Volume 7, Chapter 08


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 And so, the shop that they were guided to, was a store that a fair amount of spaciousness to it. That being said, only when compared to the other shops……it was at that level.

 Within the store that had a simple signboard that said “Sharl’s Second Shop”, the merchandise was tightly lined up.

「Alーright, and so, here is the Norm artisan, Sharl-san. She is normally a super shut-in that doesn’t leave the South, but that’s pretty much how it is for artisans, isn’t itー. That’s why this is super rare.」

「I’ll send you flying. Since today is the first day of tourism, isn’t it obvious that I’d come.」

 The one who was saying that while glaring at Moka was a single young Norm girl.

 Wearing thick overalls, the young girl had a childishness that made them think that she could only be an apprentice, but the Sylphids knew that the women of the race who possessed very similar characteristics as the Norm──that the women of the Metalio were also like that.

「Well, welcome. Although I can’t sell you any weapons or armor, I’m up for discussion on the other stuff. I won’t be able to sell you something depending on what it is though, so be careful of that.」

「What do you mean “depending on what it is”……?」

「Stuff like Holy Silver goods I guess. The production amount of that stuff is small so it’s precious. There was an order given to us saying to not let it flow out to other nations all that much. So please give up on that sort of stuff.」

 Nodding with an “I see”, the Sylphids started going around and looking inside of the shop.

 After the group of Sylphids started walking within the store that wasn’t all that spacious, immediately feeling that it was tight and thinking that it was suffocating, Moka quickly evacuated to the outside of the store.

「Mu, this sword is……May I take a look at it?」

「Even though I said that I wouldn’t sell it to you, looks like you’re still interested in it, huhー. Go ahead.」

 This was so that he could see what to expect once the ban on trade was lifted in the future, but there was no need for him to expressly say that here and now.

 After the Sylphid man took the sword that was placed on the wall, he turned it over several times and checked its design.

 Judging from its looks, it was a normal sword not meant for Magic Sword use. Even the jewel that was fitted into the handle wasn’t a Magic Stone.

 Nevertheless, its overall decoration was wonderful, and even its scabbard was given decorations to give it a sense of unity to make it seem like it was prepared only for the sake of that sword.

「Fu……mu. May I also try drawing it?」

「That’s fineー. Don’t go swinging it around, got it?」

「I understand.」

 Obtaining permission, the Sylphid man drew the sword.

 Making a clear *shan* sound as it was drawn from its scabbard, the sword emitted a beautiful steel blue radiance. The sword blade that was like a polished mirror was beautiful, however, he could tell that it was an iron sword that didn’t use even a single bit of special materials. It also had a fair amount of weight to it, and he couldn’t really say that it was a top quality good as a sword to be practically used.

 Even so, if this sword were to be lined up at the storefront, there would surely be many who would want it.

 For example, it would be good enough for a rookie Adventurer to have, and a knight could use it as a decorative item at their home. That is how much the craftsmanship applied to it was worth. Rather, the demand for display use might be higher.

 ……Having thought that far, the Sylphid man came to a realization.

「Could it be, this is a sword for ceremonial use, or maybe display use……isn’t it?」

「Correct. My place is a decoration shop after all. Although I do have weapons and armor too, they’re all goods not meant for practical use.」

 All of the weapons and armor in this shop were like that. They were weapons and armor for decoration, and not a single one was for practical use.

 They were things for the sake of the Mazoku who started to awaken to the hobby of decorating their homes with weapons and armor recently.

「So it’s a decoration. I see……」

 After storing the sword in its sheath, the Sylphid man nodded in understanding.

 The culture of decorating with weapons and armor had widely taken root in mankind’s territory. There were some decorated with masterpieces with the reason of wanting to boast, and there were also some who did it simply because they enjoyed it. Originally, many ceremonial use arms would have beautiful designs, and they possessed plenty of value to be used as decoration.

