Volume 7, Chapter 14


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「Oh man, we truly had a good time here. As the representative of everyone in our group, I give you our thanks.」

「I would be delighted if you all enjoyed your stay. All of us employees of the Dragon’s Tail will be awaiting everyone’s next visit.」

 After they spent their respective nights, underneath the usual cloudy──yet bright enough to tell that it was cloudy, sky, the employees of the Dragon’s Tail made a bow to the Sylphids who gathered at the entrance door.

 It seemed that the Sylphids were discussing something all throughout the night, but they didn’t show even a single sign of being tired.

 Rather, it seemed that they became more energized the more they discussed, and their skin looked shiny with energy despite having stayed up all night.

 Moka gave a command to them as they were like that.

「Okaーy, it’s still a tour until you all get back homeー! Everyone, please follow along without getting lost, okayー!」

「Hahaha, that’s true. But still, I feel sad when I think about how this is going to end soon.」

「It sure does. I was wondering what kind of place it would be before coming here but……」

「Nevertheless, the craftsmanship of this Demon King Castle model is wonderful. To bring in this technique is……」

 The Sylphids, who spoke their own respective impressions to each other, walked following their guide Moka.

 After this, the plan should be to send Prince Eric’s group and the other Sylphids back to their original place with the Transmissioners. In other words, the first wave of tourists was now done.

 After they became completely unable to see the figures of the Sylphids that were waving their hands, the employees that were behind Hatchet all crumbled down one after another. The moment they became unable to see the figures of the guests that had spent the night there, the string of all of their tension had snapped.

 Even Hatchet, she somehow managed to keep standing……that was the state she was in.

「……Ahー……I’m so tired……When were the next tourists coming again?」

「It’s in three days. Next time, it seems that they won’t be nobles or whatever.」

 Some were leaning on the walls, while others fell and lied on the floor.

 The employees of the Dragon’s Tail all had working experience in lodgings meant for Mazoku, but this was their first time serving anyone other than Mazoku.

 Moreover, those guests were members of mankind who Demon King Vermudol was aiming to have become a mediation for friendship.

 With that being the case, they needed to exhaust themselves to that the worst case wouldn’t happen.

 What they learned from the result that they eagerly welcomed was the fact that the number of employees they had was much closer to the bare limit of what they needed than they had originally thought. In other words, they had no leeway, and they always had a fear that the rhythm of something would break.

「……Hatchet-saーn. We really need to increase our numbers here. With our current numbers, we won’t be able to make it next time.」

 When a Majin woman, who was limp and looked like she was hugging a chair, had muttered that, Hatchet, who had loosened her collar a bit, also replied with a slightly tired sounding voice.

「……That’s true. There’s also a need to re-examine the arrangement of people. That being said, when it comes to employees, there’s the problem of the budget that comes before their training. I’ll need to somehow create the documents before the day is over……」

 While saying that, Hatchet went “fuu” and breathed a sigh.

 In any case, once the guests were seen off, there was work to be done after sending them off. The cleaning and checking of the guest rooms, and then the preparations for the sake of welcoming the next guests. There were a number of things that need to be done, but first was the cleaning.

「Now then, at any rate, the cleaning up is still part of the job! Come on, everyone cooperate and……」

 Just as she was about to say “let’s do this”, Hatchet noticed that there was a group of three that she wasn’t familiar with here.

 One was a red maid that had a face that was brimming with confidence.

 One was a blue maid that was expressionless.

 One was a yellow maid that timid with a lack of confidence.

 The red maid, who was right in the middle of the three of them, placed her hands on her waist and puffed out her chest.

「Fu fu fu……It would seem that you are all in a bit of trouble!」

「Erm……You all are……」

 While getting her tired head into motion, Hatchet turned to face the group of three. She felt like she had seen them somewhere before, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it.

「Allow me to answer before you ask. Whether it be cleaning, tidying up, decorating a room’s arrangements, or environmental maintenance as a whole, you can leave everything to me! Maid Red, Krim!」

 After the red young girl introduced herself like that and made a sharp pose, the blue young girl stepped forward and handed a letter to Hatchet.

「Thank you for all of the hard work. I am Marin, and while the red idiot over there has already introduced herself……the last one of us is Lemon. We are the Maid Unit, and we have come from the Demon King Castle to help. Once you have confirmed the contents of the letter, we will immediately start working.」

「Ah, hey, Marin, that’s so mean! Didn’t we promise that we would all do cool poses! Where is our camaraderie!? Hey, Lemon, listen, Marin is being so mean!」

 When Krim hugged Lemon, who was diagonally behind her, while crying, Lemon pinched Krim’s side while displaying a troubled looking expression.

