Volume 7, Chapter 15


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 The Jiol Forest Kingdom’s capital city, Roumrelus. Within the audience room of the royal palace that was there, the Fourth Prince, Eric, was before Sarigan who was his father as well as the King.

 Sarigan, being a king who has lived for a long time, was also a character who appeared in the Hero legend.

 Eric had heard his father’s legends from his mother and elder brothers, and also hoped to become like his father someday. For that sake, since the time he was able to understand what was going on around him, for Eric, his father wasn’t his father, but a legendary person who was at a far off height, and was a great wise king.

 When he was entrusted with this time’s sightseeing mission, Eric desperately held down his ecstatic feelings.

 However, at the same time, he also didn’t know what King Sarigan’s aim was either.

 Since he was going along with Luuty, who was one of the Hero’s party members, he thought that it might have also been about killing the Demon King if there was an opening, but he immediately cast away that thought.

 It was because if that were the case, he should have chosen one of his elder brothers who excelled in deeds of arms rather than himself.

 It was there that Eric arrived at one more thought.

 In other words, King Sarigan was thinking of strengthening the friendly relationship with the Zadark Kingdom.

 If that was the case, his brothers who knew the legendary era very well would be unsuitable. If the worst case scenario were to happen, it wouldn’t end with just the relationship with the Zadark Kingdom deteriorating.

 Naturally, since his elder brothers weren’t fools, there was currently the possibility that they could change their thoughts about the Mazoku.

 But, even so, King Sarigan chose Eric.

 Eric concluded that the reason for that was because he didn’t experience the legendary era himself. Since he didn’t know anything, he would be able to things with impartial eyes.

 Eric came to see the place called the Zadark Kingdom to form his own thoughts about the ones called the Mazoku.

 The current Eric was in front of the king holding the confidence that he had answered to King Sarigan’s expectations.

「……Umu, Eric. Raise your head.」


 Receiving Sarigan’s words, Eric finally raised his face that was cast down.

「Now then, Eric. You were dispatched to the Zadark Kingdom as the representative of the first tourism group but……」


「How do you see that nation?」

 Hearing Sarigan’s question, Eric hesitated over how he should answer.

 In regards to the three points of military, economy, and politics, there were few things that Eric could report about. It was because within the range of being taken along by that Maid Knight called Ichika, he was unable to talk about the details of each of those points.

 However, even so, Eric spoke the answer that he had settled on since last night.

「Yes, King. That country, is a major nation that practices government under a king and laws.」

 Hearing those words, a portion of the lined up senior statesmen nodded while another portion were astir.

 The senior statesmen that nodded were those who had gone to the Zadark Kingdom together with Sarigan before or together with Eric this time, and had actually seen it themselves.

 After Sarigan nodded looking like he was interested, he tapped the armrest of his throne with a *ton*.

「……I see, a major nation huh. For what reason do you feel that way?」

 What Eric had seen was nothing more than a small part of the Zadark Kingdom. To speak of the entire nation with just that would normally be quite foolish.

 However, Eric had confidence.

「The castle, the town, and Dragons. I can explain it all with just these three points.」

「Hou, try saying it.」

 Prompted by Sarigan, Eric continued.

「First is the castle. This is the crystallization of a country’s greatest technology. In other words, by looking at the castle, one can surmise the country’s technology. Looking at it from that point of view, the Zadark Kingdom’s technology, it could be said to have reached a level where it has surpassed or at least is not inferior to the Cylas Empire. Then again, since the Cylas Empire has too many technologies that they conceal, this is nothing more than my personal opinion though……」

 When it came to the technology of the Cylas Empire, which had come to be called the nation of fire and iron, there were many parts that couldn’t be seen. Even the large 「ship」 that could easily go around the outer circumference of the continent, the Cylas Empire was currently the only one that could make it. There was no one else that knew what other kind of technology they might be hiding.

 However, that was surely the same for the Zadark Kingdom.

「I see, something large has come out of this. Well then, next is the town huh. What have you read out of that?」

「Yes. By looking at the town, the citizens can be understood. Although I have not seen the citizens as much as the others, but even so, I certainly saw smiling faces. Among those, there were even the smiling faces of Goblins and Beastia. Honestly, I didn’t think that they were capable of making such faces.」

 He didn’t think there would be the chance to see the scene of Goblins and Beastia joining shoulders and laughing with each other.

 They had something different from the Shutaia Continent’s Goblins and Beastia that would be clad in ragged or stolen equipment and attacked mankind.

 No……Maybe, was there room to form that sort of relationship with the Goblins and Beastia of the Shutaia Continent?

