Volume 6, Chapter 21


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 The Eastern Army Headquarters, Fainell’s office.

 Fainell, who was looking through the sightseeing plan documents behind her desk, noticed the transfer light that appeared before her eyes and put down the document.

 As for someone who would directly transfer to this place, it was restricted to someone no lower than the Four Cardinal Generals.

 When she stood at the ready wondering just who it was and what business they would have for coming here……Before long, Sancreed’s figure appeared.

「So it’s you, Sancreed…… What do you want?」

「Yeah. I have a request.」

 Request──Hearing that word, Fainell quickly narrowed her eyes.

「A request……huh.」

「Yeah, so here’s the thing.」

「Well, hold on a second.」

 After interrupting Sancreed’s words, Fainell suddenly expressed a smile.

「……Recently, I’ve had a lot of guys bringing me various tasks to do, see?」

 While keeping her eyes on Sancreed, Fainell put the documents into one of the desk drawers.

 After confirming that there wasn’t anything that looked like they would break easily in the vicinity, she slowly stood up.

「When I tried asking them about it, they all unanimously said 『It’s because I thought you were free』……you see.」


 Sancreed also came because he thought the same way, but it wasn’t an atmosphere for him to say that.

 Fainell nodded, and placed a hand on the desk.

「Listen up, Sancreed…… I, am not free. I’m not free. And yet, why does everyone come to me first. Say, what do you think?」

「……Let me see……Well, isn’t it because you’re the person that’s easiest to ask a favor from without reservation?」

 If one were to say who was the person easiest to ask to do a job among the Four Cardinal Generals, it would be Fainell.

 Altejio was always edgy, and it was hard to make a request to Raktor whose temper was violent.

 Even Sancreed, he was always personally going to different locations, so he had the image of being absent.

 Although it wasn’t as much as Sancreed, Fainell also personally went to different locations, but for some reason, everyone would come to her.

「Easy to ask a favor……huh. I see. Well, fine. I do think that possessing that sort of atmosphere is important.」

「That’s right. On that kind of point, I think that you are the best.」

 This wasn’t really flattery.

 As a matter of fact, Fainell was probably the one with the smallest amount of distance from her subordinates.

 Raktor was still feared by his, and Altejio had the image of being hard to approach.

 Sancreed himself had the feeling that he had somehow created a line from his surroundings.

 On that point, Fainell was different from the other Four Cardinal Generals.

 It was to the point where if the soldiers of the Eastern Army were to see her, they would raise cheers and rush up to her.

 Fainell herself was also helpful and caring, so she was liked by everyone with that meaning as well.

 Looking like she was in a good mood, Fainell laughed.

「Hahaha, that’s right. Plus, even on the point of looking free, I’m also number one, right?」

「Yeah, that’s ri……ght……?」

 Unconsciously getting lured in by that, Sancreed suddenly realized.


 Making a complete change, Fainell expressionlessly gazed at Sancreed.

 Taking that gaze head on, Sancreed waved his hand sideways.

「Scratch that, just now.」


 Seeing Fainell remain silent, Sancreed shed a cold sweat.

 This was extraordinarily bad.

 It seems that his timing was bad. Something had definitely happened before he came here.

 After thinking that, Sancreed decided to try and directly ask about it.

「Did, something happen?」

 When he did, Fainell quietly muttered.

「……It’s Raktor, see?」


「He pushed some work onto me. That jerk, of all things, he treated me like an idler.」

 Sancreed softly averted his eyes.

 He couldn’t possibly say that he also thought the same way.

「If you were to say that Altejio comes to mind when you think of someone being busy, well, I can forgive that. Even Demon King-sama can’t be helped. But, I can’t forgive Raktor.」

「I see.」

「I thought of beating up the next guy that came here treating me like an idler……I’ll ask this after establishing that, what do you want?」

 This was dangerous.

 If he were to say something poorly, there was no mistake that it would turn into a situation where Fainell would act violently and destroy the Eastern Army Headquarters.

 Noticing that, Sancreed started to think of a method to safely evade the situation.

 Both leaving just like this, and bringing in some idle talk were impossible.

 Since he had already declared that he had a request, if he were to say “on second thought, nevermind” now, Fainell would suspect him and get mad.

 ……In other words, there was no path of retreat.

 There was no other method, than to just push through like this.

「Yeah, like I said at the beginning……I have a favor to ask of you.」

「Hou, well why don’t I hear you out for right now.」

「The thing is, I was thinking of going to mankind’s territory.」

 Hearing “mankind’s territory”, Fainell’s expression turned into one showing great interest.

「Hou, you are. And what will you be going there to do?」

「For an improvement to the Magic Sword……or rather, I wanted to grasp a lead on the progress of that. I was thinking of going to where that aforementioned Temple Knight of Wind was. There is the possibility that that man’s acquaintance holds a key to it.」

 Hearing Sancreed’s words, Fainell nodded as if she had understood something.

 Fainell also knew about how Sancreed was aiming for what was beyond the Magic Sword.

 For Fainell, who had originally secluded herself in the East to try and raise herself to greater heights, Sancreed was diligently studying his own technique, and she held a favorable impression of his attitude of trying to raise himself even further.

 Therefore, she wasn’t reluctant to cooperate with him.

「I see. I don’t really mind, you know?」


「You came to ask me to your substitute during your absence, right? I said I don’t mind.」

 Hearing her reply so readily, Sancreed unconsciously had his eyes go round.

 He thought that he would have a bit harder of a time, but this was truly unexpected.

