Volume 7, Chapter 11


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 It is said that the night is the time that Arkverm becomes its most beautiful.

 The dull sky is enveloped in the darkness of night and turns black, but that was not the case for the ground. The town where numerous spells of Illumination Magic float, it instead shines even more beautifully than it did in the day.

 The place that is said to be the most beautiful even among all of that, was none other than the Demon King Castle.

 Through the event called Light Cosmetics that started when it turned to night, the Demon King Castle would shine even more beautifully than any gem.

 Whether it was the Mazoku who busily worked throughout the day, or the Mazoku who were about to start their work now that it had turned to night, or even the Mazoku who came to sightsee, everyone would look up at the Demon King Castle at least once at this time.

「Tonight, I would like everyone to enjoy this from the wonderful place known as the rooftop of the Dragon’s Tail……And without further ado. Yaーy!」

 The Sylphids gave an applause to Moka whose tension was rising.

 Several tables and chairs were arranged on the rooftop of the Dragon’s Tail, and cuisine with steam rising up and casks of chilled alcohol were lined up. There were grilled skewers of meat and vegetables, and things where various ingredients were held in between hard bread. Furthermore, there was even potato soup for some reason.

「Okaーy, incidentally, about the potato soup that’s lined up on the dining tables, as a matter of fact, it is a reproduction of the cuisine said to be what Demon King-sama loved during the dawn of the Zadark Kingdom. By all means, please enjoy this traditional cuisine that has warmth within its simple taste, ‘kayー!」

 That was a nice way of putting it, but if Vermudol were here, he would surely be making a complicated face.

 He had certainly eaten it often. However, that was because they had almost no other ingredients. For some reason, it had spread as being the cuisine that the Demon King loved, but by no means was it because he loved it so much that he couldn’t get enough of it.

「Fumu……Does the King, like potatoes?」

「Dunno. I wouldn’t know since I haven’t heard it directly from him, but it seems that he eats potatoes quite often, you knowー. Even now, it seems that there’s a potato field in the Demon King Castle’s back garden. By some chance, he might like them.」

 Hearing Moka’s explanation, the Sylphids looked at each other.

「……How does adding potatoes to our exported goods sound?」

「No, wait. There’s no elegance in just mere potatoes. We should properly go with dried sweet potatoes. Those are prided goods even in our country.」

「That’s right. If it’s simply potatoes we’re talking about, there are some in this country as well. There won’t be any extra value unless we add in some extra effort.」

「Oi, I can’t just let that comment pass. Certainly, the potatoes of this country are……」

 Moka made a loud clap and interrupted the conversation that the Sylphids had started. When it turned out like this, the Sylphids would start talking for a long time.

 Since the main point for tonight was the Light Cosmetics, it would be troubling if they didn’t see it.

「Alright, alriーght, now then. The Demon King Castle’s Light Cosmetics is about to start……Now, observe!」

 As if matching with Moka’s words, the Demon King Castle was enveloped by a great variety of colored lights.

 The Illumination Magic that took the form of balls that flew around the Demon King Castle were changing into various colors.

 The Demon King Castle, which could be perfectly described as a chalk white castle during the day, matched with the lights emitted from the Illumination Magic and was dyed in different colors.

 The Sylphids that were gathered on the rooftop of The Dragon’s Tail had unconsciously raised voices of admiration and gazed at that scene.


 Although they knew that it was a cliched expression, that word reflexively leaked out from one of the Sylphid’s mouth.

 The Demon King Castle was changing into various colors right before the Sylphids’ eyes.

 A vivid red that was like a flower, a blue that was like the deep ocean, a green like fresh verdure, a yellow reminiscent of wheat.

 While changing colors one after another and occasionally mixing together several colors, the Demon King Castle was given color.

「……To think that Illumination Magic could be used like this.」

 They hadn’t thought of that. No, even if the did think of it, they wouldn’t have tried to implement it.

 As for why, it was because it was literally a waste of magical power.

 Using Illumination Magic was for the sake of the safety of the citizens. Each town would employ an exclusive Magician called an Illumination Official, and they would brightly illuminate the town. That was the common sense in mankind’s territory.

