Volume 5, Chapter 17


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 Going back in time to before the news that a gigantic castle had appeared had reached the Demon King Castle.

 The Lulugal Forest that existed in the eastern region of the Zadark Kingdom was at peace as usual that day as well.

 Magic experiments would be performed by Rokuna on occasion, but even for the explosive sounds of that magic would be taken with the feeling of “so it’s Rokuna again……” and no one minded it.

 That might be why. Although the soldiers stationed at the Lulugal Forest that were on guard duty on the fort rooftop were surprised by the gigantic castle that suddenly appeared, they didn’t harbor a sense of danger from it.

「What the heck, is that……?」

 With its outward appearance having no visible seams, it looked as if the castle itself was carved out from a single gigantic rock. It could be barely recognized as a castle from its outward appearance, but they had never seen such a bizarre castle like that before.

 The castle looked as if it was faintly shining, and it was clearly bigger than the three story fort that the soldiers were stationed at. Even though there should be a fair amount of distance from here, it emitted an eerie intimidating air.

「That’s……a castle, isn’t it.」

「Yeah. What’s going on? Is it one of Rokuna-sama’s new magic spells?」

 Hearing the words that one soldier muttered as if they were wishing that were the case, another soldier sympathized with him.

「That’s possible. If not, there’s no way such a huge castle could just suddenly appear.」

「It is an experiment on Transfer Magic? Then does that mean that it’s that? Is it related to that talk about turning the east into a tourist attraction for mankind?」

 Having deduced an answer they could agree with, the soldiers gazed at the castle with great interest, but one of the soldiers immediately shouted as if they had realized something.

「Whoa! What are we doing turning into tourists ourselves! Lumon, please report this to commanding officer-dono!」

「U, un. This is pretty bad. When it’s that big, wouldn’t that be visible even from commanding officer-dono’s room?」

「That’s why you need to hurry up and go!」

 After seeing off Lumon who descended the stairway in a panic, the two remaining soldiers returned their gazes back to the castle.

「……Although I don’t really think it’s possible. It isn’t a new magic of mankind, is it?」

 Hearing those words that were muttered, the other soldier reflexively burst into laughter.

 The fact that mankind couldn’t use Transfer Magic was common sense to the Mazoku. Since that was stated upon knowing that, his words could only be heard as an absurd fear.

「Oi oi, Arnold……Are you seriously saying that? That’s impossible. There’s no way mankind could use that kind of magic. But still, a magic that could make a stupidly huge castle like that appear……can you think of one?」

 Being told that, the soldier called Arnold started pondering.

 If there was a possibility, it was Transfer Magic.

 However, when it came to making a whole castle appear, just how many calculations and how much magical power would be needed? The personnel within the castle, designating all of the accompanying furnishings, and the location to be transferring to, all of that needed to be accurately calculated. When it came to transferring that all at once, there was no doubt that a colossal amount of magical power would be consumed.

 If he were to answer whether or not mankind had something like that available to them……Arnold’s answer was obvious.

「Well, if there was a possibility, it would be Transfer Magic but……That’s impossible for mankind. Rather, that would be impossible for us too.」


 Before long, Lumon returned to the two soldiers that were laughing.

 Seeing that, the two of them immediately threw questions at him.

「Ou, welcome back. What did commanding officer-dono say?」

「Rather, were you yelled at? Saying that the report was slow.」

 Lumon answered the two of them while moving his arms looking like he was tired.

「It seems that he’s going to send a messenger to the royal capital immediately. But, since additional data is needed to report, he wants us to investigate on-site.」

「Are you serious……They’d normally use the forces on standby, wouldn’t they?」

 Lumon waved his hand while making a wry smile at Arnold who had started complaining.

「You’ve got it wrong. He said that if we were to send anyone else, it would take work to consolidate the information that would be reported to the royal capital. It seems that there’s a need for guys who consistently know about the situation from beginning to end.」

「He’s lying to you. Something like that wouldn’t take much work at all.」

「Ou. Besides, as if there’s a beginning or end to something like this. It’s “a castle has appeared” and that’s it.」

 As the conversation started to develop into complaints towards their commanding officer, another three soldiers appeared from the stairs while yawning.

「Ou, time for the shift change. Wait, whoa, it’s really a castle! Amazing, what is that!」

「Amazing, right, it’s really amazing!」

 Aside from the other two that could only repeatedly say “amazing”, the remaining soldier that came for the shift change faced Lumon.

「Hooly, Jake, Luke, these three names. By the commanding officer’s order, we will now take over lookout duty.」

「Understood. By the commanding officer’s order, we will now take on an on-site verification mission.」

「I pray that you safely accomplish your mission.」

 After saluting to each other, Lumon called out to the other two.

「Oーi, you two. If we don’t get moving quickly, the commanding officer-dono will yell at us again, you know?」

 Receiving those words, the two of them finally came walking over while sighing.

 Seeing their clearly reluctant attitudes, Hooly made a wry smile.

