, Vermudol wanted to ask about it.

 But, Ichika hardened while still making that blank face from that question.


 Seeing that expression he had never seen before on Ichika, Vermudol became worried and shook Ichika’s shoulder.

 However, Ichika remained like that without responding……and after a bit of silence, she finally replied with a quiet mutter.

「I have……never thought about it.」

 Hearing those words that were uncharacteristic of Ichika, Vermudol burst into a small laughter.

 He was glared at by Ichika, but even so, Vermudol couldn’t help but laugh.

「No, sorry. Kuku, but……Ichika, it looks like even you have that sort of thing.」

「……I shall prepare an answer by the next time you ask me about it.」

「I see, I will look forward to it.」

 After Vermudol said that and nodded, he returned to his serious expression.

「Finally, this is the fourth one. You are truly……fine with it?」

「Yes, it is not a problem.」

 Seeing Ichika nod, Vermudol also resolved himself.

 Either way, ti was a technical skill that he couldn’t leave as is.

 Vermudol had no choice but to do it.

「……I understand. In that case, Ichika, accept me.」

 Vermudol placed Ichika’s face in between his hands……and peered into her eyes.

 Interfering with the Life Seed was interfering with a life that possessed its own will.

 Normally, he would be obstructed by the other party’s will, and the interfering would fail.

 If he were to fail, there was also the possibility that the other party themselves would end up breaking.

 That is why during the time with Sarigan, he broke his will to resist, and after making him half dazed, he performed the interfering with his Life Seed.

 However, the case this time was different.

 With Ichika accepting Vermudol’s interference herself, the degree of interference was high, and he became able to modify her Life Seed even deeper than before.

「Yes, do as you will.」

 Ichika also peered into Vermudol’s eyes.

 It were as if they were looking inside of each other through each other’s eyes.

 And then, Vermudol connected them through his Demon King powers, and made a deep connection inside of Ichika.

 Deeper, deeper……To interfere with Ichika’s Life Seed, he needed to go even deeper.


 Suddenly, an image was poured inside of Vermudol.

 The figures of a young boy and a young man that Vermudol didn’t know.

 A young boy who unhappily looked at that young man, and the gently smiling young man.

 Inside of Vermudol, the image of what the young lady before she became Ichika had seen was being played back.


 The countless lives that Ichika had gone through up until now.

 The people she had met within them, what she had felt.

 Ichika’s everything, was pouring inside of Vermudol.

 An unfamiliar Magician, Warrior, young lady……the figures of many people came up and then vanished.

 There were even the figure of an unfamiliar Maid Knight, a figure of Luuty he had never seen before, and the figure of a black haired young man with a strange outfit.

 And then, even the figure of a young man that the Demon God had most likely changed their form into was displayed.

 It was a sensation as if he was vicariously experiencing the path that Ichika had walked down with an ultrahigh speed.

 When he had done it with Sarigan, something like this had not happened.

 That is just how deep the connection this time was.

 While feeling every possible piece of information come flowing in, Vermudol reaffirmed the trust that came from Ichika.

 But, she trusted him too much.

 Even though Vermudol didn’t know whether or not he could respond to that trust.

 What next appeared in the decaying Throne Room, was a Throne Room that was technically cleaned up. And then, a polished throne was displayed.

 Vermudol’s figure at the throne as she waited for him to awaken, the potato field that she was cultivating, Vermudol’s figure as he busily moved around throughout the Dark Continent, Vermudol’s figure as he ate his meals.

 They flowed in.

 Washed away by them, he felt like he would drown.


 Vermudol’s magical power was shaved away with tremendous force.

 He desperately held onto his consciousness that seemed like it would come to an end.

 He again went deeper, even deeper.

「……I’ve, found it.」

 Ichika’s Life Seed──Vermudol was connected, with the root of Ichika’s soul.



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