Volume 6, Chapter 16


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 Having come out from the underground Grand Library after several days, Rokuna discovered the figure of someone that was busily moving about the reception hall that was on the Demon King Castle’s first floor.

 If they were to be described in one phrase, it was pure red armor.

 But, it was clearly different from the Red Knight that was Ykslaas’s subordinate, Olred.

 The armor in front of her was far smaller when compared to Olred.

 Plus, the armor’s design and silhouette were feminine, and looked like maid clothes.

 If she were to describe it, armor that was imitating maid clothes was moving about, that was the situation.

「……I wonder, what that’s all about.」

 It seemed to be polishing the floor with a device that had what looked like a wet cloth attached to the end of a pole.


 It was headed towards the direction Rokuna was at, and came running while raising a cute voice.

 However, what was that really?

 No matter how she looked at it, it was armor, and she had a bit of reluctance to call it a maid.

「Ryaryarya……Ourarirariaahー! Tte, uwaーoh!?」

 When it, which had been vigorously been plunging forward, came to a stop right in front of Rokuna, it wielded the pole that it had been using to polish the floor with up until now like a spear and took a stance with it.

「A suspicious person that looks sort of ill has been discovered. Eei, who are you! If you don’t tell me, my cleaning pole will make you groan, you know!?」

 Seeing the armor shout out loud, Rokuna somehow guessed what the situation was.

「By some chance, could you be that. A new maid that Ver-cchi created?」

「Ver-cchi!? With no need to guess, are you talking about Demon King-sama when you say that! What is with that intimate way of calling him! Hah, could it be that you’re his wife or something!」

「It’s unfortunate but that’s wrongー. I’m Rokuna. The Guardian of the Library.」

 Hearing Rokuna’s self-introduction, the armor, after groaning with an *uhーn*, hit its hands with a *gashan*.

「Ahh, ahh! Come to think of it, I’ve heard about you! The shut-in person that’s always in the library! Yes, I know about you!」

「Wait a second, who was the one that said that?」

 Completely ignoring Rokuna’s question, the armor started its own self-introduction.

「I’m sorry for the delay! I am the maid Krim!」

「No, more importantly, who was the one that said I was a shut-in.」

「Ah, come to think of it, it was rude of me to not show you my face!」

 When Krim took off its full-face helmet, a truly cute face appeared out from within it.

 Red shoulder length hair that resembled shinily polished Blood Metal, and big and round red eyes that were a similar color.

 Expressing a whole faced smile with those looks that the expression of innocence would really match her, Krim made a salute.

「No, like I said. Who did you hear it from……?」

「The truth is that I was just born yesterday, so I haven’t remembered everyone’s faces! But, Rokuna-sama, I’ve already memorized your face, so it’s alright, you know!?」

「……Ahh, is that so.」

 Giving up in various ways, Rokuna nodded.

「By the way, you said that you were a maid, but how did you end up like that?」


「Un, how should I put this. Rather than maid clothes, you’re more like maid armor, aren’t you.」

 Even if she put it conservatively, Krim’s figure was maid armor.

「Erm, let’s see. For us, I suppose that the quantity was necessary.」

「That’s true.」

 It was originally that sort of story.

 The origin of it all was that since there was a part of the culture of mankind’s territory where the number of maids would be proof of one’s power, the opinion that the number of maids should be increased came from Ichika at the time of the serious start of the sightseeing plan.

 She had heard that Ykslaas would be the one to take command of that maid unit but……wasn’t that Krim’s appearance a bit, too original?

「Erm, about that. It seems that it was hard in various ways to create a lot of us, but it seems that he also found it questionable to have us all have the same face when lined up.」

 That certainly was true.

 They would become unable to differentiate them, and it wasn’t like it was fine as long as they filled up only the numbers.

 To display nothing but maids that had the same face, that would definitely give fear to mankind in a different way from the image that the Mazoku had up until now.

「So, after being troubled by it, it seems that he thought that he might as well make us something like Magic Operated Armors.」


 Thinking “he must be really tired”, Rokuna felt sympathy for Vermudol.

 Rokuna could only guess at how difficult Mazoku Creation was, but she was at least able to understand that it wasn’t that simple.

 To do that in his spare time during the colossal work that he has right now, it should be considerably harsh mentally as well.

「Then what. Are you a Magic Operated Armor?」

「Yes! It seems that some group of people called the Four Knights were used as a reference!」

 Rokuna thought “I see”.

 Vermudol made practical use of the Mazoku’s Majin transformation.

 Even for Mazoku that can’t be differentiated from the rest of their race at a glance, since the contents of their souls are individually different, that difference turns into a disparity in outward appearance when they do a Majin transformation.

 Even if Vermudol were to make them with the same design, once they did a Majin transformation, maids with their own different respective appearances should be made.