 Even with the color, using white to make it look like how it was in the day was normal. They could make it other colors if they wanted to, but there wasn’t anyone who felt the meaning in doing that.

 To begin with, dying a castle with countless spells of Illumination Magic while continuously changing the color, just how much magical power was used for that?

 If this were mankind’s territory, just what meaning was there in using magical power in order to color the castle, and just what profits were there to be gained, those sorts of questions would be thoroughly cross-examined.

 They didn’t have the leeway to wastefully use magical power. This was the common sense for mankind, therefore, for techniques that used magical power including magic, only research was done on the ones where they would be 「definitely useful」.

 The scene happening before them right now could even be said to be the height of pointlessness.

 However, that pointlessness was this beautiful. Dying the castle with light was an action that had no necessity nor productivity whatsoever, but it had swayed their hearts this much.

「This Light Cosmetics event is a special product of the Zadark Kingdom. For guys who come to Arkverm but don’t see the Light Cosmetics, it’s the same as not having come at all……that is what is often said. I don’t know who was the first one to say that though.」

「However, this much magical power……it must be terribly difficult to implement. Just how frequently is it performed?」

 In response to the Sylphid who was counting the lights of the Illumination Magic that was flying around the Demon King Castle, Moka cutely tilted her head.

「Eh? It’s every night, you know?」

「Every night!? Impossible……You do it every night with something of this scale!?」

 The Sylphids were astir, but that was a natural reaction.

 The number of spells of Illumination Magic that were flying around the Demon King Castle wasn’t normal. Most likely, with that much magical power, it would be enough to illuminate the entirety of the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s royal capital, Roumrelus.

「I know right? The number certainly is a bit much, but it’s not like there’s much preparation to be made for something like Illumination Magic. Rather, since the Demon King Castle was newly done just a little while ago, it’s gotten much more flashier since there was more to present onー」

 Certainly, not much magical power was used to activate Illumination Magic, and it was simple enough to maintain it for a single night.

 However, that was only if it was at the level of illuminating the things that were nearby.

 To make a light move while having enough strength to make it visible from afar, and furthermore, having it even change color, accurate manipulation was required. If that were to be maintained for a long time, the consumption of magical power would be extraordinarily large.

 Furthermore, this number that could be said to be countless had been deployed.

「Could it be……You’re not going to tell me that a single person had deployed all of this by themselves, are you?」

「Nn? Fufu, I wonder about thatー. What do you think?」

 It was possible to deploy this alone if they didn’t mind collapsing the next day, but it was actually performed with several people.

 However, Moka didn’t explain that.

 This Light Cosmetics event, it played the role of letting them learn of the wonderfulness of the reign under Demon King Vermudol, as well as his power. Therefore, she purposely omitted that explanation.

「……Nuu……no, however……」


 After the Sylphid man showed signs of worrying over it to Moka, who was expressing a smile, he quietly shook his head sideways.

「……No, it’s beautiful. As expected of the Zadark Kingdom, I suppose that is what I should be saying.」

「Aha, that’s true.」

 Answering with just that, Moka also turned her gaze to the Demon King Castle.

 Since the food plates that were lined up on the rooftop had become mostly empty, the employees of the Dragon’s Tail came and carried in additional cuisine and alcohol.

 Even for those employees, when they saw the Light Cosmetics, their expressions would loosen for an instant……However, they would then immediately return to having serious faces and briskly perform their work.

「I haven’t met him directly, but what kind of person is Demon King-dono?」

「He is a wonderful person. If it was for his sake……」

 It was there that Moka cut off her words.

 That’s right, if it were for Demon King Vermudol’s sake, if it were for the sake of that person who gave such a blessed life to the Mazoku.

「I, am sure……that I would be able to do anything for him.」

 If mankind said that they would turn Demon King Vermudol into their enemy, at that time, she wouldn’t able to help it……Moka would turn into mankind’s enemy.

「I see. He is a good sovereign, isn’t he.」

「Yes, very.」

 Without noticing Moka’s mental attitude, the Sylphid man nodded as if he understood.

 And then, Moka also smiled with a gentle face so that he wouldn’t sense it.



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