Volume 7, Chapter 07


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「Wait, wait wait. Everyone, you’re all forgetting something important.」

 It seemed that the Sylphids’ discussion had gradually heated up.

 The calico cat Beastia, who absentmindedly watched that, leaned on the counter and quietly whispered to Moka, who was eating her second grilled skewer.

「Oi, it’s turned into a kinda strange atmosphere, you know?」

「Nnー? It has, hasn’t itー」

「Don’t you need to stop them? Those guys’re guests from a foreign country, right?」

 While saying that, the calico cat Beastia made a yawn. Contrary to his words, the calico cat Beastia himself had absolutely no intention of stopping them even if it developed into a fight.

「Even if you tell me that with that face that says you don’t careー.」

「No, personally, I pretty much don’t care. But, it was through Demon King-sama’s idea that they were brought here, seeー. Wouldn’t Demon King-sama be sad if something were to happen?」

 Moka said “I see, that’s trueー” and nodded at the calico cat Beastia’s remark.

 As a matter of fact, Moka’s job wasn’t just to simply guide them in their tourism.

 Walking around throughout the town along with mankind like this was also in order to see the reactions of the Zadark Kingdom citizens.

 After all, for Mazoku, when speaking of mankind, it would be the Hero party that once marched into the Dark Continent, rampaged about, and destroyed the previous Demon King Gramfia in the end.

 It could be plenty understood that they hardly had any feelings of avoiding mankind by looking at how the entire nation was making merry and in a festive mood, but there was no telling what of ill will would be hiding and where it would be.

 The worst case scenario would happen when they were unprepared. That is why they needed to ascertain the actual reactions of the citizens.

 As of right now, the calico cat Beastia had no signs of thinking badly of the Sylphids.

 Meanwhile, the Sylphids were absorbed in their discussion as usual, but Moka knew the reason for that.

「Nnー, the Sylphids, they’re a race that basically loves to discuss things……or so it seems. So, they have a tendency to value things like knowledge and experience, and once they’ve decided on a direction, they have a stubbornness that won’t really bend.」

「Hoー. That sure sounds like a pain. It feels like they’d complain even about the angle that meat was stabbed onto a skewer.」

「Isn’t that fine? It makes it more worth doing than with someone with no sense of taste.」

「I wonder about thatー. Well, that might be trueー」

「Yes, that’s right. Ah, isn’t the third one about done grilling?」

「Just a bit more for it. More importantly, I’m telling ya, you should try out the one grilled with salt. I’m using some good salt. Did you know? It’s from the same producing area that that Ichika-sama had created for Demon King-sama’s sake, made with the same method, and could be said to be the salt pioneer.」

「I decline. Today’s me won’t accept anything other than a spicy sauce.」

 In front of the two who were talking about that sort of thing, the Sylphids’ discussion was still going on.

 After watching them for a while, Moka, who finished up her third grilled skewer, stood up while breathing a sigh.

 Incidentally, for the third one, she was overcomed in the end and she purchased grilled with salt skewer.

 She was vexed that it was surprisingly delicious, and since she ended up wanting to pull on the calico cat Beastia’s whiskers as he grinned from seeing her like that, this was a good time for her to intervene in various meanings.

「Alright, alーright, everyone. I’m sorry to do this while your discussion is heating up, but this is causing traffic, and you are in front of a shop after allー.」


「Shopkeeper-dono, we are terribly sorry……」

 Seeing the Sylphids as their faces turned red and looked uncomfortable, the calico cat Beastia opened his mouth and laughed.

「Hahaha, I don’t mind at all. Still, for things to not turn into a fist fight will all of that, you Sylphids are awfully gentle, aren’t ya.」

「No no……How embarrassing.」

 Seeing the Sylphids hanging their heads, laughter rose from various places. It seemed that the Mazoku citizens and the ordinary customers had accepted that as a funny lunch time show.

 If the onlookers were members of mankind, it would be a scene where they would be treated as being 「strange guys」, but in the case of the Mazoku, the fact that it didn’t turn into a fist fight made them perceive them as being 「surprisingly docile」.

 Therefore, even Moka’s earlier words were 「mankind orientated」, and she wouldn’t have said it like that if they were Mazoku.

 Having the Sylphid discuss and think about things was one of the objectives in the tourism trip this time, but it would be troubling if that gave them some bad memories because of that. That is why Moka came to put a stop to it.

「Now then, why don’t we switch gears here, and next move on to the souvenir shops!」

「Mo, Moka-dono. We are truly sorry……」

「No noー? Rather, having you all serious think about various things and understand them gives a good impression, you knowー?」

 Moka suddenly expressed a smile at the Sylphids who were completely feeling ashamed.

「Ah, you’re doubting me, aren’t you. It’s true, you knowー? Rather, it would be a problem if you all went through the sightseeing with gloomy faces after allー. Going all out in the sightseeing is a wonderful think, you know?」

「No, but……We technically do have an aspect of being representatives after all……In this foreign country that we have come to for the first time, what an unsightly appearance we have sho-puh.」

 As the Sylphid was about to apologize once more, Moka pressed down on his cheeks with both of her hands. Puffing her cheeks looking a bit displeased, Moka, after squishing the Sylphid’s cheeks, breathed a forced sigh.

「Listen up, okayー? I’ll only say this once, got itー? If I say that it’s fine, then it’s fine. For the Mazoku, a guy who can’t even fight is just half a man. No one here minds it. Rather, a guy who’s irresolute is the most hated type here. Do you want to be hated by me?」

「N, no……That’s not the case at all.」

「In that case, we’re done here. Alright, do you have anything else you want to say?」

「No……nothing at all……」

 After hearing that, Moka nodded looking satisfied.

「……Alright! Well then, next, let’s go to the shop that deals in accessories that has been popular recently in Arkverm! This shop, it’s actually the second most popular shop in the South. I will be explaining this since everyone here on this initial tourism trip will be guided through Arkverm, but metal processed goods are an important industry of the Zadark Kingdom’s Southern territory. The fact that splendid mineral materials are produced in the South is a large reason for this.」

「About that……does that mean that the Norms from earlier gather in the South?」

「Yes, that’s exactly it! But that being said, there are many Beastia craftsmen that produce delicate craftsmanship. For the Norms, if anything, they usually create things like weapons and armor.」

 Hearing weapons and armor, the Sylphids pondered once again.

 If that race called Norms were in the Zadark Kingdom, their technological strength probably weren’t inferior to the Metalio at all. No, considering the accumulated months and years, they didn’t think that they could catch up to the Cylas Empire so easily……but even so, considering how it would be in the future, it was plenty possible that they would arrive at an equal level. In that case, they would certainly like to do trade negotiations in that sort of field as well.

「Incidentally, weapons and armor are also sold at the shop we are going to this time, but those are prohibited from being bought for you guys, okayー」

「Ugh, we understand that very well.」

「Alright, that is a reliefー. Ah, but, it seems that you all are free to try them out.」

 Maybe because they got interested, the Sylphids had their ears twitching.

 While pretending like she didn’t notice that, Moka led the group.



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