Volume 7, Chapter 34


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 Rokuna thought “I’m amazed he could say ‘get started’ without shame”.

 Torcresta had been quiet up until now, but there was a reason for that.

 Of course, there was probably the fact that Azorto had a higher position than Torcresta.

 However, that wasn’t all.

 By letting Azorto, who was the daughter of one of the Hero party members as well as someone who seemed to be a considerably influential person, do as she liked, it gave the Zadark Kingdom side a strong impression of the person called Azorto.

 The reason for that was simple. Outwardly, while including an important person who had a connection to the Hero as one of the delegation members was a represented of the intention of welcoming them, it demonstrated that they were being vigilant of them──of the Zadark Kingdom.

「Now then, first, about the treaty of friendship……Specifically, just how much of a relationship do you desire?」

 There are several levels in the relationship of being a country that isn’t an enemy.

 First is nonaggression. A relationship of being neither an enemy nor an ally, nor would they associate with each other.

 Next is interaction. It was a level where trade and people visiting each other was conducted, and was a state that could be said to be a friendship.

 And then, alliance. This was the most stable relationship, and this is where they should be aiming for.

 However, it would be foolish to say that out loud just like that.

 That is why Rokuna replied like this.

「Of course, I believe that something that would be for the sake of both of our futures would be preferable.」

「……I see. I asked something quite foolish, haven’t I.」

「No, we have reconfirmed that our desires are the same. Isn’t that right?」

 Rokuna pressed Torcresta for an answer as he tried to draw back.

 She conveyed that although the Zadark Kingdom desired a 「friendship」, they had no intention of behaving modestly.

 However, Torcresta was not stupid enough to obediently agree to that either.

「Fufufu……In that case, why don’t we start the work in order to make that something resolute.」

 Replying with that sort of answer, his body swayed.

 Rokuna also replied to that with a thin smile, and immediately started her attack.

「Right. Then first off, let me say this upfront.」


「We, the Zadark Kingdom, possess movement technique called Transfer Magic, or rather Transmission Magic but……it is impossible to provide that.」

 Hearing those words, the place went into a stir……Torcresta opened his mouth while expressing a smile.

「May I ask the reason why?」

「It’s a simple story. It’s because it consumes so much magical power that there’s a limit to those who can use it even among the Mazoku. Excuse me for this but……does your country have anyone that possesses more magical power than a Mazoku?」

 Transfer Magic is a high-grade magic that is extraordinarily complex. An enormous amount of magical power is required in order to compose it no matter what, and moreover, that was the minimum requirement.

 It is also an extremely delicate magic, and if the magic were to be compose sloppily, Transfer Accidents such as being transferred in a wall or in the ground or even in the air could happen, and there were even true stories that sound like a joke such as transferring upside down and falling head first to the ground.

 If they were to provide such magic technology that brought such dangers along with it, and they were asked to take responsibility for when accidents occurred, they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

 There were other reasons for why they couldn’t teach it to them, but for a reason that was easy to understand, the magical power problem was the best one.

「……I see. The amount of magical power, is it.」

「Yes. Even in our country, there are few that can use it. It is also difficult to handle, and it’s to the point that we have even established a qualification system.」

 Hearing that, Torcresta made a face that said he understood.

 That expression was unexpected.

 Rokuna thought that the provision of the Transfer Magic technique would be their minimum condition, but it seemed that wasn’t the case.

「I see, I understand. By the way, I have heard that in your country, Transmission Magic is used to come and go to the Jiol Forest Kingdom though.」

「Yes, it is used to transport tourists.」

「Do you think that it is possible to do something similar with our country as well?」

「I can only say that it will depend on our relationship from now on.」

 Torcresta nodded saying “I see”.

 Although she replied to that with a smiling face, Rokuna was cursing “this damned geezer……” in her mind.

 She didn’t know the reason why, but Torcresta was purposely using vague expressions.

 For example, the words 「something similar」 that he said just now, it was possible to interpret that in several ways.

 From the Zadark Kingdom side’s point of view, it would be interpreted as 「used for similar tourism」.

 However, from the Cylas Empire side’s point of view, it would be possible to be interpreted as could people of the Cylas Empire be transported like the people that come and go for tourism.

 Thinking about it normally, there was no way that it would have the meaning of “could you become the Cylas Empire’s legs”, but as long as it wasn’t stated, it couldn’t be said to be wrong.

 Presumably, that could be one of the reasons why Torcresta was using such vague words.

 It was material meant to be used as a misunderstanding here, and by those of the faction that opposed the friendship.

 It was probably a scheme where by purposely expressing it in a vague way, it would make the anti-friendship faction imagine that they would have merit in this, and he would try to lay the groundwork while they were submerged in that dream……but it was truly a bother.

