Volume 5, Chapter 07


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 The large company that set up its main store in the royal capital of the St. Altlis Kingdom Edius, the Tianot Company.

 The only daughter of that company, Sharon, would have various guests visit her everyday.

 For example, there were those that would apply wanting to enter an apprenticeship in the Tianot Company. Or, there were those that simply sought employment, and those that desired to do deals with the Tianot Company.

 In addition to that, there were also many that approached Sharon for a relationship. If the talks of marriage interviews that were brought up by her father were included, it would turn into a considerable number. There were even talks that came from the sons of other companies, from the second sons of nobles, and current heads of noble families.

 There were even some among them that tried to forcibly advance those talks even further, but Sharon somehow managed to reject them.


 And then, today.

 A somewhat rare guest had come to Sharon’s room.

 Sitting small and quietly in a chair, it was a cute young woman that seemed like a doll. Wearing clothes that seemed like a purple dress, her light purple wavy hair stretched down. Her purple eyes sparkled to the point that they gave the impression of being amethyst.

 Being cute……yet also possessing a somehow harsh impression, the name of this mysterious young lady was Ys.

 Going by her outfit, she seemed like a noble from somewhere, but it seems that wasn’t the case. They were acquainted ever since they met in the Aledona Forest, and they often met nowadays, but she knew absolutely nothing about her background.

 It once bothered her and she tried asking Ein about it, but she was told “what do you think I am?” by Ein with a look of amazement.

 That Ys had come to the Tianot Company just a little while ago to visit Sharon.

「These cookies, it sure is delicious.」


 Those words were thrown to Sharon, who was extremely nervous and worried over how she should talk to her.

 Ys, who sat down opposite from her with the table placed between them, smiled at Sharon while toying around with the cookie in her hand.

 Noticing that that was a chance for conversation that Ys had given her, Sharon hurriedly nodded.

「Th, that’s right. It’s one of our prided merchandise.」

「Even the sugar was used in extravagant amounts. But, for some reason, it also feels like the recipe itself is different. I’m sure that the one who thought of it is a genius.」

 Being told that, Sharon was alarmed.

 As a matter of fact, the recipe for these cookies was something that the Tianot Company purchased from a certain person. In addition to that, among the leading products of the Tianot Company that were said to be innovative, many of them were like that.

「You don’t have to make that sort of face. It’s not like I’m interested in that. What I have an interest in is not that sort of innovative stuff, but rather in antiques.」

「Antiques, you say……? But, our company isn’t all that strong in that area though.」

 The Tianot Company dealt in various goods, but they weren’t strong with antiques. Compared to normal goods, goods classified as antiques were unique in that they required the Judgement technical skill, and there wasn’t anyone strong in that sort of field in the Tianot Company. Also, antiques didn’t match with the Tianot Company’s policy of “reliably delivering useful goods”……those were the reasons for it.

 If Ys came seeking antiques, Sharon felt that she wouldn’t be of any help other than introducing her to companies that were strong in that sort of thing.

 Just as she had immediately started listing the companies that were strong in antiques in her head, it was put to a stop by Ys.

「Ahh, that’s not it. Sorry, my explanation was lacking.」


 Seeing Ys chuckle, Sharon made a puzzled face.

「The antique that I desire, I already know the person who has it.」

「Is, is that so?」

「It is. The reason why I came to your place is because I wish to ask about how to acquire it, I suppose.」

 Hearing Ys’s words, Sharon felt that the inside of her head was filled up with question marks. She couldn’t imagine just what it was that Ys wanted at all.

「Erm……What is it, that you want?」

「It is a sword.」

「A sword?」

 Ys said “that’s right” and nodded.

「The thing I desire is a sword. It is the sword that your boyfriend Kain possesses.」

「B, boyfriend!?」

「……So that is where you bite at.」

 Seeing Sharon start squirming about, Ys made a face that said “I went and said something unnecessary, didn’t I……”. That should have softened the conversation’s atmosphere, but it seems that she stabbed at something strange.

「S, so we really do look like that. That’s right, I am the one who has spent the longest time together with Kain after all. But with Kain, he’s always walking together with a different girl, and at night, he goes to meet with Ein. Ah, but, not long ago, at Cafe Markel……」

「Ahー, un. I’ll listen to that some time else. Could you return to reality for a bit?」

「Reality……That’s right, realistically, I really feel that I should be the one to be together with Kain. After all……」

「……I’ll come back another time.」

 After making a wry smile, Ys got up from her seat, went past Sharon who was in a state where she could no longer see nor hear anything else, and descended the staircase.

 When she did, a man in the prime of his life that was passing by at just the right time had discovered Ys and called out to her.

「Oya, you’re Sharon’s friend, aren’t you. Are you leaving already?」

「Yes, father. I remembered a bit of business I had. Please tell Sharon that I will come by another time.」

 Hearing that, Sharon’s father──Griffith nodded as if he understood. He realized that Sharon’s bad habit had come out.

