Volume 6, Chapter 17


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 The Grand Magic Formation.

 It was a secret that existed in the Demon King Castle’s underground.

 That existence existed sing the past Demon King Gramfia’s era, and was only revealed to a select few.

 The role that the Grand Magic Formation played was very simple.

 To create new Mazoku──that was simply all.

 Naturally, Mazoku were also able to birth children similar to normal creatures, but in addition to that, it was possible for the Demon King to bring forth special Mazoku through that ability.

 To the very end, this Grand Magic Formation was something meant to assist in the Mazoku Creation process done by the Demon King.

 If put in another way, if not for the Mazoku Creation power that the Demon King possessed, the Grand Magic Formation was nothing more than simple scribbles.

 Right now, that Grand Magic Formation was emitting light within a dim room.

 Having been activated by the magical power that flowed into it from Vermudol, the Grand Magic Formation assisted Vermudol’s thoughts, and projected an illusion of the new Mazoku at its center.

 After staring at that for a while, Vermudol nodded looking satisfied.

「……Yosh, well……this should be good enough.」

 When Vermudol snapped his fingers, the illusion vanished, and the brilliance of the magic formation became stronger.

 Before long, the entire room was engulfed in light──and then, the light gathered at the center of the magic formation.

 What was there, was something that shouldn’t have been there up until now.

 If put into a single phrase, it was light blue full body armor.

 The armor had a color that looked as if a piece of mankind territory’s sky was torn out, however, its appearance was somewhat different from normal armor.

 If it were to be likened to something, it was in the shape of maid clothes.

 If those clothes were to be made all out of metal, wouldn’t it turn out like this……that was the design of the full body armor.

 Of course, this was no mere armor. It was part of a race of Mazoku called Magic Operated Armor.

 To begin with, the Mazoku called Magic Operated Armor were a race that were a part of a group called the Illusory Races, which operated outside of the activities of normal life. Moving armor, talking pictures, and Golems were all a part of this group, and it was the general term for those that did not possess bodies of flesh.

 That being said, since they would possess bodies of flesh when they do Majin transformations, putting aside mankind, there weren’t that many that minded the presence or absence of a flesh body among the Mazoku.

 There were cases where it would be a bother in certain situations, like it being impossible to give birth to a child unless they were transformed into a Majin……but let’s put that aside.

 It meant that this armor that appeared at the center of the magic formation just now was also a Magic Operated Armor.

 That Magic Operated Armor, which didn’t move a single bit for a while, started to slightly move its full face helmet left and right.

 If it were to be compared to something, it resembled the head shaking motion that humans would do when waking up.

 Vermudol asked it a question.

「How does your body feel?」

「……Yes, it is, very good.」

 Mazoku birthed by Mazoku Creation would have the language and this world’s basic knowledge implanted into them by their creator, the Demon King.

 Since even high degrees of expertise that followed a purpose could be be implanted depending on the situation, there were also cases where they would possess abilities superior to unskilled Mazoku from the start.

 People that excelled in specific knowledge and abilities like Rokuna and Nanalus were an example of that.

 And then, the Magic Operated Armor that was at the center of the magic formation was also brought forth by Vermudol for the sake of a certain purpose.

「I believe that you know this, but I am the Demon King Vermudol. Now then, try introducing yourself.」

「……Yes. I am Marin. I am a Magic Operated Armor Majin, and one created to serve you, Demon King-sama, as a maid.」

 Hearing those words, Vermudol nodded looking satisfied.

「That’s right. From the moment of your birth, you possess the power to do a Majin transformation. In that case, you understand, right?」


 When the Magic Operated Armor stood up, it was enveloped in light.

 It started to adjust the magical power that was flowing within itself.

 Majin Transformation.

 It was a phenomenon among the Mazoku born with forms that weren’t humanoid where those that possessed more than a certain amount of strength would turn into a form that resembled Humans.

 Mazoku that obtained this sort of power were able to freely switch between their original form and their Majin form.

 For them, in order to make their original form known, they would describe themselves as being a 「○○ Majin」.

 After the light that enveloped the Magic Operated Armor settled down, the figure of a woman wearing maid clothes that had light blue as its basic tone was there.

