Volume 7, Chapter 29


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 Within the vicinity of the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s royal castle, there is a building meant to let the Zadark Kingdom’s delegates stay there.

 In the reception office of that building, Vermudol’s figure was there right now.

 Nino was sitting down on a luxurious sofa next to Vermudol as he read a book, and she leaned her body on Vermudol’s shoulder looking bored.

「……What’re you reading?」


 Hearing Nino’s question, Vermudol raised his face from the book.

「You somehow look like you’re having fun. Even though Nino is this bored.」

「That’s why I told you that it would be best if you didn’t come with me……」

「It’s because this country is already like Nino’s yard. It’s impossible to not bring Nino along.」

 Thinking “well, that’s true……”, Vermudol nodded.

 Maybe because he had ordered Nino to search for the God of Wind Wyrm and the God of Water Aklia, Nino often walked about the Jiol Forest Kingdom even now.

 For some reason, the information about the God of Water Aklia wasn’t coming in at all, but since it wasn’t like he needed to meet with them right away no matter what, he hasn’t given her any additional orders in particular.

「So, what are you reading?」

「Nn, ahh……It’s this.」

 Vermudol show a book that had 『The Beastman Mystery』 written on it to Nino.

「What kind of book is it?」

「Nn……Well, it’s just as the title says. It’s a book that investigates the race called the Beastmen.」

「Is there a need to investigate them?」

「It seems there is. To this author at least.」

 The Beastmen, while being comrades of mankind, they were also a race that were truly filled with mystery.

 First, they don’t have a specific nation, and they don’t try to create one either. And yet, it’s not like they receive the protection of some country somewhere. Never settling down in one place, they are free to the very end.

 This racial nature of theirs made the race known as Beastmen quite enigmatic.

 ……Vermudol explained the contents of such a book to Nino.

「……Un, that’s enough.」

「Is that so? It starts getting interesting from here though.」

「Nino is fine with listening if you are fine with Nino falling asleep just like this.」

 After muttering “that would be troubling……”, Vermudol once again returned to reading silently.

 After a while, when he finished reading, Vermudol quietly closed the book, and picked up the next book.

 Right now, he was simply reading books, but it wasn’t like Vermudol was meaninglessly playing around here.

 He received a message from the Jiol Forest Kingdom saying that it was about time that the response to the official letter that was sent to the Cylas Empire would be coming, so he flew out here.

 It would be the same even if he waited in the Zadark Kingdom, but he came with the reason that Nanalus was also pretty busy, while in truth it was to take a breather.

 Of course, since there would be welcoming party or something if the Jiol Forest Kingdom side was told that Vermudol was coming over and turn into something troublesome, he came here incognito with Transfer Magic. If he didn’t leave this building, he wouldn’t be found out.

 Like that, as Vermudol continued to read books, Nino, who was in a daze next to him, suddenly reacted to something with a *pikuri* and sprang up.

「Nn, so it’s come.」

 With the timing of Vermudol saying that and closing his book, the door to the room was knocked upon.

「You can come in.」

 When Vermudol made a prompt like that before there was a self-introduction to who it was, the door opened, and Nanalus made a bow and entered the room.

「Excuse me. Demon KIng-sama, the reply from the Cylas Empire has arrived.」

「Mu, I see.」

 Receiving the sealed letter that Nanalus held out, Vermudol opened it.

 For the contents of the letter that was in there, as a diplomatic document, it couldn’t be more concise than this.

「……The matter regarding a treaty of friendship aside, it seems they will meet with us.」

「For the location, it is the Cylas Empire as we thought?」

「Yeah. It’s written that they’re fine with us inviting them over but……Well, there’s no way they would come. It would be more logical to chose the place where they feel safest.」

 Hearing Vermudol’s words, Nanalus nodded.

 That was a reasonable choice. The gulf between mankind and the Mazoku wasn’t shallow enough for them to plunge into the bosom of an opponent who claims to be the Demon King on their own.

 However, the problem was the next bit of text.

「So, at the time that the first meeting is held, it seems they want a delegation to be sent. The Cylas Empire side will also attend the meeting by assembling a delegation that is focused on chief vassals……so it says. Nanalus, how do you see this?」

「They do not want Demon King-sama to come, I suppose that is what they are saying.」

 Hearing Nanalus reply so readily, Vermudol said “so you think so too” and nodded.

「Well, that is a justified demand. It would be stranger if they weren’t vigilant of me. In that regard, it can’t be helped. Now then, in addition to that……fumu. The first meeting will be held concurrently with a welcome party on my nation’s prided large-sized ship, The Gresleta……huh. This also isn’t exactly as stated.」

「Yes. They are surely assuming damages of the worst case scenario. Rather than having effects befall the general public and the Emperor, they have probably judged that it would be better to sacrifice a ship.」

 If they were to poorly carry out the meeting in some random town, it would be a great disaster if that town were to be scattered away.

