Volume 7, Chapter 02


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 The Dragon’s Tail was a store built in Arkverm for tourist use──In other words, it was a government managed lodging facility for mankind’s use.

 The employees of The Dragon’s Tail, which was built betting the Zadark Kingdom’s prestige on it, were naturally Mazoku, and had never served anyone of mankind before.

 The method of serving Mazoku guests was extraordinarily peculiar. Normally, what was first taught to the employees of Zadark Kingdom lodging facilities was the method to suppress guests in a way that didn’t destroy the inn. What was taught next was how to hit and constrict them in ways that would make them not want to go wild again, and after that is guidance on etiquette towards the guests.

 That being said, against mankind, emitting bloodlust as if to say 「I’ll make you regret it if you go wild」 would be bad. That’s why, in the education of the employees of The Dragon’s Tail, they first needed to be taught starting from mankind’s weakness and timidness.

 In regards to service towards mankind, as a result of the Mazoku who had actually gone to mankind’s territory──everyone including the Intelligence Unit, and depending on the situation even Vermudol, the Eastern General Fainell, and the Advisor Rokuna──directly teaching them, it ended up reaching a point where Vermudol gave an appraisal of 「it’s somehow seemingly authentic」.

 Currently in The Dragon’s Tail, it was very busy over the preparations for their opening tomorrow.

 After all, their work was directly connected to mankind’s evaluation towards the Zadark Kingdom. That sort of important job, they couldn’t allow failure from their first day.

「Ha, Hachet-saーn!」

「What happened, making you so loud.」

 The facility leader that was busily moving around the entrance hall, Hatchet, turned to the voice of a single young Mazoku girl that came running with a panicked look.

「Th, the thing is……The Ringils that were prepared for use in tomorrow’s dinner mutated!」

「Subdue them and cook them up. Be sure to immediately go and buy additional Ringils at the marketplace.」

「W, well, they have a new technique that the Ringils up until now didn’t have! The Sous Chef was knocked out earlier!」

 After Hatchet pressed down on her own forehead with a bitter expression, she gave directions to the young panicking Mazoku girl.

「In any case, you go and secure additional Ringils.」

「R, right. Please be careful of the Ringil Tornado!」

 After seeing off the young Mazoku girl as she ran, Hatchet headed towards the kitchen.

 Ringils were fruits cultivated in the Zadark Kingdom’s Eastern territory, but if there’s a mistake in the harvesting time and they amass too much magical power, they mutate and are able to do things like fly through the sky and attack the harvesters.

 From the kitchen that was noisy for some reason, the sounds of various things breaking could be heard.

 When she peeked inside the kitchen while thinking “we’ll need to secure tableware as well……”, the back of the Head Chef, who was sent flying by something, came flying towards Hatchet.

 Hatchet caught that with one arm, put him down on the floor, and glared at him.

「……What in the world are you doing.」

「I, I am terribly sorry. However, I hadn’t thought that the Ringil Tornado was a two-stage technique……Gufuh.」

 After tossing away the Head Chef who fainted saying 「gufuh」, Hatchet once again peeked inside of the kitchen.

「……This is pretty bad.」

 Ingredients were scattered about in the kitchen, and the knocked out chefs were collapsed here and there.

 Countless kitchen knives and forks, knives, and on top of that, even spoons were stuck in the walls, but were those things that someone recklessly threw?

 The scene of several Ringils being sewn to the walls had a surrealness that it seemed like it could be insisted that it was that sort of art.

 Furthermore, discovering silver plates that were pierced into wine casks and seemed like they were used in place of boomerangs, Hatchet felt a terrible headache. While promising in her heart that she would wallop the guy that did that later, she glared at the Ringils that were the cause of all of this to begin with.

 At the center of the kitchen, there were countless Ringils that were flying wildly about as if to loudly sing about their victory. Maybe because it felt Hatchet’s gaze, one among them flew with intense force at Hatchet who was standing at the kitchen’s entrance.

 Hatchet didn’t even try to dodge that attack that was similar to an attack from a powerful fist.


 After making only a small sigh, Hatchet outright caught the Ringil that came flying.

「What a blunder……To think that it would be this disastrous of a scene. I guess the training method was too light. No, more importantly, I need to quickly form a purchasing unit……」

 After crushing the Ringil in her hand into pieces, Hatchet melancholically gazed at the Ringils that were flying around the kitchen.

「……Good grief, you’ve really made some unnecessary work.」

 After pulling out one of the kitchen knives that were stuck in the wall nearby, Hatchet sprang at the Ringils.

