Volume 8, Chapter 07


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Vermudol, who was doing paperwork in his office, breathed a small sigh.

What he was dealing with right now were things related to requests for new events.

When they were just starting the nation, there was nothing but events related to fist fights, but there was an increase in variation recently.

Play-offs for the greatest cuisine, 「Demon King Army War Games」 tournaments, magic contests……With various requests like these coming out, it could be said to be proof that the Zadark Kingdom had obtained the thing known as culture and had developed.

「But, still……」

Even so, there was an overwhelmingly large number of requests for events related to fist fights which had taken root in the Mazoku instincts.

Considering the large number of them, it would probably be good to host at least one but……

「If we were to host one……if it was done poorly, it would paralyze the work of each army……」

Most likely, every Mazoku of the Zadark Kingdom would declare that they would participate in a fist fighting tournament.

「……Well, let’s just leave this as being considered when necessary.」
The moment he took his eyes off from the documents, *gachari*, the door to the office opened and Sancreed showed his face.
「King, I need to talk.」
「What is it. Did you break another sword?」

「That’s something that always happens. There’s no need to go out of my way to report that.」

「……True. I’d be fine with lending you my Bale Blade, but I also feel like it’d kill your peculiar quality……」

After Vermudol breathed his nth sigh for today, Sancreed clanked the sword on his waist.

「……Nn? A new sword huh. Going by the fact that you purposely came to show it to me, is it Margaret’s newest work?」

After Vermudol said that and stood up, *kon kon*, the sound of the door that was left open being knocked on could be heard from behind Sancreed.

Looking over there, there were the figures of Margaret who made the reserved knocking sound, and Altejio who stood behind her.

「Margaret and……Altejio huh. What’s wrong, come on in.」

「Ah, no……Um, it’s because we didn’t receive permission to enter.」

Hearing Margaret’s words, Vermudol made a puzzled face.

「Permission……to enter……?」

Come to think of it, he felt like those kinds of words did exist.

Since there were a lot of fellows that wouldn’t enter through the door let alone knock among Vermudol’s subordinates, he had completely forgotten about that recently. After all, even famously straight-laced Maid Knight under the Demon King’s direct supervision, Ichika, managed to be beside or behind Vermudol by the time he noticed it.

「I see……Come to think of it, there were also those kinds of words, huh.」

「Eh, ehh?」

「No, it’s fine. Margaret, you are right. It’s been so long that I’m deeply moved. Enough that I want to give you some sort of reward.」

「Heeh!? Euah……Ehhh!?」

Being looked up by her as looked like she was in a fluster and was seeking help from him, Altejio made a wry smile.

「Demon King-sama, leave it at that. Margaret is confused.」

「Is that so? Well, alright. More importantly, if you two have come as well, is it related to Sancreed’s sword?」

「Yes, it is just as you say. There has been a bit of a problem related to that.」

Hearing the word “problem”, Vermudol sat back down into his chair.

「A problem, huh. I think that it’s more than enough of a problem currently though but……Well, fine. In any case, sit wherever you like. I’ll hear what you have to say.」

After Vermudol encouraged them, Margaret and Altejio entered the room, and sat down on the sofa.

On the other hand, Sancreed took off his sword and placed it on top of the office desk, then walked to the sofa.

After glancing at that, Vermudol picked up a bell that was placed on top of the desk and shook it.

*Chirin chirin* After a clear sound rang, the sound of footsteps of something roaringly running in the hallway started to resound.

Before long, a bright red something went past in front of the door while making a *gigii* sound, and when they thought that it had come back with incredible speed, it rushed into the room. It seemed to try to stop in a hurry, but there was too much force and it fell on its face.
Bouncing back up, it made an elegant bow.

「Krim, arriving at your call! Do you need something, Demon King-sama.」

「Let’s see, for now, are you not injured?」

「Yes, since this room has a fluffy carpet spread out, I’m fine!」

「Is that so, that’s a relief.」


When Vermudol peeked over at the other side of the door, there were the figures of a tongue-clicking and vexed-looking Marin and a sad-looking Lemon.

This bell was Ykslaas’s suggestion, and was introduced in order for him to call on anyone that was nearby, but every time, it turned into a race between the three girls of the Maid Unit.

「Prepare enough tea for everyone here.」

「Yes, understood!」

Seeing off Krim as she made a bow and ran off, Vermudol breathed a small sigh.
「……So, ahー……That’s right. It was talk about a sword. Is this the one?」

After turning his gaze to the sword on top of the office desk, Sancreed nodded.

