Volume 4, Chapter 20


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 Like that, Vermudol’s group was guided to Margaret’s room that was located in the innermost area of the workshop.

 On the door, 「Margaret’s Room」 was written there.

 Passing through the door and going into the room, there was a large desk and chair.

 The fact that there was a neatly folded blanket placed on top of the sofa might mean that there were times where she slept here.

 At the side of that, there was also a plush toy that seemed to be modeled after Altejio.

 And then, on top of the desk, there were two weapons that emitted atmospheres that were clearly different from the weapons that they had been shown up until now.

 One of them was a staff.

 It was a metal staff that was decorated with a red jewel……but it was somewhat difficult to tell what kind of metal it was.

 The other one was a sword.

 It was a one handed sword that also had a red jewel set into it, but this one was sheathed in a magnificent scabbard.

 Both of them emitted an aura that could be described as an intimidating air, and one could tell that they were unmistakably the highest rank of 「Signature」.

「I see……No, but……」

 Seeing them, Vermudol nodded.

 After sending his gaze to Ichika, she similarly displayed a nod.

「Yes. Both of them are wonderful arms, but that sword……it is clearly strange.」

 That’s right, staves were things that specialized in the amplification of magical power and increasing the power of magic.

 If a sword were to also have the ability to amplify magical power and increase the force of magic while having the ability to use Magic Sword with it, then it would be an 「All-Purpose Type」.

 The 「All-Purpose Type」 was something that was thought of in order to function as a staff and as a weapon where it was possible to invoke a Magic Sword.

 The idea of the All-Purpose Type had been around since long ago, but there was a large problem to this.

 In the All-Purpose Type’s case, since a Magic Gem that matched with the size of a sword’s handle was inserted, due to its small size, the magical power amplification ratio was low, and the people that couldn’t invoke magic well appeared one after another.

 For that reason, there was no one that created All-Purpose Types for a long time, and the existence of an All-Purpose Type itself was completely forgotten.

「So the sword is an All-Purpose Type……Is there some sort of reason for this?」

 Hearing Vermudol’s question, Margaret nodded with a serious face.

「All-Purpose Type……The fact that this phrase came up, may I take it that you know of the problems that the All-Purpose Type carried?」


 After Vermudol nodded, Margaret took the sword that was placed on the desk into her hands.

 Holding the sword that was still sheathed in its scabbard, she looked at it lovingly.

「You are aware that All-Purpose Types were created from the idea of “it’s a pain to expressly change to a staff at the time of using magic……”, right?」

「Yeah. And because that idea failed, that lead to the creation of wands.」


 Margaret nodded.

「I also thought that the All-Purpose Types were something impossible for the longest time. Up until about 120 years ago that is.」

 About 120 years ago.

 What happened at that time?

「The Hero Invasion Incident. Up until that major incident occurred, that is also how I thought the whole time.」

 The Hero that invaded the Dark Continent was a master at the sword and magic.

 Naturally, he also used the Magic Sword, but it was said that used both magic and the Magic Sword with a single sword.

 In other words, that sword──the Holy Sword that the Hero possessed, it was an All-Purpose Type that was said to be impossible to realise, that is what this meant.

「……That, certainly is true.」

 When Vermudol nodded, Margaret continued the explanation looking satisfied.

「The Holy Sword is definitely a weapon that the Gods created……a Sacred Treasure. Since it is a Sacred Treasure, it would all come to an end if it was just described as surpassing the limits of common sense, but the fact that it exists means that the actualization of an All-Purpose Type isn’t impossible. That, is what I thought.」

 Learning of the existence of the Holy Sword, the logic that the Holy Sword could made but a similar sword can’t be made, Margaret did not accept that.

 That is why Margaret continued her research on All-Purpose Types.

 Research on the All-Purpose Types that even mankind who should have seen the Hero and the Holy Sword the most had given up on researching, she had done that……for 120 years.

「And then, what was completed, was this sword.」

「……I see. So is the staff just an extra?」

 In response to Vermudol who expressed a teasing smile, Margaret answered with a visibly despondent look.

