Volume 5, Chapter 03


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「Now then, Sancreed. I guess I’ll have you take a trial. If you’re able to break through it, I wouldn’t mind lending you some strength. What will you do?」

「I will take it. It seems that I’m here for the sake of that after all.」

「Hou, is that so. In that case, looks like there’s no need to be reserved.」

 Saying “now then, what should be done……”, Wyrm displayed a troubled look.

 There was no mistake that Sancreed was a Hero, and moreover, he was in the process of being completed as a Hero. Since it was clear that he would easily break through a normal trial, there was only one thing that could be a trial.

「Ahー……It’s a pain, but it can’t be helped.」

 After snapping his fingers with a *pachin*, Wyrm’s body gently floated into the air.

 Wind started to gather inside of the room, and the trees started to rustle.

「You’ll fight against me until I say that it’s enough. You’re free to take your time and endure or counterattack. However, Vermudol and Nino aren’t allowed to move from that spot.」

 A green wall wrapped up Vermudol and Nino. It was very clear that the wall was a considerably powerful Magic Guard・Wind.

「We’re starting……Well, I’ll hold back to a level where you won’t die.」

 At the same time as those words, tornados appeared in the four directions surrounding Sancreed.

 The four tornados steadily approached……and the moment that Sancreed took one step to try and breakthrough a gap in them, a fifth tornado appeared from under his feet and swallowed Sancreed up.

 Immediately after that, the tornados that approached from the four directions converged, transforming into one gigantic tornado.

 Staring at the gigantic tornado that swallowed up Sancreed, Wyrm breathed a sigh.

「He was caught up in it quite easily huh……Nn?」

 Wyrm unexpectedly felt unease and erased the tornado.

 At the place that Sancreed should have been at, his figure was not there.

 Having thought that he would either endure it or destroy it, Wyrm felt a bit confused about the truth that was before him……then grinned and looked above himself.

 What was there was the figure of Sancreed who was in the process of descending towards Wyrm.

「I see, so you Transferred. That’s an evasion method that can be used if you’re a Mazoku.」

 Sancreed was then blown away by the wind that was created when Wyrm waved his hand. However, he fixed up his posture in midair and landed properly.

「Yosh, we’re done. That’s enough. If you can evade that tornado, then the result will be the same no matter what I do. I can’t think of a way to finish this without killing you.」

「……Is that alright? I still haven’t done much of anything yet.」

 Hearing Sancreed’s words, Wyrm replied with a huge sigh.

「That’s where you should be saying “lucky”. It’s not like I’m some battle maniac, and the trials basically don’t really matter. The reason why I gave you a trial is because that is the condition to lend you strength.」

 When Wyrm snapped his fingers once again while floating in midair and looking like he found it troublesome, the Magic Guard・Wind that wrapped up Vermudol’s group was released.

 Vermudol confirmed that the wall had vanished, then looked up at Wyrm who was floating in the air.

「You said that you would lend your strength, didn’t you.」

「Yeah, I said that.」

「What will you be doing specifically?」

「I won’t do anything directly. I am merely going to literally lend my strength.」

 After Wyrm answered like that, a single sword appeared in front of Sancreed.

 It was a sword that had a green gemstone fitted into it. Its form was simple, but what was being transmitted from it was magical power that was strong to the point of being abnormal.

 Seeing Sancreed take that sword into his hands without any hesitation, Wyrm grinned.

「So you have no hesitation at all huh……Well, that’s fine. That’s the Wind Sword. It’s the same as the one I handed over to the former Hero Ryuuya.」

「What the Hero Ryuuya possessed was the Holy Sword, right……?」

 In the Hero legends, that is how it was narrated. That the Hero Ryuuya controlled the strength of the Gods and completed the Holy Sword. There wasn’t a single story of him possessing multiple swords.

「You don’t possess the Holy Sword, right?」


「Then it can’t be helped. In other words, that’s how it is.」

 Sancreed’s expression said that he didn’t understand the meaning of that.

 However, Wyrm didn’t seem like he would talk about it any more than that.

 While still not understanding, this time, Sancreed started to think about what he should do about the Wind Sword that was still a naked sword.

「Wyrm. I have something I want to ask about.」

「What is it?」

 Vermudol, who was watching over the course of events, asked a question to Wyrm.

「It’s about Aklia……about the whereabouts of the God of Water.」

「I won’t tell you. Search for them yourself. That is also a trial.」

 Having been told that, there was nothing he could do about it.

 Vermudol gave up on questioning about it any more than that, and moved on to the next question.

「Then……About the God called the Demon God, do you……」

 The moment he was about to say “know anything”, Vermudol noticed the distorting atmosphere and stopped talking.

 Before he knew it, Wyrm had gotten close in front of Vermudol.

「Just now, did you say Demon God?」

「Y, yeah……」

「Could it be, have you met with it?」

 When Vermudol nodded, Wyrm muttered “I see” with a solemn voice.

「I see, with that, I can understand everything. That’s right, the stage has been set up until now. It wasn’t like there hasn’t been any intervention.」


 Just as Vermudol was about to ask about what in the world he was talking about, Wyrm stopped him.

