Volume 5, Chapter 02


Translator: Manga0205

Name: Nefas Albania

Race: Human

Rank: SS

Level: 40

Occupation: Wind Temple Knight

Equipment: Gale Sword Nefas

      Wind Temple Knight Clothes

Technical Skill: God of Wind’s Divine Protection SSS

       Guidance to the Grand Temple of Wind

       Protective Wind D

       Sword Technique D



 Seeing the Status that was displayed by the 『Reveal Crystal』, Nefas was at a loss for words.

 It wasn’t a story of him just being surprised. Things had changed way too much.

 First, his rank had risen. A rank was something that represented the quality of a person’s strength, and Nefas was originally at rank AA. It had now made a sudden rise to SS.

 Furthermore, the 『God of Wind’s Divine Protection SSS』. This was already at a level where he would receive passionate invitations to become an elite priest in the country.

 Technical skills called 『Guidance to the Grand Temple of Wind』 and 『Protective Wind』 were also added, but Nefas had never heard of technical skills like that.

 Next was his occupation. Nefas’s occupation field should have been displayed as 『Edius Adventurer School Student』 up until now. Nevertheless, what was currently displayed was 『Wind Temple Knight』.

 For example, in the Grand Altlis Temple of the St. Altlis Kingdom that worshipped the God of Life Philia, the occupation of all priests would be 『Priest』, and wouldn’t display something like 『Priest of Life』. It was the same even if they were the Head Priest.

 And then, the knights that defend the temple would be displayed as 『Temple Protection Knight』.

 In other words, there has been no precedent of an occupation that displayed something like 『Wind Temple Knight』, and it was clear that it was a special occupation.

 The most remarkable feature was the equipment. This went for the green outfit that had changed even its appearance from his original clothes and became 『Wind Temple Knight Clothes』, but Nefas became speechless by the sword that had his own name attached to it.


 For people, it was probably an honor that could cause them to shed tears of joy, but Nefas didn’t feel that way. Far from being happy about it, instead, he did nothing but worry about how he would explain the situation in cases where he used a 『Reveal Crystal』 from now on.

 Even though it was momentous enough just to meet with the God of Wind Wyrm, to have obtained numerous divine protections that could be said to be excessive after having overcome the trial in the end, from Nefas’s position as the eldest son of a Duke House of the St. Altlis Kingdom, there was also the possibility of being viewed as a political problem.

 After watching Nefas, who was thinking something like “I guess this means that I’ll need to leave the house to my future little brother……”, Wyrm turned around to face Nino.

「Now then, next is you huh. In your case, your situation is a lot more special than Nefas, but I can similarly place you under my protection, you know?」

「That sort of thing is already covered.」

 When Nino answered like that, she tightly hugged Vermudol.

 While watching that, Wyrm nodded.

「Well, I thought that was the case. That being said, not giving you anything is a problem that concerns my pride……I’ll be borrowing your swords, okay?」


 After drawing her pair of swords with a speed that not even Nino could perceive, Wyrm fixedly gazed at it.

「Fumu, fumu. These are……they’re normal Holy Silver swords, aren’t they. It’s rare to see swords this ordinary used this far. I’m amazed that they didn’t break in the earlier fight.」

「If you have problems with them, give them back.」

「Whoa there.」

 After nimbly avoiding Nino’s hand, Wyrm raised a voice saying “that’s it”.

「Yosh, I’ve decided. The reward for you will be this.」

 At the same time as those words, the pair of swords in Wyrms hands broke down and turned into grains of silver. And then, the grains gathered together in the next instant……and once again turned into the shape of a pair of swords within Wyrm’s hands.

 However, what had appeared were swords that had designs completely different from the swords they were up until now.

 It was a design that had green as the basic tone. Even the silver sword blade would be tinged with green depending on the degree of light.

「I suppose you can call them Wind God Silver curved blades. Their new names are Curved Blade Arrelis and Curved Blade Ranrelis. Take care of them, okay?」

「Didn’t really ask for them.」

「What, you’ll be crying in joy really soon. Besides, if you intend on fighting with swords from now on as well, there’s nothing better than possessing good swords.」

 Although she clicked her tongue at Wyrm who returned the curved blades to the scabbards on Nino’s waist, Nino didn’t deny those words.

 To swordsmen, their swords were equivalent to being their partner. As long as they were entrusting their lives to them, it was only natural for them to seek out even better swords.

 Even a sword no less than the best rank of 「Signature」 is something quite hard to obtain, but if it’s something made by the hands of a God, even if Nino, a long-lived Mazoku, were to spend her whole life searching for one, there was no telling if she could obtain one.

