Volume 7, Chapter 12


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 Luuty stood on the veranda of the fourth floor guest room that was prepared for her in the Demon King Castle.

 Even Eric, whose feeling were worked up from riding the Earth Dragon, seemed to be thinking about various things after seeing Demon King Castle’s Light Cosmetics event. Now, he was completely tired and was asleep but……that probably couldn’t be helped.

「……King Sarigan, you sure do some harsh things, don’t you.」

 Luuty knew the reason why Eric, the fourth prince, was chosen to go on this tourism trip.

 Up until the third prince, they knew of the era where the Mazoku were evil and mankind had become one with the Hero as their leader. That is why they already had a defined sense of values towards the Mazoku.

 Sarigan, the king, had a chance to have that reset, but that Sarigan knew that it would be impossible to demand that others have the same opinion as his current self.

 After all, the Mazoku such as Goblins, Beastia, and Ogres that were on the Shutaia Continent were evil as usual.

 In addition to that, even a new Mazoku called the Alva which not even Sarigan knew of had appeared.

 It could be said that how the national sentiment in the Jiol Forest Kingdom was leaning towards friendship with the Zadark Kingdom was truly a miracle.

 At the beginning, the good-looking leaders of the Zadark Kingdom performed a parade, and that must have been somewhat effective in directing the friendship mood, but after that, the lending of the Magic Operated Armors to the national borders and the Mazoku man who acted as the diplomat, Nanalus, were conclusive.

 Through them, the image of 「sincere Mazoku」 had been instilled into the people, trade started, and even some of the Zadark Kingdom’s goods were appearing in the markets.

 Like that, the Dark Continent’s past negative image had dimmed, and had even brought about this tourism trip.

 But however, even if it wasn’t spoken aloud, it was also a fact that they still held distrust towards the Mazoku.

 In that case, it was a problem over who would be appropriate to be the lead in coming here on the first tourism group.

 The one to be brought up was one of the heroes, Luuty.

 And then, from the royal family, the one chosen was Eric, who didn’t know of the 「era of legend」.

 That’s right, Eric was expected to have an opinion as part of the new generation.

 The reason why Luuty was chosen was because she would be something like insurance to give the other Sylphids a sense of security.

 As of right now, Eric could be said to have accomplished that duty. Although he was in high spirits from the situation that surpassed common sense, Eric is intelligent. By tomorrow morning, he should have his own thoughts arranged.

「Rather, the problem is with the other nobles, I suppose……」

 The other nobles were to be treated as average guests, but it was unknown as to what they would be thinking after having actually come to the lands of the Zadark Kingdom.

 Luuty had a bad habit of worrying if things would play out in a bad direction……but this was something that would be impossible to tell her to not worry about it.


 Breathing a sigh, Luuty casually looked down at the ground……and it was there that she was startled from seeing the figures of people.

 What was there was a man and woman pair that were talking about something.

 The moment she was about to pull her head back after thinking that she saw something that shouldn’t be seen, she noticed that they were faces that she recognized.

「That’s……Sancreed and……Fainell?」

 The fact that two of the leaders of the Zadark Kingdom were at the Demon King Castle wasn’t anything particularly strange.

 However, what were they doing at this sort of time and in that sort of place.

 If it were talk about politics, then there were more appropriate places like a conference room.

 In other words, those two were meeting with some sort of personal circumstance.

 Thinking that that had felt somewhat weird, Luuty strained her ears.

 With the ears of a Sylphid which could hear things much better than the other members of mankind, she managed to hear their conversation.

「Promise……? I wonder what it was that they promised.」

 It seemed that Fainell was rushing Sancreed for some reason. And then, once she received something from Sancreed, Fainell hugged it to her chest and looked delighted.

 In response to Sancreed who laughed sounding troubled after seeing that, Fainell’s face went red and made a small protest by saying “don’t laugh”.

 Hearing Sancreed say “it’s my first time seeing you make that sort of face”, Luuty pulled her head back from the veranda.

 The two of them were both Mazoku, and even the height of their positions was the same. It was surely possible for them to have that sort of relationship.

 She hadn’t heard that sort of talk from Fainell who would occasionally come to visit her as if she had just remembered, but it might not be something for her to expressly say to her.

 Luuty turned her back to Sancreed and Fainell, and while having an indescribable and complicated feeling, she blessed the two of them in her heart.

「……Time is always flowing. It’s that sort of thing, isn’t it.」

「What are you talking about?」


 Taking one step as she was about to return to her room, Luuty jumped from the voice that she suddenly heard from behind, and her balance was thrown off just like that.

