Volume 5, Chapter 14


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 Roughly one hour later.

 In response to the fervent speech that Fainell displayed in her office, Vermudol replied with a nod while making a wry smile.

「……Well, I understand the situation now.」

「Yes, I am happy that you understand.」

 Hearing Vermudol’s words, Fainell breathed a sigh of relief.

 If Vermudol were to remain misunderstanding, it would surely impede on Fainell’s performance in her duties from tomorrow onwards.

 To tell the truth, the Eastern Army had a system where they could move without a problem even on days where Fainell would be useless though.

「Well, the reason why I came today wasn’t really to play around.」

「It’s fine even if you do come to play though……」

 The door opened as if to interrupt the words of the dissatisfied looking Fainell, and a blue twin-tailed young girl came in holding a tray that had tea on it.

「Here is some tea -jya.」

 That twin-tailed young girl──Arum, held out some tea to Vermudol.

「Ahh, sorry……Are you a fresh recruit?」

「Yes, I am called Arum. I have started today.」

「I see……Still, that is quite the magical power that you have. I thought that I had a general grasp on the powerful people that were in this continent though……」

 Arum let out a chuckle at Vermudol’s muttering.

「There are many that follow the “I should have been dead but actually……” pattern. I am also one that follows that pattern -jya. If there are some that have finally become able to move like me, those that had hidden themselves at the time of the Great Tumult……they may also be around, you know?」

 The Great Tumult. That was the mopping-up operation that Vermudol performed in order to unify the Dark Continent in the past. A large number of casualties had appeared at that time, but it wasn’t like they had confirmed a concrete number or the names of the casualties.

 Certainly, those that became able to move by either regeneration or healing their wounds, they would surely be taking action like Arum did. If they intended on obeying Vermudol, the readiness to accept them was already arranged through things like work mediation through the Guild.

 However, if there were those that kept themselves hidden, that was a different matter.

「I see……Arum, was it? The bunch that have hidden themselves, do you think they would obey me?」

「Let me see. I cannot say that I understand the bunch that would expressly hide themselves away in this time where the glory of the Mazoku is shining. But if I had to say something despite that, they would either be the trash survivors of the western area that should have been slaughtered……or recluses that hate interacting with the world, I suppose?」

「……I see. Looks like it will be hard to handle them.」

 While making a wry smile, Vermudol took up the tea that was on top of the table.

 Just as Fainell was also about to similarly extend a hand out the tea……she stared at Arum who had brought it in.

「……So, why were you the one to bring the tea in?」

「It was because I had heard such scandalous words as “it is fine even if you do come to play”.」

「Yosh, I understand things very well now.」

 After kicking Arum out of the room, Fainell closed the door and locked it.

 While thinking “as I thought, I should assign that thing somewhere far away……”, she sat back down on the sofa.

「Looks like someone quite interesting has joined you. Moreover, it seems that she possesses knowledge on various things.」

「That is a mere pervert. She is certainly an old Mazoku……but she is a pervert.」

「I see. However, speaking of perverts, there is also Aulokk of the Central Army, see. Did you know? That guy, he had seriously angered Nino not too long ago. That was my first time seeing a person be sent flying that far. But still, the flying dogeza that he did after that was magnificent but……」

 Fainell replied with a forced smile to Vermudol who was speaking like he was having fun.

 For Fainell who now had a pervert in her own army, she couldn’t laugh about it at all. Moreover, that pervert’s target was herself.

「So, ahー……And so, what was the business that you mentioned?」

「Nn? Ahh, this is a bit of a favor that I want to ask of you.」


「It’s talk of a new operation. Won’t you try having the Eastern Army be in charge of sightseeing?」

 Requests like that had come from the civilians of the Jiol Forest Kingdom.

「Ahー, we certainly did have that sort of talk before, didn’t we.」

 After they entered a treaty of friendship with the Jiol Forest Kingdom, documents requesting sightseeing would frequently reach Fainell who had stayed behind in the Jiol Forest Kingdom to finish up some remaining business.

 Fainell had reported it to Vermudol when she returned to the Zadark Kingdom, but since international trade was the priority matter at that time, it had been postponed.

