Volume 7, Chapter 17


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 A Dungeon is a Mazoku’s defensive location as well as their interception location.

 The many treasures that they stole from mankind are accumulated, and the master of it awaits at the innermost area of the labyrinth that has countless traps laid out──that is how the minstrels often sang about them.

 On the other hand, from the Mazoku’s point of view, traps would need to be maintained so that they would work normally, and there would also be a need for personnel for the sake of keeping the treasure secure.

 And speaking of what they would be doing after taking all of that time, they would just lie in wait at the end of the dungeon──Putting it plainly, they simply shut themselves in the back of a cave and do whatever they please.

 This was the general reason why Majin who possessed dungeons were made fun of and called 「Cave Majin」.

 In the Western area of the Zadark Kingdom where there was a particularly large amount of dungeons, there was a whole bunch of dungeon owners that were self-proclaimed Demon Kings, but they were annihilated by Nino when the Dark Continent was unified.

 The proper Majins didn’t live in dungeons, the abandoned dungeons that lost their masters remained unused, and before long, they vanished from the people’s memories.

 Within one of those abandoned dungeons, at the innermost area of the place that was called Meshram’s underground palace, there was a wide room.

 What was inside of that room, was a single throne.

 Sitting on the throne that had way too many decorations and ended up seeming to be in bad taste, a Mazoku was also wearing gaudy clothing.

 Having an appearance as if Amoebas were gathered and forcibly made to take a humanoid shape, the man was the owner of this underground palace, a Majin called Meshram.

 The ones kneeling in front of Meshram were a group of about 30 Mazokus that mainly consisted of Goblins and Beastia. Having his view set on them, Meshram raised a loud voice so as to make the throne room reverberate.

「……The current society is mistaken! I, the true Demon King, have been disregarded, and a fake is claiming to be the Demon King! Moreover, from what I have heard, his objective is to form a friendship with mankind……Unforgivable! With resolute determination, I condemn this!」

 An applause broke out with Meshram’s speech.

 Meshram watched over that feeling satisfied, and continued after waiting for them to settle down.

「However, you can be at ease! Our plan has finally moved onto the final stages! The day that the world will know of me, the true Demon King, is close at hand! And that time will become the true start of the age of the Mazoku!」

 Once again, there was an outbreak of applause, cheers, and ovation.

 As if waiting for that to come to a stop, a single applause that was a beat late resounded.

 Searching for the one that made that applause with a displeased looking gaze, Meshram noticed that it was from someone who was standing in front of the throne room doors.

 The one who was there was a young blue haired man that was expressing a friendly and gentle smile.

 With a splendid black sword hanging on his waist, the young man, after stopping his applause, made a slight bow towards Meshram.

「You……Since when were you there. Who are you!?」

「I came in normally through the door not too long ago though. Since it seemed that you were engrossed in your speech, I waited here so that I wouldn’t get in the way of it.」

 Seeing the young man say that as if it were only natural, Meshram kept completely silent. There should have been guards that were placed in front of the doors.

「So, what is your business here. Have you come to serve me, the true Demon King Meshram, or something?」

「Uwaah……So that’s what you come out with……I see, the true Demon King huh……」

 After the young man muttered that seemingly completely repulsed, he shook his head sideways looking amazed.

「I see, I understand very well now. I hadn’t imagined that it would have been a defective product but……Well, it’s fine.」

「D, defective product!? You, what did you call me!」

「It doesn’t matter who or what. You, are you really Meshram-san?」

 Hearing the young man’s query, Meshram made a dumbfounded looking face. However, after immediately changing to an expression that said he was looking down on the young man, he gave a command to his subordinate Mazoku.

「Haha, how absurd! So you were merely a fool! You all, tear this guy to pieces!」

 Responding to those words, Meshram’s subordinates readied their weapons one after another.

 However, the young man did show any signs of panicking even with that.

「Ahh, I am terribly sorry for being late with this. I am called Lumon. Well, I came to kill you all but……since you all seem intent on doing the same, please don’t hold a grudge against me.」

 At the same time the young man──Lumon had drawn his sword, Meshram’s subordinate Mazoku also started running towards the young man.

「……Transform, Boomerang Blade.」

 Magical power poured into the sword simultaneously with Lumon’s voice, and its form was greatly changed.

 After an instant, it accomplished a transformation into a form like a bird had spread out both wings and became a gigantic black blade. Holding that aloft, Lumon threw it with all of his strength.

 Making a *gou* sound, the flying black blade sliced through Meshram’s Mazoku subordinates, and approached Meshram as he was at his throne.

 Seeing that approach while slicing up his subordinates along with their weapons, Meshram, after making a face that said he couldn’t understand what was going on for an instant, raised a scream.

「HIII! Waitwaitwaitwait! Oi, don’t you understand who I really am! I, I am the true -hiii!」

 Meshram became unable to stand up and fell into his seat, and after seeing off the black blade that just barely passed over the top of his own head circle around and once again graze the top of his head, he started trembling.

