Volume 4, Chapter 25

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She had known about the existence of the things called 「Special Type Alva」.

She was surprised from actually encountering one, but on the other hand, Nino thought that it was only natural.

To begin with, the Alva up until now had figures that were too uniform.

Figures that were completely the same as if they were puppets made with the same model──that was the peculiarity of the Mazoku known as Alva, as well as something that furthered their eeriness.

Since one should primarily have individual differences as a living creature, even if a muscular Alva like this were to come out, it wasn’t strange.

In any case, it was clear that this Alva before them was an enemy.

In that case, there was only one thing for Nino to do.

「Nino will destroy you.」

The curved blades in both of Nino’s hands sparkled with a *kirari* as she stood on top of the tree branch.

Nino swung the curved blades towards the Alva below her.


Although its wing was shallowly cut, the Alva evaded with quickness that didn’t match its large build.

Making a hateful glare at Nino who had gotten down to the ground, the Alva spread its wings and howled.

When it did, several clumps of ice appeared in front of the Alva.

Before those clumps that aimed at Nino were fired, Nefas rushed over next to Nino and held out one hand.

「Magic Guard・Fire!」

The clumps of ice that were fired together with the howl bursted one after another on the red, transparent barrier that was erected.

「Guh……ah……I’m not done yet! Magic Guard・Fire!」

The instant the Magic Guard・Fire vanished without offsetting the clumps of ice, Nefas erected another Magic Guard・Fire.

The clumps of ice were all extinguished by the second barrier……but naturally, Nino was already no longer there.

With an instantaneous opening being made from the Alva’s consciousness being turned towards Nefas who had suddenly intruded, Nino ran lowering her posture, approached the Alva, and stepped into its guard.


By the time it noticed, it was already too late.

Nino swung her curved blades, and cut at the Alva.

No, it wasn’t something as simple as her cutting at it.

The fact Nino had entered attacking distance meant that it would receive her boisterous dance.

What the Alva saw in its final moments was a cluster of silver glitters.

The boisterous dance of countless sword attacks mercilessly assailed the Alva.

Since there was a club in the Alva’s hand, it might have been able to defend against it to a certain degree if it hadn’t been careless.

However, while not being allowed to make a single counterattack, the Alva was chopped up and literally had its body turned to little pieces.


Leaving behind only its voice, the Alva turned into black fog and vanished.

Nothing else was left behind, and only Nino who had placed her curved blades back into their sheathes was there.

「……To think that you would overwhelm it by this much.」

「It’s because Nino is strong. Nino thinks this was a natural result.」

「True. I don’t feel like I could reach you as I am now.」

While receiving Nino’s gaze that said “why are you saying something so obvious”, Nefas started thinking.

He had never seen an Alva like the one just now.

When speaking of Alva, they were Mazoku that had figures that looked like an adult male had grown bat wings, and used magic.

Actually, there has been no reported precedents of Alva other than those.

Having the completely same figure to the point of being mistaken for being the same specimen even though it was clearly a different specimen──that was made out to be the key to unraveling the mysteries of the Alva.

However, the Alva just now was something that completely denied mankind’s understanding of them up until now, and from just that, the encounter with this Alva was extraordinarily important.

For example, if the Alva just now was special, it meant that there were existences superior to the Alva found up until now, it was now possible to think that way.

Even if that hypothesis were mistaken, this precedent would surely have an effect on the Alva research, and once the fact there was the possibility that special Alva would appear from now on was understood, it should connect to the decrease of their victims.


Once he had thought that far, Nefas noticed that Nino was restlessly looking around.

「What are you doing?」


「For what?」

「For something.」

Hearing those words, Nefas thought of something.

He had unconsciously been caught up with the fact that a special Alva had appeared, but there was something even more important.

Why did the Alva appear?

Since it was thought that the the places the Alva made their appearances at had no regularity up until now, this time might simply be a coincidence.

However, on the other hand, since it was said that the Alva also possessed something that seemed to be intelligence, wouldn’t there be some sort of rule to those actions……that sort of theory also existed.

「In that case……The Alva might have appeared because something is here, is that what this means?」

Realizing that, Nefas looked around at the area.

From what he saw, there wasn’t any sort of change within the forest they had been walking through up until now.