 Her height was about the same as Krim.

 Her light blue hair was put into twin tails, and her light blue eyes that had a slightly strict impression to them stared at Vermudol.

「How was that, Demon King-sama.」

「Yeah, that was good. Do you understand your own abilities?」

 Marin quietly nodded at Vermudol’s question.

「Yes, Demon King-sama. I am an all-purpose type maid. Among the general abilities that are requested of maids, there is no ability that is impossible for me to perform.」

「What do you know about your coworkers and superiors?」

「Yes. My coworker is currently the similar all-purpose type, Krim. My direct superior is Ykslaas-sama.」

 Vermudol smiled looking satisfied by Marin’s answer.

「Yosh, that was perfect. Marin, I bless your creation.」

「Thank you very much, Demon King-sama. Everything of this life of mine is for the sake of the magnificent Demon King-sama.」

 Vermudol held out a hand to Marin who raised the hem of her skirt and curtsied.

「……Yosh. Well then, Marin. I shall introduce you to your coworker.」

「Yes, Demon King-sama.」

 After Marin took the hand that was held out to her, the two of them were enveloped in transfer light……And then, they transferred to the first floor’s reception hall.


 ──The reception hall was in chaos.

 At the place that they transferred to, what burst into Vermudol and Marin’s eyes was Olred who was chasing after Krim, and the figures of Magic Operated Armors that were chasing after him.

「St, stay awayー!」

「Don’t say that. Hey, just a bit. Just a bit, okay!」

「Olred-dono! It’s troubling if you made a fuss in the Demon King Castle!」

「The reinforcements are……Eei, jeez! Someone bring Gordy-sama here!」

「……What in the world, is this situation.」

 Vermudol unconsciously muttered that to himself.

「Ah, D, Demon King-sama! I am terribly sorry. We will do something about this right away!」

 The one with a mantle that was at the head of the new Magic Operated Armors that rushed into the reception hall saw Vermudol and saluted.

 Incidentally, this Magic Operated Armor with a mantle was called a Magic Armor Knight, which was a Mazoku that Magic Operated Armors would evolve into.

 The Magic Operated Armors that Vermudol first created had generally turned into this, and furthermore, one among them had evolved into an even higher race called a Magic Armor Commander.

「No, more importantly……What kind of situation is this?」

 When Vermudol pointed at the chasing line that was unfolding within the reception hall, the Magic Armor Knight glanced at it.

「Ahー……The truth is, the matter about Krim-dono became a rumor among the Magic Operated Armors.」

「A rumor?」

「Yes. It was mainly talk that a beautiful girl armor was here. Since I had no seen it, I cannot really say anything about it though.」

 Being told that, Vermudol sent his gaze towards Krim who was running around trying to escape.

「……It doesn’t really matter if you have or haven’t seen her before……You can see Krim herself right there though.」

「Ah, no. That is her Majin form, right? Not that, I mean her Magic Operated Armor form. For those that cannot do a Majin transformation, there are those who find it hard to understand the beauty or ugliness of the Majin form.」

「……I see.」

 In other words, it was a difference in a sense of beauty.

 For example, if the most sexy one amongst the Maju (Magic Tree) were here at this place, no matter how feverishly someone told him about the details on how it had a tree shape that would make the other Majus (Magic Trees) reflexively turn their heads, or about the beauty of its breathtaking trunk, Vermudol wouldn’t be able to understand it at all.

 In a similar manner, the Majus (Magic Trees) wouldn’t be able to understand the beauty or ugliness of Majin even if it were explained to them.

「I see. Have you not done a Majin transformation yet?」

「Yes, it is because that uses a considerable amount of magical power after all. My target is to become a Magic Armor Commander, so I am focused on that and aiming for the shortest route to evolution.」

「I see.」

 As he started to create a warm atmosphere that ignored the reception hall’s chaos, Marin tugged at the hem of Vermudol’s clothes.

「Nn? What’s wrong?」

「Demon King-sama, the problem over there is not being resolved.」

 Vermudol nodded at Marin who pointed at Krim and the others.