 That’s right, even Nino was able to understand. That these two new curved blades were things so suitable for her that she would never find anything better. Nino’s instincts as a swordswoman were telling her that they were swords that adapted to herself the most.

 However, since Wyrm pissed her off for some reason, she didn’t say that out loud.

 After Wyrm saw that Nino, who was glaring at him with such complicated feelings, and grinned about it, this time he turned towards Vermudol and Sancreed.

「Now then…… What to do about you two. After all, you guys did forced your way in here, and since the Mazoku that grew wings were gushing out, you made a commotion and didn’t get to take the trial either. To begin with, for the man over there, it would be pointless to even take it, and the other one seems troublesome in a different meaning. What’s going on here.」

 After breathing a sigh that sounded like he found it troublesome from the bottom of his heart, Wyrm alternately looked at Vermudol and Sancreed.

 Vermudol thought that the one he mentioned it being pointless to take on the trial was probably himself.

 Certainly, since Vermudol had the Demon God’s Divine Protection, it might be impossible to go further and accept the God of Wind’s Divine Protection.

 Then again, since Sancreed also has the Demon God’s Divine Protection, the conditions should be the same. To begin with, didn’t the Hero Ryuuya who was said to have visited this place also have the Divine Protection of several Gods?

 In that case, he didn’t understand the meaning of Wyrm’s words.

「……What do you mean by that?」

「I won’t tell you. If you want to know, go ask some other God. Or rather, you’re that. Have you told Nefas about yourselves?」

「Nefas……by that, do you mean the Human over there? No, we haven’t told him.」

「Hーn, I see. Oi, Nefas.」

 Nefas, who was still muttering things with a serious expression, raised his head and looked at Wyrm.

「Y, yes. What might you need……」

「Un, I’ll introduce you. This guy is the Demon King.」


「Un, this guy is the Demon King. Demon King Vermudol. Also, there other two are also Mazoku.」


 Without being able to understand what Wyrm was saying, Nefas first looked at Vermudol.

 After that, he looked at Sancreed, then finally looked at Nino.

 And then, he returned his gaze to Vermudol one more time.

「……I am the king of the Zadark Kingdom, Vermudol. Looks like Nino has been in your care.」

「Ah, yes. I am Nefas Albania of the St. Altlis Kingdom Albania Duke House. A pleasure to meet you……」

 After making his usual greeting while his comprehension still hadn’t caught up, Nefas ruminated over Wyrm and Vermudol’s words.

 Demon King. Zadark Kingdom King.

 He remembered “now that he mentions it, the Jiol Forest Kingdom had formed a treaty of friendship with the Zadark Kingdom, didn’t it……”

「Somehow, I can accept that.」

「Oh, is that so?」


 Saying that, Nefas nodded.

 Thinking about it, unless there was something special about it, it wasn’t difficult to understand. Since there was no need for Nefas himself to expressly say that he was Human, Nino was a Mazoku, and there wouldn’t be anything strange even if she didn’t inform him of that.

 Maybe because he had gotten deeply involved with Nino, or maybe because it was a long time influence of the Jiol Forest Kingdom forming a treaty of friendship with the Mazoku, or maybe because it was the influence of having received the God of Wind’s power……He didn’t know the reason, but for the current Nefas, even if Nino was a Mazoku, he didn’t think much of it. Rather, after having learned that she was a Mazoku, he could somehow agree with Nino’s actions and abilities up until now.

「Well then, let’s just say that that’s settled. The conversation moves faster when the troublesome parts are reduced as much as possible after all. So, what did the Demon King come here to do by bringing along such a troublesome guy?」

 Thinking “so he was talking about Sancreed when he said 『seems troublesome in a different meaning』”, Vermudol made a wry smile.

 The Western General Sancreed was the Mazoku 「Hero」 that Vermudol created.

 Certainly, the Demon King bringing along the Hero was a considerably strange situation.

「……I came here in order to obtain the power to resist. As for what I am resisting, you should know what it is.」

「And that’s why I said that it was troublesome. Honestly……It’s because that Philia did unnecessary things that things turned out like this.」

 Nefas made a puzzled face at Wyrm’s words, but Wyrm waved his hand telling him to not worry about it.

「Ahー, Nefas. You go on outside. Since you can already come here whenever you like, you don’t have to worry.」

 At the same time Wyrm finished speaking, Nefas’s figure vanished.

 After confirming that happened, Wyrm breathed a small sigh.

「Well, I knew that things would turn out like this some day.」

「Just what have you been saying……for a while now? What do you know?」

「I won’t tell you. Do your best in worrying about it.」

 After curving his mouth in a malicious-looking way, Wyrm then turned back to face Sancreed.



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