 Catching the black blade that returned with one hand, Lumon confirmed that there was no one other than Meshram that could move, then turned a gentle smiling face to Meshram.

「The truth is, there are two things I want to ask you. Could you please answer me?」

 While saying that, Lumon quietly walked to Meshram’s side.

 Having completely lost his fighting spirit, Meshram was desperately working his head to figure out how to avoid being killed while displaying a servile smile.

「I, I’ve got it. I don’t mind answering you! M, more importantly. You, won’t you become my subordinate!? As long as I have your strength, I’ll be invincible! If you do, not to mention two, I will answer what you desire to know with all of my wisdom! N, no. Of course that won’t be all to it! On the day of the plan, anything you want will be -hiii!」

 Once again, the black blade just barely passed by the top of Meshram’s head.

「I, I got it! You (omae)……No, you (anata) are the new Demon King! I’m fine with being number two! See, that’ll be fine, right!?」

「I will say this one more time, there are two things I want to ask.」

 After holding the returned black blade as if it were on his back, Lumon stood in front of Meshram while still having a smiling face and looked down on him.

「Here is the first one. Before I came here, I caught sight of someone wearing armor with a strange design. Frankly speaking, that person is the reason why I came here but……let’s see. It was a person that looked like they had armor that had a lot of blades, and felt like they didn’t want anyone approaching them. I want to hear about that person.」


「As for the other question……Rather than defective goods like you all, where are the guys that were properly made? There should be some around though.」

 Meshram made a face that said he found the questions that Lumon threw at him to be incomprehensible.

 Staring at that state of his for a while, Lumon was blatantly disappointed and dropped his shoulders.

「……Is that so. Enough then.」

 Swinging his black blade down, he split Meshram into two.

 No longer paying attention to that which made a dirty sound as it tumbled down, Lumon breathed a sigh──then jumped from that spot with all of his strength.

 In the next instant, a thick heat ray pierced the spot that Lumon was at until just now.

 Nothing remained after those heat rays. Neither Meshram’s corpse, nor the gaudy throne, nothing.

「……Hou, to think you would avoid that just now. How surprising.」

「Well, of course I would avoid it. If I didn’t, I would have died, now wouldn’t I.」

 After replying like that, Lumon turned his gaze to the one that fired that heat ray.

 What was there was something wearing a red robe floating in midair.

 It wore a white mask so he couldn’t even peek at its facial expression, but darkness pooled within that robe, and he was unable to distinguish if it was a man or woman. Within the hand of the Mazoku that seemed as if darkness was wearing a robe, there was a metal staff that had a gigantic magic jewel fitted into it.

「So, I want to make the same questions from earlier to you as well……No, I just want to ask the second question to you. Just how many of the ones similar to you are left? Could you tell me of all of their locations?」


「Do you have the need to know?」

 After Lumon went silent for a bit, he threw the black blade with a speed that was less than even an instant.

 It was repelled by an Attack Guard that was deployed right before the red robed Mazoku, however, it returned to Lumon’s hand without falling to the ground.

「……Please just answer me. If you do, it will end with you only being turned into pieces, you know?」

「Oya oya, how scary. However, that is what would be called impossible, you know?」

 After answering like that, the red robed Mazoku turned its staff towards Lumon.

「Answer my call……O power, congregate. Shake, tremble, and fill this space. For all things, by separating from the origin, meaning is lost in the existence of everything. Therefore, I shall make that transiency be remembered in this world once again. I shall reproduce the wrath of the origin, here.」

 Realizing the identity of the aria that the red robed Mazoku was chanting, Lumon hurriedly started to construct his Transfer Magic.

 He didn’t have the leeway to set detailed coordinates. Making a rough setting for the first random place that he could think of, Lumon constructed his Transfer Magic with great haste.

 And then, the moment that the Transfer Magic formation deployed at Lumon’s feet, the red robed Mazoku’s magic was completed.

「All things, break to pieces……Dimension Bomb.」

 A storm of destruction swept over.

 On this day, Meshram’s underground palace completely crumbled down.

 However, from the perspective on someone who didn’t know the circumstances, that was merely nothing more than an old dungeon collapsing.

 For that reason, reports that discussed the danger of abandoned dungeons would later stop at only being raised in the Western Army headquarters.



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    New dangers incoming?

    • Looks like this is the Black Knight from one of Ykslaas generals.
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      This guy is seemingly not collared to Ykslaas command and more manipulated by that goddamn goddess bitch

      • Don’t know. Considering how he hunt rebels now(he was going to kill that robed mage anyway, through he was “proper goods”) and also his phrase before that Dark Continent have really changed, i doubt he is being manipulated by Bug, i even doubt he is Claude the Black Knight. He is someone entirely else. Maybe Water God? He have more then enough reason to see what his nation got to and is Zadark worth being ally.

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