 Of course, they wouldn’t do such a thing, but from the other party’s point of view, eliminating that possibility was something very important.

 That being said, it couldn’t be done in some random prairie. If a location that was too remote were to be used, it would be rude in terms of diplomacy. As long as it was a negotiation between two nations, carrying it out in an appropriate location is the minimum amount of etiquette.

 What would clear that sort of condition was probably that large-sized ship.

「Now then……Since it’s come to this, I can’t possibly go, but who should I choose to go.」

 Vermudol tossed the letter onto the desk, and thought.

 Ichika was the one with the least amount of openings, but Ichika didn’t have an executive position. Putting aside if it were as an escort, it wouldn’t be appropriate to send her to a place of diplomacy. It would be fine to give her some random executive position as well, but glossing over it like that would cause a breakdown somewhere else. In that case, the choice of sending Ichika was out.

 The next one who had the fewest openings and was eloquent was Rokuna. Her executive position is the Library Protector and an Advisor. She was essentially like a cabinet minister. In that case, he settled on going with Rokuna.

 Since it was a delegation, there would be a need to add others to the group as well. He would need to choose them carefully as well.

「The best ones to go with would be you who is familiar with the customs over here but……」

 When Vermudol sent his gaze to Nanalus, Nanalus shook his head sideways.

「With all due respect, Demon King-sama. The other party intends on looking at the Zadark Kingdom’s political climate and the thickness of its classes. If I were to be sent in, there is the possibility that not only would looked down on for having our civil official class being thin……but also that we would be seen as a dictatorship, or that we are a nation that only has a proper political form in shape only.」

「Fumu, is that so. I see……」

「I believe that it would be fine to have the civilian officials and the military personnel have a fifty-fifty ratio. It would become an appeal saying that our nation has gathered excellent personnel in both aspects.」

 For the military personnel, it would be someone of the Four Cardinal Generals excluding Fainell.

 If Raktor were to get serious, he would probably carry out his duty, but sending Raktor, who was their strongest war potential, out to another country wasn’t a very good idea. In that case, either Sancreed or Altejio would be suitable choices.

「……Wait a second, come to think of it.」

 Since Altejio has a wife who is half Metalio and half Sylphid called Margaret, he should be informed on the Metalio customs to a certain extent.

 If that topic were to come up by some chance, it might become a chance to have them think of the possibility of harmony between Mazoku and mankind. That being said, since he had no intention of forcing Altejio to go that far, this was merely an idea that he came up with.

 If there were to be any problems with this, it would be that important government affairs would be greatly delayed with Altejio gone. However, that wouldn’t be a problem if Vermudol were to act on his behalf.

 It seemed like there would be a need for Vermudol to act on Rokuna’s behalf for her duties as well, but in the worst case, it could be finished if he had Ykslaas or someone help him out. Since she was actually quite excellent, he couldn’t not use her.

「Rokuna and, Altejio. With this, it’s two people huh…… Now then, who else should we go with……」

「Next, I believe that assistants would be good. I do not think there is a need for all of them to be leaders.」

 Receiving Nanalus’s suggestion, Vermudol thought.

 If it’s assistants, it might be good to send someone who is at adjutant-class from every army.


 Come to think of it, Margaret is affiliated with the Northern Army, and her executive position is the Demon King Army blacksmith supervisor……that’s what it should be.

 Wouldn’t it be best to have her as one of the delegates going to the Cylas Empire which is said to be the holy ground for blacksmiths?

「Margaret. With this, it’s three people……Let’s see. Two more, would that be good?」

 As he worried over it, Vermudol turned his gaze to Nino who wasn’t even trying to hide her bored-looking expression.

「Nino. Can you think of anyone that is appropriate for this?」

「Anyone other than Fainell.」

「Well, that is true.」

 When Vermudol replied with a wry smile mixed in, a *gatah* sound resounded from the other side of the door.

 Hearing the sounds of what seemed to be someone running away resounding after that, Vermudol turned his gaze to Nanalus.

「……Come to think of it, I was told that Fainell-sama would be coming to play with Luuty-sama today.」

「……Is that so. How troubling.」

 He should probably chase after her right away and make some sort of follow up.

 Seeing Vermudol stand up, Nanalus took a basket from the shelf, and handed it to him.

「These are Fainell-sama’s favorite cookies. Since she had told me that they were delicious before, I had them prepared.」

「I see. That really helps.」

「Demon King-sama, be sure to say that they were prepared under your orders. Since that person is simple……or rather, extraordinarily quick to switchover, I believe that it would be fine to add words of appreciation for her usual activities. Well, since there is a high probability that she will rush into Luuty-sama’s room after this, it would probably be good to make a direct visit.」

「……Is, is that so.」

 While thinking “it’s probably just as he says……”, Vermudol started up his Transfer Magic.


 After this, by acting just as Nanalus had suggested, Fainell’s mood was completely restored, and Vermudol was relieved.



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