Volume 6, Chapter 11


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 Hearing Vermudol’s words, Ykslaas also grinned with an expression just like Vermudol’s.

「That is also, quite the grand dream. And so? About how close have you gotten to achieving that dream?」

 In response to Ykslaas’s question that had a bit of teasing mixed into it, Vermudol also answered with a light tone.

「Dunno. I’d like to say that I’m getting closer to it one step at a time, but a self-proclaimed 『Demon King of Harmony』 had attacked not too long ago after all.」

「Ara, that is terrible……You have my sympathy, you know?」

「Is that so. In that case, along with that sympathy, could you lend me your strength?」

「Of course I don’t want to, you know?」

 Hearing Ykslaas mischievously say that, Vermudol laughed with a *ku*.

 Ykslaas also replied with a giggle, then gently separated from Vermudol’s chest.

「Hey, Vermudol. If your goal is realized, do you think a future where no one has to perish will be created?」

「Who knows. In the end, something might perish in my place. But, at the very least……it will be an era different from the one now, that is what I believe.」

「There sure is a lot of supposition.」

「It can’t be helped. Something like the future is something I wouldn’t know about after all.」

「That certainly is true. There’s no telling what’s going on in the world even now after all.」

 Like that, a time of silence appeared.

 Vermudol, Ykslaas, Ichika──none of them spoke a word.

 After a bit of silence……Ykslaas quietly opened her mouth.



「I’ll invest in that future that you described. Do your best to make a good future.」

 Ykslaas hit Vermudol’s chest with her fist.

 *Ton* It was a light sound.

 However, it was certainly the sound of the future being entrusted to him.

「……Got it.」

 Vermudol gently smiled.

 After Ykslaas replied to that with a faint smile, her shoulders were grabbed from behind by Ichika.

「Well then, now that the talk has finished, let us get you changed.」

「Eh, hey……I don’t remember agreeing to the attire!」

「It was that sort of talk from the start. Since you have accepted it, resign yourself to this.」

「Ahー……Well. I’ll be going outside for a bit.」

 Averting his eyes from the two who started to noisily scuffle once again, Vermudol left Ykslaas’s room.

 In truth, he had come for a different talk──the talk about the sightseeing plan, but it wasn’t really the atmosphere for that.

 After he started to walk through the corridor while thinking “I guess I’ll come again another day”, noisy footsteps could be heard from behind.

「Ho, hold on! Save me!」


 When Vermudol turned around, the figure of Ykslaas clad in a purple maid outfit was there.

 And Ichika was pursuing right behind her.

 As if to use Vermudol as a shield, Ykslaas quickly went around behind him.

 While making a wry smile, Vermudol stopped the approaching Ichika with a hand.

「Ichika. For the time being, wouldn’t it be fine to leave it at this for today?」

「That will not do. Things are better off being done quickly after all.」

「That certainly is true. But, it isn’t good to be too fast either. Isn’t that right?」


 Sensing what Vermudol was aiming for, Ichika fell silent.

 Being clearly relieved that Ichika had stopped, Ykslaas tried to leave that place, but this time, her hand was grabbed by Vermudol.

「Eh, hey. What. Weren’t we done talking?」

「Yeah. But, Ykslaas, there’s something I want you to help me out with for a bit. That’s actually what I came here to talk to you about in the first place.」

 Being told that much, even Ykslaas had to listen to what he had to say.

 With a sigh of resignation, she looked up at Vermudol.

「……What is it.」

 Looking down at Ykslaas who was far from being docile, Vermudol turned around to Ichika.

「Hey, Ichika. On second thought, isn’t it impossible to make this the Head Maid?」

「I feel the same way, but in terms of ability, I believe she is adequate enough.」

「Hey, could you leave the rudeness at that.」

 Ignoring the clearly displeased-looking Ykslaas, Vermudol thoroughly looked up and down at her figure.

「Well, there isn’t any particular problem with her appearance.」

「What are you talking about.」

「Nn? Ahh, it’s because we’re going to the South after this.」

 Even after being told that, Ykslaas had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.

 Being the only one able to guess the situation, Ichika’s brow moved, but Vermudol didn’t notice.

「I don’t understand your objective. Explain it properly.」

「Properly, huh. I wonder where I should start talking from.」

 Seeing Vermudol as he wondered whether or not he should start talking about the original goal of the sightseeing, Ykslaas, sensing that it would turn into a long story, gave him a warning.

「Just the minimum is enough. Tell me only the necessary parts.」

「The necessary parts, huh.」

 In other words, why they were going to the South.

 For the sake of the sightseeing plan……The explanation would be lacking with just that.

 Why was there a need to bring Ykslaas along?

 It was because she had acted within mankind’s territory and knew mankind’s preferences, and because it seemed like she was exceedingly close to the general senses of mankind.

