Volume 5, Chapter 29


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 Ultrafast offense and defense.

 Anyone who saw Nino and Brutus’s fight would surely appraise it like that.

 This fight between two fellows that handle two blades, by no means was it something that concentrated only on attacking.

 They repelled each other’s swords, and slashed aiming at each other’s blind spots.

 In this offence and defence done by a total of four swords, they stood their ground against each other, and no progress was made.

 Only the tracks of the swords and the sounds that were played indicated the intenseness of that offence and defence.

「I wish to hear your name. I am Brutus.」

 Within that offence and defence, Brutus recognized the young lady as an opponent to remember, and asked that.

 In contrast, Nino didn’t have any interest whatsoever in Brutus. If she had to say anything, a nuisance……well, that was about all he was to her.

 However, she felt that it would be alright to at least tell him her name.

 It was the name given to her by Vermudol who she held respect and affection for. She had no doubt that there was nothing more wonderful in this world than that.

 If the opponent that she was currently fighting would touch even a fragment of that wonderfulness by telling her name, that in itself had meaning to Nino.


「I see. Nino, why do you not use a Magic Sword?」

 That offense and defense was the collision between sword and sword, and there was no brilliance of a Magic Sword.

 The Magic Sword that should naturally be used if they sought offensive ability, neither side used it.

「That’s unrelated to you.」

 Nino answered as if spitting that out.

 As a matter of fact, let alone a Magic Sword, Nino was pretty much unable to use magic.

 It wasn’t like she couldn’t use it at all, but Nino didn’t have the talent for magic.

 Nino was fine with not being able to use magic, but through the persuasion of none other than Vermudol, it was done little by little but she had started studying magic.

 However, the Magic Sword was a technique of a Magic Swordsman who had mastered both magic and the sword. There was no way it could be used by Nino who was still unskilled in magic.

「It’s not really unrelated to me though.」

 Brutus saw what was beyond Nino──Ykslaas who was confronting Vermudol, and muttered that.

 At some point in time, a guard Mazoku had rushed to Vermudol’s side.

 Since Shironos was in the middle of battle outside of the castle, Brutus had no choice but to head over to assist Ykslaas.

 However, it was inconvenient for Brutus to use his Bale Killer here. That is why he had no choice but to pull out as much power as possible in this form and remove Nino.

 The instant Brutus repelled Nino’s swords, he jumped backwards.

「……O Water.」

 Water magical power dwelled in Brutus’s pair of swords.

 The Water Magic Sword absolutely couldn’t be blocked by regular swords. In other words, if Nino didn’t use Magic Sword as well, it meant that Brutus’s victory was decided.

「It’s futile. You are no match for me with those swords. I won’t kill you if you withdraw.」

「……Nino, wonders about that.」

 Seeing the Water magical power that dwelled in Brutus’s pair of swords, Nino fearlessly smiled.

「If you could win against Nino by using that, you should have hurried up and used it. But, you didn’t use it. Why is that.」


 Brutus didn’t answer.

 However, Nino continued her words.

「You couldn’t use it. Nino knows. The Magic Sword, it’s the secret technique of the Magic Swordsman. To convert magical power and have it dwell in something else, it’s very difficult, isn’t it.」

 This was knowledge obtained by having started studying magic. That is why Nino had something close to what could be called conviction.

「And so, it can’t be used for a long time. And also, you have two swords. That is why, it’s even more difficult. Surely, you pretty much can’t maintain it, right?」

 Seeing Nino ready her curved blades, Brutus breathed a sigh.

「It’s exactly as you say. But, this fight will be settled with a single attack. You don’t have the means of defending against that single attack.」

「Nino, can’t use a Magic Sword. But.」

 What Nino clutched in each of her hands were the Curved Blade Arrelis and the Curved Blade Ranrelis.

 This pair of swords that received the God of Wind Wyrm’s power, they accepted the magical power that poured into them from Nino and started to shine.

「Nino’s swords, can use Magic Sword, you know?」

 Nino’s curved blades had Wind magical power dwelling within them.

 This was the sword power that Nino was gifted to by the God of Wind Wyrm. By pouring in magical power, she was able to invoke Wind Magic Sword for only a short amount of time.