 If there were to be a problem with this, it would probably be that creating high ranking Mazoku that could do Majin transformations from the start would take considerably more effort and magical power than creating normal Mazoku.

「Well, I understand the situation now. So, what’s with that armor?」

「It’s because for a maid, the workplace is a battlefield!」

「Ahー……Is that so. But, wouldn’t it be better if you wore maid clothes?」

「To dress up on the battlefield, that’s just absurd! If I were to dress up, that would only be when I’m in my burial clothes!」

 Rokuna breathed a sigh at Krim who turned the other way in a huff.

「Ahー……un. Well, that’s fine. So, where are the other maids?」

「Ah, yes. Erm, about that, having been inspired by my gallant figure, Demon King-sama said that he needed to think a bit more about the mass production system. Well, that can’t be helped! I don’t think that an ultra excellent super maid like me can always be made after all!」

 While thinking “I wonder about that”, Rokuna replied with a half-hearted smile.

 Most likely, due to using the battle-oriented Magic Operated Armors as the base, she ended up having a weird personality.

 There was no mistake that Vermudol thought that if he was going to mass produce them, he would do it after testing out if he could adjust their personalities a bit more.

「And so, where is Ver-cchi?」

「Ah, yes. Erm, about that, he went to Ichika-sama’s place. He said that he had something to talk with her about or something.」


 She didn’t know what he went to discuss with her about, but in that case, would it be better to wait for him in Vermudol’s office?

 Just as Rokuna was thinking that, the transfer light that would occur when Transfer Magic was put to use appeared close to the two of them.

「Mumu, is it a new suspicious person!?」

「That’s obviously wrong. Stop holding that thing at the ready.」

 Just as Rokuna warned Krim who once again readied her cleaning pole or whatever, Vermudol’s figure appear from within the transfer light.

「Ara, Ver-cchi……Wait, what’s that.」

 Within Vermudol’s hands, who had just appeared, there was a bundle of what seemed to be red cloth.

「Nn? So it’s you, Rokuna. Ahー, you mean this……It’s a present for Krim.」



 Beside Rokuna who was expressing a question mark, Krim dropped her cleaning pole and wrapped up her cheeks with both of her hands.

「Demon King-sama has a present for me!? Oh me, so I was ultra excellent enough to be granted with something like that!」

「Nn, ahh……Well, here.」

「Waa, waa! What is it, what could it be! Tte, nnー?」

 After Krim took the bundle of cloth from Vermudol’s hands and unrolled it……it was a maid outfit that had red as its basic tone.

「Erm, this is a maid outfit……right?」

「Yeah, that’s right.」

 Seeing that, Rokuna understood.

 I see, Vermudol probably went to get Ichika to sew a maid outfit.

 To create something like that in this short amount of time, there was no one else but Ichika.

「Demon King-sama, although I’m happy for the sentiment, I……」


 Vermudol grabbed Krim’s shoulders as she was in the middle of speaking.

「I, want you to wear that.」


 While still gripping both of Krim’s shoulders, whose face had gone bright red, Vermudol spoke to Krim with a serious face.

「I fully understand your spirit of perceiving the workplace as a battlefield and challenging it. However. These clothes are a maid’s armor itself. It asserts that a maid is a maid, and is armor meant to signify their way of life. Since I value your spirit, I charged my magical power into these clothes. Even with all of that, is it still not enough to make this your armor?」

 In response to Vermudol who spoke directly to her, Krim nodded while holding the maid clothes close to her chest.

「As, as you will it, Demon King-sama……」

「I see. I’m glad you understand.」

「Yes, I will change into it right away!」

 Letting out a relieved sounding breath, Vermudol was about to turn around when he noticed that Rokuna was looking at him with lukewarm eyes and turned his gaze towards her.

「What is it?」

「Nnーnn, it’s nothing. I just didn’t think that the day would come when you would passionately speak about maid clothes, Ver-cchi.」

「……I don’t really recall passionately speaking about maid clothes……No, I certainly might have spoken about them, but you know that it wasn’t with that sort of intention.」

 Rokuna nodded going “yup, yup” at Vermudol who said that with a tired looking face.

「Right. By the way, Ver-cchi, would it be better if I wore maid clothes too?」

「……Do you really understand what I’m saying?」

「I do understand. But don’t you think it would suit me?」

「I don’t care about that.」

「Ah, hold on a sec! I have some other business with you! Jeez, hey!」

 After Rokuna ran off chasing after Vermudol.

「……I like her armor form better though.」

「Ah, I was thinking the same thing. That one is cuter.」

「That red brilliance and the curve of her metallic plate, I received a shock. I wonder if girls like that will increase from now on……」

「Rather, I’d like it if it were about time that we also get Majin transformations. I feel like it’s only a little bit more until then though.」

 The fact that two Magic Operated Armors that were acting as security for the reception hall were whispering that sort of stuff……That is a different story.



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