「Our vegetables and handicrafts have started to circulate in the Jiol Forest Kingdom, and there are also Mazoku like the Magic Operated Armors and Nanalus. I don’t know if it’s because of that, but it seems that requests of wanting to come to this country started to increase recently. According to Nanalus’s story, it seems that there are also many that are asking when the next time you will be coming over will be, you know? ……The ladies of the country that is.」

 Seeing Vermudol burst out laughing with a *pft*, Fainell puffed her cheeks looking dissatisfied.

「……Demon King-sama, that’s mean.」

「Ahh, sorry, sorry. I was just thinking that that seemed to be the case anywhere you go.」

 Noticing that he was talking about the matter with Arum, Fainell made a bit of a wry face.

 It was quite difficult to categorize what that thing’s gender was.

「And so, why would you give that talk of sightseeing or whatever to the Eastern Army?」

「Un, well. I thought that your place was perfect for it.」

「By that, you mean?」

 Mazoku that were affiliated with the army were generally specialized with battle.

 There were differences in every army, but the ones quickest to anger was the Southern Army, the calmest was the Northern Army, and the ones who kept the order the most was the Western Army.

 And then, the Eastern Army was……known as the most 「fun」 army.

「It’s because your place……it’s the most warmly one.」

 An idyllic atmosphere circulated throughout the Eastern Army. They naturally performed battle training as well, but since they were in charge of the food policies, many of them basically engaged in agriculture. And then, some of the Mazoku of the Eastern Army even felt that that was their reason for living.

 The agricultural produce of the east was special──They jumped, flew, hid, and ran.

 The Eastern Mazoku, they devised special techniques in order to capture the fresh and lively agricultural produce, and they exhibited their strength to their heart’s content. Through the farming lifestyle, they even obtained 「hearts with leeway」. In other words, they were kind and refreshing.


「That’s a word of praise, you know?」

 Fainell nodded with an expression that said she had mixed feelings towards Vermudol’s words.

 She understood that she was being complimented. But, she only thought “is that really alright as an army……”.

 Of course, she had not noticed that she herself was the first on the list of being 「warmly」.

「At first I was thinking of keeping it only in Arkverm, but it seems that there were also many requests saying that they wanted to see the eastern area where the vegetables were being produced. That is why the eastern area was raised up as a tourist attraction area. In that case, it would be better to have the Eastern Army be in charge of sightseeing, right?」

「Haa. However, is it no good to have the Central Army do it?」

 Vermudol sank into silence at Fainell’s comment. After a short while……he slowly opened his mouth.

「The ones who have their hands free in the Central Army……is Aulokk’s group, you know?」

「……I see.」

 Recalling the figures of the Beastia group that had Aulokk as their leader, Fainell made a wry smile.

 Aulokk had recently evolved into a Majin from a Beastia, but his behavior basically remained idiotic. If he were to be left in charge of sightseeing, she could see the Zadark Kingdom’s reputation falling.

「……What about Orel?」

「When I try to talk to him about it, he senses me and runs away. Seeing him like that, it surely won’t turn into a good result even if I force him to accept it.」

 Fainell breathed a deep sigh.

 Certainly, with circumstances like that, there was no other choice but to have the Eastern Army accept the duty. That was also the reason why Vermudol had personally came to ask.

「……I understand. That talk, we shall be undertaking it. In regards to the specific plans, may we be the ones to decide on it?」

「Yeah, I don’t mind that. What I have here are the requests from the other side, and points to make note of that Ichika had consolidated.」

 After Vermudol placed a pile of documents on top of the table, Fainell glanced at it and nodded. She was totally planning on throwing it all onto her adjutant.

「Also……there’s this.」

 What Vermudol had continued on to place onto the table was a bag that had some weight to it.

 Fainell inquisitively peeked into the bag, and after taking out a envelope, she picked out a coin that was within it.

「Is this……a coin?」

「Yeah. It seems to be a protective coin.」

 On the surface of the Holy Silver coin, there was a portrait of a woman, and on the back, there were letters carved into it. The reason why the woman was different on each and every one of the coin was because that was the portrait of the sender themself.

「……Filled with love……? This coin……is to my beloved you……?」

 Fainell read out the letters on the back side of the coin. After not understanding the meaning of that and looking at the contents of the letter, a sort of sickly-sweet love poem was written there.

「Umー……Vermudol-sama, this is?」

「Isn’t it a love letter?」

 After Fainell put the letter and the coin back into the bag, she slowly pushed it towards Vermudol.

「……This is troubling.」

「Sancreed also said something similar.」

 Vermudol said that, and smiled as if he were having fun.



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