Volume 7, Chapter 23


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「Gramfia’s horn?」

 Taking a breather in Altejio’s office, Vermudol knitted his brows at that vocabulary.

 Speaking of Gramfia’s horn, if he remembered correctly, it was something used among Bale Blade’s materials as well.

「That guy, did he come here wanting that sort of thing?」

「Yes, that’s what he said.」

 Sitting on Altejio’s lap looking small and quiet, Margaret nodded.

 The previous Demon King Gramfia’s horn might have historic value, but the typical Mazoku would have the sense of being troubled on how to deal with it once they obtained it.

「Could it be, is there someone that is trying to create something similar to Demon King-sama’s sword……」

「The same as my sword……huh. I don’t want to think that there’s a second blacksmith like Margaret though. Another problem would be that Sword Demon.」

 While saying that, Vermudol thought.

 According to the Hero legend, the Sword Demon was said to have been defeated in the Dark Continent.

 However, since he was in the workshop earlier, that probably meant that he was actually alive.

 The problem, was that Sword Demon’s aim.

 What was he trying to do with something like Gramfia’s horn.

 From what he read in the Hero legend, the Sword Demon was a Mazoku that would abandon Shuklous together with a Mazoku called the Staff Demon, and curry favor with Gramfia. As a Mazoku, his loyalty couldn’t be said to be high, and he didn’t seem like he would want the things that belonged to the deceased either.

 In that case, why.

「……Altejio, Margaret. Can you think of any ways to use Gramfia’s horn other than as a raw material?」

 In response to Vermudol’s question, Altejio was the first to shake his head sideways.

「No, Gramfia-sama’s horn certainly does contain befitting magical power but……even so, if I were to say if it would surpass a processed Magic Jewel, there would be doubts. To begin with, there is not much meaning to articles that represent the past for Mazoku, so there is not that much of a necessity to obtain it.」

 Following up after that, Margaret also shook her head sideways just like Altejio.

「Uーn……The reason why I mixed the horn into Demon King-sama’s sword was simply because I took the affinity with Demon King-sama’s power into consideration. As a result, it is a fact that it became the impetus to have the abilities of the Bale attribute become displayed in the sword……But, putting that in reverse, I can’t think of any way to use it other than that. For better or for worse, its peculiarities as a raw material are too strong.」

 Hearing both of their opinions, Vermudol nodded.

 Being a raw material was an imaginable possibility, but even so, there would more or less be difficulty with that.

 No, just being able to give the Bale attribute to something, wouldn’t that be said to be plenty of merit to it?

「Margaret. Those abilities of the Bale attribute, would it be possible to manifest the with just Gramfia’s horn?」

「I think it would be difficult.」

 Being asked that, Margaret immediately denied it.

「Speaking about it frankly, Demon King-sama, the abilities of your sword are a product of coincidence. The confidence to create the same thing with the same raw materials, is something that I don’t have.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. Even if I have the same raw materials and the same creation method, it probably wouldn’t become the same thing. As a blacksmith, these are words that I don’t want to say, but I believe that I surely made it with miraculous chances.」

 Hearing that, the figure of the little black girl that was called the Demon God had appeared in Vermudol’s mind……and he immediately denied that. As expected, she wouldn’t go that far in lending a hand.

「……I see. In that case, just where was that guy’s aim going.」

 Seeing Vermudol fold his arms and start thinking, Margaret hesitatingly opened her mouth.

「Um, Demon King-sama.」

「What is it?」

「Uhm……what are the possibilities of……Gramfia’s revival?」


 Seeing Vermudol make a puzzled-looking face, Margaret nodded.

「Y, yes. Erm, in other words, something like using the horn in a revival ritual, that sort of thing……」

 Indeed, there certainly was that sort of story in the heroic tales that were circulated in mankind’s territory. A tale where a wicked being that should have been defeated was revived through a ritual.

 If that sort of thing were possible, that would be something extraordinarily terrible.

 However, the fact that that was impossible was one of the things that Vermudol knew best.

「……Let’s see, this is just an example.」


「For example, if Altejio had died for any sort of reason……」

「Aーchan wouldn’t die zhough!」

「Like I said, this is just an example.」

 After waiting for Margaret, who had her mouth covered by Altejio and was still mumbling through it, to calm down, Vermudol continued his story.

「I, cannot do something like resuscitate Altejio.」


「This isn’t really anything limited to Altejio. Something like revival is impossible. The thing called life, is not something so simple.」

 To begin with, life──the thing called the soul, was something that had the Life Seed at its center.

