Volume 5, Chapter 05


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 The Jiol Forest Kingdom was said to also be a country of disciplines. The disciplines were not for the masses, but existed as something that those who possessed status above a defined standard should adhere to.

 When seen from the perspective of other countries, there were many disciplines that they were unable to understand, and among them, there was one that especially emitted prominence.

 It was the discipline regarding the application for a relationship.

 The one applying for the relationship would first ascertain if the other party has a sweetheart, and there was a need to give equivalent information in regards to their own situation as well. After having made this exchange, they would enter relationship negotiations.

 In relationship negotiations, the one applying for a relationship would need to tell the other party about their own faults. In the event that the other party finds it hard to accept those faults, it was possible for both parties to present solutions or compromises to each other.

 Once the discussion was settled, it would progress into conversation about the details of the relationship and marriage.

 Of course, since Nefas did not know about that sort of discipline, he had no choice but to answer Elriol’s question like this.

「N, no……If I were to say whether I hated them or not, I wouldn’t say that’s the case……」

「The small that I speak of is in the sense of physical characteristics, and whether or not you could see them as a target of romantic interest. I am aware that it is too large of a fault, and is something that does not have some sort of solution to it but……」

 ”Just what is she talking about” was Nefas’s honest feeling about this.

 It wasn’t like Nefas had any particularly strange preferences. Basically, he was normal.

 His feelings towards Nino, rather than being feelings of romance, it was something closer to an imprint. That being said, thanks to Nino’s cold-hearted reception of him, it was also a fact that the door of a distorted taste had slightly opened within him though.

 Besides, for small to be a romantic fault, he was unwilling to say that even under threat when in front of Nino.

 That’s why Nefas’s answer ended up becoming like this.

「……I wouldn’t say that something like that would be a fault. What’s important is the heart of the person themself. And if you are saying that a solution is necessary despite that, then people should look at the other person’s heart without being swayed by each other’s appearance. Wouldn’t that be alright?」

 Without knowing about the discipline, a solution towards Elriol’s fault was proposed from Nefas’s mouth.

「……Yes. Nefas-sama, if you say so.」

 The fault problem was settled by Elriol’s acceptance, and in accordance with the discipline, she moved on to the next procedure.


「Wh, what is it?」

 Seeing Elriol tightly grip his own hand, Nefas had a bad feeling about this.

 However, it was already too late. Seeing Elriol’s face redden, Nefas immediately turned pale.

 That’s right, Elriol had fallen in love with Nefas at first sight.

 It wasn’t like there wasn’t a precedent of love between a Human and a Sylphid, and there existed many halves born between the two races as well. But, the same number of sadnesses were born due to the difference in life spans.

 That was still a fault that should be settled. That is why Nefas still had a chance to refuse.

「Between a Sylphid like myself and a Human like you, Nefas-sama, there is a difference in life span. I am unable to grow old together with you. Would you be alright with me despite that……?」

「Ah, ahー……」

 As expected, even Nefas had realized it. This was already something more like a proposal than a relationship negotiation.

 A hint of someone holding back their laughter was also transmitted to him from behind. It seemed that the man called Sancreed had gone into a laughing fit.

 From the Heavy Equipment Chivalric Order, he felt something that seemed like bloodlust. It seemed that Elriol was something like the idol of the Heavy Equipment Chivalric Order.

 In any case, he first needed to struggle through this spot.

 Within Nefas’s head as he thought that, he came to hear something. That was called an oracle by the general public, and was one-sidedly a voice from God.

 That God──Wyrm was telling Nefas that it was alright while he was laughing hard.

 Having this situation happen, Nefas became dejected.

「D, did you hate it that much?」

「Ah, no……You’ve got it wrong.」

 Seeing Elriol making a sad-looking face, Nefas responded with a face that looked like his soul was taken away.

「About the problem of life span……I had an oracle from Wyrm-sama.」


 Nefas started explaining the contents of the oracle he received from Wyrm.

 Having been gifted with the power of the God of Wind through his affinity that was greater than expected, Nefas was no longer a mere Human.

 Right now, he entered the category of being 「technically Human」, but that was because the current Nefas’s body was in the middle of transforming to adapt to his new power.

 If one were to classify Nefas after his transformation, it seemed that he should be represented as a 「Shinjin (God-man, 神人)」.

