Volume 7, Chapter 21


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 Why was the Sword Demon, who was said to be dead, in a place like this?

 It might be an impostor. In that case, it was the same as the original in how it even went as far as doing his foolish habit of putting on airs and trying to show he was smart, but even so, that was not proof that it was the actual person himself.

 However, whether it was real or fake, that didn’t matter to Margaret.

 It had appeared in front of Margaret, with the Sword Demon’s appearance.

 That was more than enough of a reason for her to viciously beat it.

「Make me cry? You, will make me?」

「That’s right, Sword Demon. Or rather, what’s up with that attitude that puts up airs. It doesn’t suit you, stuuupid, stuuupid. Even though you’re a serious idiot that can’t do anything without the support of others, what’re you acting cool for?」

 While provoking him, Margaret waited for an opening on the Sword Demon.

 Normally, making provocations was a poor plan, but it was different when up against the Sword Demon.

 The Four Demon Generals, subordinates that were under Demon King Shuklous’s direct supervision.

 Among the four that were called the Sword Demon, the Staff Demon, the Bow Demon, and the Spear Demon according to the Hero Legend, the stupidest one was the Sword Demon. He would immediately act rashly, and if not for the support of the other three, it was said that he wouldn’t even be able to take proper actions.

 The Sword Demon and the Staff Demon abandoned Shuklous in the fight against the Hero’s group, and curried favor with Gramfia, but with its intelligence and high thinking ability, the Staff Demon was said to have acquired the position of Gramfia’s adviser by the time the Hero’s group attacked the Dark Continent.

 Then again, it was only just recently that the Mazoku of the Dark Continent learned of the movements of the Sword Demon and the Staff Demon though.

 In any case, the Sword Demon was the only one that Margaret had actually met.

 He would immediately react when provoked and lose his focus. That is how it was in the past.


 The darkness within the Sword Demon’s armor shook in agitation, and darkness started to overflow outside of the armor.

「A mere shitty shrimp of mankind is……Just what do you know about me! For someone like you, I can turn you into minced meat with a quick atta!」

 Margaret’s large hammer made a violent explosion at the shouting Sword Demon’s face.

 Margaret followed after the Sword Demon that unsightly collapsed into the highly piled materials, and made a battering on him with her large hammer.

 Not even a single bit of mercy or restraint existed within that.

 Without paying attention to where, she just struck her hammer on every place that her eyes laid on.

「Guh, gah! Jerk, you coward……!」

「A sneaky thief shouldn’t speak of cowardice, dumbass!」

 After the Sword Demon rolled from the battering of Margaret’s large hammer and escaped, he raised the swords he held in both of his hands.

 Margaret took a stance to defend against that with her large hammer……The Sword Demon saw that and ridiculed her.

「Ha, as if my sword would be defended against with something like that!」

 The Sword Demon swung his sword to as to cut through Margaret along with the large hammer.

 The fact that he thought of taking Margaret along earlier had completely vanished from his mind.

 The Sword Demon slammed down his sword with the best angle to send Margaret’s head flying along with her large hammer──however, together with a high pitched *giin* sound, the Sword Demon’s attack was repelled.

 Although he felt doubt, the Sword Demon continued with the sword he held in his other hand and swung it down.

 Befitting of his name of Sword Demon, it was a series of attacks that had almost no time difference between them.

 However, that was also repelled by the large hammer in vain.

 Striking at an opening created as he tried to drive his sword in for another attack, Margaret’s large hammer attacked in a scooping motion.


 After the Sword Demon jumped backwards to evade that, he cooled down his head that was mad with anger.

「……Oi. What is up with that hammer. To be able to defend against my sword, it ain’t normal.」

「It’s not normal? Of course it isn’t.」

 Margaret once again took her stance with the large hammer, and took some distance from the Sword Demon.

 That’s right, this large hammer wasn’t a normal metal hammer. It was a special hammer meant for the sake of forging Vermudol’s sword, as well as Sancreed’s sword.

 This was a weapons for Margaret’s exclusive use, as well as a blacksmithing tool.

 It was a hammer meant to turn any and all things into raw materials, would not give in a single bit, and forge them into single works of art.

「This is my hammer for the sake of forging the strongest sword……Strong Hammer Eltoerat. It isn’t so fragile that it would break from a dull opponent like you.」

 The Sword Demon quietly gazed at Margaret who was confronting him with definite confidence. He felt like he was going to fly into a rage again from being called 「dull」, but something within the Sword Demon suppressed that emotion.

 ──That’s exactly it. It’s because you were dull, that you lost to that Human.

 Something, shouted that.

 But, the Sword Demon didn’t understand.


 Who was it saying that he lost to? He, had never lost before.

 While thinking that, a welling up feeling of irritation tormented the Sword Demon.

 At this rate, he would lose again.

 He would die……again.

「……This ain’t possible.」

 The Sword Demon muttered that.

 The swords that he gripped in both of his hands, had been dropped before he knew it.

 Simply absent-mindedly gazing at the large hammer that was drawing near right in front of him, *sui*, he evaded the large hammer with the minimum amount of movements needed, and slipped in to be right before Margaret’s eyes.


 Margaret was astonished by the Sword Demon’s refined movements that were different from how they were up until now. After the Sword Demon grabbed her head, he threw Margaret just like that to the wall.