「Nn……I see, now that you mention it, we were talking about that. So, I understand how she became a rumor, but why did it turn out like that?」

「Ah, yes. It seems that Olred-dono came to hear about rumor about Krim-dono from somewhere. He has been begging her to show him her armor form once. Then, Krim-dono said “I don’t want to since I want to always be the me that Demon King-sama desires”, and it became like that.」

 Hearing the story that far, Vermudol sank into silence.

 In other words, a part of the responsibility for this turmoil was with Vermudol who convinced Krim to wear maid clothes, is that what this meant?

「What should we do about this……」

 As Vermudol was thinking “would this be resolved if I were to say a few words”, Marin once again pulled on the hem of Vermudol’s clothes.


「Vermudol-sama, I would like to confirm something.」


「I basically have the same shape as Krim, correct?」

「If the color is excluded.」

 When Vermudol answered like that, Marin nodded.

「In that case, please leave this to me.」

 Saying that, Marin stepped forward in the direction of Krim and the others who continued the chase line.


「Wait up……Tte, nn? Me?」

 When Olred noticed that his name was called and came to a stop, he searched around the vicinity.

 And then, when he found the figure of Marin who seemed to be the one that called him to a stop, he made a puzzled face.

「Ahー……Did you need something?」

「Olred-sama, you will be satisfied if you can tell what Krim’s armor form will be like, correct?」

「Nn? Pretty much……Tte, huh. Krim ain’t here.」

 Before anyone knew it, Krim was hiding behind Vermudol.

 When Marin stepped before Olred who was searching for Krim, she changed into her Magic Operated Armor form.

 Voices of admiration were raised from the nearby Magic Operated Armors at that beautiful sky-blue brilliance.

「Well ain’t this surprising. So you were a Magic Operated Armor Majin.」

 Even Olred had his eyes go round from seeing Marin’s figure.

「I am the maid called Marin. I have the same shape as Krim……Olred-sama, have you become satisfied with this? Since Krim is refusing as you could see, it would be helpful if you could settle with this.」

 Seeing Marin immediately return to her Majin form, Olred scratched his head with a face that looked like he lost focus.

「Nnー……Well, that’s true. Sorry ‘bout that, causing trouble and all. Krim and Vermudol-danna, forgive me.」

「No, I’m fine. But well, it’s troubling if you chase around my maids too much.」

「I get it. I’ll be careful from now on.」

 While seeing Olred turn around, Vermudol sent Marin’s magnificent response an applause in his heart.

 Marin was a success. With this, he had nothing to criticize her on as a maid.

 It took more time and magical power to create her than Krim, but it could be said that a corresponding result came out of it.

 If he created the other maids with Marin as the base, at the very least, he could cut out a considerable amount of time from the process from now on.

 As he thought that and chuckled to himself, Vermudol’s ears happened to hear Olred’s muttering from afar.

「But still……that color though……As I thought, armor should be red, a deep red color like blood at that……Un, well, that’s fine though. It’s pretty sad that that part’s disappointing……」

 That Magic Operated Armor-like preference was something Vermudol couldn’t understand, and he reflexively made a wry smile.

 However, Vermudol hadn’t noticed that light had vanished from Marin’s eyes as she heard that.

 In the next moment, Marin picked up the Krim’s cleaning pole that fell to the floor, and threw it like a javelin aiming at Olred.

 Noticing the cleaning pole that flew making a terrifying *gaon* sound, Olred turned around and hurriedly bent his body to evade it.

 Having just barely passed by Olred’s head, the cleaning pole made a direct hit on the Demon King Castle’s door and broke into pieces.

 After looking at that for a bit, Olred turned around towards Marin looking surprised.

「H, hey, you! Were you trying to break my head!?」

「Tsk, a head like that that doesn’t understand beauty or ugliness, it would have been better if just broke.」

 Vermudol looked at Marin, who made a blatant tongue click, with a dumbfounded face.

 Behind him, Krim was clinging onto Vermudol while trembling.

「D, Demon King-sama. That girl, she’s really scary……」

 ……Let’s not produce more with her as the base.

 While looking at Marin, who started quarrelling with Olred, with a distant look, Vermudol once again understood his own failure.



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