「Well, realistically speaking……I am thinking that it would be fine if we start from doing business transactions just like the Jiol Forest Kingdom.」

「Fumu, well then, are you saying that you would trade the rumored Blood Metal with us?」

「So you knew of the Blood Metal.」

「Yes, of course. We had heard that a faint amount of it was circulating within the Jiol Forest Kingdom recently……but our nation has gathered great interest in it as well.」

 For the Cylas Empire, which had blacksmithing as its greatest industry, that was a natural reaction.

 However, Rokuna felt some unease as well.

 While creating a smile for the time being, she replied to Torcresta like this.

「That is good. At the time we do actually start doing trade, I am sure that we will need to adjust the commodities……but I am happy that it looks like we will be able to provide the things that you desire.」

「Hahaha, it looks like we will also be able to make a good report to the Emperor.」

 Seeing Torcresta shut down the talks, Rokuna once again muttered “this damned geezer” in her mind.

 They had yet to talk about the merits that would be provided from the Cylas Empire.

「By the way, what are you thinking of having as the exported goods from your side?」

「Let’s see. We were thinking of exporting our country’s prided blacksmith manufactured goods but……as for what it would be specifically, it would have to be narrowed down.」

 Rokuna thought “this really is a geezer that doesn’t let his guard down and doesn’t have any openings” while expressing a smile.

 At first, he was probably intending on simply promoting the blacksmith manufactured goods.

 However, it seems that he changed directions from seeing that their side had Margaret.

 He is trying to ascertain the amount of technology the Zadark Kingdom has.

「Now then, as for what they will specifically be, I am reluctant to make any proposals here. The demands of locations and the citizens change everyday, and even for a single pot, when the countries are different, there might be some unthinkable difference in preference.」

「Fufufu, indeed. Well then, for now, why don’t we move on without putting a restriction on it.」

「Yes, I believe that would be good.」

 After saying that, Rokuna decided to make a small counterattack. Leaving without getting a hit in just didn’t suit her nature.

「……Nevertheless, this thing called a 『ship』 is quite interesting, isn’t it.」

「It is our country’s pride after all.」

「Would it be possible to add this sort of thing to the commodities?」

「That is……」

 It was there that Torcresta was hesitant to speak for the first time.

 Just now, Rokuna purposely didn’t say “provide your shipbuilding techniques”. She said to “add the ships themselves to the commodities”.

 In other words, it was a declaration that didn’t ask them to provide the technology for it but to trade it as an item right to the very end.

「……If it’s going up to medium type ships, then it should be possible depending on the conditions. However, excuse me but……」

「There is the matter of the Sea of Farthest Ends, isn’t there. Yes, however, it is not like all of it runs rampant right up to the shore. There would be many ways to use them.」

「……I see. I shall bring that information back and put it under consideration.」

「Please do.」

 For Rokuna’s real intentions, the ships didn’t really matter, but it wasn’t like all of that was pointless.

 If they could get what they could, there would surely be several things that would be useful.

 In the current Zadark Kingdom, harvesting concepts that weren’t in their own country were more important than anything else.

「Well then, may I ask something as well?」

 The one who opened their mouth next was Baltroy.

 The fact that he made that remark meant that he wanted to talk about something related to the military.

「I have heard that in your country, you have loaned a chivalric order out to the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s border security.」

「Yes, that is correct.」

 The Magic Operated Armors being lent to the Jiol Forest Kingdom was done because Vermudol had driven the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s Imperial Guard into a bit of a catastrophic situation when they were entering the treaty of friendship, so they needed to urgently reorganize and replenish their personnel.

 Since the Magic Operated Armors that took responsibility for border security obtained high evaluations, it was a situation where their deployment continued even now, and it could even be said that it was a situation where they substantially had a military alliance.

「For our country, we have an extraordinary interest in that. We were wondering……if it would be possible to construct a cooperative relationship with you as well.」

「I shall convey that to the King. Seeing just how far we will be able to collaborate with each other is something to look forward to.」

「Yes, truly. For me personally, I am thinking that I would like to at least implement a combination training session.」

「Ara, that does sound like fun, doesn’t it.」

 You too huh, you damned old man.

 While swallowing those words, Rokuna replied with a smile.

 In other words, it could be said that he wants to measure the degree of training the Zadark Kingdom has in a military aspect. Certainly, if one crossed swords, they would be able to tell the opponent’s degree of training and level of swordsmanship.



 Most likely, the Cylas Empire had continued having this sort of exchange for many years with other countries as a major nation technique.

 These strong sly old foxes and Rokuna started having a fierce competition beneath their smiling faces──And Altejio and the rest who weren’t as fair-spoken cooperated with that by sinking into silence like shellfish.

 Like this, the conference advanced amicably, at least on the surface.



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