Volume 8, Chapter 02


Translator: Manga0205

「Kuh……O wind!」

「Too slow!」

 The shining sword of a man wearing a mask and clad in white garments cut Ein down.

 After Kain left, a man attacked all of a sudden. He was hiding his identity, but this sword technique was that of a Temple Soldier.

 Normally, Ein wouldn’t be falling behind someone like a Human. However, this man had clearly surpassed the limits of a Human.

 She could tell that together with the intense pain, a lot of strength was leaving from within her. The powerful magical power that was kept within the man’s Magic Sword seemed like it shaved away the magical power within Ein.


「Here’s the finisher! ……Tte, uooh!?」

 All of a sudden, a beam that came flying in grazed the masked man as he was about to swing his sword down once more.

 At the same time that Ein rolled down from the roof in front of the masked man that dodged that, a shout could be heard from the direction that the beam came flying in from.

「Soldier-san, over here! A pervert in full white is slashing at a girl with a bladed object!」


 After the masked man panicked and jumped down in the direction opposite from the voice, a cherry blossom-colored young woman appeared.

「This way!」

「Kuh……Sorry, Qu! I couldn’t finish her!」

 Lead by the hand by the young woman, the masked man vanished into the back alley.

 Confirming that the presence of the man’s group had faded away, the man that called for the soldier earlier went “fuu” and made a breath of relief.

「……Ein, Ein! Are you alright!?」

「……Guh, so it was you, Kain……」

「Since I heard the sounds of a battle, I came back in a hurry. Sorry I didn’t make it back in time!」

 Before she could reply, Kain picked Ein up and ran.

「Stop helping me……That was most likely, someone related to the Temple. This will, have an effect, on your future……」

「As if I care! If I were to abandon you here, Ein……I’m sure that, I wouldn’t be able to become anything! Besides……I still, haven’t heard your answer!」

 Kain shouted, went through the back alley, and came out to the main street.

 The people passing by on the street turned to face him and were startled, but Kain showed no signs of being bothered by it.

 Ein thought “what a hopeless guy”. Besides, Ein was thinking of declining the invitation to his party.

「Kain……I warn you. Do not get involved with me any more than this. You will……only become unhappy.」

 Muttering that, Ein lost consciousness.

 Even while noticing that, Kain ran through the streets at night with all of his might.

 He didn’t know who the assailant was.

 Since he had ran away at Kain’s bluff, he was able to predict that they were someone who didn’t want the attack to be made public.

 However, Ein’s words bothered him.

 Someone related to the Temple──Why would they aim for Ein with this timing?

 He knew that Ein had a situation that she couldn’t mention to people.

 He purposely didn’t pry into it, but he did make the prediction that she was affiliated with an intelligence unit of some country somewhere.

 However, it wasn’t like Ein was doing any wrongdoings in this country, and instead, she was eliminating things that were plaguing this country, like the Alva and the Goblin Assassins. Since Kain cooperated in that as well, he knew that very well.

 It wasn’t like that was the reason why, but Kain believed that he knew Ein’s temperament very well.

 She was always calm, and reliable. And yet, she was unexpectedly ignorant in the ways of the world in strange places.

 And then……by no means was she a bad person.


 Kain came to a complete stop.

 Even though this was a main street, the pedestrian traffic had suddenly vanished. It was as if this whole area had the people clear out of it.

「Influential people, sure are scary. Since they can blockade a street so easily.」

 A masked man stepped out from the other side of the street.

 Seeing that, Kain went “tsk* and clicked his tongue.

 That’s right. If the opponent is really someone related to the Temple, this sort of situation should also be assumed.

 Using the authority of the Temple Protection Chivalric Order, they blockaded a part of the direction that Kain was traveling in and cleared it of people.

「Hand over the one on your back.」

「I refuse.」

 Kain immediately answered, and searched the area for any presences.

 One, two, three……He could feel power that was above average here and there. They were most likely people of the Temple Protection Chivalric Order.

「Uーn……This is troubling.」

 After the masked man said that sounding truly troubled, he scratched his head while saying “what should we do about this”.

「……Well, I guess there’s no choice but to explain.」

 Breathing a deep sigh, the masked man took a step forward towards Kain.

「She might look like a sweet girl to you but look. The truth is, she’s a Mazoku. Moreover, it seems that she’s infiltrated this country for a while now.」


 Kain didn’t reply.

 Going “so he’s shocked by that”, the masked man took another step forward.

「It’s understandable that you’re surprised. Even for me, if I didn’t know anything, I would have been the same as you.」

 The masked man held a hand out towards Kain.

「You were just deceived. You’ve done nothing wrong. So, hand her over.」

「If I hand her over, what do you plan on doing?」

「Don’t worry. Nothing inhuman will happen, I won’t allow it. Believe me……」

「You’ll kill her, right?」

 Hearing Kain’s words, the masked man was at a loss for an answer. However, he then immediately spun out words with a baffled tone.

「Oi oi, I just said that she’s a Mazoku, you know. Don’t be deceived just because she has that sort of form.」

 Ever since he was born in this world and up until now, Kain Stagius held a belief that had not yielded even once.

 A man who would abandon a girl, is the one thing he would never become.

 That belief alone did not yield, and continued to push on. He had dueled with the sons of nobles whose peerage was higher than his, and he had even entered the hideouts of villainous bandit groups with only a single sword.

「In regards to Ein, I know much more about her than you do. Just as how she looks, Ein is a cute girl.」

 Hearing Kain’s words, the masked man went “achaー” and pressed down on his forehead.

