Volume 5, Chapter 32


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 Seeing the maelstrom of highly concentrated magical power that shrinking little by little, Vermudol opened his mouth.

「……It’s trying to make something, isn’t it.」

「Just what can it do……?」

 Gordy muttered that.

「I don’t know. But, it’s probably something that will likely try to use the piece known as Ykslaas even if it has to throw her away later.」

 Gordy, who was still in Vermudol’s arms, raised her body up, and slowly stood up.

「Kuh……At any rate, I am quite disappointing. To think I would cause you trouble, Demon King-sama.」

「Don’t mind it. It would have been more absurd to tell you to deal with that thing that was like a suicide bomb attack.」

「The scale might be different, but I endured it.」

 That was the voice of a familiar Maid Knight. Ichika and Nino appeared engulfed in Transfer light.

 Ichika was expressionless as usual, and Nino was making a face that looked like she was a bit uncomfortable.

「Well, don’t say that……Nino, what’s wrong? You’re making quite the rare face for you.」

「She seems to be regretting not having prevented the damages done due to that man called Brutus’s transformation.」

「That would have been unreasonable to do……Don’t mind it, Nino. Not even I would have been able to do something about something like that.」


 Having her head patted by the wryly smiling Vermudol, Nino made a small nod.

 The Demon King Castle was certainly broken, but something like that would be fine if they just repaired it.

「More importantly, the fact that you all are here means……」

 Ichika and Nino made bitter faces at those words Vermudol said.

「……No. It would seem that his power was swallowed up by that maelstrom of magical power. The enemy is unconscious down below.」

「Nino’s opponent is the same. He suddenly returned to being a Majin.」


 It seemed that more power was being collected than he expected.

 However, in regards to the black knight that was Ykslaas’s companion, he had received a report that Fainell had already annihilated him. In that case, did that mean that they prevented that portions worth of absorption?

「……It’s coming out.」

 Sancreed, who was closely observing the maelstrom of magical power, calmly muttered that.

 At the same time as that, the magical power shrank immediately, spread light into the vicinity, and golden armor that emitted a dull brilliance had appeared.

 That armor, which had its interior filled with darkness, held a silver sword that emitted a brilliance of purity in its hand.

 At a glance, it looked like a Magic Operated Armor, but it felt quite different.

「……What is that.」


 As if replying to Nino’s mutter, Vermudol invoked Status Confirmation Magic.


Name: Holy Armor Soldier

Race: Shinzoku

Rank: B

Occupation: ???

Equipment: Exorcism Sword

      Holy Armor

Technical Skill: ??? (Concealed)

       Perfection A

       Magical Power Perception A

       Chant Disposal A



「……What the heck, is this.」

 The words “could it be” felt like they would leak out from Vermudol’s mouth.

 Holy Armor Soldier. Shinzoku.

 The information that stood out way too much were lined up next to each other.

 The shadow of the Gods that had continued doing secret maneuvers up until now had now suddenly become more pronounced.

 Why? Why, was it with this timing?

 Vermudol thought about it, but there was no way the answer would come out.

 Sancreed had already started running towards the Holy Armor Soldier.

 Ichika and Nino stood in front of Vermudol and took up defensive stances.

「……Sancreed, be careful! That thing is most likely a vanguard of the Gods!」

「Yeah, understood.」

 Darkness magical power dwelled within Sancreed’s sword.

 He swung the sword towards the golden armor, however, the brilliance of the repelled Magic Sword was lost.


 Aiming at Sancreed as he looked at his sword seeming puzzled, the Holy Armor Soldier’s sword was swung down.

 However, there was no way that sword that was swung so half-heartedly would hit.

 Sancreed easily evaded it, and this time, he had Light magical power dwell in his sword.

 The swung sword made a direct hit on the Holy Armor Soldier, but like before, the Light magical power vanished from the sword.

 Sancreed repeated that action several times with the Magic Sword of different elements.

「I see.」

 He didn’t know what the theory behind it was, but it seemed that the Magic Swords were being negated.

「Freeze Lance!」

 Thinking “in that case”, he fired magic, but that was also repelled on the Holy Armor Soldier’s armor and vanished.

 It seemed that techniques using magical power wouldn’t work on it. This was far from a disadvantage for a Magic Swordsman.

 However, Sancreed gazed at the Holy Armor Soldier, and once again, he started to knead magical power.

「……O Fire.」

 Fire magical power dwelled in Sancreed’s sword.

 Being far stronger than before, the sword that had enough magical power poured into it that it nearly reached the limit that the sword could endure had shone as if it had gone red hot.

 The Holy Armor Soldier, which had somehow displayed that it had leeway, saw Sancreed’s sword and fixed its stance with the sword.

「That attitude……Looks like there won’t be a need to test it out.」

 Readying his sword that shone red, Sancreed ran.

 So as to intercept that, the Holy Armor Soldier’s sword became clad in a faint golden brilliance.

 And then, the sound of sword and sword──magical power and magical power clashing resounded.

 Sancreed then turned the hand that didn’t hold his sword towards the Holy Armor Soldier that flew backwards as if being repelled back.

「Volcanon Shot.」

 The fired Volcanon Shot bursted on the Holy Armor Soldier’s armor, but there wasn’t even a single scratch on the golden armor’s surface.

「……What a nuisance.」

 Sancreed muttered that.

 While looking at his figure from behind, Nino, who stood so as to protect Vermudol, expressed a question mark.