 Nefas had been made out to be something remarkable, but it was too far past the understanding of the person himself, so he ended up having a farsighted expression.

 However, from Elriol’s perspective, she saw that as a gentle face that could accept everything.

 With the problem of lifespan being solved, Elriol was honestly delighted. But, she had not thought as far as how a relationship between a Sylphid and a Shinjin was a problem as big as the talk about the Temple Knight of Wind.

 The ones who noticed that importance were only Vermudol and Sancreed.

「Shinjin, huh……Sancreed, what do you think?」

「Do you mean about Hero Ryuuya? But, he was a Human, right?」

「That is what we’ve heard. But, there’s the possibility that his Status was camouflaged.」

 Regarding the 『Reveal Crystal』, it was possible to do some camouflage to a certain extent if they were a powerful person. If one possessed strength on the level of the Hero, it was possible to camouflage their race.

 They didn’t know what kind of strength a Shinjin specifically had, but it wouldn’t be strange if they were equipped with basic abilities that were equivalent to Majin.

「That’s true……But, rather than that, I’m more interested in this though.」

 Lightly tapping on the Wind Sword that hung on his waist, Sancreed muttered.

 That’s right, a newly added mystery was the Wind Sword.

 In the Hero legend, the Hero Ryuuya was said to have controlled the power of the Gods and completed the Holy sword.

 However, according to Wyrm, he said that what he handed over to the Hero Ryuuya was the Wind Sword.

 In that case, just what in the world was the Hero’s completed Holy Sword?

「……In regards to that, we have no choice but to try out various things later. I don’t think that Wyrm would go out of his way to lie about something like this.」

「That’s true.」

 Sancreed answered like that while gazing at Nefas and Elriol’s exchange, and then turned towards Vermudol’s direction.

 Nino was still settled within Vermudol’s arms as usual.

 Vermudol also realized it from Sancreed’s gaze, and quietly muttered.

「……Nino. It’s about time to put you down.」


 Putting down Nino, who looked a bit dissatisfied, Vermudol breathed a sigh of relief. Actually, his arms were close to their limit. He was a bit vexed that it was seen through by Sancreed, but that was truly good timing.



 A voice called out to Vermudol who was stretching his arms.

 The owner of the voice was Elriol who had returned to having a serious face.

 Behind her, there was also the figure of Nefas who seemed like he had overcome various things.

「We have kept you waiting for quite some time. Since our problem has been settled, we shall now escort you all to the royal capital.」

「Yeah, if you would.」

 It seemed like it was Elriol’s personal problem, but Vermudol also understood that that wasn’t all there was to it.

 To the Jiol Forest Kingdom, the being known as the Temple Knight of Wind was extraordinarily important. Before another country or some other power could butt in, they probably wanted to take Nefas into the Jiol Forest Kingdom.

 For Vermudol, he had no intention of speaking about the problems of another country.

 Certainly, a Shinjin Temple Knight of Wind would become huge war potential, but for the Zadark Kingdom, he didn’t seem worth putting their name out in the competition to acquire him.

「Since vehicles cannot be used within this forest, we will have to walk, so please forgive us.」

 Hearing Elriol’s explanation that there would be a carriage prepared once they got out of the forest and onto the main road, Vermudol stopped from proposing the use of Transfer Magic.

 It was possible to shorten the travelling time if they used Vermudol’s Transfer Magic, but in that case, he would end up giving Elriol’s group the work of sending word to the carriage that was currently on standby. Having come to another country, it wasn’t a good plan to unnecessarily increase the other party’s work.

 Of course, there was also the hand of only Vermudol’s group returned with Transfer, but in that case, it would turn into them turning down the other party’s kindness.

「Yeah, we don’t mind.」

 That is why Vermudol answered like that.

 Now that they had secured Nino, there was no need to rush. Besides, they also achieved the objective of meeting with the God of Wind.

 In that case, there was also a need for time to do a bit of thinking.

 That is how Vermudol got himself to agree to it.



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        And now her pride is torn because the monkeys that should have only served as the boogie men to keep their children in line turned around and made a better civilization. And it’s even more peaceful and prosperous. So the cause of all of this has to die, she is even willing to toss aside her bait of we killed the humans cause the DK told us to card in the Alva queen just to make her into an assassin and fix this.

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