If Nino hadn’t shown the behavior of searching for something, things would have been just as normal.

No, to begin with, was that 「something」 something that could be spotted?

However, he hesitated to say that question out loud, and Nefas also started to move trying to examine things nearby.


Casually looking up due to an uncomfortable feeling from the sky, Nefas noticed.

「What’s that?」

At first, it was a black line.

Then, one, two, three……the lines increased one after another, and from each of the lines, black space spread out.

If he had to liken it to something, it was like the sky had started to crack……that expression suited it perfectly.

Nefas already knew what the meaning of that phenomenon was.

「……Nino! The Alva are……!」

When Nefas looked around to search for Nino, Nino already noticed the abnormality and was looking up at the sky.

「There’s more than before.」

「So there really is something here……!」


With her two curved blades in her hands, Nino answered while still looking up at the sky.

Before long, the figures of five Alva appeared from the sky.

「Impossible……All of them are unidentified types……!」

「It’s settled. There is something here.」

Four of them were Alva that had lean bodies and held what looked like spears in their hands.

The last one was a female type Alva that held something that looked like a sword.

All five of them were clad in what looked like armor that was the same color as their bodies.

Their figures were even more different from the normal Alva up until now……as well as the Special Type Alva that she had received knowledge of in the reports.

When the female type Alva that possessed something sword-like pointed at Nino’s group with the tip of her sword, at that instant, countless clumps of ice appeared in front of the Alva that possessed spears.

「Kuh, as expected, with that amount, I……!」

Even with the magic of the Alva from before, Nefas needed two instances of Magic Guard・Fire to defend against it.

For that amount of clumps of ice to be fired, Nefas wouldn’t be able to defend against it.

「Nino, you put up a barrier too……!」

「Can’t use it.」

「Wh, what!?」

「Nino, can’t use magic.」

That’s right, it wasn’t like Nino didn’t have magical power, but she didn’t have the talent for magic.

To tell the truth, at the time Nino was created as one of the first leaders of the Zadark Kingdom, Vermudol, who was still inexperienced at the time, had forgotten to configure Nino’s talent in magic.

However, Nino had never felt dissatisfied with having no talent in magic.

Of course, even without talent, magic could be used as long as it was chanted, and since Mazoku had much higher magical power than mankind, she would become stronger than a Magician of mankind if she trained in it.

However, Nino never tried to use magic.

Becoming one of the prominent powerhouses of the Demon King Army with the close combat talent that she had been given by Demon King Vermudol, she didn’t feel like she would lose to anyone if she used her pair of swords.

Everything the Demon King does is correct, and he makes no mistakes──in order to prove that, Nino continued to be the strongest swordswoman.

That is why she would prove that this time as well.

「Don’t need, something like magic.」

Nino’s green eyes shone, and illuminated the Great Jiol Forest.

「Even without that stuff, Nino has this.」

Her 【Magic Eyes of Greenery】 interfered with the forest, and controlled it.

Although the Alva were flying, they were in the upper airspace of the Great Jiol Forest.

As long as they were in the upper airspace of the forest, in other words, in the range that Nino’s 【Magic Eyes of Greenery】 could reach, they were within Nino’s attack range.



A tree branch bent, and struck the Alva hard.

Just like that, it was a thick tree whip.

Being struck hard by that, the Alva crashed into the ground.

Furthermore, tree roots stretched out and twined around the Alva, and restrained their bodies.

「Although it’s too good for you all……Nino will personally give you all a burial.」

「Gi!? Gegigagagahgua!」

The twining tree roots forcibly tried to pull the Alva into the ground.

Although pull was used to describe it, unlike water, the earth was hard.

「Gigagagahga! Gegugigoaaaaaa!」

Together with a harsh sound that was like something was being crushed, one of the spear Alva turned into black fog and was extinguished.

However, the remaining Alva tore off the tree roots and flew up once again.



After the Alva shouted, their bodies were enveloped in a healing light.

And then……the sword Alva that seemed to be the leader spoke out words.

「O fire, o fire that burns everything to nothing. My enemy is here. Gather, blaze. Burn them all to noth……」

However, before that chant could finish──

*Gunyuri* the gazes of everyone there warped.

When that warping had settled, the figures of anyone were already no longer there.


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