 If he learned of Ykslaas’s preferences and adopted them into the plan, that should create an even better sightseeing tour.

 In short, it was like this.

「It’s because I want to know your preferences.」


 Seeing Ykslaas unconsciously move back, he thought that he really did cut it short a bit too much.

 Certainly, that remark just now could be interpreted as Vermudol wanting know Ykslaas’s preferences for his own personal interest.

「……As I thought, I guess a bit more explanation is needed, huh. In other words, you, who lived in mankind’s territory, know about mankind’s tastes, and both your intuition and general sense of style are good……that’s what I think. If we were to draft a sightseeing plan for the South with your preferences as the base, I think that we can create something good.」

 After Vermudol breathed a sigh that felt like he found that it couldn’t be helped, Ykslaas kicked Vermudol’s leg in silence.

「……What are you doing? I explained it, didn’t I?」

「Don’t “I explained it, didn’t I” me. Ahh, jeez. I’m finally able to understand you.」

「I don’t really get it, but isn’t that a wonderful thing?」

 When Vermudol tilted his head, Ykslaas clicked her tongue.

「Ichika. You must have had a really hard time too.」

「Vermudol-sama, does not have the leeway to mind that sort of thing right now.」

「I wonder about that. Men like this don’t change for their entire lives, you know?」

 Noticing that that seemed to have been a criticism, Vermudol fell silent for the time being.

 He at least understood that making poor excuses at times like this would just be adding fuel to the fire, and his own explanation certainly was bad.

 Seeing Vermudol in that state, Ykslaas breathed a sigh, and once again looked up at Vermudol

「Well, fine. In that case, I’ll go and change clothes so could you wait for a bit?」

「I don’t mind, but there isn’t really a problem with that appearance, right?」

「……There obviously is one.」

 While watching Ykslaas go back into her room in that seemed to be an angry state, Vermudol felt that it was baffling.

 The maid outfit she was wearing, which was most likely hand made by Ichika, were splendidly tailored, and he thought that they were much better than the average clothing that could be found anywhere, but he guessed that there were individual differences in judgement as well.

「I thought that those were beautifully tailored, and good clothes though?」

 When Vermudol looked to Ichika seeking an answer, Ichika shook her head sideways while still being expressionless.

「That is not the problem, Vermudol-sama.」

「Is that so?」

「It might be best for you to use Sancreed and Altejio as references a little.」

「Those two, huh.」

 He knew that Sancreed and Altejio gathered popularity from the female Mazoku.

 Sancreed similarly had many female fans even in mankind’s territory, and thinking about what would be done after this, he might have several points that Vermudol should follow as an example.

「……I see. Even if I do good governing, that does not guarantee that anyone will follow me. Knowing the technique to seize a person’s heart is also necessary, is that what it means?」

「Well……I believe that should be fine for now.」

 Ichika displayed an expression that said that she seemed to have something in mind.

 Vermudol saw that, tilted his head, and peeked at Ichika’s face.

「You’re lacking your usual sharpness in that remark. Are you feeling unwell?」

「No, please do not mind it.」

「Is that so.」

 Thinking “if that is what Ichika says, then that should be fine”, Vermudol consented.

 However, what Ichika said was also reasonable.

 If he was making Ykslaas, who possessed senses close to mankind’s, mad, then peace with mankind was surely far off.

 It might be best to pay attention to the subtleties of a person’s heart even more so than ever before.

 If there were no other problems and the failure happened due to Vermudol’s behavior, that would be far too lame.

「I shall immediately pay more attention to that starting now.」

「……No, it should be fine if you start from tomorrow.」

「Nn? Why is that?」

「There is no particular reason.」

 When Vermudol asked that, Ichika quickly averted her gaze.

 Was she worried that he would get mental fatigue from suddenly doing something that he wasn’t used to?

 Thinking that way, Vermudol suddenly laughed.

「No need to worry like that. Certainly, I can understand that that sort of skill is necessary if I am going to try and deepen friendships with countries that aren’t Mazoku. I also believe that I understood that……but, it seems that I truly was at nothing more than at the 『believe』 level.」


 Seeing the silent Ichika, Vermudol once again tilted his head.

「What’s wrong, Ichika?」

「No, I have nothing in particular in mind.」

「Is that so?」


 Although Vermudol displayed a question mark at how Ichika was making her most difficult-looking face today, which seemed like she was relieved yet not at the same time, he placed his eyes on Ykslaas’s room.

「Still, she sure is slow. I wonder if there was some sort of problem?」

「There is no need to worry. I believe it would be fine for you to wait in your room.」

「Well, that’s true.」

 Without noticing at all that Ichika was looking a bit displeased, Vermudol turned around.



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