「What’s going on?」

「This is just a guess but……」

 While saying that, Vermudol gazed at the Bale Blade that was in his hand.

 Most likely, similar to Ys’s earlier sword, that armor that Holy Armor Soldier was clad in possessed all elements. Due to that, he didn’t know how much, but a certain degree of attack would be automatically offset from an effect similar to a magic barrier.

 But, that Holy Armor Soldier should have missed out on absorbing the black knight’s power.

 In that case, he could conclude that it had that part as a weakness.

「……I guess I’ll test it out.」

 A clump of light was created in Vermudol’s hand.

「Attack Light.」

 The fired Attack Light made a direct hit on the Holy Armor Soldier, and left a definite scar without being offset.

 Vermudol thought “as I suspected”.

 The black knight……He was most likely of the Darkness element, but it wasn’t able to absorb his portion of power. In that case, it would mean that the countering Light element would be the element that that Holy Armor Soldier can’t offset.

 Of course, as long as it possesses the Light element, it’s not like it won’t have any resistance to the Light element at all but……that is much better than it being offsetted.

 Or maybe, if it were Vermudol’s Bale Blade, would he tear it to pieces with something like that not mattering at all?

 But, Ichika and Nino definitely wouldn’t agree with Vermudol getting close to the Holy Armor Soldier. As long as they couldn’t deny the possibility that that Holy Armor Soldier was hiding some other power, it was too dangerous for the Demon King to personally approach it.

 Then again, Vermudol lost the need to expressly head out right now.

 Through the earlier Attack Light, Sancreed understood that the Holy Armor Soldier’s weakness was Light element attacks, converted his Magic Sword to Light, and was fighting while mixing in Light element magic.

 While gazing at that, Vermudol thought “however”.

 After this, what would they do in the event that a complete Holy Armor Soldier were to appear? No, a time to fight one would undoubtedly come.

 Luckily, this time, a weakness was made in the opponent, and they could win after the preparations were arranged.

 But, however, what would have happened if they were to fight in a situation where their recent fighting potential wasn’t arranged? Would he be able to calmly analyze the situation like he was now?

 Thinking that, Vermudol got a chill.

「……With this, it’s the finisher!」

 Sancreed’s attack literally tore up the Holy Armor Soldier.

 The magical power that was accumulated inside the Holy Armor Soldier scattered, and having turned into normal full-body armor, the Holy Armor Soldier crumbled down with a clattering sound.

 At the same time, Sancreed’s sword broke down from being unable to endure the abuse.

「Good job, Sancreed. However, we really need to quickly do something about your sword, don’t we.」

 After Vermudol said that with a sigh, Sancreed stared at Vermudol’s hand……more accurately, at Bale Blade.

「……I won’t give you my sword, you know?」

「I see. That’s unfortunate.」

 Bale Blade was Vermudol’s trump card. He couldn’t hand it over to Sancreed, but there was a need to prepared something similar for Sancreed. That’s right, for example……it would be perfect if there were one more Holy Sword.

 Thinking that far, Vermudol suddenly noticed.

「Nino. There should be a sword with a rose decoration lying around here.」

「Un. It’s stuck in the corner over there.」

 After being told that and looked at the direction Nino was pointing at, the Lufil Sword was swaying, stuck in a crack of the crumpled floor. Vermudol commanded a Magic Operated Armor to pick it up.

「What should we do about this?」

「Nn? Well, let’s see……」

 Being asked that by Sancreed, Vermudol looked at the thing he was vigilantly staring at.

 The wreckage of the Holy Armor Soldier was still emitting strong magical power. The sword was undamaged, but as for the armor, Sancreed had splendidly torn it up and was too torn up to be used normally.

 For the time being, Vermudol determined that both should be collected.

「Yosh, recover them and bring them to Margaret’s workshop. They might turn into something interesting.」

 After saying that, the Magic Operated Armors that weren’t busy started to carry off the wreckage of the Holy Armor Soldier.

 Even if it was just junk that had strong magical power to Vermudol, if it was Margaret, there was a high possibility that it could be turned into something useable. Most likely, he’ll receive a good report soon enough.

「All that’s left is the postwar processing I suppose.」

 While saying that, Vermudol looked at the broken Demon King Castle.

 The ceiling had collapsed, and the cloudy sky could be seen. The front wall was grandly destroyed, and it was a wonderful unbroken view of the town of Arkverm. Furthermore, the floor was also largely destroyed, and the Demon King Castle could be said to be one step away from being ruins.

「……It closely resembles the time when we first started, doesn’t it.」

「At that time, it wasn’t this crumbled though.」

 Thinking of the expenses needed to repair it, Vermudol became dispirited.

 It would be one thing if this were the dawning of the Zadark Kingdom, but right now where they were properly operating as a nation, there was the thing known as the circumstances of the budget. He felt like he was getting a headache just imagining the number of documents that would be needed.

「……Well, in any case. With this, we have somehow obtained a thread end to some information.」

 The damages were large, but Vermudol made himself agree to the idea that what they obtained was just as large.

「Go and recover the bunch that have collapsed down below. After that……let’s see.」

 While giving instructions to the Magic Operated Armors, Vermudol approached Ykslaas who was laid down close to the throne.

 It was truly convenient that she had fainted.

 It was because what he was going to do from now on would require that the other party consent to it, or that the other party be in a state where they couldn’t resist normally.

 Vermudol touched Ykslaas’s head, and gently closed his eyes.

「Now then……I will have you show me.」



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