「Th, that isn’t the case at all. The sword certainly is my masterpiece, but the staff is also a work I am quite proud of……I was hoping that you would take both of them……see. But, true, the staff wasn’t as difficult to make as the sword, but, um.」

「Ahh, no, it’s fine. It was just my misunderstanding.」

 While feeling sorry about how Margaret had taken his joke seriously, Vermudol made a wry smile and waved his hand.

 And then, walking up to Margaret, he looked down at the sword that was placed on her hands and expressed a gentle smile.

「For the time being, may I first take a look at the sword?」

「Y, yes!」

 Vermudol accepted the sword from Margaret’s hands as she held it out as if presenting it to him.

 A heavy weight was applied to his hands, but it wasn’t to the point that he couldn’t use it.

 After drawing the sword about halfway out from the scabbard, there were occasionally sparkles tinged with darkness……however, a silver sword blade was displayed.


 Just by seeing the sword blade like this, Vermudol tasted a sensation as if he were being pulled into it.

「……I see, this is quite amazing.」

 Mysteriously, that feeling was enhanced.

 He drew out all of the sword blade and wanted to try swinging it right here.

 No, more importantly, the magical power.

 It would be better to pour plenty of magical power into the sword, and try tearing up anything nearby.

 And then, he should freely enjoy that sensation.

 It was a sweet urge that seemed like it was flowing into him from out of the sword.

 However, Vermudol easily held down that urge, and returned the sword to its sheath.

「I see. Margaret, this certainly is a sword befitting of me.」

「Y, yes!」

 While turning a smile to Margaret who was looking delighted, Vermudol looked down at the sword in his hands.

 This was his first time experiencing being enticed by a sword.

 Most likely, Margaret’s tenacity that went on for more than a hundred years came to dwell within it……but if someone unskilled were to use it, they might continue to tear up anything and everything as if they were being manipulated by the sword.

 If that were to happen, it would surely become a type of cursed sword immediately.

 The fact that Vermudol was the first owner of it was nothing but fortune for both Margaret and the sword.

 He should probably wield the sword earlier than planned and purge its obsession.

 Thinking that, Vermudol was about to try and hang the sword on his waist, however, he noticed that he had no place to hang it.

「Demon King-sama, please wait a moment.」

 He then hung the sword on the sword belt that was nimbly put around him by Ichika’s hands.

「It suits you very well, Demon King-sama.」

「Ahh, thank you.」

 After replying like that to Altejio, Vermudol thought “come to think of it……” and turned back to Margaret.

「What is the name of this sword? Since it is clearly a Signature sword, it has a name, right?」

「Ah, yes.」

 Margaret, who was about to try and hand out the staff next, hurriedly placed the staff back on the desk.

「The name of that sword is……Vale Blade.」

 Hearing the name she announced, Vermudol reflexively felt a smile come up.

 Demon Sword Vale Blade.

 That truly is a name befitting the sword of the Demon King.

 It fitted so well that he ended up wanting to suspect if it was a prank of the Demon God or something.

「Is that so……Fufu, I see. No, it really is nice. Thank you, Margaret.」

「N, no. Don’t mention it!」

「Don’t be so modest. You said that it was a masterpiece……but it truly is as you said. I like it.」

 After patting Margaret’s head as she was visibly being bashful, Vermudol turned his gaze towards Altejio.

「While I’m here. I’ll use this sword so let’s go a bit of snow removal. Could you guide me?」

「Snow removal……you say?」

 Vermudol nodded at Altejio who was making a puzzled face.

「Yeah, it is the sword of the Demon King that protects the Zadark Kingdom after all. It should first resolve a nearby problem.」

 While sending back a smile to Altejio who nodded and said “yes”, Vermudol looked down at Vale Blade which was still attempting to entice him.

「If you are also going to have the name of Vale, you will need to have a personal history befitting of it……What, even if you don’t worry about it, I will use you plenty.」

 At those words, Vermudol felt a sensation as if the Vale Blade on his waist had slightly trembled in delight.



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