Volume 7, Chapter 18


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Within a dark room, transfer light gathered. Possessing a definite brilliance despite being unstable, it vanished after gathering, and before long, the figure of a blue haired young man appeared.


While uttering groans that didn’t turn into words, Lumon staggeringly collapsed onto a bed that was nearby.

What he had specified, or what he had referenced, he couldn’t remember any of it at all.

He was merely absorbed in activating the Transfer Magic, but where was this place?

「Zeeh, haah……」

In the bed that he collapsed onto, there was warmth, and some sort of mysterious sensation to it that was somehow hard yet somehow soft.

He didn’t know what the identity of that thing was, but Lumon was simply relieved that he was still alive.

Underneath Lumon as he breathed rough breaths, something hurriedly moved.

That which had gotten up with enough force that could have blown Lumon off of the bed that he collapsed on, saw Lumon and raised a perplexed sounding voice.

「Eh……wha……? Lu, Lululululu, Lumon!? You, this is my house……Eh? Why? Eh, but that’s……No, wait. Eh?」

Lumon recognized that voice.

It was the voice of the one who was Lumon’s coworker, and currently the vice commander of the Eastern Army unit in charge of the Lulugal Forest, Hooly.

In other words, it meant that this place was Hooly’s house but……had he ever come here before? By some chance, he might have unconsciously set the place that Hooly was at as the transfer location, but for the current Lumon, he had no method of discerning that.

「T, to begin with, you, doing this all of a sudden is……」

As she was about to touch Lumon who didn’t even try to move away from the bed, after finally calming her heart down, Hooly looked at Lumon with eyes that had grown accustomed to the darkness.

It was there that she finally noticed that Lumon was ragged and bloodstained.

「Eh……O, oi, Lumon!? What the heck is this! Who got you!?」

Even if she tried to use Recovery Magic, Hooly wasn’t good with that system of magic. That is why there was a need to bring in someone who could use Recovery Magic as soon as possible.

「Dammit, get ahold of yourself! Hang on……I’ll bring someone who can heal you right away!」

「Guh……a……I, I’m fine……」

「What’s fine about this! Enough, just……」

As she got down from the bed and were about to use Transfer Magic, Lumon tightly grabbed Hooly’s arm.

「I will heal on my own……if I rest a bit……so……more importantly, this matter is……」

Seeing Lumon’s desperate eyes, Hooly nodded despite feeling conflicted.

It seemed that he didn’t want the fact that the was injured to be known. That alone was something she was able to understand.

「……Got it. But, I’ll at least do some medical treatment. Also, depending on your condition, I’ll immediately bring in someone with good skills. You don’t mind, right?」

After confirming that Lumon made a small nod, Hooly headed towards the room’s door.

「I’ll bring over some medicine. I’ll say this just in case, but don’t try to go somewhere else like that.」

「……I, know.」

「Hopefully you do.」

After seeing off Hooly as she left the room, Lumon focused his consciousness on circulating the magical power within his body. By doing that, his body would recover.

It was Life Attribute Magic, but Lumon was able to handle it to a certain extent.

「……Guh……Gehoh, that Staff Demon……To use that sort of magic in a closed space.」

Lumon recalled the red robed Mazoku that he met earlier.

He had thought that there was a possibility, but it seemed that Lumon’s bad imagination hit the mark.

The Sword Demon, and then the Staff Demon. Possibly, the remaining two might be around as well.

「……No, that guy was different. Surely that guy, should also be the same as me.」

That’s right, if Lumon’s thinking was correct, both that Sword Demon and Staff Demon, they could be fakes exceedingly close to the real thing.

Just as the current Lumon was right now, they should be things where special typ Alva are parasitically fused with corpses.

However, even Lumon was missing a portion of his memories. For those two who were using hundred year old corpses, they had most likely lost most of their memories.

And then, that wasn’t all.

From what he could see from that Meshram, it seemed there was a high possibility that its consciousness as an Alva was gone.

The reason why Lumon possessed self-awareness as an Alva was due to special circumstances……but he couldn’t help but feel like the other side was fusing Alva with anything they could get their hands on.

However, on the other hand, for a special existence such as the Sword Demon to expressly search them out and commence their fusion, just what did that mean?

「……They certainly are strong, but we shouldn’t be troubled enough in war potential to be coveting another’s pieces though.」

「What are you talking about?」

Lumon reflexively fell silent from the voice that called out to him.

He still hadn’t recovered enough to get up, but if he could, there was no mistake that he would have jumped.

「It’s……nothing, Hooly-san.」

「Is that so?」

Holding what looked like a medicine box in her hands, Hooly skillfully took off Lumon’s clothes as he was still collapsed on the bed, then started wiping Lumon’s body with a wet cloth.

「……You’ve started recovering. I see, like this, it certainly does look like it’ll be fine even without calling for someone but……」

It was there that Hooly’s words were cut off.

「Just what in the world happened? For someone as strong as you to get that injured……」

Lumon couldn’t answer that question.

Seeing Lumon groan as he pretended to still be in pain, Hooly breathed a small sigh. She discerned that Lumon had no intention of telling her.

「……Lumon. You know, there is something that I regret even now.」


「Yeah. About that time, where I left you behind and ran away.」

That time──It was probably about the time when Lumon had engaged the Black Knight Claude who was Ykslaas’s subordinate.