「……Um, Krim, it’s……hot. If you don’t get away……um, it’s troubling.」

「Ahkuauaooouh!? I, I won’t lose! I, won’t lose to Lemon’s dear and shy expression! Agikiieauh, ha……Ahiuii……」

「Once the work is completed, we will need to receive a mark on the document confirming its completion, but is that alright?」

「Y, yes, that isn’t a problem but. Are the girls behind you alright?」

 After Marin took a peek behind herself, she immediately turned back to Hatchet.

「Yes, it is not a problem. Please wait a moment.」

 Marin once again turned around after saying that, and approached Krim and Lemon.

 After tearing the two apart just like that, Marin clapped her hands.

「Alright, enough of the skit. It is time to work. Are the two of you ready?」

「It’s not a problem, desu. Lemon is, okay anytime……desu.」

「I’m also okay……」

 After nodding from looking at the slightly satisfied looking Lemon and the teary eyed Krim, Marin turned back around to Hatchet.

「……And so, we will commence with the work immediately. Krim will prepare the guest rooms, Lemon will take care of the kitchen, and I will perform and supervise everything else. If you have some sort of request, we shall take them as well. Please call out to us at any time……Now then, let us get started!」

「Okay! Oryaryaryaryaー!」

 Krim, who pulled a long handled cleaning tool out of nowhere, started running, and Lemon dashed off to the kitchen with strides that had no hesitation.

「Well then, I would also like to start from cleaning up the entrance hall but……before that, would it be better if I carried everyone to the breakroom?」

 With those words, Hatchet stirred up her remaining energy and shouted.

「Everyone! Stand up right now! Do you plan on having everything done by these reinforcements!? Show them the grit of the employees of the Dragon’s Tail!」

「Y, yes, Hatchet-san!」

「Yoosh, chefs, we’re going to the kitchen! Everyone, on the double!」

「The room clerks are going to clean up the rooms and check the furnishings!」

「The receptionists are……erm, going to clean up the employee space and do support for the entire place!」

 Within the Dragon’s Tail that had become busy, Hatchet lightly glared at Marin.

「……Honestly. You, I’m sure that you’ve been told that you have a bad personality, haven’t you.」

「No? I am often told that I have quite the personality though.」

「In other words, that means that you have a bad personality, doesn’t it.」

 After Hatchet made a wry smile, she took up a cleaning tool that was nearby.

「Well, it’s great that you came to be support but……you all might not have much of a turn here.」

「Oya, is that so?」

「Yes, the employees of the Dragon’s Tail are all excellent after all.」

 With those words, Marin nodded with an “I see” and took up a different cleaning utensil.

「That is quite something. However, we are even more excellent, you know?」

「Oya. Now you’ve said it.」

「Yes, of course. Being the Maid Unit that the Demon King Castle is proud of, although this is a place we are not familiar with, we will not lose.」

 In response to the faintly smiling Marin, Hatchet also returned with a smile.

「……I see. Doing that and taking me for a ride is the hand that you’re playing.」

「Well now, whatever might you be talking about?」

 The two of them smiled at each other.

 However, it was there that Marin hit her hands together with a *pon*.

「Ahh, right, right. I had forgotten the verbal message.」

「Verbal message?」

「Yes, it seems that Demon King-sama will come to show his appreciation later on.」

 Hearing those words, Hatchet’s smile completely froze up.

「Demon King-sama will……? When, will that be?」

「I was told that it would depend on when he was available.」

 At the same time as Marin’s answer, Hatchet’s figure had disappeared from in front of Marin.

 Of course, it wasn’t like she had really vanished. Hatchet had merely started doing the work with enough vigor as if she were flying.

「Say that from the start. If you had, I would have used you all without reserve. In any case, if Demon King-sama is going to be coming, I no longer have the time to be conversing with you. I am expecting you to be at least half as useful as I am.」

 Seeing off Hatchet as she left to go somewhere while saying that, Marin breathed a sigh.

「……Now then. I suppose I should get started with following up with everyone. First is……tto.」

 At the same time as those words, Marin also started moving with a speed that wouldn’t lose out to Hatchet.

 Hatchet and Marin were in serious mode.

 After this, until Vermudol arrived, it turned into a state where a storm by two work fiends swept over the Dragon’s Tail.



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