 The soul, which was packed with any and all experience and knowledge, would return to the Life Seed after death. It was made so that the information that was accumulated there such as experience would all be reset at that time.

 Having returned to a state of purity, the Life Seed would wait for the time when it would once again be planted into the world.

 That is the fate of all life.

 The cases of Ichika and Ykslaas were, to the very end, irregularities.

 For Vermudol, if he were to die, he would most likely return to nothing.

 He didn’t know who it was that brought it up, but bringing in a concept like revival was something strange.

 For example, even if Altejio died, and his body was perfectly restored with some sort of method, that would be nothing more than a corpse that was in perfect condition.

 Even if Vermudol were to forcibly plant the Life Seed into that Altejio with his power, and fill in all of Altejio’s information, that would be a different person that was exceedingly close to Altejio.

 Life, was just that sort of thing.


 It was there that Vermudol noticed a strange point in the conversation he had with the Sword Demon earlier.

 The Sword Demon said 「the first time meeting between you and I as well」.

「……Margaret. Could it be, that you knew about the Sword Demon as well?」

「Eh? Yes. This is a story from the past, but I was kidnapped by the Sword Demon before. At that time, I was saved by Aー-chan……But, it looked like that guy had forgotten about that.」

「……Is that, so.」

 In other words, the Sword Demon should have been acquainted with Altejio too. No, rather, if he was driven back by Altejio, there would surely be a connection there as well.

 However, he didn’t have any sign of reacting to Altejio at all.

 It would be fine if the Sword Demon was simply had a forgetful personality, but could it really be that simple of a story?

「……Demon King-sama?」

 While making a vague nod at Margaret who was making a curious-looking face, Vermudol thought.

 For the thing called 「revival」, if it had the premise that it was fine even if it wasn’t completely the person themselves, then it wouldn’t be an impossible story. If it was fine to have a fake that resembled the actual person, then that could be prepared.

「Gramfia’s horn……huh.」

 If something similar to Gramfia was prepared, what would be the objective of that?

 For example, mayhem in the Dark Continent.

 Come to think of it, there were also reports of the rumors about the organization called El Darkness (the True Darkness). He had thought of it as rumors being nothing but rumors and thought that it wouldn’t have any particular influence, but there might be a need to do an all-out investigation on it.

「……Altejio, I have one think I want to ask you.」

「Yes, as you wish.」

「In regards to former Demon King Army, is there someone really knowledgeable about it?」

 Hearing those words, Altejio pondered.

 The former Demon King Army was an organization that was considerably different from the current Demon King Army. The Mazoku that were in the previous Demon King Gramfia’s castle were namely the Demon King Army, but since Gramfia started to become strange, there were many of them that took their distance.

 Besides, those that were affiliated with the former Demon King Army, most of them had died in the previous war against the Hero.

 Altejio himself had taken his distance from Gramfia from the start, and Fainell, who was a lone wolf, was similar, so she probably didn’t know about the inner workings of the former Demon King Army.

「If anyone had the possibility of that……I suppose it would be Raktor. However, I hadn’t heard of any stories saying that Raktor was affiliated with the former Demon King Army, but……」

 That being said, if it was Raktor who was considerably rowdy at the time, it wouldn’t have been strange for him to have picked fights with the Demon King Army. Due to that, there was a high possibility that he knew something, even if it was only a little.

「I see……Raktor huh.」

 Raktor would find him bothersome when he would rush in with his regularly difficult talks, but actually, even among the Mazoku, he was so well-informed that only one or two Mazoku could rival him in that regard. He had speech and conduct that didn’t make him seem like that, but when it’s important, he has had many scenes where he would rely on Raktor’s knowledge.

「However, Demon King-sama. Why do you ask about the former Demon King Army?」

「……This talk is just a possibility. Listen with that premise.」

 After breathing a small sigh, Vermudol started to tell Altejio his own idea.

「There might be someone trying to resuscitate the former Demon King Army and use them for something. In the case that this conjecture is right……It will turn into something extraordinarily troublesome.」

 Saying “therefore, countermeasures are necessary”, Vermudol spoke.

「Is this also Philia’s work……? If it is, she’s done something really unnecessary.」

 The former Demon King Army──Nowadays, it was an existence of the past that only adorned the Hero legend.

 But, it would have been fine if that was all.

 Altejio and Margaret silently listened to Vermudol’s muttering that revealed his quiet anger.



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