Volume 4, Chapter 21


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「……I see. And so, this is, that sword, huh.」

 Having finished listening to Vermudol’s story, Fainell nodded in comprehension.

「Well, that’s pretty much how it is.」

 The next day after receiving the sword and staff from Margaret, Vermudol visited Fainell’s office in the Eastern Army’s Headquarters.

 What was placed on top of the desk meant for reception use was the Vale Sword sheathed in its scabbard.

 Having her gaze dropped onto it, Fainell then raised her head and asked a question to Vermudol.

「So, may I ask for the reason why you brought this to my place?」

「Nn, about that……Fainell. This sword, what do you think of it?」

「What do you mean by that?」

 Seeing Fainell tilt her head in confusion, Vermudol groaned over how he should explain it to her.

 Seeing him like this, Fainell opened her mouth after showing behavior that seemed like she did a bit of thinking.

「……I don’t really get it, but is it fine if I just say what my impression of this sword is?」

「Yeah, something like that.」

「May I draw it out?」

 After Vermudol answered “I don’t mind”, Fainell took the sword on the desk into her hands.

 The sword that was still sheathed in its scabbard, it was a lot lighter than she thought it would be.

 Fainell had never seen something like a sword garnished with a Magic Gem before, but for a swordsman that uses magic, this certainly would be for the best.

 Rather, she even thought “why hasn’t this been made up until now”.


 Overall, it was extravagant, and rather than being a sword meant for use in battle, it was more fitting to say that it looked like it was a ceremonial sword meant for use in rituals or a treasured sword.

 However, if this was a sword meant for actual battle……it’s true value would be in its sword blade.

 Thinking that, Fainell tried drawing the sword blade out just a little bit.

 Making a refreshing *shan* sound, the exposed sword blade sparkled silver under the light.

 The sword blade looked like a newly polished mirror, however, black glitter would sometimes also be emitted.

「How is it?」

 After gazing at the sword blade for a while, Fainell sheathed the sword into the scabbard.

 Placing the sword back onto the desk, Fainell turned a gaze to Vermudol that looked as if she were probing him.

「……Margaret, made this?」


 After showing a look that seemed like she was a bit troubled, Fainell spoke as if muttering it.

「I think that there is no mistake that it’s a matchless Signature Sword. However, if you’re asking about the merits and demerits of the sword, I feel that either Altejio or Sancreed would be more detailed about it.」

「No, I have a proper reason for why I chose you for this.」

 When Vermudol said that, he took the sword into his hands……and completely drew it out from its scabbard.

「From your perspective as someone who has seen the Hero’s Holy Sword firsthand……What do you think, of this sword?」

「……A comparative assessment as swords, is that what you mean?」

「Yeah, that’s fine.」

 Fainell carefully looked at the drawn sword blade once again.

 The sword blade displayed an ominous brilliance.

 It was a sword that had a matching sublimeness befitting for a Demon King but──

「I don’t know.」

 At the end of her worrying over it, Fainell answered like that.

 No, she couldn’t answer anything but that.

 The Holy Sword and the sword that was before her eyes, the both of them were too different as swords.

「First, about the Holy Sword……that is something that I doubt could be classified in the category of being a sword.」

 Fainell didn’t know what the Holy Sword’s official name was, but she had seen that sword several times.

 It was the sword that Hero Ryuuya wielded, as well as a sword said to control the power of the Gods.

 Its might was tremendous, and was something worthy of being called the top of sacred treasures.

 With that alone, it was something that could function as a sword as well as a staff for magic.

 Being the greatest weapon that a Magic Swordsman could ever ask for, the Holy Sword seemed like it most likely concealed many abilities that Fainell didn’t know of within it.

 At that point, rather than a sword, it was the power of the Gods made into the shape of a sword, and the Hero that wielded that could even be said to be an agent of the Gods.

「And then, about that sword of yours, Demon King-sama. I just can’t think of it as being a proper sword. There’s no mistaking that it’s a Signature Sword. However……That sword, most likely, it still isn’t complete. That imperfection, it’s creating that eeriness.」

「……I see.」

「Therefore, I’m unable to compare them. They’re too different……or rather, they’re complete opposites.」

 Complete opposites.

 Vermudol thought “that phrase fits the most”.

 Certainly, this sword──Vale Blade is incomplete.

 Since Vale Blade is a sword that has the condition of having magical power poured into it, Vale Blade when it doesn’t have magical power loaded into it is nothing more than a Signature Sword.

 Margaret’s tenacity that had compensated for that incompleteness up until yesterday had already been cleansed.

 That is why, just as Fainell had said, its incompleteness was prominent.

「In that case, Fainell……What do you think of it like this?」

 Vermudol poured magical power into the unsheathed sword blade.

 It wasn’t magic, but a simple emission of magical power.

 Vale Blade greedily swallowed that up……and emitted a faint black brilliance.

「……This is……a Magic Sword? No, however……」

 Gazing at the shining sword before her, Fainell opened her eyes wide looking surprised.

 And that was only natural seeing as how this was a phenomenon that was normally impossible.

 Magic Sword was classified as a sword technique, but as a phenomenon, it was a form of magic.

 Since it was invoked by transforming magical power in a similar way to normal magic, elements existed when using a Magic Sword.

 With examples like a Fire Magic Sword, a Wind Magic Sword, and a Darkness Magic Sword, although there were many types, there would always be an element.

 However, the element of the Magic Sword that was shining before her eyes, Fainell was unable to tell what it was.

