Volume 5, Chapter 20


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 The full-powered Voltenix that were fired one after another didn’t allow Black Lord to resist even a little bit.

 Originally, Voltenix, which was classified as a large magic, would require a chant, and was not something that could be invoked continuously.

 Fainell was using Chant Disposal, but even so, some concentration and a time interval between shots would be needed. To fire things continuously, magic like Aubade・Voltenix would need to be configured.

 That being said, having used Voltenix many times for several decades, Fainell, having complete control over the fluctuations in its power and its state of convergence through magical power control, made the invocation interval terrifyingly short.

「Yks……la……ma……eave the res……o you……」

 Within the thunderous roars, Black Lord muttered.

 He clearly understood that his own role was finished with this.

 That was fine. From the beginning, whether he won or lost, both patterns were already taken into consideration.

 It wasn’t like he had any intention of losing, but now that things had turned out like this, there was no longer any way to overturn things.

 That is why, within his gradually vanishing consciousness……Black Lord prayed for the realization of his master’s objective.

 Within the remains once the thunderous roars and the lights had ceased, Black Lord’s figure was no longer there.

 Only the fragments of something that seemed like it was the Black Lord remained.

「……Tsk. Come to think of it, I forgot to get him to spit out information about that mysterious castle.」

 After Fainell made that annoyed sounding grumble, she saw the forest’s disastrous scene, and rapidly turned pale.

 The area that the Black Lord was at had been scorched by Fainell’s magic.

 The Lulugal Forest was immense. What was scorched was only a small part of it, and if the power of Nino who possessed the 【Magic Eyes of Greenery】 were to be borrowed, it would be possible to restore it immediately.

 The problem was that she would be told cutting remarks that would make her want to cry by the sinister-looking, straight-laced……or rather ernest Maid Knight that would definitely come to this place.

 Since it was a funeral battle for her subordinates, it was fine that she wasn’t reluctant to use magic, but she didn’t pay attention to the surroundings even a little. The fact that she noticed that only at this late point in time was nothing she could do about.

「That’s right, besides……It was that. A state of emergency after all.」

 At any rate, it wasn’t possible to pierce through that Black Lord or whatever’s defenses with any half-hearted magic. If thought of like that, this should be unavoidable damage.

 After preparing for a theoretical argument just in case, Fainell turned around to face the occupied fort.


 And then, Fainell saw someone walking towards her.

 That man was smaller than Fainell, and looked like a young boy.

 Possessing blue hair and blue eyes, his looks still had some childishness to them. Wearing the Eastern Army uniform that was torn and stained with blood, nothing was placed in the sword scabbard that was on his waist. However, there didn’t seem to be any injuries on his body.

 Fainell thought “if I remember correctly, that should be the Vice-Commanding Officer of the unit in charge of the Lulugal Forest” as she remembered him.

 When she came to this fort before, the commanding officer boasted about him quite a bit.

 His name was Lumon……wasn’t it.

 When Lumon noticed Fainell’s gaze, he knelt down on the spot.

「I am terribly sorry. I had regained consciousness some time ago, but I had my hands full just healing myself.」

「I see. Black Lord has been defeated.」

「Yes. As expected of you, Fainell-sama.」


 Fainell turned her gaze to the kneeling Lumon──and unexpectedly, she felt something like something was out of place.

 However, not know what it was, she shook off that thought for the time being.

「Give me a report. Are there any other survivors?」

「I am the only one. Including commanding officer Luluera, everyone within the occupied base has passed away.」

「……Got it. Sorry that I was late.」

「No, it couldn’t be helped.」

 Lumon said that, then sent a peeking gaze at the area behind Fainell.

 Following his gaze, Fainell also looked over there.

 What was there was a sword with a black handle and a blue sword blade. It was the sword that Black Lord possessed before he became gigantic.

「Ahh, that guy’s sword huh. Let’s see……I guess I should break it for now?」

「No……That would be a bit of a waste.」

 While not taking his eyes off of the sword, Lumon said that to Fainell.

「If you say that you are going to break it, could you give it to me?」

「But that’s, the sword that killed your comrades.」

「The sword holds no sin. Besides, it is certain that that is something wonderful.」

 Saying that, Lumon showed the sword scabbard that had become empty on his waist.

「……I see.」

 While looking at that state, Fainell thought.

 Since seeking strength was part of a Mazoku’s instinct, she could agree with Lumon’s statement.

 There was no mistake that that sword was at the Signature rank, but neither Fainell nor the other Four Cardinal Generals particularly needed it.

 After thinking a bit, Fainell answered with a “do as you like”.

「Thank you very much.」

 After Lumon stood up, he approached the sword and picked it up. Looking at the sword blade and checking it, he then sheathed it in the sword scabbard on his waist. It seemed that it fortunately fit perfectly in it, as there wasn’t any particularly out of place feeling to it.

「And so, Fainell-sama.」

「What is it?」

「The matter of the dimensional castle this time, what do you think of it?」

 Even if she were asked that, Fainell only had one answer from the beginning.

「Thinking about that is not our job. This was an enemy raid, and clear treason against Demon King-sama. To begin with……Nn?」

 It was there that Fainell turned a puzzled face towards Lumon.

「Wait, you, just now……did you say, dimensional castle? Where did you hear those words?」

「I was told by that man called Claude.」

「Fu, mu.」

 Being told that, Fainell was also able to agree with that.

 He was the kind of guy that would talk about his master even though she didn’t ask. It wouldn’t be strange even if he spoke about the name of the castle.

「Did he say anything else?」

「He might have said something but……I am sorry. Since I was nearly killed, my memory is disordered.」

 Lumon’s clothes were largely torn up. She could only imagine since there weren’t any wounds on his body, but most likely, he should have received an attack that could have been a fatal wound.

 That is why it couldn’t be helped if his memories were in disorder.

「I see……Well, there’s no helping it. Due to this matter, I need to go around to the other lands of the east but……If you are doing alright, you can’t remain here. Temporarily returning to the capital city and calling for reinforcements would be……」

「Yes, please leave it to me, Fainell-sama. Though I look like this, I am the vice-commanding officer.」

 Fainell said “I see” to the nodding Lumon, and then turned around.

「In that case, be on alert at a level where you don’t push yourself for a while. If either companions of the guy from earlier or a new enemy appears, it’s fine even if you run away.」


「……I leave it to you.」

 Transfer light enveloped Fainell, and her figure completely vanished.

 And then, Lumon, who had bowed his head and sent her off, quietly raised his head.

「That was close, that was close…… That person, she’s surprisingly sharp. I need to be more careful.」

 Lumon quietly muttered that, then turned his eyes towards the center of the Zadark Kingdom──towards the direction that the capital city Arkverm was at.



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