「If it’s an ornament……As part of the culture, it might eventually be added as goods that would become a temporary bridge between our countries, wouldn’t it?」

「Who knows. It’s not something for me to decide anyway.」

 Saying “indeed” while laughing, the Sylphid man returned the sword to the wall.

 Even if it was just to learn about this sword, there was value in coming here……is what the man thought.

 Detecting the value of using arms as decorations was a mark of certain intelligence and a mature culture. The fact that something like this had taken root also meant that the Zadark Kingdom was at peace.


 Suddenly, his eyes stopped on something lined up on top of a shelf.

 Within a gold and silver pendant on top of the shelf, there was something made out of metal that emitted red brilliance. A pendant with a round ball that looked like a jewel fitted into it……that is what it looked like, but after looking very closely, it wasn’t a jewel but a metal ball. The Sylphid man knew of a metal that emitted this sort of color.

「This is……Could it be, Blood Metal?」

「Aryah, you noticed? That’s right, I was wonderin’ if I could make it look like a Holy Silver accessory though. So it really was no good. Usin’ it in place of a jewel was the most I could do with it.」

 Going “good grief”, Sharl breathed a sigh.

 The fact that the metal called Blood Metal was a product that the Zadark Kingdom produced is something that the Sylphid man knew as well.

 While it kept abilities that were not at all inferior to Holy Silver, with that blood-like redness, even if a sword or armor were to use it, it would end up turning into something that seemed cursed. A pretty hard to use metal……but.

「When it’s just this much, it’s quite lovely, isn’t it.」

「It’s only lovely though. The questionable part is if there was a need to expressly use Blood Metal for it.」

 Certainly, even if the same amount of Blood Metal were to be used, it might be somewhat more useful to create a ring for Magicians to use.

「……That’s, true. However, how should I put it……As a souvenir from the Zadark Kingdom, I feel like it’s quite appropriate though.」

 That was simply a remark that came out due to his feeling of wanting to deem this pendant acceptable.

 Sharl made a surprised-looking face at those words.

「……Right. A souvenir huh. I see, Blood Metal, it was our special product, wasn’t it. Hーn, I see……」

 Sharl nodded several times saying “we didn’t have that point of view”.

 With Blood Metal, it would come out to the point of people being sick of it if it turned up in the South, but she did hear that it was a rare metal in mankind’s territory. Nevertheless, creating weapons and armor and selling those to mankind was out of the question, but as souvenirs, it could be sold as a new product during this time where the tourism would make a genuine start from now on.

「Un, that’s a nice idea. I think it would work.」

「Is that so, that’s good……So, could I have you sell me this?」

 While saying “let’s see”, Sharl looked at the Sylphid man.

「Are you the one who’s going to wear it?」

「No, I will give it to my daughter. Ahh, that’s right. I would like something similar for my wife as well but do you have one?」

「That’s fine, but don’t you think that one with a different design would be better?」

 While saying that, Sharl started giving several recommendations at her own discretion.

 While looking at her back, the Sylphid man muttered.

「……It truly is a peaceful town, isn’t it.」

 While Moka was basking in the sun at the store entrance, the other Sylphid men broke into discussion.

 Furthermore, sometimes, Goblins, Beastia, and Norms would peek into the shop looking deeply interested as they passed by.

 They came to see even the Goblins and the Beastia, who would have caused an uproar thinking that it was an attack or reconnaissance if this were to happen in the Shutaia Continent, as having faces that were somehow charming.

 No, they actually had some charm to them. A Goblin face with the fiendishness taken out looked idiotic, and the Beastia’s faces were just like the animals themselves.

 If they were to return to the Jiol Forest Kingdom with their senses kept just like that, it seemed like it would turn into something awful.

 There would probably be a need to properly convince themselves that the Goblins and Beastia of the Shutaia Continent were different creatures from the citizens of the Zadark Kingdom.

「……This spectacle, I want to show it to the Prince as well.」

 Since they were given special treatment, Prince Eric and the hero Luuty were acting separately, but what would they say if they were to see this spectacle?

 Thinking that, the Sylphid man chuckled.



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