Volume 6, Chapter 20


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 Magic Sword.

 That is the Magic Swordsman’s secret technique, which clads a weapon in magical power and raises its offensive ability.

 The Fire Magic Sword which clads it in fire, the Wind Magic Sword which clads it in wind.

 There was a Magic Sword for every attribute, but excluding the cases where there was a need to think about the attribute as an opposition method against magic and the Elements that were currently appearing in mankind’s territory, there was no particular reason for the practitioner to choose an attribute.

 To the very end, the objective was to increase the attack’s might.

 There was no superiority or inferiority between any Magic Sword attribute, and the practitioner would chose the attribute depending on their own preference and affinity……that is what is said.

 However, Sancreed wondered if that really was true.

 Certainly, the Magic Sword was something only meant to increase offensive ability.

 Even if he poured in enough magical power to the point that the weapon couldn’t endure it and break, a Fire Magic Sword wouldn’t burn anything, and a Water Magic Sword wouldn’t wet anything.

 But, Sancreed always thought this.

 The Magic Sword, isn’t its current technique form incomplete, and isn’t there something even beyond this……

 No matter how many times he wielded a sword, those doubts wouldn’t be resolved, and Sancreed wouldn’t even grasp a clue for them.

 Sancreed’s doubts deepened even further after seeing Fainell’s Magic Fist.

 Fainell’s Magic Fist wasn’t limited to just strengthening her fists, magical power of that attribute would pour onto the opponent that received the blow.

 It also seemed that Fainell wasn’t purposely pouring that magical power on them, so he was able to interpret that as the cause possibly being the difference in properties between fists and swords.

 However, on a certain day.

 Having visited the Demon King Castle’s Grand Library for some reason, Sancreed found a certain account within a copy of a book.

 That book was something where the information that the intelligence unit had gathered was collected into something simple, as well as a log of when Rokuna had directly gone to mankind’s territory for the sake of researching Summon Magic.

 What was written there, was vocabulary that bothered him.

 Fire Charge.

 Those were the words of a young Human girl, who lived in a country in mankind’s territory called the St. Altlis Kingdom, had shouted.

 The fact that what was actually done was that it clad her spear with fire magical power was written in the report that the intelligence operative Ein, who had witnessed it, had made.

 Even a note saying that this much was something that often happened in this generation of mankind was added, and that they didn’t really get the meaning of that……but the vocabulary Fire Charge had strangely tugged at Sancreed’s heart.

 When Sancreed raised his face from the book and turned around, Rokuna’s figure as she was buried in a mountain of books and documents as usual was there.

「Rokuna, there’s something I want to ask you.」

「What. If you’re trying to increase my work, then I’ll send you flying.」

「I want to ask you something about when you went to mankind’s territory.」

 Hearing Sancreed’s words, Rokuna went “Nnー” and groaned.

「If it’s about Summon Magic, I won’t tell you anything. If it’s anything other than that, then I don’t know since I didn’t care. Ah, but, if it’s related to the Elements, then ask Ver-cchi or Ykslaas.」

「No, it isn’t about that……It’s about the young Human girl called Seira that’s written here. It seems that she’s a student of the Edius Adventurer School, but do you know anything else?」


 Being told that, Rokuna tilted her head with a difficult face.

 After having her gaze wander about in the air for a while, Rokuna brought her gaze back to Sancreed.

「Sorry, I don’t remember her at all. Now that you mention it, it does feel like someone like that was there though.」

「……I see.」

 With her like this, Rokuna probably really had no interest in her. It didn’t seem like he would learn anything even if he asked Rokuna any more than this.

 It would be fine if he just waited until the intelligence operative called Ein, who wrote the report, returned, but he couldn’t help but be bothered by it.

 By chance, wouldn’t this young girl possess the key to resolving his own doubts?

 Sancreed couldn’t help but feel that way.

 Even after continuing and flipping through the pages, accounts regarding the young girl called Seira didn’t appear.

 There were awfully a lot of accounts regarding a young man called Kain, who seemed to be a student of the same Adventurer School as Seira, and regarding Summon Magic, but there was absolutely nothing regarding anything else.


 He wouldn’t obtain anymore information than this here.

 After determining that, Sancreed closed the book and placed it back on the shelf.

 After leaving quietly so that he wouldn’t disturb Rokuna who started groaning in front of the documents for some reason, he ascended the stairs and headed towards Ykslaas’s room on the second floor.


「Ah, Sancreed-sama. Good morning.」

 Along the way, Sancreed was called to a stop by a light blue maid.

