Volume 5, Chapter 27


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 The Demon King Castle was the Demon King’s base that possessed a large magic formation in its underground, and was a castle that existed in the Dark Continent since the previous Demon King Gramfia’s time.

 It was spoken of in the Hero legend, and was the place of the end for everything in it.

 The fact that that place was at the center of the Dark Continent was famous even in mankind’s territory, and its general location could be guessed.

 However, a guess was just a guess, and there was no guarantee of its accuracy.

 That is why that was a considerable gamble.

 Having taken up that gamble despite that and succeeding, right now──Transfer light was gathering in the Demon King Castle’s Throne Room.

「Transfer light……?」

 Having noticed the light, Nino had questioned it.

 Demon King Vermudol was the only one that was allowed to directly Transfer into the Throne Room.

 Everyone else had a predetermined Transfer location, and even if they were one of the Four Cardinal Generals, they were not allowed to directly Transfer into the Throne Room.

 In other words, this Transfer light meant that someone had broken that rule.

 Considering the Zadark Kingdom’s current situation, the possibility that that was the enemy was extremely high.

 Realizing that, Ichika and Nino stepped forward.

 And then, Vermudol muttered while sitting on the throne.

「……I see. So this is how it feels when the Demon King engages the Hero. This has made me taste an utterly terrible feeling.」

「Ara, I am sorry about that. Unfortunately, I am not the Hero though, see?」

 The figures of three people appeared from within the Transfer light together with those words.

 One of them was a white full-body armored knight carrying a sword and shield. Another one was a blue full-body armored knight that hung swords on both sides of his waist.

 And then, the one who stood at the center was a young lady wearing purple clothes that resembled a dress, and hung a sword garnished with a decoration that looked like a rose on her waist.

 That center young lady expressed a fearless smile, pinched the hem of her skirt, and made an refined curtsy.

「Nice to meet you, Demon King of Chaos Vermudol. I am the Demon King of Harmony Ykslaas. These are my knights, Shironos and Brutus. I do apologize for the sudden visit.」

 Following after Ykslaas, the men called Shironos and Brutus made shallow bows. The fact that they weren’t paying any respect towards him was clear from their expressions.

 Vermudol turned his gaze towards Ichika and Nino, who looked like they would slash at them at any moment, and held them back.

「I see. On top of entering the country on your own accord and causing terrible alarm, you suddenly appear and give a person such an odd and very strange title, I am quite amazed. In exchange for accepting your apology, do you mind if I cut you down?」

 Of course, he wasn’t serious. He wanted to cut them down with no questions asked greatly, but it wouldn’t make sense to not capture the valuable information source that barged in alive.

 Hearing Vermudol’s words, the young lady who introduced herself as Ykslaas giggled sounding as if she found that funny.

「Ara, I am sorry. But that would be troubling. If you were to cut me down, I wouldn’t be able to hand my gift over to you.」

「A gift huh. For me, I would like to receive all of the information that you all possess though.」

 Holding back Nino who looked like she would spring at them at any moment now, Vermudol stood up from the throne. In his hand, he had the Bale Sword that was sheathed in its scabbard.

 While looking at Vermudol’s state, Ykslaas shrugged her shoulders.

「Sorry, but that isn’t in my gift.」

「In that case, why don’t I have you add it in?」

「I don’t want to.」

 Hearing Ykslaas’s immediate reply, Vermudol asked a question while making a thin smile.

「Hou. In that case, could you tell me the contents of your gift?」

「Yes, I will tell you.」

 Shironos and Brutus rang their weapons with a *kachari*.

 And then, that was the signal.

 Ichika and Nino jumped out, and simultaneously moved to being right before Shironos and Brutus’s eyes.

 *Giin* While hearing the sounds of swords clashing, Ykslaas and Vermudol drew their swords.

「What I shall present to you, is your destruction. Wonderful, isn’t it?」

「I see. I refuse to accept it. Take it back with you.」

 Attack Fire Magic was fired from Vermudol’s palm.

 Its power was held back──however, the fireball that possessed enough heat to easily burn a single person was headed towards Ykslaas.



「Attack Dark.」

 Darkness swallowed up that fireball, and Ykslaas ran to fill the distance right away.

 However, she suddenly stopped her feet. No, she had no choice but to stop.

 Ykslaas was overpowered by the pressure of Vermudol’s red shining eyes──his invoked 【Magic Eyes of Coercion】.

「For the time being, I will take the information that I can get.」

 What Vermudol invoked was Status Confirmation Magic.

 He had intended on pulling out information through conversation, but now that the battle had already started, there was no need to be reserved at all.

 Through the Status Magic that he used with enough strength where he wouldn’t make any openings on himself, information unfolded in Vermudol’s view.


Name: Ykslaas

Race: Majin

Rank: SSS

Occupation: Demon King

Equipment: Imitation Holy Sword, Lufil Sword

      Dress of Darkness

Technical Skill: ??? (Concealed)

       ??? (Concealed)

       Perfection A

       Magical Power Perception B

       Chant Disposal C

       Unique Magic E


「That just now……Could it be, Status Confirmation Magic!?」

「Yeah, that’s right.」

 There were several items that he couldn’t read, but it was fine to put them off for now.

 More importantly, there was an item that bothered him.

 While restraining the Ykslaas, who was trying to approach him, with an Attack Fire, Vermudol started thinking.