 When silver light glistened, it was for only an instant.

 Those countless silver lights cut those Ringils in to bite-sized pieces.

 If left alone just like that, the cut up Ringils would surely fall to the floor and tables.

 However, that didn’t happen. Having somehow regained consciousness, the cooks took bowls into their hands and recovered the cut up Ringils.

「Hatchet-san, please leave the support to us! Even as we are now, we can at least handle that much somehow……!」


 Hearing that cook’s words, Hatchet tilted her head.

「You’ve said something strange. It’s already done, you know?」

 At the same time as those words, this time, the remaining Ringils were cut up into fourths.

 After seeing the cooks hurriedly go around to make sure they didn’t fall to the ground, Hatchet placed the kitchen knife back on top of the kitchen table.

「Immediately do a check on the ingredients, utensils, and tableware that have become unusable. Once that’s done, compose a purchasing unit. Also, the idiot that threw the silver plates should prepare yourself.」

「Y, yes!」

 In the kitchen that had quickly started doing checks and tidying up, this time a receptionist came flying in.

「Hatchet-san! The ornaments for souvenir use have arrived but, where should we put them!?」

「The check has been finished, right? No, it’s fine. I’ll confirm it myself. You haven’t let the person in charge over there escape, right?」

「Y, yes! Gieck has stopped him from leaving with idle talk!」

 Hatchet and the receptionist left the kitchen while having a somewhat unsettling conversation, but that was something reasonable.

 This tourism plan was a large undertaking that had the Zadark Kingdom’s prestige on the line. Cutting even a single corner on the goods related to that was unforgivable.

 While they were going through the list of delivered goods, this time a different receptionist came running to Hatchet’s group as they advanced through the hallway.

「Ah, Hatchet-san! The spare uniforms have arrived, but do you mind if they are put in the underground warehouse!?」

「That won’t be a problem. However, don’t forget to cast Preservation Magic on them.」

 Arriving at the hall just like that, Hatchet headed to the wooden crates that were gathered into a pile.

 It was right at that moment that a single receptionist and a Norm were happily conversing.

「Sorry to keep you waiting. I am the facility leader, Hatchet.」

「Nn? Ohh, how courteous of you. I’m the supervising director of this time’s souvenirs, Tekkhargen.」

 Tekkhargen. Hearing that name, Hatchet opened her eyes wide in surprise.

「Tekkhargen? Could it be, are you the Red Iron’s Tekkhargen-dono?」

「Hahaha, I’m that Tekkhargen. Oh man, it’s been a while since I was called by that name.」

 The developer of Red Iron, the metal used throughout the entire Zadark Kingdom, Tekkhargen.

 She knew that he, who was particularly famous even among the Norm craftsmen, was connected to this job, but even Hatchet found it unexpected that the person himself would personally come.

「To think that you would be the one to come……」

「No no, this time’s job is a huge undertaking with the nation’s prestige on the line. I didn’t want to get careless right up until the moment it was all delivered.」

「……I see. As expected of you, Tekkhargen-dono.」

 After saying that and smiling, Hatchet took out a small box from within the wooden crate.

 What was stored within that, was a small stone sculpture made in the shape of the Demon King Castle. It was an ornament that didn’t have any sort of effects in particular, but the exquisite craftsmanship was enough to communicate the height of the Zadark Kingdom’s art.

 After turning that over several times and nodding, Hatchet took out several of the other ornaments and repeated the same thing.

「Yes, there isn’t any problems with them. We have certainly received them.」

「That’s good. Well then, could I have you sign the receipt?」

 After signing the document that Tekkhargen held out, Hatchet gave instructions to a nearby employee to carry the crates to the warehouse.


「What is it?」

「This is just a small question, but is it really alright to use such a plain ornament? It’s like, I think there are more things that would be better souvenirs.」

 Hearing the receptionist’s question, Hatchet went “fumu” and nodded.

 It was certainly just as they said, but there was a proper reason for this.

「Those other things, we’ll have them bought throughout the town……That is Demon King-sama’s way of thinking.」

 What was offered at the inn, was a memento to the very end.

 Gazing at the mini Demon King Castle that wouldn’t even be a palm-sized luggage, Hatchet thought about the main event that would start tomorrow.

「H, Hatchet-saーn!」

 Breathing a sigh at the footsteps and voice that called out to her back as she was like that, Hatchet placed the mini Demon King Castle back into its box.

 It seemed that there was still a mountain-load of jobs that needed to be finished.



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