Volume 8, Chapter 08


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The base form of the Holy Sword. Vermudol dwelled on the meaning of those words.

I see now, after considering everything I’ve heard about the situation, that’s the only logical assumption.

The same sword that the Hero Ryuuya once wielded in the past that held the power of the Gods.

It goes without saying that it’d be a vessel created for the very purpose of holding the power of the Gods.

「I see… That makes sense.」

Vermudol murmured as he thought it over.

The God of Earth Atlagus, The God of Fire Agnam, The God of Water Aklia, The God of Wind Wyrm, The God of Light Raidolg, The God of Darkness Dagulas, The God of Life Philia.

If the Holy Sword was to hold the power of those Gods, there was one thing that would make it impossible for a Mazoku to complete it.

That’s right, there would be no way that the God of Life Philia would lend her assistance.

There are other issues, as well. The locations of the other Gods are unknown.

The only one they’ve managed to meet was the God of Wind Wyrm in the friendly nation Jiol Forest Kingdom. The God of Water Aklia should be in that country as well, but they had no clues as to where the location might be.

「It’d make things simpler if Luuty were to help out, though.」

Vermudol spoke while letting out a sigh.

Seeing as how Luuty accompanied the Hero Ryuuya on his journeys, she should be familiar with where all the Gods were.

That would help immensely with the completion of Sancreed’s sword.


After realizing that Margaret was looking at him with a question mark on her face, Vermudol finally broke out of his deep thinking.

「Oh, sorry. Let’s see… What were we talking about again? Right, the possibility of it being the base form of the Holy Sword.」


「Since it absorbed the Wind Sword, there’s a high chance that that’s the case. Well, it’s not the exact same Holy Sword the Hero used in the past, but… we can assume that it’s something on almost the same level.」

Margaret nodded numerous times to Vermudol’s words.

「In that case, our next step is to figure out how to guide this Holy Sword-like thing to completion… Does that sound about right?」

「I-It does.」

「However… have we still not located where any of the Gods might be?」

Vermudol nodded in confirmation to Altejio’s question.

「We need to devise a plan that would solve that issue as soon as possible, but… where can we start?」

「I’ve brought you your tea, Demon King-sama!」

As Vermudol’s thought process began looping around, Krim appeared with some tea and they decided to take a short break.

Vermudol picked up the cup of tea placed on the desk in his office and took a sip.

「…I’m impressed, it seems you’ve improved your skills, Krim.」

「Ehehe. Thank you very much!」

「Now you just need to learn to act more calm.」

Krim averted her eyes in response to Vermudol’s words. She then tried to change the subject by going 「Oh, um…」 as she twirled her finger around in the air before turning around as if she just realized something.

「B-By the way, it seemed like you guys were talking about Gods.」

「Well, not exactly… but yes.」

「I’ve always had my doubts about this, but…」


Vermudol didn’t have much expectations for what she was about to say, but he allowed her to go on.

Succeeding in changing the topic, Krim began expressing her doubts with an obviously relieved face.

「According to the legend of mankind, all races other than humans were created by Gods other than the God of Life Philia, right?」

「That is indeed what’s been said.」

「In that case… which God created beastmen? I could probably guess which God made the other races, but that one’s a bit odd.」

Vermudol nodded in acknowledgement of this concern.

This definitely was a question that hasn’t seen a clear answer yet. However, there are also other races that have unknown origins as well, along with no methods to prove them.

「Yes, I can certainly understand your doubts.」


Beastmen were one of the most mysterious races of mankind. People may have used that fact to spur the Demi-Human Argument, but could it be that beastmen were indeed derived from the Beastia?

「Well, let’s put aside that matter for now. More importantly, could you put away that dangerous sword already, Sancreed? Oh, Krim, this is perfect timing. Could you tidy up these documents that were… actually, nevermind. Call Marin for me.」

「Huh?! Why?!」

「Marin, at your service.」

After glancing at Marin who swiftly entered the room and began organizing the documents, Vermudol watched Sancreed as he put away Raizanok.