「That’s right. It’s called Hard Sword Raizanok.」


Vermudol thought “I feel like I’ve heard that name somewhere before”, but for the time being, he tried extending a hand to Raizanok that was on the desk.

The moment that Vermudol tried to touch the scabbard.


A wind that sprung forth from Raizanok repelled Vermudol’s hand, and the documents that were stacked on top of the desk were blown away.

Sancreed and Altejio reflexively stood up at that spectacle, and Margaret raised a small scream.

After confirming that he wasn’t particularly injured, Vermudol once again extended a hand to Raizanok. When he did, as expected, a wind similarly sprung forth from Raizanok and denied Vermudol.

「……It’s quite the interesting sword. Does it not approve of anyone other than its owner?」

「N, no. That sort of function is……Ah, erm, more importantly, your injuries!」

「There are none. There is no need to worry. More importantly, could you give an explanation regarding this sword.」

After having an amused-looking smile turned towards her by Vermudol, Margaret rebuilt her serious expression.

「Y, yes. Erm, first, that sword……About Hard Sword Raizanok.」

「Ahh. Nn……No, wait. As I thought, I feel like I’ve heard name that before.」

After twisting his neck, Vermudol rung the bell on the desk. And then, the instant the ringing sound stopped, Lemon rolled into the room.

After confirming that there weren’t any maids other than her in the room, Lemon went “fuu” and made a breath of relief.

Maybe having finally calmed down from doing that, Lemon lightly pinched and raised up the hem of her skirt and bowed right before Vermudol’s eyes, and made a gentle smile.

「Demon King-sama……Lemon, has arrived at your call.」

「Could you check something in the library. The keyword is Hard Sword Raizanok, or words that resemble that.」

「Yes, shall it be done in haste?」

「It certainly would be better if it was done fast, but it’s not really urgent. Prioritize certainty.」

「I have received your order……I will definitely……definitely, respond to your expectations.」

After confirming that Lemon had left the room, Vermudol returned his gaze back to Margaret.

「So, what was it about this sword?」

「Ah, yes. Its materials were things like the Imitation Holy Sword that was melted down and used as the base, fragments of the Holy Armor Soldier, and Raktor-sama’s scales. Without using Holy Silver which is usually used as the base, it was made with only special materials.」

「The Imitation Holy Sword……by that do you mean the sword that Ykslaas brought with ther? I see. So you melted that down……As usual, you do some pretty absurd things.」

When Vermudol made a wry smile, Margaret continued her words while making a relieved face for some reason.

「Yes. As a result, what was made was, that sword but……May I?」

「Nn? Yeah.」

After standing up from the sofa, Margaret went to stand in front of the office desk, and then slowly extended her hand to Raizanok.

Once Margaret’s slowly extending hand reached a certain distance, a wind similar to what happened earlier sprung forth from Raizanok and blocked Margaret from it.

Seeing that, Vermudol knitted his brows in puzzlement, and on the other hand, Margaret breathed a sigh sounding as if she had understood something.

「Erm, you see……The sword that I made, doesn’t have this sort of function.」

「Even if you say that it doesn’t. In that case, what is this?」

「Yes. Erm……This is just a guess but, I’m thinking that this is a function of the Wind Sword.」

The Wind Sword──Hearing the name of the sword that Sancreed received from the God of Wind Wyrm, Vermudol made a face that said that he found it incomprehensible.

「It’s not like you used the Wind Sword as a material for it, right?」

「Y, yes. I do have a bit of interest in it, but as expected……」

「This sword, it absorbed the Wind Sword.」

Sancreed, who was still sitting on the sofa, answered like that.

「Did you say……absorbed?」

「Y, yes. It was a situation that can’t be expressed as anything but that. Moreover, after absorbing it, Raizanok clearly had its performance increased. And so, about that……」

As she was about to say “perhaps……”, looking as if she were hesitant to say anything beyond that, Margaret held her tongue.

And then, after raising her head, she once again hung her head looking like she had given up on it.

Seeing Margaret repeatedly doing that, Vermudol kindly showed her a smile.

「It’s fine, so try saying it. No matter what kind of irresponsible statement it is, I don’t mind.」

「Y, yes. Um, see. Perhaps……Perhaps, it could be……」


Encouraged by Vermudol, Margaret spun her words with a small, yet clear voice.

「Isn’t this, the base body of the Holy Sword……That, is what I think.」



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