Volume 9, Chapter 28


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The final Shield of Light collapsed on the floor and fell unconscious.

What was surprising was that it was Olred who took out nearly every single one of them through brute force.

By the time there was no one other than Olred and Ykslaas in the small hall, the silence was soon broken by the sounds of footsteps coming from another floor.

It was actually quite convenient for them to have everyone gathering in one location due to the ruckus made.

「All right, let’s get started with looking for Mazenda. She’s probably higher up, but it wouldn’t hurt to look elsewhere just in case.」

「Yeah. But man… those guys sure were weak. Did they actually plan on making any difference by recruiting people like that?」

As Olred’s shoulders cracked as he rolled them around, Ykslaas made a thin smile.

「Regardless of how you felt about their ability, they’re still this country’s top elite, you know? There’s no need to be condescending.」

「But they were just so weak…」

「The military isn’t composed of just the strong. They’re a collection of people that all fit a certain standard, along with being able to unify together and carry out instructions precisely.」

Olred tilted his head towards her words.

「…I still don’t get it. Unless you get a bunch of strong people together, they’re just gonna get swept away like what happened earlier.」

「I’ll explain to you as we walk.」

Olred then headed towards Ykslaas as he made his way over the numerous Shields of Light collapsed all over the small hall.

The sight of Ykslaas hopping over the collapsed Shields of Light at her feet with what felt like a rhythm had a twisted air about it.

「The main countries of humanity haven’t had anything like a war between for quite a while now, you see.」

The biggest war so far amongst humanity was the one where the Spirit Kingdom Lucretio was destroyed.

There were several small skirmishes since then, and several small countries have either been destroyed or created as a result.

The countries that did not have any major changes occur to them were the St. Atlis Kingdom, the Jiol Forest Kingdom, the Canal Kingdom, and the Cylas Empire. It grew to the point where unless you were one of those Four Great Nations, nothing would be a threat to you.

「This, of course, would have effects on the military scale. When small-scale fights occur, you get all these who never even expected they would fight anyone in the first place… This is mostly because of the Hero War.」

The Demon King Shuklous who had sent the countries of humanity into disarray in his attempts to eradicate them.

After the battle against that Demon King Shuklous, 「Humanity learned the foolishness of war against each other.」

Be it the Four Great Nations or the lesser countries, everyone equally suffered from the battle against the Mazoku.

The after-effects remained deeply ingrained, causing darkness to be born behind the scenes among the various countries after the Hero’s victory.

Events such as areas being taken over by surviving herds of goblins after they were left defenseless from the troops being displaced elsewhere or how people became bandits after they lost their families lost from Mazoku attacks were commonplace.

The restorations of the main capitals were meant to bring hope for a better tomorrow to the people.

However, as a result of focusing on that restoration, there were many regions that were left in ruins.

It was not that they were forgotten, but rather, they just didn’t have the personnel necessary to take care of them as well.

It would have been a different matter if new knights could be trained right away, but it would take at least two years of training before they could be of any use.

Thus, a compromise was made towards the training of new knights that differed from the usual standards. Instead of focusing on training knights that encompassed all necessary traits, they decided to focus on specialized fields. The establishment of 「Defense Knights」 and 「Border Security Knights」 were made.

In other words, knights with the minimal amount of training necessary were dispatched to various regions to specifically act as knights exclusive for that region.

The results of this were far greater than anticipated, leading knight training to take on a new form.

While the knights had always fought against things like bandits, goblins, Beastia, and the like, they now specialized in dealing with them, making subjugation a lot more efficient.

At the same time, they turned into a presence that intimidated and pressured those that may have become bandits due to how organized and unified they became.

In other words, the qualities desired in a knight had shifted into something that allowed them to be a symbol of respect and integrity.

As Olred listened to Ykslaas’s explanation, he didn’t try to hide the sour expression on his face whatsoever.

「Wow, that’s so dumb… None of that stuff matters if you aren’t strong enough.」

「That’s not entirely true, you know? Humanity found the answer to that in the past war with the Mazoku.」

And that answer would be the existence of a hero.

The shining light that brought courage and hope to the masses.

These days, the nations bestow the role of that kind of 「strong individual」 to the 「Captain of the Knights」.

When the captain rounds up and unifies his subordinates, his existence brings to mind a hero.

「When fighting against strong opponents like the Mazoku, numbers alone do not suffice. At the same time, however, it would be difficult to raise a member of humanity that would be powerful enough to win against a Mazoku within their lifetime.」

「Oh… I get it, now. They focus on thoroughly training the guys that have the potential.」

「Yep. In the Shutaia Continent, the captains of the knights in each nation are essentially their own hero that they’ve trained from the ground up that has inherited the spirit of the original “Hero”.」

Narika had 5 people at her side.

The captain and vice-captain of the Shields of Light Chivalric Order, the captain and vice-captain of the Imperial Guard Chivalric Order, and the captain of the Staves of Light Chivalric Order.

As for Celis, she had the captain and vice-captain of the Swords of Light Chivalric Order, and the vice-captain of the Staves of Light Chivalric Order by her side. Comparing the two of them, along with the knights that were under the command of the various captains and vice-captains, there definitely was a significant difference in numbers.

「Hmm… so basically…」

Olred tilted his head and sped up his pace to stand next to Ykslaas.

「…All those knights are just weaklings thrown in there to make the bigshots look good?」

「In terms of setting up a hero, yes, that would be the most basic idea. They’re definitely serving that kind of role.」

Of course, that’s not all there is to them. If the off-chance another nation were to attack them, or if they’d find themselves fighting against the Mazoku, they still carry the duty to protect their country against them, and they’ve been training every day for that sake.