 Nino’s swords, which weren’t at the level of being sacred treasures but had evolved to things that could imitate being one, had increased their destructive power.

 Whether it be an opponent with strong defense, or an opponent that used magic or a Magic Sword, as long as she had these swords, Nino could fight them.

「Even if you use a Magic Sword, it’s pointless. The one to win will be Nino after all.」

「Fu……Fufufu, I, see!」

 The Wind Magic Swords and the Water Magic Swords clashed, and the magical power was whittled down.

 They would pour magical power into their swords everytime their own swords’ brilliance weakened, and they would once again exchange blows.

 Nino was better in speed, while Brutus was better in power. The ability of their swords were equal.

 For that reason, there was no way a conclusion could be met yet, but Brutus felt a faint amount of impatience.

 The more time that passed, the more Brutus’s group would be at a disadvantage.

 This place was enemy territory, and there was a limit to the amount of time bought by Claude, Olred, and the Dimensional Castle.

 He needed to end the fight as soon as possible and assist Ykslaas.

 However, what should he do to do that?


 After the nth exchange of blows, Brutus started to back off.

 The more he backed off, the more Nino went forward.

 Nino was overwhelming Brutus──The Magic Operated Armors that were seeing their state from a distance were probably thinking that.

 Nino herself was also thinking that while feeling that something was a bit out of place.

 Before long, Brutus was driven close to the wall.

「So this is, as far as you go.」


 Hearing Nino mutter that, Brutus replied with words of denial.

「This is, where it starts.」

 And then, Brutus’s magical power drastically swelled up.

 Brutus’s head changed into an inorganic helmet, and even his body changed into metal.

 Having changed is appearance into a blue Magic Operated Armor, Brutus chanted the words to release all of the power within him.

「Bale Killer!」

 The explosion of enormous magical power that occurred with Brutus as the center had obstructed Nino’s actions, and took away her field of vision at the same time.


 Even so, there was no change to the fact that Brutus was there.

 Nino tried to swing her curved blade──and it was there that she noticed that her foothold had vanished.


 It wasn’t just her foothold. Within the field of vision of the falling Nino, the collapsing Demon King Castle’s ceiling was reflected.

 Fragments of the Demon King Castle were falling from the cloudy sky.

「What is……!?」

 Aiming at Nino who was using the Demon King Castle fragments as footholds to jump, a gigantic lump of ice came flying.

 Having cut up that lump of ice with her curved blades on reflex, what she saw beyond it was a gigantic head made of metal.

 The thing that looked as if it were rearing its head to look at Nino looked like a gigantic metal snake. It was winding around the Demon King Castle, and was continuing to destroy the Demon King Castle.

 Fortunately, it seemed that there wasn’t any damages throughout the town of Arkverm, but things had already turned into an uproar. Evacuation guidance of the citizens had already started through the Central Army.

 Having gotten down to the ground, Nino was dumbfounded.

 The Demon King Castle──the Demon King Castle that was the symbol of Demon King Vermudol’s authority, was crumbling.

 It was broken. Due to Nino not killing him quickly, it was broken.

「It’s Nino’s……fault.」

 If she had been just a bit faster. If she had been just a bit stronger.

 If she had been all that, it wouldn’t have turned out like this.

「It’s Nino’s, fault. Since Nino, didn’t kill him……Nino is, Nino is……」

 A voice from a metal snake came pouring down on the muttering Nino.

「……I am Blue Lord. I am one who will swallow up everything of the enemies of my master.」

 Hearing that voice, Nino slowly looked up at the Blue Lord.

 Nino’s green eyes shone.

 The plants in the premises of the Demon King Castle started to rapidly grow.

 In order to tie up the Blue Lord’s large build, the plants accomplished an abnormal growth.

「……It’s Nino’s, fault.」

 Nino muttered those words.

 Focusing on Blue Lord with her shining green eyes, Nino readied her curved blades.

「Sorry. Since Nino didn’t kill you quickly, you got full of yourself, didn’t you?」

 Nino then threw the words “But you can be at ease” at Blue Lord.

 A tree root that came up splitting the ground from under Nino’s feet brought her up, and branches created footholds towards Blue Lord.

「Since starting right now, Nino will……destroy you with all of her strength.」



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