「This really is troubling. What should I do.」

「It’s simple. You, should just move out of the way.」

 After Kain glared at him, the masked man went “fuu” and let out a small breath.

「……I can’t do that. If you say that you’re not gonna hand her over no matter what, I have no choice but to take her by force.」

 With those words, Kain slowly lowered Ein and laid her down.

「Oh, so you finally underst……」

 Kain silently placed a hand on the sword on his waist.

 Seeing that, the masked man was about to touch the sword on his waist, hesitated……and fixedly stared at Kain from the front.

「……Quit it. If you draw that, this won’t be able to end as just a joke.」

「I have been serious from the start. And same to you, if you want to end things as being just a joke, please, move out of the way.」

「I told you that I can’t do that……Hey, I’m begging ya. To have to do battle against a Human like you for the sake of protecting Humans from the Mazoku threat, that can’t even be turned into a funny story.」

 Kain, while keeping his hand on the sword, gazed at the masked man.

「To begin with, the idea that Mazoku are evil……that premise is strange.」

「It ain’t strange at all. We were nearly destroyed by the Mazoku once before, you know? Why do you think that they aren’t evil?」

「Right now, there are even countries that get along with them like the Jiol Forest Kingdom.」

「There’s the chance that they’ve been brainwashed. There’s talk that the Demon King of the past possessed that sort of power, right?」

 Speaking that far, the masked man went “hah” and gulped.

「……I see. So, there’s also the possibility that you’ve been brainwashed.」

「How did you come to reach that conclusion.」

 While breathing a sigh, Kain took some distance from the masked man.

 The masked man that he was facing had also finally placed a hand on his sword.

「……This is my last time asking this. Do you have any intention of leaving her there.」


「Is that so……That’s too bad!」

 The masked man drew his sword at the same time that he said that, and approached right before Kain’s eyes. And then, pretending to swing his sword, he threw a kick.

 However, Kain easily evaded that, and swung his sword with a side-swipe.

「Woah there!? That was close!」

 Bending his upper body to evade that, the masked man had his balance destroyed, and stumbled a bit.

「……Dammit, you seriously swung your sword at me!」

「Of course I did……What are you saying after all that’s happened!?」

 The masked man moved back while dodging Kain’s attacks, and after a couple of the attacks, he jumped backwards with all of his might.

「If you plan on being like that, there’s no other choice……!」

 After the masked man once again readied his sword, he rushed towards Kain with great speed.


 *Gaon* That attack that was fired together with a tremendous sound, Kain evaded it as if warding it off with his sword.

 From that attack that was even heavier than an attack from an Ogre, the impact that he couldn’t ward off made Kain’s arms tingle.

 The masked man certainly did possess tremendous physical ability, but his sword technique was average.

 However, there was an out of place feeling that couldn’t be erased no matter what. As if he couldn’t handle his own power, it was that sort of feeling.

 With every attack, the masked man’s sword flashes became sharper.

「You……You’re seriously strong, aren’t cha.」

「I should feel honored by your praise……shouldn’t I!」

 Taking that instant opening, Kain made a kick at the masked man’s stomach. Even though he had put considerable strength into it, the masked man didn’t get blown away, only fell one step back, and then once again headed towards Kain. But, that wasn’t a problem.

「Attack Thunder!」


 The Attack Thunder that was fired from Kain’s palm made a direct hit and shocked the masked man.

 He wouldn’t die even if it hit him, but he shouldn’t be able to move for a while.

 Kain lowered his sword, and finally took a breath.

「Sorry, I’ll be having you take a nap for a bit.」

「It’ll be you doing that, though!」

 The masked man looked like his movements had stopped.

 However, the fact that his expression couldn’t be read due to the mask had invited Kain’s negligence.

 The man was nothing more than surprised and only stopped his movements.

 By the time that Kain had realized that, a kick of incredible force had hit him.

「Hah, here’s some payback! ……Attack Thunder!」

 The masked man’s Attack Thunder that was fired was fired with more force than what the person himself had imagined.

 It was a lightning bolt that seemed like it would have scorched a Human black with a single attack.

 Kain watched as that Attack Thunder came rushing in at himself.

 Without being limited to Attack Thunder, lightning-type magic, generally speaking, had speed. Enough that it couldn’t be defended against unless a Magic Guard was put up in advance.

 That is why, Kain was able to understand.

 He couldn’t defend against it.

 Being unable to incapacitate the opponent, is my own miss. But, at the very least, I need to protect Ein──

 The moment he thought that and sent his gaze behind him, Kain saw a single shadow approaching him.

 That shadow, it threw a spear together with an expression of anger.

 The masked man’s Attack Thunder made a direct hit on the spear that was stuck into the ground right in front of Kain.

 All of the Attack Thunder went through the spear, was diffused, and vanished.

 Stepping in between the masked man and Kain who had surprised looks, a young woman pulled out the spear that was stuck in the ground.

「Just when I was running around searching for Kain……what is up with this situation. Ein is unconscious, and Kain just had a close call. On top of that, a pervert in full white was about to kill Kain. I don’t get this at all.」

「Eh……Oi, how did you get here? This place was blockaded……」

 The young woman turned her spear towards the masked man that dumbfoundedly muttered that.

「I obviously forced my way through. Who do you think I am.」

「Eh, no……I don’t know though.」

「Ah, is that so. But, I guess there’s no need to have you learn my name.」

 *Zah* Taking a step forward, the young woman──Seira Necros fixed her stance, and turned towards the masked man.

「I’m not as kind as Kain after all. Don’t think that this will end with just a few fingers, got it?」



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