「They’re doing all they can to protect their country, you know? It was …just a bad match-up this time around, that’s all.」

They eventually found themselves in the central hall as they headed down the hallway.

Greeting them was a line of Shields of Knights along with the Staves of Lights behind them holding up their staffs.

「That’s quite the accurate statement you’ve made just now. I have to admit I’m surprised to see that you actually came all the way to the central hall.」

「If it’s really that accurate, then I’m I suppose you’d move out of the way for us… who are you again?」

「No, it’s because of its accuracy that we will not move. Just as you said, the match-up this time around isn’t in your favor. We will crush you right here and now.」

Ykslaas made a dubious expression towards the fancily dressed man standing in the very back, to which Olred then took a step forward.

「Oh… so you just want me to make everyone fly, right?」

「I see, is making everyone fly something you’re fond of?」


「Step back, Olred.」

Following that short order Ykslaas made, Olred stepped back while sticking his tongue out at the knights.

「…It’s nice to meet you. I do not know who you are, but you seem to be foolish to the point where you may as well have amoebas stuffed in your head. My name is Ys. I apologize for the sudden request, but I have heard there is a large piece of trash among you known as Mazenda, and I have come to incinerate her. Would you be so kind as to lead us to her?」

「Kill them.」

At the same time the man’s cold words were spoken, numerous magic spells were launched out through the air.

They were all Freeze Stone spells.

Being that Elheim Castle was Narika’s castle, they had to do as much as they could not to damage it… With that in mind, they needed to act in a way that would ensure their opponents’ death. If they found any material that would lead them to anyone behind their opponents, then even better.

That is why that specific magic was chosen to be used, but it was still quite overdoing it for taking care of only two people.

Yet there was not a single person that would suggest that that was the case.

Sounds of explosions in the back, and knights that headed in pursuit but never returned.

And then a man and woman appeared in the small hall that was supposed to have been occupied by the knights.

Judging from their annoyed expressions, it was clear that they were not running from the knights, but rather intending on 「doing something about them」.

Those capable of getting past the Shields of Light should not be taken lightly.

The Stave of Light had let out their magic with the pure intent to kill, which is why they were absolutely sure in their death.

And that’s exactly why they couldn’t believe what had happened.

The transparent blue wall shining in the distance, Magic Guard Aqua, had been deployed.

And beyond the wall was a red knight and a purple girl wielding a short staff.

Impossible. The timing of their cast would mean they’d have no time to put a defense. And even if they did, it was more than strong enough to break through whatever barrier they could have put up.

Their fate should have been sealed, but…

「…I see, so you must be that powerful magic user.」

After settling down the rustling knights, the man spoke to her.

「Who knows? Are you saying you’d let me through if that was the case?」

「Of course not. If that truly is the case, that is all the more reason for me to make sure you meet your end here.」

The man spoke with an indifferent tone as he twirled the golden staff in his hands around.

Perhaps he was someone that stayed indoors often, but his skin was unusually white.

His hair was long enough to cover his eyes, but even so, it did little to hide his twisted personality that was apparent from his glare.

She sensed an especially strong misplaced conviction coming from him when he looked specifically at Ykslaas.

She had no idea what kind of emotion could have caused that, but it probably wasn’t anything good.

「I see. In any case, who exactly are you?」

「Me? I… am the captain of the Staves of Light Chivalric Order, Chester. That is what I would call myself, Miss Ys.」

「My, considering that rude way you greeted us at first, I’m surprised you even bothered to remember my name.」

「That wasn’t my intention at first, but…」

His gaze seemed to thoroughly examine and take in Ykslaas’s entirety, to which Olred popped a vein and stepped forward, only to be stopped by Ykslaas herself.

「Hey, don’t stop me. That freak… you can tell what he’s thinking, right?」

「It’s not going to hurt us. Anyway, are you now saying you’ll let us through?」

Chester shook his head in response to that question.

「…No. Like I said, you must meet your end here.」

「I suppose that just means we’ll have to push through here.」

「I don’t mind if you run from us. That just means we’ll have to chase you down.」

Chester spoke as he kept her in his sight.

「Get ready to attack, everyone. Shields of Light, get into formation to suppress them. The Staves of Light are to attack with Ice Magic. Attack begins in 3 seconds.」

Receiving Chester’s instructions, the Shields of Light stamped their feet and the Staves of Light hit the ground with their staffs.

And 3 seconds later, the Shields of Light charged in with their shields and halberds at the ready.

Unlike earlier, they were charging in perfect formation.

The Stave of Light behind them began chanting.

The only way to stop them was to break through the wall of armor made by the Shields of Light in front of them.

However, it was unlikely that they’d be able to break through them before the chanting finished.

That would be impossible for the average person. Not just that, a 「hero」 of the Canal Kingdom, the captain of the Staves of Light, was standing at the ready in the back.

However, Ykslaas laughed. It was an elegant laugh, as she watched the charging knights without a worry in the world.

It was like a laugh of a young girl enjoying a play.



Ykslaas lifted a finger towards the charging knights.

「Trample over them. I’m sure it’d be easy for you.」

Olred made a wild smile as he lifted his giant war axe.

「Yep, of course.」

The red beast released his axe upon the charging wall of steel.

「…The captain of the Staves of Light, huh?」

Ykslaas then took out her Black Rose Sword.

「Shall we see just how capable you are?」



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    It grew to the point where *if* you were *no less than* one of those Four Great Nations, nothing would be a threat to you.

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