「Sorry, but this talk also ends here. I now have something I want to think about……So go home now. I’ll send you outside.」

 At the feet of Vermudol’s group, a Transfer magic formation appeared.

 Wyrm stared with a serious expression at Vermudol’s group that was engulfed in radiance just like that.

「Do your best to hang in there. What is before you is nothing but a thorny path.」


 While being engulfed in the Transfer light, Vermudol replied like that.

 It was nothing but a thorny path.

 He understood that. Even so, he was already unable to turn back from it.

 Vermudol only had two paths that he could choose in the first place.

 Either perish to the Hero, or fight and survive……Those were the only two.


 When the Transfer light settled down, what spread out before them was a forest of clustered trees.

 Vermudol’s group stood at the spot in the Grand Jiol Forest before they were transferred to the Grand Temple of Wind.

「……So you’ve come back!」

「Tsk, he was still here.」

 Seeing Nefas rush over, Nino clicked her tongue.

 Seeing the two of them that ended up having matching green clothes, Vermudol unintentionally burst into laughter……and was glared at with reproachful eyes by Nino who turned around to him.

「……Demon King-sama, you should match with Nino as well. Stop having such black clothes, and have the same color as Nino, okay?」

「……Me? No, but……」

「When you wear black clothes, you’ll catch Ichika’s straight-lacedness. That’s why, you should have the same color as Nino.」

 Nino shook Vermudol.

 Seeing Nino in that state, Nefas looked to Sancreed asking “what’s going on”……but Sancreed kept silent and shrugged his shoulders.

「Let’s immediately put in an order for that once we get back. It will be fine, it will absolutely suit you.」

「Ahー……Yeah. Right……」

「You said “yeah”. Nino heard it. Yosh, it’s decided. Nino will have a lot made.」

 Nino tightly hugged Vermudol once again.

 Seeing that, Nefas looked up to the sky looking troubled.

 He didn’t feel like he could get her to act like that with him no matter what he did. Even so, he had yet to give up. Even if he understood that it was impossible, he couldn’t help but aim for it.

「……It doesn’t always go as we want, huh.」

 Having breathed a deep sigh, Nefas then noticed something and turned his gaze to the right.

「What’s wrong?」

「……Something is coming. It’s a large number of them……」

 Hearing Nefas’s answer, Sancreed also listened carefully……but, he didn’t hear anything.

「I don’t hear anything but……what kind of sound is it?」

「The sound of grass being stepped on……And then metallic clanking. The footsteps are quite heavy. Plus, they’re systematic……This is only a guess, but I think it’s a chivalric order.」

 Hearing Nefas answer without any hesitation, Sancreed determined that those words were the truth. Most likely, this was a part of the new strength that Nefas was awarded from the God of Wind.

 In actuality, the current Nefas had become able to hear long distance sound very well through the wind.

 Then again, since he used some magical power in order to do that, it originally wasn’t an ability that could be deployed continuously……but for Nefas who suddenly obtained power that was too powerful for him, there was no way for him to be able to control it.

「A chivalric order, huh……For them to be in a place like this, are they from the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s Army?」

「Probably. Do you have an idea as to why they are coming here?」

 Being asked that by Nefas, Sancreed pondered.

 As a possibility, he could think of “they came searching for their group……” as a reason.

 To the Jiol Forest Kingdom, Vermudol was the ruler of a friendly nation, so in other words, he was a state guest. If that state guest were to enter the Great Jiol Forest, which was famous as a bewildering forest, and go missing, it wouldn’t be strange for a chivalric order to be sent out to search for him.

 However, for the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s side, they were told beforehand that Vermudol’s group would be headed to the Great Jiol Forest, and it wasn’t like several days had passed yet. Would they go out of their way to send a chivalric order to search for them during that time?

「I do, have an idea. We are technically state guests after all. However, time shouldn’t have passed enough for them to send a search party for us……」

「I see. But, they seem to be searching for someone though?」

 Making a sidelong glance at Nefas who was listening carefully, Sancreed then casually dropped his eyes onto the Wind Sword in his hands.

 Seeing that as it was still as a naked blade, he breathed a sigh wondering what he should do about it. If they were to be discovered by the chivalric order while he had such a strange sword in his hands as a drawn blade, just how would he explain it to them?

 As he was thinking about this and that, a scabbard fell down in front of Sancreed together with a gust of wind.

「……It seems to be something that was forgotten.」

 It seemed that Nefas was entrusted with that message from the God of Wind. Nefas said that to Sancreed while making a wry smile.

「Is that so.」

 Sancreed nodded, and took the scabbard at his feet into his hands. In any case, there would probably be some that would notice the sword’s abnormal magical power, but it was much better than holding onto it as a naked blade.

 Immediately after Sancreed hung it on his waist, the solemn sound of grass being stepped on could finally be heard by Sancreed’s ears as well.

 Sancreed turned around and called out to Vermudol.

「……King, something is coming. According to Nefas’s judgement, it seems to be a chivalric order but……why are you carrying Nino in your arms?」

「I don’t know either. We ended up like this before I knew it.」

 In response to Sancreed who was alternatingly looking at Nino, who was being carried in a princess carry while hugging Vermudol’s neck, and Vermudol, who had a tired face, Vermudol replied with a deep sigh.



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