「Ahh……If I remember correctly……Marin, was it?」

「Yes. Sancreed-sama, is something the matter?」

「Nn……I have a bit of business to take care of, see.」

 Marin was one of the three maid girls that Vermudol was said to have created no too long ago. Sancreed had not spoken with her up until now, but he couldn’t help but feel that it would be hard for him to deal with Marin.

 By some chance, the cause might be due to him vaguely feeling that Marin had an atmosphere similar to Ichika.

「Is that so. Well then, seeing as how I will continue my cleaning, I shall take my leave.」


 Seeing Marin off as she left, Sancreed went “fumu” and nodded.

 He had heard there was a problem with her personality, but he felt that she was normal from their conversation just now.

 Rather, he felt that she was more amiable than Ichika.

「Rumors are rumors……huh. Looks like I have also been caught up in prejudice as well.」

 While muttering that sort of thing, Sancreed went to stand in front of the door to Ykslaas’s room.

 Confirming the name written on the wooden plate, he opened the door.

 When he did, what was there was Ykslaas’s figure standing there with her arms folded while her cheek was twitching.

 For some reason, she looked visibly displeased.

「……What’s wrong?」

 When Sancreed asked that, Ykslaas breathed a deep sigh.

「Sancreed. I’m sure I taught you that you should knock when entering a lady’s room. How many times has this happened now.」

「Ahh, I forgot. Sorry.」

「To begin with, you sure are good at coming with the timing of when a person is changing their clothes, aren’t you. If I hadn’t heard Marin’s voice outside, it would have been terrible.」

「Allow me to apologize for that. It wasn’t like I had any ill will though.」

 That’s right, Sancreed had no ill will.

 Merely, the act of knocking on the door was something he just couldn’t learn to do.

「Kicking down doors is a specialty of mine though.」

「If you were to do that, I would throw you out through the window.」

 After Sancreed averted his eyes from being glared at by Ykslaas, he began to talk as if he had remembered something.

「Ahh, that’s right. I came here because I had something I wanted to ask about.」

「Our discussion still hasn’t finished though……Well, it’s fine. What is it?」

「When you met with Rokuna in mankind’s territory……The Aledora Forest, was it? I want to ask about the story of that time. Especially about the young Human girl called Seira.」

 Hearing the name Seira, Ykslaas’s eyes were tinged with a look of nostalgia.

 Even the various times where she made a racket together with her were good memories for her.

 Maybe because there was a big difference between how she was at that time and her current awareness, she felt that the last time that they had met was quite a long time ago.

「It’s been a while since I’ve heard that name. What about her?」

「Yeah. Fire Charge……Do you recall hearing these words?」

 After Ykslaas placed a hand on her chin and pondered for a bit……before long, she said “ahh” and put her hands together.

「I remember now. That’s right, she certainly did say something like that sometimes. But, what about it? I don’t really think that that is something to be particularly bothered about though.」

「……Right. If I were to put it frankly, it might be a clue to my……doubts regarding the Magic Sword.」

「Doubts, huh……」

 After Ykslaas closed her eyes as if to remember something, she once again opened her eyes and focused on Sancreed.

「I’m sorry. Honestly speaking, I didn’t have that much of an interest in her so I didn’t pay much attention to her. That’s why I can’t really answer your question.」

「……I see.」

「But……that’s right. If I recall correctly, you’ve met the eldest son of the St. Altlis Kingdom’s Albania Duke House……with Nefas, right?」

 By Nefas, if I remember correctly, that was the man who became the Temple Knight of Wind or whatever, wasn’t it, is what Sancreed recalled.

「That’s right. I don’t recall conversing with him all that much though.」

「I think that he would know more about her. If I am remembering correctly, I feel like Seira should have talked about various things about him.」

 The man called Nefas should have currently changed his affiliation to the Jiol Forest Kingdom.

 In that case, it was also possible to go and directly meet with him.

 It was much better than going to meet with the young girl called Seira who he wasn’t acquainted with at all.

 Thinking that way, Sancreed said his thanks to Ykslaas.

「I see. You have my thanks.」

「No, I’m happy if I could be helpful. Also, next time, I’ll get mad if you don’t knock.」

「……I will strive to do so.」

「Where in that is there a need to strive to do it……」

 Turning his back to Ykslaas who was glaring at him with half-closed eyes, Sancreed left the room.

 Sancreed was already resolved to meet with Nefas.

 If he was going to go to mankind’s territory, he would need to entrust his work to someone during that time.

 He would also need to mention it to Vermudol, and it would probably be best to ask the other Four Cardinal Generals to do a bit of a follow up for him.

 That being said, it wasn’t like the other Four Cardinal Generals had nothing but free time.

「In that case……Got to go with Fainell. I’ll ask her.」

 Calling to mind that she was the sole member of the Four Cardinal Generals that he could reliably assert that she had free time, Sancreed nodded.



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