「In that scene, I had seen the possibility of true peace. And then, for the town itself, I could see that it had developed in an extraordiarily affluent way. The fact that it was normal even for the lower classes is proof that their economy is functioning well.」

 With these words, the Sylphids who went on this time’s tourism trip nodded. For them who had gone as far as shopping there, they were able to understand the livelihood of the Mazoku citizens even better than Eric.

「I see. Well then, the last point is Dragons huh. Since I have seen these as well, I know of their threat. A thunder of commanded Dragons, that could truly be called the strongest war potential in the world.」

「No, I am not speaking about that.」

 Eric recalled the Dragon Road Service.

 Just now, Sarigan said 「war potential」. In that case, it probably means that Sarigan had not seen the Dragon Road Service.

「Within the Zadark Kingdom, there is a means of transportation that makes use of Earth Dragons.」

 With these words, the senior statesmen in the audience room became noisy all at once.

 There was no one that didn’t know of the threat that Earth Dragons posed. They were rulers of the land that would send all that stood in their way flying. To use them in place of carriages, there was surely no one that would even dream of that.

「That’s right……They carry boxes similar to the one that the Earthworm that the hero of our nation Luuty has and run with them. They run at fixed intervals, and it seems that they have created something called a transportation network throughout the entire nation.」

「……I see. Certainly, if they are able to command Dragons, it would surely be simple to make Earth Dragons do such a thing.」

 In response to Sarigan who nodded in understanding, Eric shook his head sideways.

「No, King. It would seem that the Earth Dragons themselves had asked to become replacements for carriages.」

 When he had ridden on an Earth Dragon together with the Maid Knight called Ichika and Luuty, he had the chance to converse with the Earth Dragon itself.

 Having thought that being able to converse was something that only special Dragons like the Holy Dragon Ykslet could do, Eric was deeply moved to learn otherwise, but Eric was told that that Earth Dragon had also desired to be affiliated with the Dragon Road Service itself.

「According to the Earth Dragon, it was happy to have meaning given to its act of running through the land. It was happy to have something that only its large build could do……or so it said.」

「I, I would like for you to please wait!」

 It was there that one of the senior statesmen stepped forward while knowing that it was rude. He was one of the old Sylphid that knew the legendary era, and had personally seen a Dragon attack the Jiol Forest Kingdom in the past.

 The Dragon that Hero Ryuuya and hero Luuty and the legendary Maid Knight Reina who happened to be present had repelled was a Dragon that could fly through the sky, but it wasn’t able to converse a single bit. That Dragon only raised roars that were filled with anger and nonsensical cries, and it only spread destruction.

 Sarigan also had that image of the rampaging Dragon of that time strongly implanted in him, and that is why when he saw the commanded Dragons in the Demon King Army’s warfare exercise, he held a sort of fear towards the Mazoku man called the Southern General who had managed to command them. However, even after seeing the commanded Dragons, the image of them being 「monsters incapable of conversation」 had remained unchanged.

 However, right now, Eric had certainly said that he had talked with a Dragon.

「Y, you conversed with a Dragon……you say?」

「Is there something strange about that?」

 As far as Eric was concerned, Dragons were the Dragons that appeared in heroic tales. The Dragons that appeared within those stories, although they were wicked, they possessed intelligence and spoke to the heroes. They would spout evil from their mouths, and would occasionally tempt foolish people as well. The heroes pushing through that and winning was the simple approach of those heroic tales.

 Therefore, Eric, who only knew about the Dragons that appeared in heroic tales, didn’t have any sense of discomfort whatsoever from a talking Earth Dragon.

 That is why Eric asked again like this.

「Dragons are creatures that speak, right? Even though there is armor whose insides are empty that can understand the common language, there is no way that creatures as great as Dragons would be unable to converse.」

 Since the Magic Operated Armors that were currently taking responsibility for the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s border security were able to converse normally, taking that into consideration, that certainly……wouldn’t be unthinkable, but.

 Since Luuty had fought against Raktor in the Dark Continent in the past, they knew that Dragons were able to talk, but they hadn’t expressly made the fact that she 「fought against a talking Dragon」 widely known. It wasn’t that they had concealed that fact, but they simply didn’t think that it was an important matter.

「Kuku, I see, I see. It is just as you say, Eric. Umu, this is truly interesting. Tell me more. About what you had seen, what you had heard, what you had felt. I want to know more about those.」

「Yes, King. Just as you wish.」

 Sarigan was currently delighted by how Eric had brought back results that were greater than he expected. In the future, Eric should become a man befitting royalty.



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