「That……really helps but. Is that alright?」

「Yeah, I don’t mind. It’s necessary, right?」

「I, I see. You’ve really helped me out.」

 After Sancreed somehow managed to answer like that, Fainell suddenly smiled.

「Don’t mind it. I’m not free, but I’ll at least hear out your request. By no means am I free though, got it?」

「I see. Sorry about this. Well then, I entrust things to you.」

 Thinking “while Fainell hasn’t changed her mind……”, Sancreed activated Transfer Magic and left that place.

 And then, when he transferred to the Demon King Castle’s reception hall, something crashed into him with a *don*.


 The thing that tumbled down as if repelled back was a young girl wearing red maid clothes.

 If he remembered correctly, wasn’t she the maid with the name of Krim or something?

「……Are you alright?」

「Atsutsu……Ah, yes! I am fine, Sancreed-sama!」

「Sorry about that. At times when transfer light appears, it’s dangerous to be close. Be careful about that.」

 When he said that and approached Krim, Sancreed held both of Krim’s sides and made her stand up.

「Are you hurt anywhere?」

「Eh? Ye, no, t at all!」

「Is that so.」

 Sancreed looked around, and noticed that there were several Magic Operated Armors that were looking this way, but he couldn’t mind them right now.

 At this time, would Vermudol be in his office?

 Thinking that, Sancreed was about to immediately head over there, but it was there that he noticed that the hem of his clothes was being firmly gripped by Krim.

「What’s wrong?」

「Ah, yes! Well, you see. As a maid, I thought that I was supposed to ask a guest about what their business was!」

「I have business with the King. Is he in his office?」

「I don’t know!」

 Seeing Krim energetically answer like that, although he was exhausted, Sancreed nodded with an “I see”.

「Ah, but but! I can guide you to his office!」

「No, I know the place.」

「I would even if you didn’t tell me!」

 The persistent Krim finally pulled Sancreed so as to guide him.

 It was there that Ykslaas’s voice resounded.

「……What are you doing, you two?」

 When they turned around, Ykslaas’s figure as she wore purple maid clothes was there.

 Sancreed unconsciously stared at that appearance that was way too different from her usual dress.

「Rather, Sancreed. You were still at a place like thi……?」

 Ykslaas, who had started to speak, noticed Sancreed’s gaze and unconsciously flinched.

「Wh, what.」

「……No, it’s just that it’s my first time seeing that appearance of yours.」

「Is that so. Even I don’t like it either, but that crafty maid was nagging me about it.」

「Well, Ichika does have parts of her that are a bit attentive.」

「It isn’t at the level of being attentive. I’m sure that she’s the type to count even the number of grains of salt used in soup.」

「I can’t deny that.」

 While saying that, Sancreed thought about Ichika, who wasn’t here.

 Seeming like she would appear from out of nowhere when this sort of gossip happened was a frightening part about Ichika, but fortunately, it seemed that she wasn’t close by right now.

「So, what are you doing? I thought that you would have gone out long ago?」

「Yeah, I’m reporting to the King. The absence of a Four Cardinal General isn’t a light situation after all.」

「Well, that is true too. Especially, you……right?」

 That’s right, the Four Cardinal Generals were the greatest war potential of the Demon King Army.

 Even among them, Sancreed held an especially important position.

 After all, he was the Western General that was in charge of military affairs, and he was also the trump card meant to oppose the Hero that might come some day.

「That certainly is true, but the Western Army is not so fragile that it would stop functioning even if I was absent.」

「Ara, is that so?」

 When Sancreed nodded, Ykslaas shrugged her shoulders.

「Well, it’s fine. More importantly, have you thought about how things will run while you’re absent? No matter how much you say the Western Army will be fine, there should be problems with things like procedures and authority.」

「Yeah, that’s not a problem. I asked Fainell to help out.」

「Fainell? How surprising. She looks like she’s the most sloppy though.」

「I can’t deny that……but when I thought about who looked like the one who was the most free, she was the only one that came to mind.」

 It was right at the moment that Sancreed said that.

 The sound of something of something dropping with a thud was heard.



 Ykslaas averted her face looking like she found things awkward, while Krim slowly stepped away.

「……Now then, it’s about time that I get going.」

 While feeling that someone was approaching from the clicking sound of footsteps, Sancreed headed to the stairs with a quick pace.

「Well now, wait, Sancreed. There’s no need to be in such a rush now is there.」

 Without turning around to face the voice that announced that from behind, Sancreed hurried up.

「No, a considerable amount of time has passed already. Time is truly precious.」

 The interval of the clicking sound of the footsteps was gradually speeding up, and before long, it turned into a run.

「It’s fine so wait, Sancreed!」

「I refuse! Everything after that was a misunderstanding, so why don’t we take our time to discuss it next time!」

「Kuh, fuhah! I see, a misunderstanding huh! Fine, then why don’t we discuss it with our fists and take our time to unravel the misunderstanding! Right away! How about it, Sancreeeddddd!」

 The owner of that voice, Fainell, shouted.

 Ykslaas and Krim, who saw the two of them off as they ran up the stairs, unconsciously looked at each other.

「Wh, what should we do……」

「Let’s see……For now, I am going to run away before the sparks fly my way.」

 Ykslaas left for somewhere with Transfer Magic.

「Eh!? Hey, please wait!」

 While extending a hand to the space where there was no longer anyone left, Krim threw her gaze at the Magic Operated Armors that stood nearby as if she were seeking help.

「Ahー. Giving up is important, you know? It’s fine, since either Gordy-sama or Ichika-sama will come flying in eventually after all.」

 Seeing her coworkers have a look of being completely used to it, Krim breathed a deep sigh.



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