「Ahh, sorry about that. Sharon is an intelligent girl but……well, um……Her imagination is a bit, rich, see?」

「This is the Tianot Company which is famed for producing innovative goods one after another after all. Wouldn’t something like that be just perfect for it?」

「Mu. Well, that’s true.」

「Yes, it is.」

 After saying that and expressing a smile, Ys made a bow and was about to leave the store.

「Ahh, ojou-san! Ojou-san, purple jeweled accessories that seem like they would suit you will be arriving soon. It would be great if you could come by and see them.」

「Yes, if I have the chance, I would love to.」

 Replying with that kind of answer, Ys left the Tianot Company.

 Outside, it was bright, and the sun was high. In regards to time, it was around just before noon.

「Now then, what shall I do……」

 Deciding to walk about aimlessly for the time being, Ys started walking.

 Even the public order of the town which had once deteriorated had considerably improved nowadays. From what could be seen from gazing at the main street like this, the liveliness had greatly recovered……or so it seemed. Even the people walking here and there were showing smiles.

 She then thought “but”.

「……It’s irregular, isn’t it.」

 On this main street──no, in Edius, there was nothing but Humans. There weren’t any Sylphid, Metalio, or Beastmen……Nor were there any halves of them. It was completely only Humans.

 The fact that there were few people who found this irregular situation questionable itself was abnormal.

「Huh? Ys. What’s up?」

 At Ys’s back, the presence of someone that knew her had appeared.

 Ys breathed a light sigh at that person who stood there together with a sweet and delicious-smelling aroma, .

「You always just suddenly appear, don’t you. It’s with such good timing as if you were aiming for it.」

「Even if you tell me something like that……」

 When Ys turned around, what was there was the figure of Kain holding some sort of round thing in his hand.

 Noticing that that was the cause of the sweet smell, Ys’s eyes naturally became glued onto that round thing.

「So, what might that be?」

「That……Wait, do you mean this baked coin?」

 The baked coin is a baked sweet that a food cart that the Tianot Company had invested in had recently started selling. It was baked in a round shape that was like a coin, was fluffy and springy, and when it was freshly baked, the surface would have a crispy texture, and a sweet cream was inside of it. The baked coin, which would make one want to eat it again after eating it once, was one of the current crazes.

「Hーn, so it is called a baked coin. Certainly, it does resemble a coin but……Coins are not that thick or large, are they?」

「Give me a break on that part.」

「No way.」

 After saying that, Ys pointed at herself with her finger.

「Nn, what?」

「Although I do not agree with the naming, it does look delicious. Could you give me one bite?」

「Eh, but……It’s half-eaten, you know?」

「I do not mind. Besides, if I try eating it and don’t find it delicious, it would be a waste of time to go and buy it. It’s a wonderful proposal for the both of us, right?」

 Kain didn’t know which part of that was a wonderful proposal for him, but for the time being, he decided to do as Ys said. They still had a short association with each other, but he knew very well that once Ys said something, she wouldn’t listen to anything else.

「Then, here.」

 Seeing Kain try and hand over the baked coin, Ys displayed an exaggerated sigh.

「You don’t get it, do you. At times like this, it’s proper etiquette to get down to one knee and hold it out to my mouth, you know?」

「In what criteria is that proper?」

「Isn’t it obvious that it is based on my criteria.」

「Can that really be called proper……」

 Although he said that, Kain went down to one knee as he was told, and held the baked coin out to Ys’s mouth.

 After watching that looking satisfied, Ys smoothly went to Kain’s bosom……and made a kiss on Kain’s mouth that still had some cream on it.

「Mu……U, uwaah!?」

「I see, although it’s quite strange that cream would be warm……it is different from the cream that I know of. That goes for the taste as well but……uーn. Well, it’s fine. I understand that it is delicious.」

「H, hey!?」

 Seeing Kain hurriedly stand up, Ys made a face that said she found it strange.

「Ara, is something the matter? Ah, I see. I didn’t say my thanks, did I……Thank you for the meal.」

「Ah, no. Same here……Wait, that isn’t it!」

 Seeing Kain whose face had gone bright red, Ys tilted her head.

「What you wanted to eat was the baked coin, right? Why would you, um……ahー……」

「……How unexpected.」


「Kain, I had heard that you were matchless womanizer that would win a woman’s heart regardless of age once you saw them though. You’re pure hearted, aren’t you? Ah, or could it be that you’re not used to patterns where it come from the other party?」

「No, I do care about age, and I’m not a womanizer, okay!?」

「Might you be attracted to men?」

「That’s wrong, you know!?」

 After chuckling at the screaming Kain, Ys went to stand next to Kain while making a twirl.

「More importantly, Kain. I, am interested in that baked coin. Would you please take me to the store?」

「That sort of thing……I feel like that would be a big problem that would affect what I do afterwards though.」

「Ara, if I lose my chance to eat a baked coin from listening to your excuses here and now, that would be a big problem that affects my day known as today, you know?」

 In response to Ys who said “isn’t that right”, Kain dropped his shoulders.

「Ahh……Un, that’s true. That might be right.」

「Yes, it is. Could you hurry up and guide me there?」

「Ahh, un. That’s right. That might be good……」

 Taking along Ys who was twined around his arm, Kain totteringly started walking.



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