Volume 5, Chapter 06


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 The appearance of the Temple Knight of Wind who was worthy of being a God’s agent caused a stir within the Jiol Forest Kingdom.

 Also, the relationship between the Temple Knight of Wind and the Heavy Equipment Chivalric Order leader that was announced at the same time as that was also accepted favorably within the Jiol Forest Kingdom as wonderful news.

 The masses gathered at the royal castle to try and catch a glimpse of the Temple Knight of Wind. However, using various coordinations and conferences as a reason, the royal castle side explained to them to have them wait until the official debut parade, and the masses reluctantly decided to wait until 「that time」.

 In these days where there has recently been nothing but dark news, following the entering of a treaty of friendship with the Mazoku, the appearance of the Temple Knight of Wind and the relationship between the two, that was also a perfect chance to cheerfully make merry.
 The fact that it was neither a 「marriage」 or an 「engagement」 was the result of Nefas’s meager resistance, but as a matter of fact, it was also thought of as being done for the sake of buying time for the discussion between the Jiol Forest Kingdom and the Albania Duke House.


「……I see. To think that it would turn into that sort of situation.」

「Yeah. As a result, I was really saved by your quick judgments.」

「Thank you for those kind words.」

 In a room of the Zadark Kingdom delegation house that existed in the Jiol Forest Kingdom, Vermudol brought the black tea that was poured for him to his mouth.

 The one standing near Vermudol was the diplomat with a black suited figure, Nanalus. He appeared to be of an advanced age, but he was actually a Mazoku that entered the classification of being young in the Zadark Kingdom.

 Next to Vermudol, Nino was absent-mindedly leaning against Vermudol.

 Nino was acting as she pleased, but neither Vermudol nor Nanalus were the type to assertively criticize her about that.

 After all, Nino had just accomplished her mission of gathering information regarding the Gods.

 It seemed that the God of Water Aklia was still within the Jiol Forest Kingdom, but since she was indulging herself for the time being, there was nothing to get mad about.

 Since Vermudol was more easy-going than normal, Nino was at the height of happiness.

「I’ve pretty much read the report, but how is the situation here?」

「Yes. Things are the same as usual……I suppose that is how I would put it. Merely, the Canal Kingdom has reached a chaotic situation that was greater than we thought……We cannot read the situation for that area.」

 Hearing those words, Vermudol made a small reaction.

 Certainly, he heard about the political upheaval in the Canal Kingdom that he read in the reports before coming here. Specifically, the Third Princess had exposed the evil deeds of her father the king, and brought down the administration……that should have been the story.

「I have heard about the political upheaval. But, what do you mean by chaotic?」

 Chaos after a political upheaval was an often heard story. Actually, even in the Dark Continent, since the ones reigning vanished after Demon King Gramfia’s death, it seemed that a considerable amount of disorder had spread.

 However, in the Canal Kingdom’s case, they already had a new leader known as the Third Princess. Although there may be a bit of disorder, it didn’t seem like it would turn into a situation that would be called chaotic.

「Yes, it is exactly as stated. Within the Canal Kingdom, even now, the political upheaval……no, the political strife continues on.」

「……What do you mean by that?」

「It is things like the First Princess joining the King that is going strong, announcing that everything was a conspiracy, and proclaiming that it was the Third Princess’s attack on him. In regards to this, the information has become complicated. Do the reports from the intelligence operatives from within the Canal Kingdom not reach you?」

 Vermudol made a bitter face at Nanalus’s words. As a matter of fact, currently, the intelligence operatives have been unable to infiltrate the Canal Kingdom.

「……Intelligence operatives have not been sent in. The intelligence operatives that we sent in before, for some reason, it seems that they were all nearly discovered and had to run back. We’ve tried it several times, but the result was always the same.」

「Is that, so.」

 Nanalus nodded, and lowered his eyes as if pondering. In the end, right now, there was only information from the diplomatic channel that went through Nanalus. He probably formally realized that now.

「……This is quite the hefty responsibility.」

「What are you saying at this point. On top of being our only diplomat, you’re doing this as our first attempt at it. I’ll be troubled if you don’t become the model for our diplomats from now on.」

 In response to the wryly smiling Vermudol, Nanalus replied with “I shall work hard to do so”.

 It was there that the sound of the door being knocked on resounded.

 After Nanalus prompted them with a “come in”, the door opened and a single Mazoku entered.

「Luuty-sama, who has promised to have a face-to-face meeting with Vermudol-sama, has arrived. She has already gone into the room.」

「Yeah, got it. I will go right away.」

 When Vermudol stood up, Nino twined around his arm as if it were only natural.

「Ahー……Well, I guess it’s fine. Shall we go together?」


 Just like that, Vermudol took Nino along, and moved to the visitor’s room.


 The figures of Luuty and Sancreed were already within the room. After Luuty saw Vermudol……and had her eyes go round from seeing Nino wrapping around his arm, she made a light bow.

「……It has been quite a while, hasn’t it.」

「Yeah. There are a lot of things to talk about but……Why don’t we start from the main question.」

 After Luuty nodded, Sancreed placed a single sword on top of the table.

 Seeing that green sword, Luuty instantly displayed a surprised expression.

「The Wind Sword……」

「So you really do know about it.」

 The fact that Luuty knew about it means that the Hero Ryuuya had also obtained the Wind Sword.

「I see. So you broke through Wyrm-sama’s trial.」

「Yeah, Sancreed and Nino did.」

「What about you?」

 Vermudol shrugged his shoulders at Luuty’s question.