「Anyway, that sword is important. The moment we obtain any information on the Gods, that sword takes the utmost priority. Sancreed, I need you to be ready to dispatch at all times.」


At the current time, the next God they would most likely encounter would be the God of Water Aklia.

Either that, or the intelligence operatives Ein that was sent to the Canal Kingdom would find a clue.

If the peace negotiations with the Cyrus Empire goes well, then they might have a decent chance at obtaining information on the God of Fire Agnam or the God of Earth Atlagus.

The only problem left was the God of Darkness Dagulas. They had no choice but to continue searching for a place where they might find him.

「By the way, Krim, did you bring any tea cakes… Hmm?」

Before he could finish his sentence, Vermudol turned his eyes to the Transfer Light gathering in the corner of the room with a suspicious look on his face.

Among the entire Zadark Kingdom, there was only one person he could think of that would Transfer directly into his office.

As the Transfer Light dispersed, the person standing there was the expected Rokuna, carrying Lemon and Ykslass in her arms.

「Hey there, Ver-cchi.」

「Ahh, Rokuna. Why exactly are you carrying those two in your arms?」

「Hmm? I came in a hurry since I heard about how the Hard Sword was something or the other.」

「Well, yes.」

I had Lemon investigate the matter in the library, so it wasn’t that surprising that Rokuna learned of it.

「If I recall correctly, that’s that kid Kain’s sword, right? What’s special about it?」

Kain. After hearing that name, Vermudol finally remembered. That’s right, that Kain person definitely did have a sword with that name.

Ykslass, still in Rokuna’s arm, turned her head.

「Kain’s sword? Did it really have that kind of name? Now that you mention it, you might be right.」

Hard Sword. That’s right… it was called Hard Sword Tilnok.

It might be that that sword is also a base form of the Holy Sword.

Why did Kain have something like that?

Ein could probably investigate in this matter, but that wasn’t the issue.

There already exists something that could be the base form of the Holy Sword in mankind’s territory.

In that case, mankind may already be in the process of borrowing the God of Life Philia’s power to summon a Hero.

Although, it was hard to say how much mankind actually knew about the Holy Sword. In either case, extreme caution was needed.

After reaching this conclusion, Vermudol thought that this still wasn’t enough.

If the Hard Sword was the Hero’s sword, then both swords needed to be under Vermudol’s surveillance at all times.

Looking at it from another perspective, there’d be no problem as long only Sancreed’s sword was the one to reach completion.


Vermudol was thinking while tapping on his desk.

Kain Stagias.

Vermudol personally met him when he infiltrated mankind’s territory as the adventurer Shion during the ogre subjugation.

There continued to be more reports on Kain delivered from the intelligence operatives, and Vermudol thought that there’d be a good chance that he might join Vermudol’s side.

At first he thought that attempting to bring him over wouldn’t exactly hurt, as failing the attempt wouldn’t be that big of a loss… but now it appeared that he had quite a crucial role in all of this.

「…If need be, I may have to personally take action.」

Beginning with just that one sword, bits and pieces of the truth that he had never even seen a glimpse of have been floating up one after another.

「Wait, hold on. I still don’t see why I was brought here, too, exactly.」

Vermudol stared at Ykslass who was mumbling with a dissatisfied tone.

Vermudol learned of this after the incident involving her launching an attack on the Dark Continent, but apparently she was on good terms with Kain.

Now that he thought of it, it was the right decision to make her an ally instead of killing her.

There’d be a higher chance of Kain becoming their enemy if she was killed.

「Hey, are you listening to me?」

「Yes, I am.」

Vermudol refrained from saying 「And that’s the only thing I’m doing」 as he continued thinking.

Where we should move, how should we move, who should we move, and how specifically I should move.

There was no correct answer.

However, he was on the right track.

It sufficed to say that this was all thanks to Margaret’s efforts.

And that’s why he said the following.

「…Margaret. You’ve done a wonderful job in creating Sancreed’s sword. You are… You are truly Zadark Kingdom’s greatest blacksmith.」

There wasn’t a single shred of a lie in those words.

Sancreed’s sword.

The sword of the Hero of the Mazoku has finally been obtained.



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