 Before Margaret, who groaned from the impact of being thrown at the wall, fell to the ground, the Sword Demon filled the distance, and struck his fist into her body.


 The Sword Demon looked down at Margaret as she slowly crumbled down to the floor.

「It ain’t possible. I don’t get it. But, what is this. Something within me, is approving of how right you are.」

 The Sword Demon grinded his foot that was trampling on Margaret with.

「Hey, oi. You talking as if you knew me, didn’t you.」


 While looking down on Margaret as she groaned from the pain, the Sword Demon suddenly cut off his words.

「……No, that sort of thing doesn’t matter. 」

 While saying that, the Sword Demon looked around the inside of Margaret’s workshop. Seeing the numerous arms that were lined up there, he nodded.

「Hey, oi. You’re a blacksmith, right?」

「……So what if I am.」

「I just thought of this but. It’s possible to reforge weapons, ain’t it.」

「In your case, I think it’d be faster to melt you down and make a new one though?」

「Kuhah, that’d be interesting.」

 After strongly stepping on Margaret, the Sword Demon smiled looking like he was having fun.

「I’ve decided. I’ll bring you back for my own sake. If you say that I’m dull, then it’ll be fine if I get reforged. You have the skills to do that. Hey, that’s a good idea, ain’t it, oi.」

 Margaret was unable to understand what he was saying.

 This Mazoku called the Sword Demon, just going by his appearance, he was of the same kind as Magic Operated Armor. Was that the reason why he was thinking of having himself reforged?

 She didn’t understand the Sword Demon’s thoughts, but Margaret grabbed the small hammer that had fallen down close to her hand.

「I will……have to refuse!」

 After throwing that at the Sword Demon’s face with all of her might, the Sword Demon had his posture broken as he tried to avoid it just as she predicted.

 In that opening where the power that was stepping on her had weakened, Margaret escaped from being under the Sword Demon’s foot as if flying out from it and picked up her large hammer.

 After looking at that Margaret with an exasperated look, the Sword Demon shrugged his shoulders.

「Oi, oi, you can’t still be thinking that you can win against me, can you? Just quietly give it up. I won’t kill ya. ‘Kay? If possible, I want you to be in perfectly good health. Well, in the worst case, it still might work out if your legs become unable to move. Look, it’ll be troublesome if the worst case happens, right? There’s no telling if you’d be able to heal from that.」

「Hmph, to you. Don’t think that your attack from earlier will work a second time.」

 While saying that, Margaret readied her large hammer without letting her guard down.

 This was something that she knew, but the Sword Demon was strong. If he hadn’t let his guard down in self-conceit, he would have suppressed even the current Margaret. That is one of the things that she had anticipated.

 However, she didn’t have the choice of running away. That was the poorest plan available. The moment she turned her back to him, there was no mistake that Margaret would be defeated.

 It was because this was that sort of situation that Margaret had an idea.

 Namely, it was to buy time. If she held out until the patrol came here, everything would change with that. Even if he was the Sword Demon, she didn’t think that he could win so easily against the Northern Army’s elites.

 Plus……This Northern Army Headquarters also had Altejio.

 If even Altejio came, they would win.

 If Margaret’s intuition was right, it was almost time for the patrol to be coming.

「……Hahn, you’re making a face that says you want to buy time.」

 However, the Sword Demon immediately saw through Margaret’s thoughts.

「Well, even if they can’t hear any sounds, a patrol would at least come, wouldn’t it. You were aiming for that, right?」

 When the Sword Demon turned his back towards Margaret, he started walking in order to pick up the swords that he dropped.

 That seemed like it was the best timing to make an attack or make an escape, but that was wrong.

 Even Margaret herself who was confronting him painfully understood that there wasn’t a single opening that existed on him.

 Before long, after picking up his swords, the Sword Demon turned back around.

「Just give it up. Even I can use Transfer Magic. It’d be easy to take you out of here right away, you know?」

 Showing even his leeway, the Sword Demon walked towards Margaret who was slowly backing away.

「Oh, I see. You’re gonna escape while making it look like you don’t have any openings……huh? Hahaha, there’s no way you can do that. Besides, I really hate guys that run away right in front of me. That’s why you should stop that. As expected, you can’t be healed once you’re killed, right?」

 The Sword Demon approached until he was right in front of Margaret.

「That’s why, give it up. ‘Kay?」

 The Sword Demon urged her kindly, yet with a sense of intimidation that wouldn’t let her say yes or no.

 However, that figure of his suddenly vanished from her field of vision.

 No, that wasn’t it. In an instant, the Sword Demon jumped away from being in front of Margaret.

 And then, Margaret also noticed.

 That at Margaret’s back, at the entrance to the workshop, that a fearsome presence had appeared.

 Margaret recognized that presence that seemed like it would make any and all things abandon their lives.

 And then──when she turned around, that man was standing there.

「For a long time now, there have been several guys that I’ve been thinking that I’d want to punch in the face if I ever had the chance to meet them.」

 The man was smiling with a face that said that he just couldn’t hide his happiness.

「Kufuh……Hahaha……I had given up since there should be no way for me to meet you though.」

 What glistened in the man’s hand, was a single sword that emitted a black brilliance.

 He was the King of the Zadark Kingdom, and the Demon King that ruled over the Mazoku.

「I am really happy to meet you……Sword Demon.」

 Having his red eyes shining, Demon King Vermudol was standing there.



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