Certainly, Lumon knew about that time.

「Shouldn’t I have fought together with you at that time. Even now, there are times where I think about that.」

Lumon, didn’t answer.

Even if Hooly was there at that time, there probably wouldn’t have been any change to Lumon’s defeat. It would have only had the effect of Hooly being added to the number of dead.

And then, since Lumon didn’t want that, he told her to run away. That is simply all there was to the story.

「However. At that time, I was truly relieved. I was relieved from the bottom of my heart that I escaped from that place that was filled with the smell of death.」

The hand that was wiping Lumon’s back, came to a complete stop. Small trembling from the hand that was still touching him was transmitted to Lumon.

「……Hey, Lumon. The truth is, you know that, don’t you? You’re making the pathetic me mad, aren’t you?」

「H, Hooly-san. Please calm down. It’s not like I intended for that……」

Raising up his body that finally became able to move again, Lumon tried to calm Hooly down.

However, it was there that Lumon, who finally saw Hooly’s face, noticed.

The tears that gathered at Hooly’s eyes……And her emotions that looked like they would explode at any moment now.

「……Then……Then, why!」

Hugging onto Lumon who just got up, Hooly flopped onto the bed.

While crying like a child, Hooly shouted.

「Ever since that day, you’ve changed! You’ve even treated me like a strange, plus……Plus!」

Lumon realized his mistake in coming here. He didn’t notice it in the contents of his partially broken memories.

If he was completely the same as the Lumon from before, he wouldn’t have been told by Hooly that he had changed.

「……Sorry, Hooly-san. I didn’t want to make you worry, so I didn’t say anything.」

That is why, Lumon told Hooly one of the truths.

「The truth is, ever since that day, my memories have been partially broken. Not wanting you to notice that, I hid it.」

「Eh……Then, that means……」

「I don’t know what it is that I don’t remember. That is why I planned on behaving like myself as much as I could though.」

While pretending to be “Lumon”-like, Lumon smiled.

So as to unravel the suspicions that were within Hooly, he made it a smile that was as natural as possible.

Seeing that feminine smile, Hooly put a reason to that sense of discomfort that she had harbored this whole time.

「……Is that, so.」

「I’m sorry.」

「……No, in that case……I can understand.」

Taking his gaze off from Hooly who started muttering something, Lumon checked on his own body. It seemed that he recovered enough that he could stand and walk to a certain extent.

「……Well then, it’s about time I get going. Thank you, Hooly-san. As for the dirtied bedsheets……I’ll compensate for them next time.」

「No, wait a sec.」

Hooly held down Lumon as he tried to get up.

Unlike the sad-looking expression she had up until now, she was now filled with a sense of duty.

「I understand your situation. Plus……um, I’m happy that you talked about it with me.」

「U, un?」

Hooly, while grabbing both of Lumon’s shoulders, gaze at Lumon’s eyes with a serious look.

「……I’ll ask this one more time but, you won’t talk to me about those wounds from earlier, will you?」

「Yeah. Sorry.」

「……I see.」

After saying that, Hooly breathed a sigh, and stood up.

「I’ll lend you this room, so rest up a bit. Since it’s dirty with your blood, you shouldn’t mind it.」

「Ugh……S, sorry.」

Hooly giggled, then poked Lumon’s forehead.

「Yeah, yeah, that much is what’s Lumon-like.」

While seeing off Hooly who left the room looking to be in a slightly good mood, Lumon internally breathed a small sigh.

Thank goodness I was able to deceive her with that much……Thinking that, *gokiri*, he cracked his shoulder.

Certainly, his memories were partially broken. That was the truth.

He also hid that fact. That was also the truth.

However, Hooly had made a single misunderstanding.

Rather, Lumon made her make that misunderstanding, and he had no intention of clearing up that misunderstanding from now on either.

「……Sorry, Hooly-san. The Lumon that you know, no longer exists.」

With a small voice, Lumon leaked that out.

There was a mountain of things that he needed to somehow do. Among them, there were many truths that couldn’t be told.

「……Looks like this isn’t the time to be celebrating just because the tourism plan was a success, Vermudol. It looks like that Oba-san that’s pretending to be queen is up to something after all.」

After muttering that, Lumon let out a deep breath.

That gaze went to a far off location──in the direction that the Demon King Castle was in.



  1. So when are we beating that granny up?

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    • He’s an alva so their mind were conditioned to go against the real demon god created demon lord. I think the real administrative god is the demon god though.

      • I would say that it isn’t so clear yet. He said at the end that she is up to something, meaning he doesn’t know: There is a possibility that the Alva are divided. He could be someone who is an Alva but doesn’t follow the lady who he says is pretending to be queen.

      • An alva? I thought he was the blue knight elemental that was killed, and since his life seed wasnt changed he still under control of the god.

  3. A random passerby

    Is the granny the alva queen now?

  4. Who is this granny he speak off?

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    • it did mention that he gained self-consciousness due to special circumstances, also it does feel to me that it’s more like the black knight and lumon are fused into one rather than a simple possession. If the knight is the one though and now realizes how he was manipulated along with the others than that could explain him wanting to root out the alva and showing such an intense anger towards the goddesses pawns.

  6. Old woman? There’s only one strong old woman, Reina!!!

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