 Imitation Holy Sword, Lufil Sword.

 The sword that Ykslaas possessed was by no means something that a Demon King should possess.

 Going by its name, it wasn’t the Holy Sword itself, but it was most likely something that had similar properties.

 He needed to get the information on why she possessed something like that out of her.

 Realizing that the number of reasons to capture Ykslaas alive had increased, Vermudol sighed.

 If he was going to kill her, it would have been fine to fire a magic with high power with the intention of destroying the Demon King Castle a bit, but when it came to capturing her, it would truly be extremely troublesome.

 That should be barely possible to do with a sword, but Vermudol was originally a Magician.

 To arrive at the level of being a Magic Swordsman, he was still lacking in sword training. He could handle someone on the level of an average swordsman with his physical abilities as a Demon King, but putting that in reverse, that wouldn’t be applied to an opponent that was better than average.

 Being endowed with the Composite Technical Skill 『Perfection』 which represented the value of multiple technical skills that were included in battle, it was clear that Ykslaas was a user of the sword who was better than average. With that being an established point, Vermudol lost the will to fight with a sword.

 Furthermore, as long as he didn’t know the abilities of the thing that was an imitation Holy Sword, he didn’t think that he should cross swords with her so easily.

 In that case, just how he would capture Ykslaas was a problem, but to tell the truth, Vermudol was hoping to leave that duty to Ichika.

 Nino could kill her if she made a mistake in her adjustments, but if it was Ichika, she would surely be able to capture her without killing her.

 However, both Ichika and Nino were in the middle of battle with the ones who seemed to be Ykslaas’s guard.

 With the Magic Operated Armors that readied their weapons and surrounded them at a distance, it would be beyond their power to be a match for them.

 In that case, Vermudol had no choice but to buy enough time for Ichika’s group to finish their battle without killing Ykslaas.

「Kuh……Do you even have the intention of fighting properly!?」

「I don’t. To begin with, I’m not very good at fights where I can’t kill.」

 Cutting up the group of fireballs that Vermudol fired with a Darkness Magic Sword, Ykslaas had her movements come to a complete stop.

「……A fight where you can’t kill?」

「Yeah, that’s right. There are too many things that I need you to spit out.」

 Vermudol simply expressed the facts.

 However, Ykslaas’s shoulders trembled when she heard that.

「……I see. And here I was thinking of giving you an appropriate death as a similar Demon King.」

「Don’t put me together with you. Did you intend on being the same as me when you’re merely a Demon King in occupation?」

「Same to you, just how great do you think you are?」

 Hearing Ykslaas’s words, Vermudol gave an immediate reply.

「I am the Demon King. I don’t think I am, it is a fact.」

 While saying that, Vermudol noticed that he himself wasn’t composed.

 He was a lot more agitated than he thought, and was filled with anger.

 He had valued the weight of the thing known as 「Demon King」 much more than he thought.

 Ykslaas was most likely a Demon King that the God of Life created.

 Another Demon King that lightened the existence known as Demon King.

 He wouldn’t allow it. No, he couldn’t allow it.

 What Demon King of Chaos.

 What Demon King of Harmony.

 A Demon King, wasn’t that sort of thing.

 Being sole and absolute. It wasn’t something that could be split into roles of being greater, middle, or lower.

 The Demon King of the past was Gramfia.

 And then, right now, Vermudol was the Demon King.

「I am the Demon King. Ykslaas, for you who doesn’t know the weight of the Demon King, I don’t believe that you are able of understanding what that is.」

「No, I understand that weight very well. That is why I am able to sacrifice myself for that duty.」

「And what is your duty?」

「To bring about harmony to the world. I am sure that you, who disturbs that and brings about chaos, cannot understand.」

 Ykslaas’s magical power swelled up, and a brilliance in the color of darkness started to envelope her body.

 Before long, that brilliance converged……and was taken into Ys’s body.

「Die, Vermudol.」

「I told you that I refuse.」

 Once again, Vermudol fired a restraining Attack Fire, but Ykslaas evaded that with super fast movements that couldn’t be compared with the movements she made up until now.


 While evading the Attack Fires that were fired in succession, Ykslaas approached Vermudol.

 Seeing that sharpness and speed that made her look like a different person than before, Vermudol clicked his tongue.

 She was filling the distance until she was at sword distance──He was able to clearly understand that.

 Most likely, Ykslaas was convinced that she could win if they fought with the sword.

 Why did Ykslaas’s movements become this good all of a sudden? There was the possibility that it was related to the thing called 『Unique Magic』 that was in her technical skills, but he didn’t have the time to verify that right now.

 So as to meet with Ykslaas, Vermudol readied the Bale Sword.

 When he did, at the corner of Vermudol’s field of vision, he saw something burst in from the Throne Room’s window.

 After it landed in between Vermudol and Ykslaas, it fired a sword attack that went up diagonally to the right at the same time as it stood up.

 Together with the sound of swords intensely clashing, Ykslaas jumped back and took some distance.

「……How boorish of you to cut into a duel. Who might you be?」

「To protect my master by means of that boorishness, that is my duty……Central General Gordy, now comes forth.」



    Since only that Black General and Red General Olred appeared as decoy.
    This 3 pitiful puppets that confront Vermudol is the other 2 generals and Ys, the new puppet demon king.
    Pathetic souls.
    Here comes then arrogance coming from puppets!

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