「Looks like you’ve got it tough, huh, Lumon.」

「Not as hard as you, Hooly-san.」

 While smiling at each other, Lumon and Hooly bumped fists.

「Be careful out there. There’s no definite proof that it isn’t some new magic of mankind’s after all.」

「I know. I won’t let my guard down.」

 After saying that, Luman once again turned his gaze towards the direction the castle was at.

 And then, Lumon saw. No, everyone that was on top of the rooftop saw.

 The gigantic castle had vanished like it was a mirage.

「It, it vanished?」

「What’s going on? Could it be, was it Illusion Magic?」

「No way. It was Transfer, right?」

 Among the soldiers that were speaking with each other, Lumon accurately understood the abnormality of that.

 And then, he shuddered.

「Oi, Lumon.」

「Wh, what? Hooly-san.」

「That just now……what was it?」

 Having guessed that Lumon realized something, Hooly called out to him. Hooly tried to analyze that phenomenon just now in his own way, but he was unable to do it.

「……I don’t know. At the very least, it wasn’t Transfer Magic.」

 Transfer Magic had several processes to it, but there was a part couldn’t be omitted no matter what. That was the luminescence called 「Transfer light」 that happens when Transfer Magic is activated.

 However, that didn’t happen in the disappearance of the castle just now.

 Also, there was a definite feel of mass and presence in the earlier castle, and there wasn’t the weightless feel that was characteristic of Illusion Magic.

 In other words, the castle had suddenly appeared through a mysterious method, and vanished.

「In any case, we’ll make an additional report to the commanding officer-dono, then immediately do the on-site investiga……」

「Gu, guaaah!?」

 Before Lumon could finish speaking, a scream could be heard from the lower floor.

「Wh, what!?」

「Oi, that came from the front entrance just now!」

 The rooftop became noisy. The sounds of swords clashing started to be heard from the lower floors.

 Raid──that word floated across the minds of Lumon and the others.

 However, at the same time, they also felt that wasn’t possible. Being under the rule of Demon King Vermudol, where could Mazoku who would attack the fort the Eastern Army was stationed at be?

「Could it be, the Hero……?」

 Someone muttered that.

 There were angry roars and the sounds of battle resounding from the lower floors. Occasionally, the sound of what seemed like the explosive sound of magic also resounded.

 The word 「Hero」 carried in a sense of reality, and at the same time, dread dominated the rooftop.

 Hero──The strongest member of mankind that attacked the Dark Continent when Demon King Gramfia was alive and performed a massacre in the past.

 Mazoku that did not know the Hero legend where he had trampled over the western area of the Dark Continent of the time and invaded up until the Demon King Castle, those Mazoku were not here. It was because even if they did not know what it was like at that time, as long as they were a person affiliated with the Demon King Army, it was taught to them in their first induction course.

「O, oi, Lumon……」

 Arnold turned his gaze towards Lumon looking frightened.

 The disturbance on the lower floors, had already settled down. Within that silence, only the footsteps that went *gashari, gashari* could be heard.

「I’m sure, that’s……the footsteps of an ally, right?」


 Without answering Arnold’s words, Lumon called out to Hooly without taking his eyes away from the stairway.

「Wh, what?」

「If I remember correctly, Hooly-san, you possess the Transfer technical skill, right?」

「Y, yeah.」

 Lumon placed a hand on the sword on his waist.

 The footsteps were approaching.

「Immediately bring everyone to the royal capital. There is the possibility of annihilation……Deliver this report right away.」

「What are you going to do?」

 Drawing his sword, Lumon stepped forward.

「I’ll meet with the enemy. Even if I can’t crush them, I can at least determine the enemy’s identity. It will be fine, I also possess the Transfer technical skill.」

 Going *gashari, gashari*, the footsteps had approached to the point that they were close by.

「……Quickly. The opponent is someone who can incapacitate our comrades that were on standby below in a short amount of time. If they use some sort of ranged attack, it’ll be bad to have this many people here.」


 The footsteps stopped just before the stairway.

 There was the sign that someone gulped.

「There isn’t any time……Or would you rather this be an order?」

「Guh……Ugh! Run away immediately if you think it’s dangerous!」

「Yeah, of course.」

 After turning his eyes away from the calmly smiling Lumon, Hooly approached the edge of the rooftop.

「All hands, come over! We’re departing right away!」

 Seeing the appearance of the Transfer Magic formation, everyone except Lumon ran towards Hooly.

 After those figures were finally enveloped in light and vanished, the footsteps, as if waiting for that to happen, ascended the stairway.

 And then, a single man appeared.

 What the man with black hair and black eyes wore was black full-body armor. While having a simple shape, it kept within it magical power that was powerful enough to make it feel ominous.

 What he carried was a black, single-handed sword. That blade that had a dim shine to it made one be reminded of the moonlight that shone at night.

 A black knight──Seeing the man that stood in front of him, Lumon harbored that sort of impression.



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