 Going by the color of it, it resembled the Darkness Magic Sword, but something was different.

 And then, above all, right now, Vermudol wasn’t using magic.

 In other words, it shouldn’t be a Magic Sword.

「……Demon King-sama. This isn’t something like the invention of a Magic Sword configuration that I can’t sense, right?」

「Yeah, that’s not it. I am not using a Magic Sword.」

 Fainell pondered over those words.

 The shining sword in Vermudol’s hands, it’s certainly a Magic Sword.

 There was no mistaking that.

 However, she couldn’t tell what its element was, nor how it was invoked.

 The fact that Vermudol isn’t using a Magic Sword means──

「……That is the power that sword possesses, that’s what this means.」

「Yeah, that’s right.」

「Just what in the world, is that.」

 If he were asked what it was, he couldn’t answer with anything but a Magic Sword.

 Vale Blade had transformed Vermudol’s magical power as a Magic Sword.

 Hearing that explanation, Fainell groaned.

「How absurd……To reproduce the Magic Swordsmen’s secret technique with just the sword, it’s unheard of. Just what kind of method of creation would be able to make something like that.」

「That isn’t all. The element of this Magic Sword, can you tell what it is?」


 Saying “I thought so” and nodding, Vermudol smiled.

「It’s Vale.」


「Like I said, it’s Vale. If I had to put it simply, it’s something similar to Raktor’s Vale Breath.」


 Vermudol cheerfully gazed at Fainell’s state as she reflexively stood up.

 Vermudol himself had a similar reaction when he noticed it.

 Since Ichika, who was there when he noticed, didn’t show much of a surprised look, one could even say that he came here to show it to Fainell like this for the sake of that.

「……This is a joke, right?」

「As if I would joke around like that.」

 Being a Vale Dragon, Raktor’s Vale Breath possessed every element other than 「Life」.

 To tell the truth, the reason why he said that it was “similar to that……” was because the Magic Sword Vale Blade produced also possessed the Life Element.

 It literally had all elements.

 Hearing that, Fainell powerlessly sat down on the sofa.

「……I’m surprised. To think that something like that was created.」

「Yeah, I was surprised too.」

 When Vermudol stopped pouring magical power in, the brilliance that covered the sword also vanished.

 Confirming that it vanished, Vermudol returned the sword to its scabbard.

「I see, I’ll acknowledge my lack of a discerning eye. However, Demon King-sama. This is something terrifying?」

「What is?」

「I believe that you understand this, but Margaret is a member of mankind. Yes, of course, she is our companion. However……the existence of this sword, it demonstrates the fact that mankind could also make this sort of thing.」

 Certainly, the idea of a sword similar to this one being created also means that it was possible to mass-produce Magic Swordsmen.

 That would be connected to a substantial strengthening of mankind’s war potential, and that also meant that mankind would obtain a method to reliably……moreover, easily kill Mazoku.

「No, that won’t happen.」

 However, Vermudol quickly denied Fainell’s apprehensions.

「Something similar to this won’t be created a second time.」

「What……do you mean by that?」

「The materials absolutely cannot be prepared.」

 That’s right, the materials played a large role in the special characteristics of this sword.

 And then, among those materials, something that is currently unobtainable was included.

「……And what are those materials?」

「Blood Metal and Holy Silver. The scales of a Vale Dragon and a Holy Dragon. Also Gramfia’s horn.」

 Nodding to Vermudol’s words, Fainell thought over them inside her head.

「Hahaha, that’s a good joke. So, what are they really?」

「Blood Metal and Holy Silver. The scales of a Vale Dragon and a Holy Dragon. Also Gramfia’s horn.」

「Demon King-sama. If you don’t want to tell me, I don’t mind you telling me that you don’t want to tell me, you know?」

「Blood Metal and Holy Silver. The scales of a Vale Dragon and a Holy Dragon. Also the previous Demon King Gramfia’s horn.」

 While expressing a smile, Fainell hit the desk with a *don* looking irritated.

「……Demon King-sama. Are you messing around with me?」

「I am very serious. I was surprised myself when I heard it.」

「And how are you saying stuff like that was prepared?」

「It seems that she gathered them up.」

 The scales of a Vale Dragon and a Holy Dragon were from the vicinity of the site that Raktor and the Holy Dragon Ikslet had fought at.

 Gramfia’s horn, was from the Demon King Castle ruins.

 Even if the Demon King Castle at the time was something that Mazoku feared and wouldn’t get close to, on top of being a member of mankind……Margaret was a blacksmithing maniac so she had no reason not to walk into it.

 It seems that she picked it up at the time thinking that it could be used for something, but for it to become a material for the current Demon King Vermudol’s sword, the Margaret of that time probably wasn’t expecting that either.

「That’s just……should I say dauntless, or maybe reckless……」

「I don’t really mind. Good things can’t be made unless she’s like that, right?」

「Ahh, jeez. If you spoil her like that, she’ll get carried away, you know?」

「If she keeps on making good things from spoiling her, then I’ll allow it.」

 While seeing Fainell breath a sigh, Vermudol started thinking.

 Vale Blade──It was a sword that seemed like a part of his own body.

 If he could skillfully handle this, it would literally become a powerful weapon.

 However……magic aside, Vermudol’s skill with the sword was lacking.

「……I guess I’ll have to learn from someone.」

 Calling to mind the figures of sword technique masters of the Demon King Army, Vermudol breathed a sigh.



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