「It seems that it was pointless to even let me take it.」

「Is that, so……」

 Vermudol then threw a question at Luuty who had fallen silent as if thinking about the meaning of that.

「And so. The reason why I called you here today is about this sword.」

 Vermudol extended his hand towards the Wind Sword on top of the table.

 However, when Vermudol’s hand got close to it, wind sprung forth from the Wind Sword. With the wind getting stronger the closer his hand got to it, most likely, it would turn into a gale strong enough to send Vermudol flying just before his finger could touch it.

 Vermudol withdrew his hand……and at the same time as that, the wind also stopped.

「Even when we try to examine it, it goes just as you have seen. No one other than Sancreed is able to even touch it.」

「I’m sure that’s the case.」

「That is why I want to ask you this. What is this? From what Sancreed says, the sword’s rank would at most be in the upper middle ranks. It seems to be something that is hard to say is an excellent sword.」

 Hearing Vermudol’s words, Luuty stared at the Wind Sword. After looking at it with a somewhat nostalgic gaze, Luuty returned her gaze back to Vermuldol.

「……Unfortunately, I also know pretty much nothing about this sword.」

「You don’t know?」


 Vermudol thought “why does she know pretty much nothing about it?”

「If Wyrm-sama said nothing about it, then I also cannot say anything about it. Besides, the condition to my cooperation is……」

「When the God of Life’s true intentions have been revealed. I know.」

 Luuty nodded at Vermudol who breathed a sigh.

 That was something that couldn’t be helped. For Vermudol, it wasn’t like he had revealed everything to Luuty.

 About Sancreed. And then……about Ichika.


「What’s wrong?」

 While staring at Luuty’s face, Vermudol thought. And after thinking……he spoke it out like this.

「Ria……Do you recall that sort of name?」

 Hearing those words, Luuty made a faint reaction. That alone was enough.

「That name, is there something about it?」

「……No, it’s nothing.」

 He couldn’t reveal it here. That was Ichika’s memory, as well as Ichika’s scar.

 To use that here in this place, Vermudol was unable to do so.

「I guess we really have no choice but to meet with Aklia, huh.」

 Luuty listened carefully to Vermudol’s words while bringing the black tea she was served to her mouth.

「Come to think about it, did you know? About the Temple Knight of Wind-dono.」

「Yes, I know. He was excellent enough to rival Kain-kun……And he was a problem child of the same level as him.」

「It seems that our Nanalus has also received passionate appeals from young Sylphid ladies but……Are all Sylphid like that?」

 Being told that, Luuty put her cup down and pondered.

「It’s because Nanalus-san has a unique charm. Since he also has a long life span, it’s only natural that he would be popular.」

「Is that how it is?」

「Yes, that’s how it is.」

 While nodding, Luuty took out a bundle of papers from the handbag that she had. They seemed to be a bundle of envelopes.

 Luuty took that, and presented it to Sancreed.

「Right, here. They’re addressed to you, you know?」

「……To me?」

「Yes. When the Heavy Equipment Chivalric Order returned, it seems there were rumors that you were together with them. I was asked by some women to hand them over to you.」

 Nodding with an “I see”, Sancreed opened the envelopes in order starting with the one on top.

 Just as rumored, he was probably going to read them all and send sincere replies……but the image of another reply coming in response to that and the whole thing becoming endless came to Luuty’s mind.

「……Are there none for me?」

「There aren’t.」

「Nino would burn them even if there were though.」

 Luuty shrugged her shoulders at how Vermudol said that sounding a bit lonely, and Nino tightly hugged Vermudol.

「I see……」

 It would be troubling even if there were any, but not having any made him a bit sad.

 Nino looked up at that Vermudol.

「Nino will write a whole bunch to you, Demon King-sama.」

「Nn? Ahh, I’ll accept the sentiment.」

 After saying that, the sound of what seemed to be metal resounding could be heard by Vermudol’s ear as he carried his black tea to his mouth.


 When he turned his gaze to the direction the sound came from, a single coin was placed on the table.

 It seemed to have been in an envelope addressed to Sancreed. Picking up the silver coin that had what seemed to be a woman depicted on it, Sancreed made a baffled-looking face.

「……What, is this?」

 It wasn’t currency. It seemed to be a Holy Silver coin, but what was finely depicted on the front was the portrait of a woman. And on the back, some sort of letters were written on it.

「Ahh, that’s a recent craze. I think it was a protective coin.」

「A craze……?」

「Yes, it’s sent to a loved one. May my love protect you……it’s said that that sort of feeling has been packed into it.」

「……Is that so.」

 When Sancreed opened the next envelope, a single coin came tumbling out from there as well.

 From the next envelope too. And again from the next envelope as well.

 While looking at Sancreed who piled up the coins and sank into silence, Nino absent-mindedly muttered.

「Nino, will also make that too, okay?」

「……Just keep it in moderation, alright?」

 Incidentally, this was something that Sancreed didn’t know but in the letters that Nanalus had currently sorted out in his office, many things addressed to Sancreed were mixed in. And then, there was a strongbox in the corner of Nanalus’s office, and the inside of it was crammed with protective coins.

「Since the coins seem to have a rule for there being one per person, there also seem to be things sent for small memorial days and seasonal things.」

「Nino has heard something good.」

「Oi……Don’t teach Nino too many unnecessary things.」

 According to Luuty, since it seems that carelessly carrying around a coin will be seen as accepting their love, it seems that there was a need to be careful about it.

「……The Jiol Forest Kingdom sure is scary.」


「It’d be troubling if you felt threatened over something like that though.」

 While saying that, Luuty smiled looking like she was having fun.



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