「Uwah, ta……Hyawawah!?」

「Whoa there.」

 Even though it was something that would normally be nothing for her, maybe because she was too shaken up, she couldn’t regain her balance all that well. While flapping her arms about, Luuty turned around to face whoever it was that was behind her and flopped onto them..

 After that someone caught Luuty, they looked at her face from above.

「Are you alright?」



 Surprised from how Sancreed was looking down at her, Luuty panicked and tried to get up from her posture of being supported……and as a result, she hit her head on Sancreed’s chin.

「Owowow……S, sorry.」

「No……I don’t really mind.」

 In response to Luuty who was pressing down on her head, Sancreed shook his head sideways while grimacing.

 Feeling relieved that neither of them had received any serious injuries, Luuty came to a realization in the next instant.

「Hey, wait! Just where did you come from just now!? It can’t be, you’re not going to tell me that you just jumped up again, right!?」

「Nn? That’s exactly it though.」

 That’s right, he discovered that Luuty was watching them and muttered something that he didn’t really understand, and being interested in that, he jumped up to the upper floor veranda. This was now the second time that Sancreed came to her like this.

「You’re just so……ahh, no. It’s fine for now. More importantly, is it alright for you to be leaving your girlfriend like that?」


 Hearing Luuty’s words that were tinged with a cold tone, Sancreed tilted his head.


 Ruminating over those words, Sancreed looked down at the ground from the veranda.

 What was there was only the figure of Fainell who was making an exasperated-looking face and was looking up at him.

「……Ahh, I see. So that’s how it is.」

 After Sancreed nodding looking like he was convinced of something, he placed a hand on Luuty’s shoulder with a *pon*.

 After Luuty shivered from Sancreed’s unexpected action, Sancreed spun Luuty around just like that and picked her up.

「Uwah, h, hey, Sancreed!?」

「We’re going down.」

「What do you mean by going dow……Hya, hyaaaah!」

 Holding Luuty in his arms, Sancreed jumped down to the ground from the veranda just like that.

 Landing on the ground with a *zun* sound, Sancreed looked down at Luuty who was in his arms.

 Luuty, who was dizzy and pressing down on her head, came to a realization, and after getting down from being in Sancreed’s arms, she grabbed onto his chest and started shaking him..

「J, just what in the world were you thinking! To jump down all of a sudden like that……No, before that, to suddenly take a person and……Ahh, jeez!」

「Oi, calm down, Luuty. That guy has zero delicacy. Please understand that.」

 Fainell breathed a sigh and tried to pacify her, but Luuty didn’t listen.

「Don’t “it’s because he has zero delicacy” me! If it’s zero, then there’s a need to work hard to increase it in a zero way!」

「Yeah, I got it. I’ll tell him off. So calm down, okay?」

 After forcibly tearing Luuty away as she continued to shake Sancreed, Fainell laughed sounding nostalgic.

「Haha, still……I thought that you had also changed from the past……but man, you haven’t changed at all. But wait a second. Since you should have already put him in a joint lock if you were the old you, could it be that you really did change?」

「Hey, Fainell. You promised not to say that around others.」

 Just when Fainell averted her eyes as if to escape from Luuty’s gaze that was glaring at her with half-open eyes, Sancreed coughed and interrupted the flow of the conversation.

「Ahー, putting that aside. Fainell, please try to plainly say the contents of the talk that you and I were having.」


「There’s someone here who is misunderstanding.」

 Fainell made a face that said she found it incomprehensible, however, she took something out from her clothes with a reluctant look.

 The thing that was on top of Fainell’s hand was, something that looked like a small doll.

 That thing that seemed like the expression “a small Fainell” would fit perfectly was carefully colored and painted down to the details.

 Luuty had seen something similar to this before.

「……This is.」

「It’s a piece to a certain game, see. It’s the limited colored version of the one that was modelled after me. It’s to the point that you could say that the one in this color almost never comes out.」

 That’s right, if she remembered correctly, it resembled the piece from the piece lottery that she saw when she was brought to Arkverm before and went through the town with Sancreed.

「I think you already know about it, but this was as an apology and as thanks for taking over this guy’s job when he did his thing earlier. And so I was given it. Besides, I’m sure that this piece is also happy to be at my side. Don’t you think?」

「Well, that’s how it is. Things have been busy and we normally don’t have that much free time……so I delivered it to her earlier.」

 Sancreed’s words of “do you get it now” permeated into Luuty’s head.

 In other words, a misunderstanding. Everything was Luuty’s misinterpretation.

「Hey, I have a question but.」

「……What is it?」

「In the end, what was this all about?」

 Just how should she answer Fainell, who was displaying a question mark.

 Underneath how she was pretending to be calm, Luuty was thinking while desperately holding down her desire to run away.



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